Will Octogenerian Shiela’s advent as new Delhi Congress chief be able to pose formidable challenge to AAP n BJP in Delhi ?



The nomination of former CM Shiela Dikshit who ruled Delhi for 15 protracted years till 2014 as the new Delhi Congress chief by Rahul Gandhi with three young working presidents to assist her viz. Harun Yusuf, Devendra Yadav n Rajesh Lilothia, former MLAs n secretaries AICC has proved one thing beyond doubt that Congress has no new experienced face to run the affairs of Congress party in the capital city except the old ones.

Will Shiela Dikshit who is an octogenarian be able to counter the increasing influence of AAP n Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival who is quite young and vociferous in countering every move of Congress party n BJP in Delhi is a question that requires a suitable answer ?

There is not an inkling of doubt that in terms of experience, capability and liasion with the grass root worker n leaders of the Congress Party, the veteran leader n former CM is one of the best choice in the prevailing political situation of Delhi’s politics but would she really be able to pull out the defunct party in the state out of the present impasse remains to be seen.

It’s a known fact that the AAP formed after the movement of the crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare is today a strong political force in Delhi which has siphoned of the majority vote bank of the Congress party that ruled Delhi undisputedly for 15 long years.

It has made tremendous inroads into the traditional lower middle class, minority, SC, ST, backward, JJ cluster n the unauthorised colonies’ vote bank of the Congress party including govt employees by giving these sections massive concessions in water, electricity, schools, education n health sectors thus posing a straight n clearcut challenge to the Congress party.

The former state party chief Ajay Maken despite his dynamism n active leadership has not been able to take on AAP in Delhi and has finally resigned on the health grounds, this being his second resignation.

He tried his level best to confront the AAP n the BJP equally with his full might by way of organising protest demonstrations, dharnas n even courting arrests on various pivotal issues but all in vain.

Though under Ajay Maken’s active n dynamic leadership the state’s one time defunct set up was fully energised n activated at the grass root levels but finally he could’nt withstand the AAP’s increasing political influence n popularity in Delhi n finally surrendered by way of resigning on health grounds.

However, it is said that Maken’s resignation was also the result of his unilateral decision of not favouring any political alignment or patch up with AAP whereas the present incumbent Shiela Dikshit is in favor of it.

Keeping in view the formation of the grand alliance at the national level keeping non BJP opposition parties like AAP in good humour is extremely necessary.

Moreover in the previous assembly election of Delhi in 2014 the combined vote percentage of AAP n Congress was 48% ( AAP 33% n Congress 15%) whereas the entire vote bank of BJP remained intact to 46% despite losing to AAP.

Since the AAP is a ruling party in Delhi there is always scope for anti incumbency. The possibilities of number of seats won last time as well as the vote percentage may therefore come down.

As such the electoral understanding between the old political foes i.e. Congress n AAP is inevitable if they really want to defeat the BJP , the common enemy of both the parties not only in Delhi but also at the national level.

Meanwhile AAP has already started its election preparations in Delhi and Arvind Kejrival is still adamant thus opposing the Congress asking its workers to oppose Congress Party tooth n nail perhaps to maintain pressure tactic over Congress to bargain maximum sests in the Delhi parliamentary elections. Political analysts say that the political seat sharing alliance between AAP n Congress is acutely necessary if they really wanted to defest their common political foe BJP in Delhi. What’s your take friends?

It may be recalled that Shiela’s immense political acumen and organisational n administrative dexterity has resulted in keeping the BJP at bay in Delhi politics for 15 long years despite the BJP having a traditional stronghold in Delhi’s politics since 1998. As the chief minister of Delhi she gave a new face lift to Delhi in terms of tremendous infrastructural development like building flyovers, successfully organising the Common Wealth Games n giving relief to the people of the lower ebb of the society through various welfare measures but the corruption in Common Wealth games n the cummulative effect of the central corruption let loose by the then ruling Congress party pit an adverse impact on her winning chances for her for the fourth time with anti incumbency at its peak. She herself lost to Arvind Kejrival from Gole Market n the Congress could’nt bag a single MLA seat out of total 70 under her leadership in the 2014 state elections from Delhi.


Delhi University appoints Shakti Singh as new DUSU president



DUSU (Delhi University Students Union) vice-president Shakti Singh was promoted to the post of president on Tuesday.

