Your walking style can tell the aggression level



London: A study has found that the way people walk can give significant signs about their aggression levels. This type of study about the connection of aggression and walking style has been done for the first time and it has revealed many other interesting facts about exaggerated movement of both the upper and lower body indicated aggression.

A lead researcher from the University of Portsmouth in Britain told that when walking, the body naturally rotates a little, as a person steps forward with their left foot, the left side of the pelvis moves forward with the leg, the left shoulder will move back and the right shoulder forward in order to maintain the balance of the body. An aggressive walk is one where this rotation is exaggerated.

According to this study people generally know that there is a relationship between swagger and psychology. However, the research has also provided some empirical evidences which confirm that personality is indeed manifested in the way we walk.

It was further clarified that the potential relationship between an individual’s biological motion and their intention to engage in aggression could be used to help prevent crime.

This research can really help in reducing the crime rate around the world because if the CCTV researcher could be trained to recognize the aggressive walking style then they can easily recognize impending crimes.

In this study 29 people were asked to participate and they were asked to walk normally and on treadmill at their natural speed. The researcher also used a standard personality test called the “Big Five” to assess personality traits including openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

Motion sensor technology was used to capture the walking style and after recording them researchers analyzed thorax and pelvis movements.


Sarvodayi Dhoom Singh Negi of Chipko and Beej Bachao andolan bestowed with coveted Jamna Lal Award with cash prize of Rs. Ten Lakhs



Vice President of India Venkaiyya Naidu presenting Jamna Lal Award to Dhoom Singh Negi in Mumbai

The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand feels immensely proud that one of its prominent, modest and low profile Sarvodayi leader of globally fame Chipko and Beej Bachao movement was yesterday bestowed with the most prestigious n coveted JAMNALAL AWARD carrying a cash award of Rs. ten lakhs and a citation at the hands of the Vice president of India Venkaiyya Naidu. Dhoom Singh Negi primarily hailing from the Henwal Ghati in Garhwal, Uttarakhand who’s staying in the Ashram of bhoodan leader late Acharya Vinoba Bhave received this coveted award in Mumbai in the presence of his wife and son Arvind.

According to author Kusum Rawat extremely modest and silent but a relentless fighter as a Chipko movement and save seeds movement activist Dhoom Singh Negi left the government job and started teaching the poor and hapless students thus preparing a massive force of social activists to save the environment of Uttarakhand Himalayas and protecting and conserving the rare qualities of seeds for decades. He is one of the most prominent leaders of Chipko and popular Beej Bachao andolan in Uttarakhand and the country who’d also penned hundreds of articles in vernacular, regional and national dailies and periodicals of the country mobilising people, especially youth and women of the state and the country towards environmental safeguards and preservation of the rare speices of seeds. He is the renowned propagator of organic agriculture in his tireless efforts and initiatives to bring green revolution in the counntry. Salutes to him.

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Hapless martyr’s family in financial jeopardy. Has not received a single pie as compensation since last three months ?



Mother of late Rajesh Punia holding her sons pic, late Puniya's brother with social activist Santosh Dahiya, broken door of Puniya's dilaphidated house

It really disheartens one and all when the traumatic and highly grief stricken poor and hapless families of our valiant soldiers who lay down their precious lives in the service of the nation protecting our porous borders and fighting the enemy at the LOC and strife torn J& K with valour are made to suffer for of adequate financial compensation that is officially due to them including government job to the next of the kin of the families of the deceased.

Hundreds of young jawans and officers of Indian Army and security forces fighting against all odds and highly challenging situations in Jammu and Kashmir and along the Line of Actual Control fight the Pak rangers and the hardcore terrorists hell bent upon destabilising our system killing innocents n armymen and sacrifice themselves with valour.

The entire nation salutes them because its only due to their 24×7 vigilance and alert duties against all odds, at the LOC that 125 crore Indians are safe and sound but when it comes to government’s alleged apathy towards the already traumatic and anguished families who run from pillar to posts seeking justice and adequate financial compensation actually due to them officially they get no justice n compelled to resign at their fate.

