Your walking style can tell the aggression level



London: A study has found that the way people walk can give significant signs about their aggression levels. This type of study about the connection of aggression and walking style has been done for the first time and it has revealed many other interesting facts about exaggerated movement of both the upper and lower body indicated aggression.

A lead researcher from the University of Portsmouth in Britain told that when walking, the body naturally rotates a little, as a person steps forward with their left foot, the left side of the pelvis moves forward with the leg, the left shoulder will move back and the right shoulder forward in order to maintain the balance of the body. An aggressive walk is one where this rotation is exaggerated.

According to this study people generally know that there is a relationship between swagger and psychology. However, the research has also provided some empirical evidences which confirm that personality is indeed manifested in the way we walk.

It was further clarified that the potential relationship between an individual’s biological motion and their intention to engage in aggression could be used to help prevent crime.

This research can really help in reducing the crime rate around the world because if the CCTV researcher could be trained to recognize the aggressive walking style then they can easily recognize impending crimes.

In this study 29 people were asked to participate and they were asked to walk normally and on treadmill at their natural speed. The researcher also used a standard personality test called the “Big Five” to assess personality traits including openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

Motion sensor technology was used to capture the walking style and after recording them researchers analyzed thorax and pelvis movements.


Direct fight between BJP n Congress in Uttarakhand. No role of third force ?



The finalised candidates of Congress from five Uttarakhand State

Since the Congress Party has formally declared its candidates, ( now) in all the five seats of Uttarakhand after tremendous exercise, the himalayan state has already gone into election mode of a direct contest between the ruling BJP and the Congress.

The Congress party is in reduced numbers in Uttarakhand assembly with merely thirteen seats, the lowest in the last eighteen years in the history of Congress, after achieving statehood.

Moreover, the factionalism in the party between the former CM Harish Rawat n the present state president Pritam Singh has now come out in the open with ten sitting MLAs going to Delhi against the former recently during the candidature finalisatiin exercise with complaints.

There have been regular charges n accusations against Harish Rawat n his group regarding running a parallel Congress in Uttarakhand despite his elevation as the general secretary of All India Congress Party, with the charge of Assam Congress affairs. The media has hyped the intercine squabbles making mockery of Congress affairs in the state thus degradung its image n reputation.

The grudge of the current state president n Congress’s nominee Pritam Singh n his group was, that since Rawat has now been given larger responsibility of Assam Congress affairs in his capacity as the member CWC n genl secretary AICC, he should instead of interfering in the state Congress affairs cooperate them than creating parallel Congress.

This reflects how serious is the factionalism in the Uttarakhand state party unit. However, bagging ticket from Nainital despite so much of opposition within the party speaks of the fact that Harish Rawat is still popular n powerful in Uttarakhand’s politics.

Those who got the Congress ticket from the five seats of Uttarakhand are Harish Rawat from Nainital, Pritam Singh Rawat from Tehri Garhwal, Manish Khanduri from Pauri, Garhwal, Ambrish Kumar from Haridwar n the Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Tamata from Almora.

While three entrants are new in the list viz Manish Khanduri, Ambrish Kumar and Pritam Singh – Harish Rawat n Pradeep Tamta had been MPs from Haridwar and Almora.

Similarly in BJP too the saffron party has denied tickets to two ageing veterans Major general Khanduri n Bhagat Singh Rawat from Pauri n Nainital repeating the three sitting MPs viz Ajay Tamta, Maharani Lakshmi and Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank from Almora, Tehri Garhwal and Haridwar.

The political battle in Uttarakhand has become quite interesting as the leaders of both the parties are banking on the charisma of their respective leaders viz PM Narendra Modi n Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

While the Congress party in the state would oppose PM Modi on his failures on employment and agrarian fronts compounded with the failure of the state BJP government to fulfil the pre election promises, the BJP on the other hand is overconfident of Modi charisma as well as ultra nationalism n hindu polarisations plus the success of air strikes on the Jaish training camps in Balakot Pakistan, safe return of wing commander Abhinandan and arrest of Nirav Modi in London n so on n so forth.

The third political force of regional parties is conspicuous by its absence this time with the regional party Uttarakhand Kranti Dal not able to mark its formidable presence despite it being the first political force in the state demanding n fighting for the separate Uttarakhand state.

What’s your take friends?

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Which way the political wind flow in Uttarakhand ?



The political situation in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand as on date is quite confusing though the ruling saffron party still seems to have a slight edge due to the sentiments n passion of nationalism infused in them after the Pulwama tragedy n subsequent air strikes on the terror camps of JEM in Balakot compounded with the safe return of wing commander Abhinandan in just two days of captivity in Pakistan. Uttarakhand is primarily a state from where in an average every one member of the fourth family serves in Indian army.

This fact of the feeling of ultra nationalism n pro hindu stance can be substantiated from the fact that prior to 1992 when Babri Masjid was not demolished, the Bhartiya Janata Party or earlier Jansangh had no roots in Uttarakhand known as the land of abode of Gods, where the political party of freedom movement, Congress literally ruled the hearts and minds of Garhwal n Kumaon hills then under the jurisdiction of Congress.

Every person of the Uttrakhand hills then, though under undivided Uttar Pradesh used to feel proud to be addressed as a Congressman. Congress was in the blood of the old generation. There was only Congress in the hills of Garhwal n Kumaon with Bahuguna factor coming up lateron after the election of 1983/ 84 when the then stalwart H. N. Bahuguna fought the mighty Indira Gandhi’s candidate Chandra Mohan Singh Negi of Congress from Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency.