The Delhi University made the formal announcement after the High Court on December 18, 2018, had ordered Singh to take charge as DUSU president.

“The university had been delaying the decision for no reason since long. This comes after we created pressure upon the authorities. We still have many demands in line including demands for specially-abled students, fee reduction in the revaluation, filling posts of DU administration which has caused problems for students amongst others. If the university does not act upon these demands in the future, we would call a massive protest and would even demand the resignation of the Vice Chancellor,” said ABVP’s Siddharth Yadav.The DUSU elections were held in September.

In November last year, Shakti Singh had staked claim for the top post of the Union, after Ankiv Baisoya resigned from the post of president following his suspension from the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in a fake degree row.

A first information report (FIR) was also filed against the former DUSU President Baisoya on complaints of the Buddhist department of the university claiming that Baisoya used a fake degree to claim admission and contest elections.

The Delhi University canceled the admission of Baisoya on November 14 after receiving a letter from Thiruvalluvar University confirming that his bachelor’s degree was fake.

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Uttarayini celebrated with gaiety and fervour in 62 locations in Delhi. Delhi govt financed majority events



The annual Uttarayini festival held on Makarsankranti was celebrated in various parts of Delhi with gaiety and fevour this year as well on 14th and 15th January with Uttatakhandies living in Delhi dancing, singing, exchanging pleasentaries, felicitating outstanding people n preparing traditional Kichri to serve people in at least more than seventy locations of Delhi n NCR donning their traditional colourful attires and interacting in local dialects.

The Delhi government this year as well financed 62 Uttarayini events in various locations of Delhi majorly organised by the AAP office beares and socio cultural organisations of UK in Delhi and enjoyed by the people of the Himalayan state living in the capital n NCR.

The entire capital city, particularly in areas dominated by the Uttarakhand folks one can conveniently find cultural events with Uttarakhandi cultural heritage in colourful traditional attires happening in every legislative constituency of Delhi n NCR with mesmerising songs and dances enthralling one and all.

Prominent amongst those where Uttarayini was celebrated with gaiety n fervour were Burari, Shyam Vihar Nazafgarh, Trilokpuri, West Vinod Nagar, Aya Nagar, Gole Market, Kirti Nagar, Qutub Vihar, Palam, Kailashpuri, Sagarpur, Karampura, Punjabi Bagh, Awantika Rohini, Karampura, entire Trans Yamuna, East Delhi, North Delhi , New Delhi and South Delhi.

It may be recalled that the Uttarakhandies comprise of more than 30 lakhs in Delhi n NCR n being a sizeable vote bank n a deciding factor in several municipal n legislative constituencies of Delhi, every political party eye on this credible vote bank.

Majority of the Uttarakhandi vote shifted to BJP after 1992 on the Ram Mandir pretext but in the name of establishing the Garhwali Kumaoni Academy in Delhi, n financing the events of Uttarayini in all the 70 legislative constituency for the second time, a majority portion of the Uttarakhandi vote bank seems to have shifted to AAP reveal sources.

The national election of 2019 n the state assembly polls of 2020 are nearing. Therefore every political party in Delhi is eying on the Poorvanchali n Uttarakhandi vote bank who jointly constitute an 55 % vote chunk of the capital thus a decisive factor to form government of their choice in Delhi.

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Veteran journalist of HT Dr. Kailash Chandra Papnai is no more



I am really shocked to learn about the sad demise of Dr. Kailash Chandra Papnai a senior journalist and former chief of the bureau of Dainik Hindustan , HT. He breathed his last on 14th January, night at the age of 70 after a prolonged illness suffering from cancer which he developed after the surgery of some other minor part of his body.

Kailashji was a very senior journalist and an affable human being. He was quite helpful n cooperative too. I came in Dr. Papnai’s contact n proximity when I was managing Rajesh Khanna’s New Delhi election as his media and political advisor cum cordinator during 1991 onwards.

I fondly remember Dr Papnai covering the entire election for the newspaper he represented. The HT’s senior press photographer then, Padmashree Virendra Prabhakar used to be with him to cover Kaka’s election campaign, public meetings and padyaatras etc.

I used to cordinate n assist both of them to get Kaka’s n Dimple’s interview and provide him news tips n scoops, as was doing for other journalists too, covering the super star Rajesh Khanna’s New Delhi election against BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha. Dr. Kailash Papnai was a learned journalist, a literateur n a benevolent human being.