The fact of the matter is that majority of those martyred young jawans belong to extremely poor family backgrounds and after their sad demise the family loses the single earning member who was the sole bread earner for the entire grif stricken family.

The pathetic story of one such young jawan of the India Army namely Rajesh Punia of village Ladwa was yesterday posted by a social activist of Haryana namely Santosh Dahiya who recorded the family’s anguished story in her live facebook time line.

Rajesh Puniya was hardly 26 or so and was on the line of duty at the LOC in J&K. About three months ago his decapitated body was found while fighting the terrorists/ Pak rangers at the LOC valiantly.

After his sad demise the ministers of Haryana government, the local MLA Krishna Kumar and several high ups in the government visited his house and assured the grief stricken poor and hapless family of all possible help including Rs. 50 lakhs as financial compensation, a job to his elder brother and construction of a park with a budget of Rs 80 lakhs in the nearby vicinity in the name of Martyr Rajesh Puniya.

But after the lapse of more than three months not a single rupee has arrived at the Martyrs anguished family’s gouse. The father of late Rajesh Puniya who is usually in bad health whom his late son had assured of the best private treatment if he comes back alive, was also assured by the minister concerned of best possible treatment in the private hospital, but all in vain.

Late Rajesh Puniya was the only earning member of the family. The family lives in village Ladwa, Haryana in a dilapidated house with shattered entry door and uncemented brick walls with animals and the family living together in a pitiable civic n financial condition.

According to the social activist Santosh Dahiya, when they approached the Commissioner at Kaithal they were told that the enquiry is still in progress and may take time. She questions: if such is the ignorant, pathetic and complacent attitude of the ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats towards the martyrs of our country who die for the nation in the line of duty then the government has not right to exist.

She says: its shocking and ironical that these politicians visit the houses of martyrs and give false promises but when it comes to fulfilling them they vanish out of the scene and this is shockingly what’s happening with the traumatic poor and hapless family of martyr Rajesh Puniya of Laadwa, Haryana. Shameful indeed.

It may be recalled that about 450 jawans of Indian Army and security forces have laid down their precious lives in J&K n LOC during the last four and a half years and about 530 jawans n officers (approximately) were martyred during the Kargil war of 1999 called Operation Vijay. We salute them all for their glorious sacrifices.The government had then devised a policy of adequately compensating the martrs famiky and also alloting them a petrol pump. Can’t the same criteria be now followed and the poor and hapless families be allotted petrol pumps for their survival.
What’s your take friends?

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Monkey Menace: 14 day old snatched from a lactating mother and brutally killed by a monkey in Agra



The terror of monkeys all over India, particularly in the religious places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra etc in Uttar Pradesh, in Rajasthan and Uttrakhand is increasing day by day and even the hospitals and VIP areas are not free of the monkey attacks.

In Uttarakhand monkeys have entered every village and house and are incessantly damaging agricultural produce. These monkeys in various religious spots, temples and tourist places snatch the belongings and the foodstuff of the visitors and on resistence even injure them grievously. There have been hundreds of instances of monkey attacks in the above mentioned states and foreign visitors n tourists too had been their incessant victims.

In Agra today a fourteen day old infant has been snatched by a monkey from a lactating mother from inside the house and was later on found killed after having been brutally injured. The news have sent terror wave all around the Runawat village of Arga where good number of people have already been injured due to increasing monkey attacks.

There have been no remedial action whatsoever from the administration’s side who are least bothered or interested to catch these dreaded monkeys who are on an attacking spree. According to news pouring in, the family and the mother of the 14 day old infant killed are badly terrorised and grief stricken due to the tragedy and foresee more such brutal monkey attacks in the future.

The expeditious multiplication of the monkey population in all the states of the country is a matter of great concern. Even the former president of India Dr. Pranav Mukerjee was not spared by these notorious monkeys when on one of his visits as president of India his spects were also snatched by these monkeys in Mathura despite so much of security.