After the demolition of Babri Masjid n enhancement of Ram Lahar post 1992 the hindu wave erupted in the Uttarakhand hills of Garhwal n Kumaon and majority of the people got influenced by the saffron party in the name of lord Rama n thus the BJP made its decisive stronghold in the valleys of Uttarakhand hills followed by granting of separate statehood during the BJP led government at the centre under the prime minister Ship of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Since then about 19 years have elapsed and Uttarakhand has witnessed 9 chief ministers n governments of BJP n Congress on alternative basis. No third party regional or national can make its ground in Uttarakhand as a formidable political force.

But the political trend after every assembly or parliamentary elections have been of change, irrespective of the fact as to which party’s government has done good or bad.

People of this Himalayan state have always voted for change unambiguously giving an impression that they were never satisfied with performance of either Congress or BJP.

But the last general election n the assembly elections in the state of Uttarakhand in 2014 n 2017 respectively have witnessed the saffron party gaining historic majority in the state by winning 57 seats out of 70 and also giving all the five seats to BJP in parliament.

It was indeed the charisma of the Narendra Modi wave and polarisation of the Hindu vote bank.

Even the Congress chief minister Harish Rawat lost from both the assembly seats from Haridwar n Kumaon giving an impression of Congress having been completely routed out of Uttarakhand.

Congress has never ever suffered such a crude setback or debacle in the 18 year old history of Uttarakhand after its coming into a separate existence.

Now the tickets of all the candidates from BJP as well as the Congress have been finalised.

Leaders of both the political parties have tightened their belts to ensure their victories.

Since the Bhartiya Janata Party is in power at the centre as well as in the state, there is no dearth of resources n money power for them n their candidates whereas the Congress party did have crunch of funds n resources but they have a little bit edge in the sense that the electorates of Uttarakhand usually go for change after every election which do accords the Congress party an added advantage.

The Congress n the BJP are both ridden with factionalism and intercine squabbles and the sidelining of two veteran leaders of BJP who were the sitting MPs viz Major General BC Khanduri and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari from Pauri n Nainital seats will definitely put adverse impact on the winning chances of Tirath Singh Rawat n Ajay Bhatt, the current BJP nominees from both the above seats. Now, a popular exservicemen n hero of the post Kedarnath tragedy Colonel Kothiyal has also joined the fray.

Moreover, while Major general Khanduri has himself expressed his inability to contest due to his over age and fatigued health, his unceremonious ouster from the chairmanship of the Defence Committee of Parliament n not giving him the due respect in the all weather road project etc has annoyed n disenchanted his son n supporters who’d recently joined Congress n has been given the ticket from Pauri against the BJP nominee Tirath Singh Rawat.

Similarly badly annoying n angering the veteran party leader, ex CM n Nainital MP Bhagat Singh Koshiyari n his good number of supporters by cutting his ticket n giving it to Ajay Bhatt is bound to have an adverse impact on the Nainital seat as well, compounded with the anti incumbency factor.

On the Tehri Garhwal seat the local electorates are not at all happy n impressed with the performance of the Tehri Maharani Raj Lakshmi who the electorates say, was conspicuous by her absence during the last five year, having no or negligible connect with the local populace.

Moreover, completely sidelining of the former Uttarakhand CM n ex MP from Tehri Vijay Bahuguna n his son Saket, the BJP has also earned the wrath of this family and their hundreds of workers who are bound to work against Maharani Lakshmi Shah by strengthening the hands of the Congress candidate, resulting in her possible defeat.

In Haridwar seat the former CM Harish Rawat seems to be on a better pedestal having been extremely active during the last two years after losing the state elections.

His elevation at the central level as the all India general secretary of Congress party has also elevated his image as a politician on the rise. On the contrary Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank carries behind him certain charges of alleged corruption, though not proved, but may be used by his Congress rival in the election.

Dr. Nishank had however been associated with the development works of his constituency but a sitting MP always has the disadvantage of anti incumbency which a seasoned leader like Harish Rawat is quite capable of exploiting. Moreover, being the ex MP from here n national general secretary of the Congress there is no dearth of local and outside workers who would be working for him dedicatedly ensuring his sure sort win.

The situation in the Almora reserve seat is also quite difficult for the sitting MP n union state minister for textiles Ajay Tamta from the anti incumbency point of view say political analysts.

But he had been quite active in his constituency during his last five year tenure contributing in introducing air n train services for the convenience of the people of Almora apart fro being with them in their thick n thin.

He brought number of developmental projects to his area and had been connecting himself with the local populace since long.

Ajay Tamta had also been very active in the social media sites viz facebook, twitter, instagram n whatapp accquainting his fans, followers n educated electorates about the various developmental works of his constituency but in the context of spending his MP lad fund he lacks behind say sources.

On the contrary his arch Congress rival Pradeep Tamta is a Rajya Sabha member who has hardly been active in Almora these days but being a leader of various socio political movements his popularity still exists amongst the masses.

The role of the present chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra singh Rawat however also comes into consideration in these elections. His contribution, negativity and positivity will also play an important role in deciding the future of the BJP candidates.