After retirement from HT he used to contribute to various newspapers as a free lancer but his passion for writing on hill people, their problems n politics was always n regularly reflected in his articles published in Utaranchal Patrika. In his sad demise while the entire journalistic fraternity of Delhi, Uttarakhand n the country has lost a senior journalist with great professional acumen we’v lost a benevolent human being and a gentleman to the hilt.

A soft, affable, caring human being, a gentleman to the hilt  n a  journalist of repute Dr. Kailash Papnai would be always remembered by his near and dear friends n all those who knew him personally n from professional point of view.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum expresses its heartfelt tributes to the departed soul praying God to rest his soul in peace and condolences to the bereaved family to give them enough strength to bear this most irreperable loss. Amen

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Unfinished parking complex adds to chaos in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar



Red Market, Metro Station, Police Station
While the location for the multi-level parking is still not cleared for construction in Malviya Nagar, the DTC buses are forced to change their routes as the roads have been occupied by unauthorised parking. This has forced the residents, especially senior citizens, to walk a long distance to avail the bus services.
Although the residents across the Malviya Nagar area have been facing the heat of illegal parking, those living near the main market complained that they are faced with the worst situation as unauthorised parking is concerned.The residents complained that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) had approved parking on the east side of the road, but the contractor assigned the work has been allowing parking on both sides of the roads to earn more money.
This unauthorised parking on both sides of the roads has left very little space for other vehicles to pass. However, the problems resulting from this are being faced by the common people.
Senior citizens who have been using the DTC bus service to commute complained that due to the congested roads the bus drivers have changed their routes and the residents have been forced to walk a long distance to catch the buses now.
“Initially, the buses used to pass through the main market but after some buses were trapped in the congested roads, the drivers have now stopped coming inside, forcing senior citizens like me to walk a long distance,” said Ashok Prabhakar, a resident of Malviya Nagar.
However, the residents claimed that the authorities have been aware of the situation as they had registered their complaint with the Member of Parliament Meenakshi Lekhi who had visited the locality last year in May.
“We had told Lekhi about the situation and for the solution she had also promised the construction of multi-storey parking to help decongest the roads,” said Vinnet Kashyap, a resident of Malviya Nagar, E-Block.
Taking notice of Lekhi’s promise, the authorities had also started the process to construct the parking complex. For the purpose, a location was earmarked but due to some objections from the residents of the locality, the proposal has not been implemented as yet.

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PAHARI SOULS accord mesmerising musical tributes to singing legend of Uttarakhand late Chandra Singh Rahi on his 3rd Death Anniversary



It was indeed an evening with nostalgic memoirs of songs sung and written by none other than legendary maestro late Chander Singh Rahi. As songs penned by him resonated the amphitheatre, at India Habitat Centre, the musical ambience so created by PAHARI SOULS percolated mesmerising droplets on the audience ; the audience remained glued to their seats despite the chilly air breezing past through the glittering theatre.

As songs blended with classical and folksy touch and scripted in Garhwali and Kumaoni language rented the air, the audience, it seemed, were not satiated and wanted rendition of more of his songs.

The evening descended into lull silence of midnight. But the audience were not to give up. It seemed as if they had already braced themselves for the occasion.

The ocassion was to pay tribute to the legendary singer, lyricist n the preserver of the local language n folk culture late Chandra Singh Rahi on his third death anniversary.

Prominent amongst those who enthralled the audience by their meodious singing were the budding promenent female singer Neha Khankhriyal, Rahiji’s talented son n the creater of Pahari souls Rakesh Bharadwaj, young maestro Rohit Chouhan, Naresh Bisht, music legend Pancham Da’s desciple n renowned singer Ramesh Nautiyal, Mohit Dabral, singing legends of Uttarakhand Heera Singh Rana n Rekha Dhasmana, late Chandra Singh Rahi’s brother Rangeela n several other.

Several eminent singing n literary personalities of Uttarakhand were also felicitated on this ocassion particularly Hira Singh Rana, Rekha Dhasmana Uniyal, Mohit Dabral, Mr. Panwar and Netra Singh Aswal etc with iconic maestro Chandra Singh Rahi Sammaan. The event was organised by Pahari Soul led by late Rahi’s son Rakesh Bharadwaj.

The mesmerising musical evening was anchored by TV actor OP Dimri.