Uttarakhand is the worst victim of monkey attacks who are literally entering houses in the villages and suburban cities n towns and creating havoc by destroying crops and injuring residents particularly children. Uttarakhand being the jungle state dominated by 73 % of trees the monkeys caught in hordes by the department’s concerned release them here thus allowing them to create havoc in this himalayan state.

It is high time that the concerned governmental agencies should expedite efforts to catch these troubling monkeys and keep them away from public places.

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Rahul says, what he commits, fulfills ! can contact anybody in Punjab and Karnataka and ask about our fulfilment of pre election pledges, we have waived off all kisan loans !



Rahul addressing the election rally at Kabirdham, Chattisgarh

As the dates of the elections are nearing the political parties are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the electorates are enticed by their populist measures n large promises.

Both BJP and Congress parties are trying to take the lead in convincing the voters to vote for them and get everything at the cheapest rates including KARZA MAAFI, loan waivers and handsome support prices for their produce. The Congress which is in the opposition in Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for the last several years did not want to take any risk of losing the election this time.

Hence its menifestoes are full of concessions for farmers and the weaker sections of the society. Addressing a well attended public meeting in Kabirdham, Chattisgarh today as a sequel to several meetings addressed earlier, highly over confident Congress chief Rahul Gandhi assured the audienve especially the women and the farming community of maximum support prices on their produce and loan waivers just within ten days of his government coming to power in the state.

Rahul Gandhi said like Dassault chief Eric Tappier I never lie, what ever I commit I fulfill my election promises. I commit that while the support prices for sugarcane would be 2500 per quintal, the rates of electricity would be just half and the farmers would be relieved of all the bank loans within 10 days of his government coming to power.

Speaking eloquently and assuring the farmers of the state about implementing the land acquisition act in the state Rahul Gandhi said that the farmers whose land would be acquired for projects or factories would get the 4 times more of the prevailing market rates in.the condition of completion of the factories or projects on the acquired land within the stipulated time of five years and incase the needful is not done the farmer would get back the ownership title again.

He was addressing the Congress rally at Kabirdham, Chattisgarh in support of the two contesting MLA candidates. In order to substantiate his honesty in fulfilling the pre election promises Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said if you have any doubt you can just phone anybody living in Punjab and Karnataka and ask if the Congress governments there had fulfilled my pre election commitments of loan waivers of farmers or not.

And you will get the reply in affirmation. I never tell a lie n stand to my commitment said Rahul Gandhi whilehe castgated the BJP led NDA government of remitting the loans worth of more than three lakh crores of fifteen top industriakists of the country but could’nt waive off the poor farmers loans.

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Will Rafale repeat the Bofor’s trend ?



The Bhartiya Janata Party which was full of confidence, overwhelmned with joy and highly filled with a feeling of invincibility about eight months ago, always claiming of staging a come back in almost all the five states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Telangana and in the general elections of 2019 with even more than the present majority, seems to have lost that confidence to a great extent, particularly after the recent C voter survey predicting the saffron party’s defeat in at least three states on confirmed basis, though the opinion polls have not always proved correct going upside down.

The speed and spirit with which prime minister Narendra Modi’s juggernaut had compelled the major national party Congress, the Samajwadi Party and even the left lose their traditional bastions in majority of the states finally unfurling the saffron flag in 20 states squeezing Congress to only two states of Punjab and Puducherry n later in Karnataka in league with Janata Dal(S), it seems, the earlier spirit and Modi charisma is gradually fading out.

If one minutely analysis the political developments thereafter the ruling party BJP has gradually started losing its grip over the country’s electorates as issues like demonetisation, dubious Rafale Jet fighter deal with French company Dassault, banking frauds, charges of promoting crony capitalism, increasing prices of petro products, agrarian crisis, increasing farmers suicides, unemployment in the country, the non fulfilment of the pre poll promises, women insecurity, attack on media freedom, murder of journalists, killings of innocents in the name of cow vigilantism, no talks of the bullet train, the CBI imbroglio and alleged corruption at various levels n failure of demonetisation in recovering black money are some of the important points that have majorly put the incumbent government and the saffron party on the dock.