He is being dubbed as a not very functional CM of the state who had been extremely complacent n non responsive to the demands of Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand and was immensely instrumental in encouraging the sale of liquor to the interiors of Uttarakhand against which lots of movements took place n people of the state highly antagonised.

The Uttarakhand’s economy too is in doldrums with the state’s deficit crossing the collosal 48000 crore mark. Hundreds of thousands of youths are still jobless n the health n education sectors are in total jeopardy.

While the Congress party has tried to expose the BJP government of its ill doings n enhanced corruption in bureaucracy through its widespread Parivartan rally, Aakrosh Yatras n Mera Mait programmes led by state president Pritam Singh, Indira Hridyesh n Harish Rawat, the internal bickerings in the Congress’s state unit may prove to be a disaster for the party in the coming months.

However, the fight between the Congress n BJP will be of neck to neck nature in all the seats of Uttarakhand but the state having the dominance of exservicemen n the present army troopers it looks as if the post Pulwama narrative, if goes well may benefit the saffron party diluting every other issue of employment, agrarian crisis, women issues n of the issue of mass exodus to cities n towns.

But the Congress is not behind and has the advantage of exposing the BJP on Modi’s failures on employment guarantee, black money issue, enhanced migration to cities from hills, closure of schools, non availability of health facilities, increasing corruption, liquor policy of the state government spoiling families so on n so forth.

But being the best orator n banking on post Pulwama situation Prime minister Narendra Modi’s few public meetings may turn the tables in favour of the saffron party in Uttarakhand say political analysts.

The Congress party has only one concrete solution to this impasse n that is, Priyanka Gandhi’s minimum eight public meetings.

If it happens, no power on earth can stop Congress stage victory on all the five parliamentary seats of Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?

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Col Kothiyal’s entry in the Pauri Garhwal election fray poses direct challenge to both BJP n Congress?



Colonel Ajay Kothiyal during his Padyatras and social programmes in various villages of Pauri Garhwal

The election of No: 2, Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency in Uttarakhand Himalayas, considered to be a hot seat is going to be quite interesting, unique and collossal this time.

The reason being that one of the most popular hero of Kedarnath reconstruction n rehabilitation, the founding chairman of NIM Col Ajay Kothiyal has finally made up his mind on the unanimous pressure of the youths, students, ex servicemen n the general public to contest from here as an independent candidate after being deprived opportunity from both the political parties viz BJP and Congress.

The social media is full of unstinting suport for Colonel Ajay Kothiyal from almost all sections of the society be it women, ex servicemen, youths, students or intellectuals.

The Pauri Garhwal constituency was once popular internationally when in 1983/ 84 it literally became the Indira versus Bahuguna political battle ground with Bahugna finally winning as an independent, establishing a record of sorts.

It was then, that the entire central govt led by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi n chief ministers of more than five Congress ruled states camped here and did their best to ensure that the epitome of Democracy H. N Bahuguna is defated at all costs, but all in vain.

This election wss rigged by the hired goondas of other states and was postponed after Bahuguna filed a strong complaint against the massive malpractices to the then election commissioner Shyam Lal Shakdhar.

It was due to this controvertial election that Garhwal was internationally popularised which was till then an unknown district in the country’s map.

Today, after the speculation of Colonel Ajay Kothiyal’s possible entry into the fray it looks that the same history of 1983 is going to be repeated. If Colonel Ajay Kothiyal really wins as being given to understand by the rumours taking the round then ofcourse it will be the historic repetition of the Garhwal byelection of 1984.

But it’s still unclear as it’s only stored in the destiny to follow. As per the present political scenerio of this constituency, the Bhartiya Janata Party has announced the candidature of Its national secretary Tirath Singh Rawat, who’s the former MLA n minister in Uttarakhand govt hailing from Pauri, Garhwal district.

On the other hand the Congress party has fielded Mr. Manish Khanduri, a journalist turned politician ( novice) who just a few days ago joined the Congress party in Rahul Gandhi’s presence n son of the sitting BJP MP n former Uttarakhand CM Major general retired B. C. Khanduri.

Mr. Khanduri has expressed his inability to contest but was also unceremoniously ousted from the Parliament Defence Committee by Modi government against which Khanduri’s son has joined the Congress.

Now the third entrant is Colonel Ajay Kothiyal as being given to understand. If it really happens, which s almost 100% sure as being given to understand then the contest in Pauri Garhwal constituency ranging from Badrinath Kedarnath China border to Kotdwar is going to be of tremendous interest, posing direct challenge to the Congress as well as the BJP candidates.

It’s being said that highly popular amongst all sections of the society Kothiyal is above caste and ideological affiliations.

He is rated as the true Himalaya Putr of Uttarakhand as was late H. N. Bahuguna decorated by the people of Garhwal n Uttarakhand for his outstanding abilities n courage to take on the then PM Indira Gandhi opposing her draconion emergency of 1975 to the dynastic rule and thereafter joining the total revolution of Jai Prakash Narayan in 1977 fighting against all odds.

Colonel Kothiyal is famous for organising good number of army recruitment camps in various districts of Uttarakhand in Garhwal as well as in Kumaon divisions and imparting special training to recruits ensuring addmission to 8000 young recruits in Indian Army n giving free treatment to thousands of wounded n ill soldiers n ex servicemen apart from engaging hundreds of youths of YOUTH FOUNDATION to carry out the rehabilitation of the Kedarnath victims and reconstruction of Kedarnath against the minus degree temperatures for months together.

