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While majority of Indians hail and respect Armymen on duty for saving us and our nation from the enemy countries, foes, dreaded terrorists and anti nationalists within the country and outside by way of safeguarding our borders and exercising vigilantism 24×7 in the terrorist and insurgency infested areas, risking their precious lives, there are some desperate, insane and ruthless elements who hate them to such an extent that even go on slapping a jawan for no fault of his.
A shocking incident of 9th September is still fresh on everyones’ mind all over the country, the day when a desperate divorcee of a son of an Army officer repeatedly slapped an army jawan near Hazrat Nizamuddin where he was going to see off his five Army friends, driving the Army truck.

While he was driving, he noticed a women in an Indica car over taking his truck and driving in a jig jag fashion who after some time stopped her car in front of the truck. The Army truck driver also came out to enquire as to what has happened. While he was likely to politely ask her the reason for her wrong driving , she, without any provocation started slapping the innocent driver for no fault of his, in the broad daylight.

The Armyman exhibiting decency and respect towards women maintained calm n composure and instead of retaliating, came back demoralised in his truck. But the angered woman at fault, continued to abuse the army truck driver. In the meanwhile, while the situation was hot and woman was busy in the slapping spree, somebody in the public recorded the sequence of the event on his mobile and loaded it on Facebook. It went viral in few minutes inviting the attention of the attentive electronic channels, who started showing the news incessantly with viral vedio, thus inviting the peoples’ interest all around, nationally. The vedio unambiguously showed the healthy woman slapping the Armyman repeatedly without reason.

The next day it was also carried out in the print media. The guilty woman who was living at Lajpat Nagar was thereafter arrested on the Armyman’ s complaint 15th September on the charges of physical thrashing of an armyman while on duty but was simultaneously released on bail. Sounds anguishing and disgusting that a person particularly an Armyman is slapped so badly by a desperate woman for no fault of his in a broad day light and is released immediayely after arrest on bail. Where is tolerence these days, is a moot question? The name of the guilty woman is Smriti Kalra.

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The National Human Rights Commision has taken a suo motto of the news appeared in several newspapers of the capital pertaining to the missing and trafficked children and has directed the union home secretary and the secretary of the union Women and Child Development ministry through a notice to accquaint the commission about the scientific methods/ techniques adopted by the concerned agencies to trace the missing children.

The NHRC’s notice to these senior most bureaucrats on missing children definitely speaks of its seriousness on the burning issue of trafficked children nationally.

It may be recalled that several socio political organisations of the capital under the Banner of Search My Child, a popular website on missing children, all over the country, has last week marched in good numbers from Mandi House to Parliament, particularly, women and parents of missing children, holding playcards and raising slogans against the police, administration and the authorities concerned demanding immediate setting up of special fast track child rescue cells at all the police stations of the country, law for registration of zero FIR in any part of the country regarding the missing child, tracing of missing children at the earliest by the authorities concerned, adequate financial compensation to the traumatic families of the victimised child and establishment of proper and effective cordination between the various state and the central police force to trace the missing children speedily compounded with fast track inquiry in such matters.

A memorandum was also handed over to the prime minister Narendra Modi’s office at South Block, New Delhi by Kusum Kandwal Bhatt of Search My Child and her dedicated team of women volunteers alongwith the parents of the missing children.

The movement for search of missing children gained momentum few months before after a child girl of merely four years old, namely Kashish Rawat went mysteriously missing from her Sector 22, Noida House, about two and a half years ago.

The parents of the child and various socio political organisations of Uttarakhand in Delhi have done their best by approaching all the member of parliaments of Uttarakhand in Delhi, union home minister Rajnath Singh, former and present chief ministers of UP, Akhilesh Yadav and Yogi Aditya Nath, her MP wife Dimple Yadav and RS MP from UK Raj Babber, the present and past SPs of Noida Police, all the senior police officials and submission of several memorandums, including wide coverage in print and electronics media but shamefully and unfortunately, of no avail.

It’s not even clear whether Kashish Rawat and several other such missing children are still dead or alive. The most ignorant and the complacent attitude and posture of the Noida police authorities towards finding Kashish Rawat despite so much of exercise has finally enthused and energised selfless women like Kusum Kandwal Bhatt and others who took the cudgels of the movement in their hands and organised a massive protest march and demonstration from Mandi House to Parliament street under scorching sun on 12th May comprising od several hundred children, women and men and appealed to the prime minister to take suo motto of the burning cases of hundreds of thousands of missing children countrywide who are sold illegally after being trafficked after kidnapping and forced into prostitution, beggary, forcible domestic jobs under challenging conditions or arbitrarily sold to the parents against huge monetary profit in other states and countries abroad.

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The child trafficking menace is adopting a gigantic proportion nationally with law enforcing agencies particularly the police not being able to adequately n meticulously cope with the situation for reasons being tremendous shortage of personels in police force and their over involvement in duties of the VIPs, VVIPs and resolution of crimes of different more serious nature like murders, decoities, rapes, gangsterism, against corruption and several other hiccups like round the clock petrolling and other factors as well.