There have undoubtedly been lots of pronouncements of several people friendly schemes like electrification, of villages, Jan Dhan accounts, MSP for farmers, national health insurance scheme namely Ayushman Bharat, housing for the poor, Swach Bharat Abhiyan, provision of toilets in lakhs n crores etc by the Modi government but they are still not able to show the results on the ground in practicality as compared to the excessive media hype and the exaggerated media pomp and show.

In addition to all this the state units of the Bhartiya Janata Party are badly infested with intercine squabbles and are division ridden. The entire national party is being run by the duo of PM Narendra Modi and the party Supremo Amit Shah. Towering leaders like L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and several others have been shown the door to pursue things quitely, feebly and calmly.

The Rafale issue had been the biggest tragedy of the ruling party compounded with the alleged misuse of the premier investigating agencies the CBI and Income tax departments to settle scores with the political opponents as charged by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and the nucleus of the non BJP grand allaince n AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu.

The former BJP leaders n union ministers Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie, Swaraj India’s activist and supreme court lawyer Prashant Bhushan including Shatrughan Sinha to some extent have been exposing the government of Rafale deal alongwith the Congress party by way of holding press conferences and organising pan India level protest demonstrations.

They have even shown the guts to register the FIR in the Central Bureau of Investgation and filed petition in the Apex Court with serious allegations of undue favour to Anil Ambani’s company and perpetration of alleged corruption in the 59000 crore Rafale deal.

The alleged raids of income tax department on several media organisations for allegedly not towing the ruling party’s line and voicing their points of view against it, has also earned the wrath of the fourth estate accusing the ruling political dispensation of misusing the official machinery to silence the progressive media.

Today, Rafale issue reminds one and all of the Bofors kickback issue that had surfaced during the tenure of prime minister Rajiv Gandhi during the eighties and nineties n resulted in his ouster, creating hell of the uproar in and outside parliament and political instabilty though the latter was acquited of all charges but unfortunately after his sad demise and so much of political defamation globally. Will it happen with the present PM is a big question mark. However, Rafale is proving to be a hot cake for the non BJP opposition parties who are seemingly looking honest this time to form a grand alliance before 2019. Now the moot question is which way will the wind blow in 2019 general elections?

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A new pan Indian Green Party to take birth on 17th 18th November. Two day convention at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi



Hectic preparations are on for the formation of the first ever green party at a pan India level namely INDIA GREENS with its two day convention being held in New Delhi on 17th and 18th November where about 300 delegates who’d already registered themselves would interact, deliever speeches, present their valuable views and papers, and pass resolutions in this two day event.

The invitees comprise of enlightened individuals, members and office bearers of the Indian Greens, journalists, writers, activists from other like minded political parties, lawyers, members of the intelligentia, NGo representatives, college students, and environmental activists.

According to the convenor of the convention Sr journalist Suresh Nautiyal India Green is fully committed to the Global Green Charter and its core principles namely ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non violence, participatory democracy and respect for diversity.

While there will be speeches and presentations on the significant and burning environmental and ecological issues, the main features of this two day event would be : Adoption of the party constitution, Preamble, Principles and policies.

In addition there will also be dance performances on climate change, poster competition of the art work on the theme of ecology, environment including global warming , poetries on environment n global change including a book stall on green books.

Speaking to the convenor Suresh Nautiyal revealed that the executive of the pan India Green party will also be duly elected in this two day convention.

Meanwhile, Bob Brown, former Senator and one of the tallest Green leaders in Australia has in a congratulatory message send to India Greens said that he is delighted to know that India Greens is organising a meeting to formalise a national Green party in ‘the world’s largest democracy’. He said: ‘We share a single little planet on which our one species Homo sapiens is already consuming 170 per cent of the living resources.