It was him n his NIM team of courageous youths whose great efforts led to the successful landing of MI-26 in Kedarnath after the massive ecological disaster. It was the very first time when any cargo helicopter from Air-Force landed on the divine land.

And it was because of the successful landing of the MI-26 plane that heavy machines could be carried like (trucks, dumpers, JCBs) to the high altitude Kedarnath to help in restoration work.

Even the prime minister Narendra Modi and the national security advisor publicly lauded the outstanding and exemplary contribution of Colonel Ajay Kothiyal and his dedicated team of hundreds of youth volunteers of Youth Foundation for having carried out the entire restoration n reconstruction work in devastated Kedarnath under extreme unforeseable condition under minus degree temperatures for months together.

It may be recalled that Colonel Kothiyal who is still a bachelor a fully dedicated to public service with a clear n constructive vision for a new n modern Uttarakhand had already made up his mind to contest from Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency.

He had already toured almost all the blocks and maximum villages n district headquarters of Pauri n Chamoli Garhwal holding umpteen corner and public meetings attended by hundreds and thousands of people. The support he’d acknowleged had been tremendous.

He is considered to be a true messiah of the unemployed youth who carries behind him a clear cut vision on the problems of the hills pertaining to easing employment, providing health facilities, stopping increasing exodus to cities n improving the agricultural health of Uttarakhand.

Today, hundreds n thousands of youths have volunteered to campaign for him extensively to ensure his victory at the hustings.

He has send feelers to both the BJP and Congress parties through different sourcs but it’s really distressing to note that intelligent, committed and dedicated aspirants are never welcomed in political parties as the leaders find themselves insecure in the company n leadership of politicians with constructive vision and impeccable integrity.

Hence Colonel Ajay Kothiyal has to be constrained to take the risk of contesting on his own, solely depending on the peoples’ power. It remains to be seen whether honesty n dedication triumphs or money bags, liquor or muscle power in Indian democracy ? What’s your take friends?

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Congress forges alliance with National Conference in J n K, Mayawati not to contest lok Sabha poll



As the final notification for the polls have been issued by the election commission, the Congress party which was lacking behind in forming alliances in various states especially after being sidelined in the largest state of the country Uttar Pradesh by the BSP, SP n RLD trio, a conglomeration of the parties carrying behind them the concrete vote bank of minorities, backward classes and the dalits, has also expedited its efforts for state wise alliance in order to solidify the grand alliance experiment at the national level.

Without wasting further time the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has issued directives to all its central and state leaders to forge a pre electoral alliance with the like minded anti BJP parties in order to gain the peoples’ confidence and trust n strongly n decisively defeat the saffron party led by the charismatic PM Narendra Modi whose juggernaut is speedily moving ahead cashing on the post Pulwama sentiments n Hindu polarisation strategy in the country.

Just today the Congress party’s senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad reached Srinagar and forged a pre electoral alliance with the National Conference led by Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah.

As per the arrangement, while the National conference would contest on the three seats in the Kashmir valley including on the Srinagar seat, the BJP will contest on Jammu n Udhampur seat. There are total 6 Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies in Jammu n Kashmir.

While addressing the media after the formation of the Congress NC alliance Farooq Abdullah said that while he welcomes the Congress Party’s gesture to forge an alliance with his party to strongly protect the secular n democratic credentials in the state and the country, he would request the Congress party to form a similar credible secular n democratic alliance at the national level in order to defeat the communal forces formidably, who are creating divisivenes n hatred in the society to meet their vested political interests.

The veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the nation is today confronting a twin challenge from the enemy country Pakistan as well as from the terrorists and divisive forces in Kashmir n other parts of the country.

Forging of credible secular n democratic alliances would save the nation and Kashmir form these impending dangers.

Currently, there are four main parties in Jammu n Kashmir viz Congress, National Conference, PDP, BJP with smaller political outfits like the Pathers Party led by Bhim Singh n other smallers groups , having their limited say.

Now, after the formation of the NC Congress alliance there would be a three corned contest in Jammu n Kashmir between the NC, Congress alliance, PDP n the BJP.

The BJP n PDP formed the government in the state earlier but were separated after a year or so as both were diametrically opposite parties ideologically.

The Congress party has also formed an alliance with the RJD n left parties in Bihar. The RJD president Tejasvi Yadav, Lalu’s son, was quite confident n jubilant after the alliance with Congress and said that all is well. He said that the actual party wise seat sharing/ allocation would be revealed after holi.

Tejasvi Yadav said the grand allaince would be taking a concrete shape nationally as well n would give a strong fight to the BJP led NDA in Buhar as well as at the national level.

The pact related talks are also in progress in Delhi with AAP after the intervention of the NCP leader Sharad Pawar. Though newspaper reports are giving negative view of the pact between AAP n Congress saying that both the parties could not arrive at any understanding but the talks are still on as the Delhi Congress incharge PC Chacko is still hopeful of the pact with AAP.

Political analysts say that the pact between AAP n Congress is inevitable if both of them really want to dislodge BJP in Delhi as the saffron party’s vote bank is intact n has rather enhanced after the Pulwama developments.

In Maharashtra too the Congress and NCP have already established the pre poll alliance and are trying to rope in other Ambedkarite parties as well to entice the votes of Dalits and the backwards.