Moreover adequate lack of training in the concerned field in terms of meticulous investigation and lack of dedication on the part of some policemen is also one of the important reason why crime against children, child trafficking and cases of their mysterious disappearence are not resolved satisfactorily. The general perception about police in our society in the resolution of crime and cases pertaining to mobile and gold thefts, crime against women, and women assaults is not good nor satisfactory as people feel more relaxed keeping themselves at bay from the police authorities than to seek they support unless it is very very necessary or highly warranting.

This phenomena is undobtedly disturbing though there are very upright, dedcated and outstanding officers in police services who leave no stone unturned to efficiently and honestly prove their mettle. But despite all this, in the recent years, the cases of child trafficking has been on the terrific rise with extremely little rates of recovery or punishment to the criminals or child traffickers involved in this flourishing business right under the nose of the system. According to a conservative estimate and the figures presented in parliament during debates on this pivotal issue about 3 lakh 25 thousand children had been either kidnapped, illegally trafficked or mysteriously disappeared during three years duration from 2011 to june 2014.

This statistics clearly illustrates that about 1 lakh children are disappearing every year and thrown into begging, forcible prostitution and other child labour jobs by gangs involved in this fishy obnoxious trade and our system is hardly capable or worried to set right the situation. According to the statistics of the National Crime record Bureau, in every eight minute, one child gets disappeared in the country thus showing an extremely disturbing trend in terms of child trafficking or missing child incidents. What is more disturbing is the fact that out of these missing children, 55 percent are girls, majority of whom are forcibly pushed into prostitution or arbitrarily sold for good amount even to childless parents in various states or abroad or first sexually assaulted and then left to beggingunder extremely tortuous circumstances with even their body parts brutally cut .

The recovery rate is unfortunately less than twenty percent. One would be surprised and shocked to learn that Maharashtra tops the list in terms of missing children in the last three years with 50 thousand children mysteriously missing followed by Madhya Pradesh showing the figure as 24,836. Delhi is third in the chart with 20000 missing children followed by Andhra Pradesh with 18540 children missing. In Uttar Pradesh too the statistics is highly worrying with hundreds of thousands of children missing every year. The supreme court of India has been extremely serious and harsh on this issue and had issued several important guidelines to the union and state governments to expedite cases of child recoveries and punish the guilty under the strictest sections of the law but of no awail.

If we go by the national statistics on over all basis this figure must have gone in several millions by now, with majority of the cases of child trafficking and disappearence not being reported under duress, pressure and social stigma. The government should seriously come forth with more stringent laws on this front and exedite the police machinery by equipping it with the latest survillence gadgets, filling vacancies, giving adequate hi tech investigation training to its personels, allowing registering of the zero FIRs and opening Fast Track Child Rescue Cells in extremely good numbers at the decentralised police station levels, specifically. What’s your take friends?

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Hundreds of women volunteers and children march to parliament demanding stringent laws against child trafficking



A good number of women activists, parents of the missing children, students, voulnteers of several non governmental organisations and socio political activists including few journalists today marched from Mandi House to Parliament street under the scorching sun raising anti police, administration and government slogans demanding immediate rescuing of the disappeared and trafficked children and fulfilment of several other genuine demands to expedite action on hundreds of thousands of cases of the missing children all over the country.

Holding playcards and raising slogans against the police and the concerned authorities the acrimonious procession marched for about one n a half kilometres from Mandi House and finally culminated at Parliament street where the participants were addressed by the Chief of the Search My Child website and a leading women activist Kusum Kandwal Bhatt, senior journalist n socio political activist Charu Tiwari, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, Dev Singh Rawat, activist Sushma Negi, Babita Negi, several women NGO activists, Nandan Singh Rawat, Uday Mamgain Rathi and several others.

The main organiser of this protest demonstration Kusum Kandwal Bhatt and her co women activists later on presented a two page memrandum to the Prime minister’s South block office under police escort.

The memorandum expressed serious concern, shock and anguish over the increasing and unabated incidents of child trafficking and disappearence of children all over the country and the ignorance n complacense of the police authorities in tracing them and punishing the guilty under the relevent and stringent sections of the law.

While emphatically demanding immediate permission for registration of Zero FIR in the cases of child’s disappearence in any part of the country, the Search My Child organisation also demanded establishment of Fast Track Rescue Cell in every police station of the country compounded with expeditious recovery of the vast number of missing children n mandatory use of adhar card to lacate them. The furious and angered demonstrators, majority of whom were women and youngsters literally pledged to continue their fight against the system till their demands are not met forthwith.

It may be recalled that 4 year old Kashish Rawat had mysteriously disappeared from.her sector 22, Noida House about two n a half years ago and is still untraceable since then despite tremendous efforts of her parents and various socio political organisations right from meeting the UP state CMs’ former and present to the entire senior officers of Noida police to union Home minister to all the MPs of Uttarakhand but of no avail.

Since then several mass protests and demonstrations were organised at Jantar Mantar Delhi n Noida n several memorandums handed to aithorities concerned but nothing fructified till yet. Mrs Kusum Kandwal Bhatt and her organisation in league with other NGOs n Social organisations thereafter took the cudgels of this burning issue in their hands and mobilised students, teachers and parents by holding mass awareness campaigns in various scholsand colonies of Delhi. Today’s protest march was in sequel to the earlier efforts and initiatives to pressurise the government accept their demands on this pivotal issue and devise new n stringent laws to punish the guilty and trace the missing children expeditiously.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum

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