The Greens are the ONLY party to tackle the overriding problems created by human injustice and short-sightedness such as inequality, environmental destruction, global warming and nuclear proliferation.’ Further Bob has added in his message: ‘That we share these problems are underscored by Gautam Adani’s proposed mega coal mine in Queensland — after all the injustice and environmental damage he has caused in India. If his mine starts in 2019, It will lead a cavalcade from Tasmania (Australia) up there to peacefully protest on behalf of the planet.’ Bob concluded his message by saying: ‘May your meeting and the India Green Party future be rewarded with enduring success!’ Cheers friends as we are a rapidly growing global family which is also consolidating its Green footprints day-by-day!”

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Modi attacks on Congress’s dynastic politics praising saffron party as the party of the poor !



PM addressinga BJP rally at Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, pic Quint vedio

The prime minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress party and the entire non BJP opposition for criticizing him on demonetisation thus accusing the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi pronouncing them as Mother and son duo, saying that it is because of the after effect of demonetisation only that they had to seek bail for alleged embezzlement of funds.

He said : while the Congress party (not naming it but indicating towards it ) had till now sought votes of the people of Chattisgarh since the time it was the part of Madhya Pradesh, in the name of caste, communities, creating the divide between urban, rural and rich n poor, the Bhartiya Janata Party has sough peoples’ support and blessings on a single mantra of Development, using the word emphatically Vikaas thrice.

He catagorically said that under the rule of Raman Singh the state has developed by leaps and bounds and over 1lakh fifty thousand people of Chattisgarh has received free gas connections and over 1lakh 30 thousand houses with 40000 houses especially allocated to the poor families of Bilaspur in a short span of just four years for which the Congress party would have taken thirty long years. Not only this but about one crore 30 lakh Jan Dhan accounts with zero balance have also been opened for the poor in which the people have deposited over 90 thousand crores thus empowering themselves financially.

Lauding the achievements of his government at the centre and in the state of Chattisgarh prime minister Narendra Modi said that the politics of Congress party begins and ends with dynasty whereas the politics of BJP begins and ends in the huts of the poor signifying that the BJP is worried for the welfare and well being of the poor while the Congress party’s only aim is to serve the Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

Addressing a well attended public meeting in Bilaspur today, when 18 assembly seats are witnessing voting in the Maoist infested Baster and Rajnandgaon district on 12th November prime minister Narendra Modi ridiculed the Congress party leaders especially its Chief Rahul Gandhi by saying that its state party leader while releasing the menifesto addresses the Congress chief as Sir 150 times which means that it were not the menifesto points but the Nehru Gandhi scion more important for him. He pronounced Rahul Gandhi as Namdaar amid cheers from the audience.

While feeling happy and satisfied over the heavy polling in the naxalite infested areas of Bastar and Chattisgarh prime miniter Narendra Modi complimented the election commission of India for creating tremendous awareness amongst the people of Chattisgarh to vote in large numbers and said that they deserve to be lauded by all means.

He termed elections as the festival of democracy and urged everyone to vote in large numbers to strengthen democracy in the state.The prime minister while appealing the voters to vote in large numbers said “Pehle Jalpaan phir matdaan”.

He said that the large percentage of voting in the first phase of the election that is taking place in Baster n Rajnandhaon has completely belied the predictions of news analysts who predicted of low voting percentage.

It may be recalled that 18 assembly segments are witnessing polling today majority of which are in the naxalite infested districts while 72 assembly segments of Chattisgarh will go to polls on 20th November. Bilaspur is also one of them.

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Remembering Kaka is like remembering an era of Superstardom ! Join us on 26th December at Islamic Centre, New Delhi



The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum in association with a renowned entertaining musical group of the capital,Harmony, famous for organising legendary Bollywood musician RD Burman’s musical nights in Delhi every year, is organising a grand musical evening at the prestigious India Islamic Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 26th December from 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM to commemorate the 76th Birth Anniversary of the first and original superstar of Bollywood Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka n MP who would have been of 76 years, had he been physically within us.