The SP BSP alliance in Maharashtra will lead to a three cornered contest between the ruling Shiva Sena combine, Congress NCP duo and the BSP SP combine.

It however remains to be seen as to which side will the party of the Ambedkarite voters go.

In Bengal however, the Congress has failed to form an alliance between TMC n Left parties, especially the CPM as both the parties want a major share leaving Congress party to a negligible position to which Congress has not agreed .

As a result the Congress party has decided to field candidates on 41 seats in West Bengal.

This unambiguously states that in Bengal too the contest would be four cornered between the TMC ( ruling party) BJP, Communists( Left Front) and the Congress.

In Karnataka, the Congress JDU alliance against the BJP is already existing where both the parties are running the government.

In Tamilnadu the Congress has formed electoral understanding with the DMK of late Karunanidhi wherebas the BJP has alligned with the AIADMK of late J. Jaylalitha.

In Jharkhand too the Congress party has alligned with a regional party and talks with pre poll arrangements with Andhra CM Chandra Babu Naidu are in progress.

However in Oddissa the Congress party will go alone giving way for a three cornered contest between Biju Janata Dal, BJP n the Congress.

Meanwhile the BSP supremo Mayawati has announced that she would not contest from any seat in UP as winning maximum seats and defeating BJP is her main objective.

Analysts say that Mayawati do not want to confine herself to one seat as she would be the star campaingner of the BSP SP RLD combine and may go elsewhere also to campaign for her parties candidates contesting in various states.

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Two sitting BJP MPs out of the race in Uttarakhand. Three sitting MPs to repeat. Names of Rawat n Bhatt finalised ?



Prospective candidates of BJP from 5 Lok Sabha seats

Though the BJP’s candidate selection committee’s meeting is in progress in Delhi and the party has not yet released the names of the prospective official candidates but the inside reliable sources reveal that two sitting member of parliaments’ tickets are being changed.

Both of them has crossed 75 years of age obviously non other but retired major general BC Khanduri from Pauri Garhwal and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari from Nainital.

Though both of them are sitting MPs they are the former state chief ministers as well. While retired Major general BC Khanduri who’d crossed eighty years of age had already expressed his inability to contest due to poor health, Bhagat Singh Koshiayari was not in a mood to retire. However, this news has not been officially confirmed.

Sources reveal that while the BJP has okayed the candidature of BJP’s national secretary Tirath Singh Rawat from Pauri Garhwal constituency against the candidature of sitting MP Khanduri, the state party chief Ajay Bhatt’s name has been cleared from Nainital seat in lieu of the sitting veteran ( MP) Bhagat Singh Koshiayari.

According to sources, from rest of the three Lok Sabha constituencies of Uttarakhand viz Almora, Haridwar n Tehri Garhwal, the three sitting MPs’ name(s) have been finalised maintaining the status quo. They are union state minister for Textiles Ajay Tamta, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Maharani Lakshmi Shah.

It was being said that the BJP high command had cleared the earlier bottleneck forbidding the over 75 year old MPs or MLAs from contesting polls but denying opportunity for recontest to Koshiyari from Nainital is like stabbing him from the back as the latter carries behind him a good n transparent reputation as a true son of the soil, hailing from a protracted RSS background having dedicated his entire life to the RSS n BJP.

It is believed that both Tirath Singh Rawat and state BJP chief Ajay Bhatt have been rewarded not only for their unstinted loyalty for the party but also for exhibiting immense patience despite both of them not given MLA ticket last time during the assembly elections of 2017.

Both had stood with the party in its thick n thin and worked hard to strengthen the BJP in the state as well as during the previous assembly election when the saffron party sought 57 seats reducing the Congress party to negligible minority in the state.

It is believed that the list of the candidates would be out either midnight or tomorrow afternoon.

Sources reveal that Bhagat Singh Koshiyari is using his best possible efforts to ensure his repetition n hopes that he will definitely be honoured with the second chance.

There are also rumours that his name can be considered for governor of any state in case the BJP returns to power at the centre in case he is left out of the race this time.

Meanwhile the Congress has not officially opened its cards as its waiting for the BJP to declare the list first.

However, speculations are rife that names of Harish Rawat, (.Nainital) Pradeep Tamta, ( Almora) Manish Khanduri, ( Pauri) Kishore Upadhyay, ( Tehri) n Pritam Singh ( Haridwar) have been cleared.

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BJP government is the weakest which could not provide jobs n resolve farmers issues : Priyanka Gandhi



The Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi today visited the Vidhyachal Temple and Salim Chisti Dargah at Sitamadhi on her second lap of the three day Boat Journey from Allahabad to the constituency of Prime minister Narendra Modi, Varanasi.

This 140 kilometre boat journey would end tomorrow evening on the third day at Varanasi where Priyanka may address a massive public meeting.

In the first day of her enthusiastic boat Yatra which started from Prayagraj, Allahabad yesterday after offering of prayers of Ganga Mayya at the Sangam ghat, Priyanka was accompanied by ten jubilant girl students of Allahabad university in the boat whom she pronounced as young, dynamic and talented students.

Priyanka Gandhi was in a Red Saree while she paid obiesance to Goddess Sita at the Vindhyachal Mandir. She was closetted with the devotees n temple priests for quite some time seeking the blessings of the Goddess.