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Fuel prices continue to rise, petrol breaches Rs 69-mark in Delhi



Fuel prices continued to witness the upward trend for the second consecutive day on Friday with petrol and diesel being sold at Rs 69.07 and Rs 62.81 per litre respectively in the national capital.

While petrol price witnessed a hike of 19 paise, diesel got costlier by 28 paise in Delhi.

In Mumbai, petrol and diesel are being sold at Rs 74.72 and Rs 65.73 per litre respectively on Friday.

The fresh increase comes after crude oil rates edged higher on Thursday, supported by comments from the US Federal Reserve chairman, but gains were capped as optimism surrounding US-China trade talks faded.

Meanwhile, the Indian Rupee also fell against the US dollar. On Friday, the Indian Rupee was trading 8 paise lower against the US dollar at 70.49.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had earlier said that the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country was because of the depreciation in the value of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar.

Brent crude, the global benchmark, was trading lower at 61.57 per barrel lower by 0.18 per cent.

Traders said, sustained foreign fund outflows however restricted the rupee up move.

Foreign funds pulled out Rs 344.58 crore from the capital markets on a net basis, while domestic institutional investors purchased shares worth Rs 10.98 crore Thursday, provisional data showed.

Meanwhile, the rupee appreciated by 7 paise to 70.34 against the US dollar in opening trade Friday, driven by gains in domestic equities and weakening of the greenback in overseas markets.

The rupee opened strong at 70.38 at the interbank forex market against previous close of 70.41 per dollar then gained further ground and touched a high of 70.34 amid positive opening in domestic equities, displaying gains of 7 paise against the greenback.

On Wednesday, the rupee had risen by 5 paise to close at 70.41 against the US dollar.

Forex dealers said, selling of the American currency by exporters and easing crude prices supported the rupee in early trade.

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Harish Rawat’s lemon tea, Gur n fruits party is the talk of the town in Uttarakhandi circles of Delhi n NCR



Editor Sunil Negi interacting with Rawat

If one political leader is asked to be named who throws usual parties of the Uttarakhandi delicacies n indiginous foodstuff in Delhi n Uttarakhand n prefers to mix himself with his fellow Uttarakhandies in Delhi the name of the former UK CM n two time state minister in Central Cabinet Harish Rawat aka Harda obviously comes to the fore.

This Monday on 7 January too Rawat threw a lemon tea, Gur n fruits party at Garhwal Bhawan in New Delhi attracting hundreds of fellow Uttarakhandies living the capital n NCR pleasing them to the fullest giving interviews to media, exchanging pleasentaries n posing for photographs n selfies. The former Delhi MP n leader of poorvanchal Mahabal Mishra, Uttrakhand Rajya Sabha MP Pradeep Tamta, mediamen n representatives of various socio political organisation participated in this get together.

This is a novel way devised by AICC general secretary n former CM UK to establish social liason with his people after his defeat in Uttarakhand giving an impression that Harish Rawat factor is still very much alive in the politics of Uttarakhand despite the party’s shameful defeat in the 18 year od Himalayan state. There are five BJP MPs from Uttarakhand n two Rajya Sabha MPs, the one being cine actor turned UPCC(i) chief Raj Babbar but none has so far thrown such parties to entice felow Uttarakhandies as Rawat has been doing for the last two years.

However, while he was union state minister in Delhi then too he used to arrange such get togethers once in a while serving lunches n dinners thus becoming affectionate amongst the local Uttarakhand masses despite being at the centre of criticism as well on certain ocassions.

Harish Rawat’s political detractors within his party and outside, of the opposition camp also, envy him for his such diplomatics tricks of throwing parties in Delhi n Uttrakhand enticing large crowds across political lines.

Even after losing in Uttarakhand state elections and conceding defeat to BJP, septuagenarian former CM Harish Rawat instead of becoming dormant politically became more active by hosting such parties of Uttarakhand’s indigenous delicacies, Kafal party n the one he held today attracting tremendous crowds of his followers n party activists thus establishing his political relevance n leadership intact.

Not only in Uttarakhand n Delhi but Rawat continued campaigning extensively for the party candidates in various state elections from Tripura to Assam n maintained his proximity towards Sonia n Rahul.

He was elevated to the highest decision making body of Congress, the CWC n also appointed as general secretary AICC. It was Rawat’s political and organisational dexterity that helped him get elevated to two top positions in AICC , the CWC n as Genl Secy ( Incharge, Assam affairs).