Having entertained billions of his fans globally by his outstanding histrionics and distinctive performance as a superstar n incredible hero of more than 200 films during his chequered career of four decades in Bollywood Rajesh Khanna is a legend unparalleled pronounced as the superstar of the millenium.

Having given more than two dozens of super duper hits and having acted in over 200 films Rajesh Khanna was a phenomena who ruled the hearts of billions of his die hard fans world over for years together.

We miss him too much. However, the true fact is Rajesh Khanna never dies. He is immortal.

In order to remember this true original and only super star of Indian Bollywood silver screen may we request all of you to join us by paying tributes to the SUPER STAR OF THE MILLENIUM RAJESH KHANNA AKA KAKAJI on 26th December 2018 at INDIA ISLAMIC CENTRE AUDITORIUM, LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI.

Several outstanding singers from Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India would sing Kaka’s song and make the evening really memorable. So do come n be the significant part of the mesmerising evening of Rajesh Khanna’s super duper songs of his golden n diamond jubilee movies. Eagerly looking forward to see all of you.

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Medanta, Medicity, sets a new record ! 98 year old Iraqi citizen is healthy after coronary cardiac surgery !



Medanta, Medicity, sets a new record ! 98 year old Iraqi citizen is healthy after coronary cardiac surgery ! pic Jagran n FB

There was a time three decades ago when cardi vascular surgeries in India were next to impossible rather extremely negligible and majority of the heart patients needing urgent surgeries either went abroad to US incurring large expenditures or resigned to fate.

The rich, affluents and the politicians under government support went abroad for complex heart surgeries thus enhancing their life spans. I fondly remember late H. N. Bahuguna had gone to cleveland n Houston USA and got operated for his serious heart ailment twice but was hard lucked and met his sad end in 1989 during his second surgery in 1989 .

Today heart surgeries are very commen in India and almost all the government and private hospitals are fully equipped with the latest techniques n hi tech machines and cardio vascular surgeries have become very common with extremely high success rates in a package from 1.5 to 3.5 lakhs differing from hospital to hospital. Planting of stents clearing the blockages in heart arteries is a common phenomena these days where as few decades ago the mortality rate was too high with heart patients dying of cardiac arrests for want of surgeries and planting of stents.

But despite all this performing heart surgeries on senior citizens above the age of 70, 80 or even above it, is still a highly ( usually) challenging task which the cardiac surgeons usually avoid depending upon the physical, mental and psychological conditions of the old aged patients whose heart muscles usually become weak and therefore not prone for successful heart surgeries.

In India cases of heart transplants have also been successful which are rare. But despite all these odds and highly challenging surgeries of heart of the octogenerians or patients with more age, the Gurugram hospital Medanta, Medicity, a multispeciality hospital, owned by a renowned cardiac surgeon Naresh Trehan has successfully conductd a heart surgery on a 98 year old patient of Iraq who’d come here for treatment clearing his four blocked heart arteries, thus making history for the first time.

According to Jagran a 98 year old patient of severe heart ailment suffering from blockages in four arteries namely Mohammed Kadim Sayeed was successfully operated in Medanta, Medicity a super speciality hospital, specilized in cardio vascular surgeries. Being an overaged patient nearing 100, it was really a herculean task for the surgeons to conduct the heart operation of Sayeed with four heart arteries blocked.

According the globally renowned heart surgeon Naresh Trehan, Medanta has established a record of sort by conducting this 100% successful coronary by pass heart surgery on a 98 year old patient clearing his all the four arteries of the blockages which led to acute chest pains to the patient. Trehan said conducting surgery on a 98 year old patient is a highly risky proposition in which chances of success and survival are very negligible.

He assured that after this successful surgery of 98 year old Iraq citizen Mohammed Kadim Sayeed the patient is completely healthy and in sound physique. It may be recalled that the 72 year old Dr. Naresh Trehan is a Padma Shri recepient and also the recipient of several other coveted awards.