While her supporters raised slogans hailing her, a group of BJP women supporters vociferously raised anti Priyanka and pro Modi slogans.

She thereafter visited the Salim Chisti Dargah and carried the ” Tokri of Chadhava” on her head to the Dargah paying her respectful obiesance to Baba Salim Chisti seeking blessings for her, her family and the party’s triumph in the ensuing elections.

She also offered CHAADAR on the Samadhi. Her grandmother Indira Gandhi, mother Sonia Gandhi n brother Rahul Gandhi had also visited here earlier and sough blessings.

After visiting the Vidhyavasini temple having the darshan of Sita Mata and offering prayers Priyanka met enthusiastic people n peasents at Bhatauli and Singhauli Ghat and interacted with them.

At Sitamarhi while addressing the media Priyanka said that the BJP has been repeating the tape of 70 year rule of Congress. I ask them what have they done in the last five years. The 70 year old rule by Congress accusation has now expired. If the prime minister Narendra Modi is really powerful, strong with a 56 inch chest as claimed by him, then why had he not given employment to youngsters during the last five years?

Why are the people of the country suffering, the poor becoming more poorer ? She questioned what has this government done for the people of the country? This is a dishonest n weak government.

Condemning the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi said that the students, farmers, women and the people living at the lowest ebb have been betrayed. Nothing has been done for their welfare by the Yogi government. The report card is all fake to fool n betray people. I have met people from all sections of the society in UP. They are in total disarray. The government’s commitments are all fake to make people foolish.

Priyanka’s three day Ganga boat journey is drawing huge crowds with enthusiatic supporters n fans following her wherever she goes. She is more like a Bollywood star whom people like to feel, touch n enthusiastically see deeply.

The media is also following her and giving adequate coverage to her visits at the banks of Ganges where she’s meeting people, interacting with them and jubilantly waving them.

According to one of her tweets’ with a picture of her grandmother’s room in Allahabad’s Swaraj Bhawan where Indira Gandhi was born, Priyanka tweeted in hindi :

While sitting in the compound of Swaraj Bhawan, I am able to see that room where my grand mother was born. My grand mother used to tell me ( narrate) the stroy of John of Arch. Even today her words reverberate in my ears. She used to say : Be fearless, everything will be alright.

In another tweet she wrote with a photograph of girl students of Allahabad university who accompanied her in the boat on the first day of her journey: Loved sharing my journey with these intelligent, dynamic young women from Allahabad university this morning. I met so many talented students today – they deserve a future in which their hopes and dreams can be realised.

After finishing her darshan at the Vidhyavasini temple n Dargah Priyanka visited the Bunkar vicinity ( weavers) in Mirjapur constituency. The Ana Dal president Annu Priya Patel is contesting from here in alliance with the Congress party.

Local people being interviewed by the media predict that Priyanka Gandhi’s tours have accorded added advantage to Congress party though there is still no dearth of Modi supporters here too. Where ever she goes enthusiastic supporters show extreme eagerness to take selfie with her n pose for photographs. Priyanka Gandhi is full of energy n enthusiansm n looks as if she has finally made up her mind to bring out the sinking Congress boat out of quandry in Uttar Pradesh.

However, it remains to be seen as to how successful would she be in country her political enemies BJP n BSP, SP n RLD alliance in Uttar Pradesh in the ensuing election.

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Mayavati’s harsh gesture towards Congress is the biggest impediment in the success of grand alliance



Badly infuriated by the overwhelmning support being acknowleged by the newly appointed general secretary, incharge of East Uttar Pradesh Priyanki Gandhi’s Prayaraj to Varanasi Yatra, always against n jealous of Congress party n its leaders especially the Gandhi family, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Behan Mayawati today said that Congress party has no need to leave seven seats for the BS n SP combine and they ( Congress) is free to contest on them as well as the BSP, SP, RLD combine is powerful enough to defeat the Bhartiya Janata Party on its own.

Mayawati’s proud seems to have been speaking from her head these days, particularly after Priyanka Gandhi’s visit to a Meerut Hospital recently to meet her ( Mayawati’s) adversary strong n young Dalit leader in the making Chandrashekhar aka Ravan and the recent alliance with a regional party of the SCs Jan adhikar Party in Uttar Pradesh.

Not only this but after the success of Priyanka Gandhi’s Ganga Yatra Mayawati seems to be more upset than before.

However, it was BSP chief Mayawati only who took the lead in criticizing the Congress party n its leadership always considering it at par with the BJP saying that she views both BJP and Congress as her enemy number one.

In Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh n Rajasthan assembly elections too Mayavati broke the talks with Congress and went alone winning just one seat in Madhya Pradesh.

Congress general secretary Priyanka strongly reacted to Mayawati’s negative gesture by saying that she should’nt be worried about Congress as all of them are fighting to defeat the BJP.

It may be recalled that after the formation of the BSP, SP n RLD alliance completely sidelining the Congress, except leaving two seats of Bareilly n Amethi, the Congress has finally taken a decision on fighting on 73 seats in Uttar Pradesh leaving seven for the BSP, SP, RLD combine as a return gesture but Mayawati instead of expressing her gratitude towards Congress, harshly reacted by sending a wrong message towards the mahagathbandhan politics being tried to unitedly fight against BJ atthe pan India level.

The way Mayawati is reacting to the Congress party considering it her enemy number one, it seems that the Mahagathbandhan exercise is going towards a dead end, ultimately benefitting the BJP at the hustings.