But despite all this i.e. his elevation to CWC n as GS with charge of Assam Congress, Rawat’s passion for Uttarakhand did’nt end here n he’s again active in Uttarakhand’s politics throwing such parties of Uttarakhand’s delicacies, fruits and lemon tea attracting large crowds in the state n elsewhere.

The Uttarakhand Congress Committe chief Pritam Singh seems to be puzzled n politically insecure keeing in view the parallel socio political actions of Rawat n not giving them much weightage in such social n political endeavours.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum

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Has PM Modi’s masterstroke on reservation to forward castes brought the opposition parties on back foot?



PM in Kedarnath

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s master stroke right before the general election of giving 10% reservation in government jobs n college addmissions to the poor n economically deprived of the country belonging to the general catagory other than SC, STs n OBC has infact disturbed the main opposition party Congress n the anti BJP parties especially the BSP n SP who have no option but to outrightly support it in both the houses of parliament.

The union minister Thawar Chand Gehlot has already tabled the bill in the house after the cabinet committee accorded its approval on 7th January chaired by the prime minister.

Political observers are saying that it’s a powerful masterstroke of Narendra Modi that will dilute the anti BJP onslaughts against the BJP n NDA being incessantly thrown on the ruling party n the prime minister, particularly the accusations of not fulfilling the employment promise given during the 2014 election and not able to bring an ordinance on Ram Temple construction despite the continuous pressure from RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena n other Hindu outfits.

In fact, by desperately introducing the reservation to general catagory in govt jobs n college addmissions to the tune of 10%, the Modi government has compelled the offensive opposition to adopt a defensive posture who have no option but to back the bill in both the houses of parliament unlike the bill on triple talaq which could not be passed despite having been cleared from the Lok Sabha.

There is a clear cut strategy behind formulating this bill to finally make it a law by the ruling BJP.

Even the laymen of the country know that after the shameful defeat of the BJP in the three hindi heartland states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh at the hands of Congress Party despite prime minister Narendra Modi’s hectic campaigning which was being completely underestimated by the over confident BJP the political standing n aura of the PM has come down considerably followed by the incessant attacks of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Rafale issue putting the ruling party government in the dock.

Not only this but the diluting stand of the government on Ram Mandir construction issue by not bringing legislation despite the increasing pressure of RSS, Shiv Sena, VHP n other hindu outfits have also annoyed the Hindu majority.

Moreover, prime minister Narendra knew that if he brings the ordinance on Ram Temple construction, not only will he be labelled as communal PM but the legislation will also not get the Rajya Sabha’s nod.

In addition, there had been incessant charges on the prime minister Narendra Modi of taking away the jobs n destroying small entrepreneurs n enterprises after introducing demonetisation.

This has allegedly brought bad name to the party n the prime minister who had promised to give 2 crore jobs annually to the country’s youth during the election campaigning in 2014 but has not come true to their expectation.

The government had no option but to devise a formula that could dilute all the above factors going heavily against the ruling party government.

But after the introduction of this bill to grant 10% reservation to the general catagory youths in jobs n college addmissions in various courses coming under Rs. 8 lakh annual income slab, the forward castes n classes of the country are bound to be happy n pleased thus compelling anti BJP opposition parties including Congress, BSP, SP, RJD n others to support the legislation as no party in the country would like to annoy the forward castes who constitute the largest vote bank chunk in the country.

Meanwhile the Congress party, RJD, SP and the Bahujan Samaj Party have given their principle consent to support the bill accusing the Modi government of introducing it for gaining political advantage right at the time of the national election likely to take place within the next few months. However, the RJD n SP has demanded raising the limit of OBC teservation to 52 n 54% respectively.

In a TV debate a Congress representative Rajput said that about 25 lakh jobs are lying vacant under the central government quota but not a single vacancy have been filled during the last 4.5 years of NDA rule. He added: he’ll be the happiest person that at least after this legislation becoming a law atleast 2.5 lakh unemployed youths will get the jobs.

Some political observers say that it’s a game changer bill which has brought the non BJP parties on back foot.

What’s your take friends?






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Norwegian PM Erna Solberg in Capital for three-day visit



Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg will be in India from Monday for a three-day visit, making her the first foreign leader and head of government to visit New Delhi in 2019.