He graduated from the Kings Medical College, Lucknow and thereafter went to US for higher medical studies. Dr. Trehan served as a cardiac surgeon in US for several years until the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi requested him to come to India ans serve the countrymen. He conducted several successful surgeries in Escorts, Okhakala, New Delhi before establishing the Medanta, medicity super speciality hospital in Gurugram. Dr. Trehan gives concessions to poor patients who can’t afford for their critical surgeries.

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As elections come near Shatru enhances his tweets’ tirade !



Sounds ironical that a sitting member of parliament and a former union minister twice, in the saffron party government, though in the cabinet of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, formerly a Bollywood actor with name and fame Shatrughan Sinha, popularly known as Shot Gun Sinha, despite being a arch rival and critic of prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP led NDA government and the party playing the role of the anti Modi opposition leader by being in BJP waiting for expulsion is being tolerated to the core and not a word of resistence voiced against him.

Shatrughan Sinha is the only one most vociferous leader in the Bhartiya Janata Party who is behind prime minister Narendra Modi badly criticizing him on each and every account and playing the role of the non BJP opposition and still not expelled from the party.

Not a day goes when Shatru misses a chance or an opportunity to publicly denounce, criticize or down grade the prime minister Narendra Modi publically, right from issues like Rafale, banking frauds, his foreign visits, farmers suicides, prevailing agrarian crisis, demonetisation, inflation, rise in prices of petro products, LPG and now even his speeches in state campaigning.

He even addressed political gatherings from the party platforms of PM’s arch rivals like former union minister Yashwant Sinha n AAP alongwith chief minister Arvind Kejrival lauding the AAPs policies and denouncing the union government and prime minister Modi on various issues of national significance, thus giving an unambiguous impresson that Shatrughan Sinha is desirous of being expelled from BJP than leaving the party on his own.

May be he’s apprehensive of losing his Lok Sabha membership under the anti defection law if he leaves the party on his own. Expulsion from the party amounts to saving of membership of parliament.

Political analysts say that the BJP high command does not want to make Shatru’s expulsion go hyper in the media, this being the election year.

The party is therefore tolerating every bit of his venemous salvo against the PM and the party government knowing very well that it’s definitely harming the party to an extent.

But majority in the saffron party are also of the view that Shatrughan Sinha is not being taken seriously by the people of the country being a non serious politician who’s also losing his Patna seat this time won by him on the BJP ticket and Modi wave.

How badly is Shatru hell bent upon denigrating the reputation and image of prime minister Narendra Modi can be gauged from his latest tweets in which he badly criticized the former’s speeches in Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh obviously meaning that he has indirectly lauded Rahul Gandhi who was also addressing people in the same state on the same day while the PM was there.

He also criticized him on demonetization and Rafale with hashtags.

According to Shatru’s tweets: No (1)

Sir, before we get into the losing debate bragging about# demonetisation on its second anniversary, please take a moment to see, what it has done to each and everyone. People became homeless, jobless, many under poverty line were worseoff. The impact was astonishing.

On PM’s Speech on Bhaiyaduj day the tweet says:

Sir, at this junture diverting from the real issues and skirting the Rafale deal or the CBI mess , which seems to have been created by our own government, is not going to help any more…. as seen in your speech on the most auspicious ocassion of Bhaiyaduj. Please don’t take it otherwise.

Shatru’s third Tweet on PM’s Jagdalpur speech goes as : Your relection speech at Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh was totally lack lustre, lifeless, uninspiring, dull, unresponsive with no content and with Zero energy level in a thin crowd.

Sirji, please come out clean. We are running out of time in these state elections. God bless. Jai Hind.

Shatrughan Sinha uses sentences like hope you will not mind Sir and God bless, Sir in the end to compensate for being too hard.

Shatru says : he never criticizes the PM or party leaders but try to tell them the truth and make them correct their wrongs. And if the party feels I am on the wrong side they are free to expel me.

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