If we analyse the current situation the largest state of UP will witness a triangular contest between Congress, Apna Dal – BSP, S, RLD combine and the BJP, ultimately resulting in the division of anti BJP votes benefitting the latter.

Similarly in Delhi the pact between the AAP n Congress has completely failed so far finally benfitting the BJP resulting in the vertical division of the anti BJP votes.

In West Bengal too the Congress is contestimg on all the seats as TMC’s Mamata Bennerjee is not conceding seats to Congress party.

Her traditional enemity with the Left parties is well known to all. Here too there are hundred percent chances of the anti BJP division of votes in a four cornered contest, finally helping the BJP which has already done its best to polarise the hindu sentiments in Bengal.

Similarly in Maharashtra BSP, SP are going alone leaving Congress, NCP as a separate entity, amounting to likely division of anti BJP votes where the ShivSena n BJP has already formed a formidable alliance.

If this would be the condition of the grand alliance in other states as well like Bihar where the JDU, LJS P n BJP has already formed a strong alliance then what would be the fate of anti BJP opposition politics in the making.

If things are not being resolved at pre election time what’s the gurantee that the anti BJP forces will be able to form an unanimity post election. This is a moot quesion which requires a suitable answer ?

Moreover, witnessing the scattered opposition, still fighting within themselves, the electorates of the country has no option but to go with stability which under such circumstances they see in Modi’s leadership.

The political analysts say that Mayawati’s harsh gesture towads Congress is the greatest impediment to the unity efforts of the anti BJP opposition in the country. What’s your take friends?

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Uttarakhand Ekta Manch organises pre Holi celebrations at Delhi Haat, Pitampura.



Uttarakhandi Artists presenting mesmerising folk sings and dances at Delhi Haat, Pitampura

As Holi is approaching near several functions to celebrate this festival of colours are being organised in the capital of India. Holi represents harmony, bonds of frienship and togetherness. In Uttarakhand Holi is celebrated with colours as is celebrated all over India but in different forms. In Delhi the Uttarakhand Ekta Manch celebrated this festival in advance by organising a mesmerising cultural evening at Delhi Haat Pritampura. Shiv Dutt Pant an eminent Uttarakhand singer and music composer with his team of musicians presented various items from melodiius singing to folk dances to performance of traditional colourful Raj Jaat Yatra.

Melodious female singers Asha Negi and Puja Pant n Narendra Negi Chaundkotiya presented good number of mesmerising songs in Garhwali dialects which enthralled the audience. The audience danced on the floor on the famous CHAITU KI CHAITWALI songs extremely popular these days sung by legendary singer n his team mates. Hundreds of people of Uttarakhandi origin living in Delhi participated in the event. The president of the organisation Shiv Singh Negi n the vice president Murli Singh Negi deserve accolades for the success of the cultural evening prior to Holi.

According to young writer and video journalist Mayak Arya
Shiv Dutt Pant ji is one of the most popular and living legend of Uttarakhand. He is well known for his live performances in various cultural programs of Uttarakhand.

Pant represents the folk tale
of Uttarakhand through exquisite song
performances. Kumaon Ramleela and
various other stories are so we’ll showcased by him and his Team.

The uniqueness of the Kumaoni Holi lies in its being a musical affair, whatever its form, be it the Baithki Holi, the Khari Holi and the Mahila Holi all of which start from Basant Panchmi.

Famous for his Baithi and Khadi Holi representations, Shiv Dutt Pant elaborates Khadi Holi where he remembers Lord Rama and Invocates divine energies during Cheer Bandhan, The Holika bonfire in Kumaun is known as Cheer (चीर) which is ceremonically made in a ceremony known as Cheer Bandhan (चीर बंधन) fifteen days before Dulhendi. The Cheer is basically a bonfire with a green Paiya tree branch in the middle.

Mr. Shiv Dutt’s Pant’s team of folk dancers n musician have exhibited the musical holi at Dilli Hatt New Delhi dressed in colourful attires mesmerising one and all, where thousands of culture lovers from all corners gathered to witness this exquisite peice of Folk Performance.

Shiv Dutt Pant’s singing, his impressive music n outstanding perfirmance by his teams colourful folk dancers have made the evening truly wonderful n highly entertaining.

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Thousands bid adieu to the leader of masses Manohar Parikar at Panaji. PM Modi n Smriti in tears



The epitome of simplicity, impeccable integrity, dedication, determination and affable nature, former defence minister and fiur time Goa CM Manohar Parrikar has been finally given adieu by thousands of his tearful friends, well wishers, fans n followers amit chanting of slogans Manohar Parikar Amar Rahe with full defence honours.

The prime minister Narendra Modi and the union minister for Textiles were literally in tears while giving adieu to the departed soul.

Thousands of people looking like a sea of humanity accompanied his body to the cremetorium at Panaji finally consigning this great leader’s body to flame amid full military honours of 21 gun salutes n chanting of spiritual hyms.

It was during former defence minister Manohar Parikkar’s tenure only that the September 2016’s surgical strike and surgical strike on Indo Myanmar border took place killing more than hundred Myanmarese terrorists n the terror launch pads in Myanmar n Pakistan side of Loc against the Uri attack n martyrdom of 18 para military security troopers at the Myanmarese border. Late Manohar Parikar was the first ever IItian turned Chief minister of Goa n Defence minister of India.