During her visit, she will call on President Ramnath Kovind,Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu and hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, which is the main day of engagement. She will leave on Wednesday.

According to a release by Norway’s embassy, “Business cooperation, sustainable use of the oceans and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals will feature high on the Prime Minister’s agenda.”

  • Her other engagements include an address at the Indian-Norwegian Business Summit, the opening of the new “green embassy” compound and visit to a school in Ghaziabad, with special emphasis on efforts to further education for young girls. Solberg will also deliver the Inaugural address at the Raisina Dialogue.

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Development should be environment friendly n pro people says Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. People greet him on his 86th birthday in New Delhi



Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi releasing the magazine Him Uttarayini and Ajay Tamta, MOS steels greeting Dr. Joshi on his 86th birthday at his Delhi residence 6 Raisina Road.

The former union minister , Home and Human Resource Development Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is of the strong view that any development that harms our environment and leads to long term disaster to lives and habitats should be avoided and instead development that is environment friendly should be executed/ implemented.

A former freedom fighter, student leader of Allahabad university and professor of Science ( Phd in Physics)  Dr. Joshi was the president of Allahabad University Students Union during the fifties/ sixties who later on held various significant positions in the party as well as govt.

He was also the president of BJP, including union minister several times n played a pivotal role in making the party cadre based n strong at the grass roots during his tenure as its national chief.

Dr. Joshi was speaking to informally at his residence 6 Raisina Road, on the ocassion of his birthday celebrations amid the folk music n dances of Uttarakhand.

Expressing his serious concern over the massive felling of trees under the guise of development in the Char Dham Yatra routes Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi said about 70 thousand fully grown pine trees and 763 villages are being allegedly uprooted in the process thus leading to gigantic harm to the lives n environment of the Himalayan state.

Dr. Joshi was catagorical in saying that playing with the ecology n environment, displacing a vast population n cutting thousands of trees is no solution in the name of development n should have been avoided at all costs.

The interaction with Dr. Joshi was quite casual/ informal but his concern towards the increasing environmental degradation in the name of so called development in the Char Dham areas of Uttarakhand  to increase road connectivity through the prime minister’s over ambitious Char Dham project of all weather roads was openly felt.

Sitting on a sofa with commandoes encircling him with his well wishers sitting on chairs facing him Dr. Joshi acknowleged bouquets n garlands from his followers n accquaintances wishing him good luck n long life on the ocassion of his 86th birthday.

Traditional folk musicians in Uttarakhand’s colourful traditional attire were dancing on the mesmerising folk tunes on the sprawling pitch green lawns at his residence in New Delhi .

The Parvatiya Lok Vikas Samittee led by its chief senior journalist Dr. Surya Prakash Semwal n Uday Sharma alongwith others garlended Dr. Joshi and wished him long life amid applause from the audience.

The union minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamta also wished Dr. Joshi on his birthday by presenting him a bouquet.

Prominent amongst those present on this ocassion were the former Councillor n senior Delhi state leader Jagdish Mamgain, Rakesh Dhasmana, former councillor Satya Joshi, advocate n activist Sanjay Sharma, national spokes person of AAP Harish Awasthi, Jagdish Bhatt, sr journalist Data Ram Joshi, Vinod Nautiyal of India Greens, Uday Sharma, poet Neeraj Bawri, president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, social activist Bhanu Tiwari n several others.

Sweets were distributed to all those present by the staff of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. Dr. Joshi was present amongst his well wishers for more than two hours n happily accepted the good wishes interacting in an affable gesture.

The Parvatiya Lok Vikas Samittee chief n news editor of Punjab Kesari also presented a momento of mother Saraswati to Dr. Joshi wishing him good luck on his birthday.

A magazine titled HIM UTTARAYINI edited by Dr. Semwal dedicated on the life, achievements n contribution of Dr. Joshi in the freedom movement n the country’s development as union minister was also released on this ocassion. Dr. Joshi is also the recipient of coveted honour Padmvibhushan.

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is the tallest political stalwart in BJP having contributed tremendously in party affairs for more than five decades . He is these days in a sort of political oblivion while in the ruling party as the member of the politically defunt so called Marg Darshak Mandal alongwith the former deputy prime minister n party president L K Advani.

Everybody know how these two tallest stalwarts of the ruling party have been singled out in the name of being over aged n therefore not fit in active politics.

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