Parrikar was a unique CM full of simplicity and impeccable integrity having rose to become the chief minister of the state he was born in 63 years ago. Parikars wife also died in 2000 with cancer and since then he continued serving the state and nation with extreme honesty, dexterity n determination winning the hearts of each and every Goan.

He has special bonding with prime minister Narendra Modi who was also the RSS pracharak before becoming CM of Gujarat like Manohar Parikar.

Parrikar who joined active politics in 1994 became the CM for the first time in the year 2000 n continued till his sad demise except for few years as defence minister at the centre when he was specially asked by PM Modi to lead the Defence ministry.

Very few people know that it was Goa CM Manohar Parikar who for the very first time in 2013 during the BJP’s national conclave in Goa recomended the name of Narendra Modi as the prospective BJP’s prime ministerial candidate seconded by the then party president Rajnath Singh.

Extremely popular and loved by one and all in Goa for his outstanding callibre, intellect and simplicity Manohar Parikar used to travel by a scooty, hire a three wheeler to reach the office, stand in que as a commoner and drink tea on roadsides to have the feel n know the pulse of his electorates.

He used to say that roadside tea drinking exercise is the best mode to know about the peoples’ grievances n sufferings. Hailing from a very modest background Manohar Parikar studied in a simple marathi medium schools and pursued his higher education as an IItian from Mumbai university finally becoming an IItian despite having limited resources.

A dedicated RSS pracharak for several years, for more than a decade after 1984, Parrikar joined active BJP politics in 1994 to become the Goa CM in 2000.

In the sad demise of Manohar Parikar the country has lost an epitome of simplicity, integrity, transparency, determination n an astute politician. Parikar worked till the last signing files of pro people projects and attending meetings. Salutes to this outstanding icon.

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Tirath Singh Rawat is the BJP nominee from Pauri Lok Sabha seat. Sitting MP Major genl Khanduri denied ticket



Tirath Singh Rawat, national secretary BJP n nominee of the saffron party from Pauri Garhwal seat

The national secretary of the Bhartiya Janata Party, the former minister in the state BJP govt and former president of Uttarakhand BJP Tirath Singh Rawat has been allocated the party’s ticket from the hot seat of Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency finally putting at rest the rumours about the candidature of Colonel Ajay Kothial and retired rear admiral from Gopeshwar Om Prakash Singh Rana.

Tirath Singh Rawat was also denied ticket in the assembly election despite his being the sitting MLA of BJP from Choubattakhaal in order to oblige the present tourism minister of Uttarakhand the saint turned politician Satpal Maharaj.

He had been the state minister of Railways and Finance at the centre and had also represented the Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency during the Congress party’s tenure.

Satpal later on joined BJP prior to the state assembly elections alongwith his minister wife n was obliged by side linining Tirath Singh Rawat, sitting MLA n former minister in the state cabinet.

But Tirath Singh showed a great heart and tolerated the injustice meted out to him. He was obliged by the BJP high command n made the national secretary. Rawat continued his party activities in his capacity as the national secretary of BJP.

He was finally rewarded for his patience n being loyal to the party by giving the BJP ticket for Lok Sabha from Pauri Garhwal constituency, currently represented by reited Major General n former union minister n state CM Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri. Rawat is an old n dedicated RSSite n the student of Jehrikhal Inter college, Lansdowne as is the present CM Trivendra Singh Rawat.

There had been lot of speculation in the social media about Colonel Ajay Kothiyal who’s the hero of Kedarnath disaster having contributed tremendously in the resurrection of Kedarnath temple vicinity even during minus degree temperature.

The name of retired rear admiral Om Prakash Singh Rana was also came up from the blue with several newspaper prominently higlighting his candidature.

The Pauri constituency has been in the news these days, particularly after the journalist turned politician son of the BJP MP n former CM Khanduri, Manish Khanduri’s joining of the Congress party at the invitation of the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi at Dehradun on 16th March in a massive public rally.

There are rumours that the Congress party may field Manish Khanduri from the Pauri Lok Sabha constituency.

Manish’s father n the present MP Major general Khanduri has in an interview to Asia News International assured that he is a dedicated worker of the partyhaving no grudge with the party high command and is ready to even campaign against his son if the party asks him to do so.

The Pauri Garhwal Parliamentary constituency represented earlier by stalwarts like late Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, Chandra Mohan Singh Negi, Satpal Maharaj and Major general Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri is primarily a thakur dominated constituency with 70% rajput voters and 25 % brahmin electorates followed by the SC n minority votes which is almost negligible.

Even the old stalwart n former UP CM n union minister HN Bahuguna has wrested this seat from Congress in 1883/ 84 with a small margin of 28000 votes as caste factor plays its important role in Pauri constitiency.

It also has good number of exservicemen n serving armymen which usually go in favour of BJP.

While the BJP has withdrawn the 75 year old deadline to deny tickets to sitting MPs as was earlier the case when veteral leaders likeL. K. Advani and Dr. Murli Manoha Joshi were deliberately n pre strategically sidelined by PM Modi n Amit Shah, Khanduri too has been denied ticket despite his being a sitting MP and a politiciam with impeccable integrity.

Sources say that he himself has denied the ticket due to overage n abnormal health. But if it was so than why had his son joined Congress n why has he been shunted out of the parliament’s defence committee?

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