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Two young, talented Uttarakhandi Artists die after a fatal accident at Doon hospital



Destiny brought cruel death to two charming youngsters
There is an extremely shocking and anguishing news about the untimely demise of two young, highly talented and vibrant folk dance artists n actors of regional film industry of Uttarakhand, hardly 25 year old namely Rakesh Negi and Amit Shah who succumbed to death at Doon hospital, after meeting with a fatal accident at Seilakoi, near Dehradun, Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

According to the prominent music director of Uttarakhand Rajendra Chouhan both these young artists were driving a Scooty at Seilakoi, near Dehradun, yesterday evening when a speeding Innova hit them from behind injuring both of them grievously. Both of them were rushed to Doon Hospital where they could’nt be medically rescued and finally breathed their last.

The bodies of both the young artists have been send for post mortem being the case of unnatural accidental death. It’s not yet revealed whether the culprits has been caught till now by the police department. However a case of accidental death due to negligence driving has been registered against the unknown persons.

What is more shocking about this unfortunate case is that no minister or political personality including any senior doctor of the hospital has visited the grievously injured to take care of them in order to administer adequate timely treatment despite the fact that these two youngsters were in dire need of immediate medical treatment to ensure their addmission in ICU for resustication etc.

Rajendra Chouhan said that after the death and conduction of the postmortem he alongwith some of the artists and colleagues viz Hemant Butola, S.P.S. Negi, Jyoti Baluni, Ravi Vyas, Gaurav Naithani and Manish Pradhan collected the funds within themselves and arranged to dispatch the bodies to their respective ancestral villages at Seilakoi and Dhuri, Thalisain, Pauri Garhwal.

The cremation of both the young deceased would take place on 6th June. The entire artists fraternity and the folk dancers of Uttarakhand are in grief after learning about the sad demise of young Rakesh and Amit and have expressed their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prayed to Almighty to grant peace to the pious souls.

The Uttarakhand government and its chief minister is requested to punish the guilty stringently and the poor families of the deceased artists granted adequate financial compensation at the earliest.





Just two days before the Independence day a student leader of JNU facing charges of sedition Umar Khalid (alongwith CPI’s Kanahiya Kumar, the former JNU student’s union president ) was today fired upon by an assailant in front of IENS building where the newspaper offices are located when the former had come out of the Constitution Club for tea and snacks alongwith his three colleagues.

According to Khalid and his friends they had come to Constitution Club at Rafi Marg, New Delhi to participate in a seminar titled ” KHAUF SE AZAADI” but since the programme had not started by then, Umar Khalid alongwith his friends came out at the nearby tea stall of NDMC to have tea n snacks at around 2.10 / 2.30 afternoon.

But when they were returning back a tall healthy man, as described by his friend Lahiri grabbed him ( Umar ) from behind who tried to resist. During the physical struggle with the unknown assailant when Umar noticed a pistol in his hand he applied full strength to catch hold of his hand with pistol.

Meanwhile his friends raised an alarm and tried to over power him but the assailant was successful in losing the grip and ran away firing from the distance.

In the confusion and perhaps desperation, hurry and huff, he left the pistol on the road. There was terror, chaos and anxiety all around.

The police reached the spot and took Umar Khalid in its custody for his safety. The crime branch officials have prepared the sketch of the assailant on the basis of the description given by Khalid’s friend accompanying him at the time of the alleged attack. They have also taken the CCTV footage of the cameras fixed in the nearby locations and are trying to examine them minutely and with precision.

Umar Khalid is fully secured and unhurt. This broad day light firing and attack on a person in the heart of the city just few metres away from Parliament house has raised a question mark on the bandobast of the law enforcing agencies just two days before the independence day say the people around.

It may be recalled that cases of sedition had been registered against the two student leaders viz Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar in June 2016 on the charges of raising anti India slogans in a programme organised in JNU to oppose the hanging of Afzal Guru, the convict of the parliament attack. They are currently on bail.

However even after the lapse of two years the charge sheets have not been filed against both of them for sedition reveal sources. Just a few metres away another function of the ruling party was being held in which Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, MP was the chief guest.

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Lord Shiva devotees Kaanvariyas go on rampage and violence in broad daylight, damage car. Police a mere spectator?



It seems as if there is no law and order in the capital of India. Anyone or a group of vandals can go heywire at any point of time and vandalise the government or private property in the name of being the devotees of God or wearing saffron and the law enforcing agencies or the police behaves like mere spectator, allowing the rampage to go on unabatedly despite the fact that the entire traffic becomes jammed and hundreds of people put to inconvenience.

Yes , I am talking about the shabby, uncalled for, a most shameful and aterrorising  incident of an open rampage and vandalism that took place today morning at the main road of Moti Nagar where a women driving her car touched a Kanwariya passing by in a group without physically harming him.

The enraged one of the Kanwariya resorted to open violence using his hockey stick damaging the front and rear window panes of the new car and thereafter calling other fellow Kanwariyas who amid chanting of Har Har Mahadev not only damaged the entire car by forcibly hitting it with hockey sticks and trying to remove the doors hitting it badly with hockey sticks n kicks but finally also turning it upside down in the middle of the road.

Somebody from the crowd rang the 100 number and called the police. After sometime two policemen in uniform reached the scene but instead of feeling apprehensive or terrorised to see these uniformed policemen the highly enraged Kanwariyas, about 30 to 40 in numbers started hitting the car more angrily and grievously n finally turned it upside down damaging it completely and creating a ruckus on the main road leading to the complete traffic jam for hours together amid chanting of slogans Har Har Mahadev.

The two policemen who arrived on the scene were mere spectators witnessing helplessly the mob violence. It was by chance that the woman driver and her son got off the car, otherwise they would have borne the brunt of these enraged Kanwariyas. After creating so much of destruction and terror the Kanwariyas dissapeared by the time the police party arrived on the scene.

The police has registered the case under the relevant sections of the law for vandalising the car and violence and are trying to nail the real culprits by examining the CCTV footage as well as the video clicked by some passers by which have become viral on social media, after some time.

Similarly, in Bulandshahr too on 7th August, several enraged and angry Kaanvariyas have damaged a police vehicle hitting it with hockey sticks amid the slogans of Har Har Mahadev. The police also seemed to be scared as there was no action whatsoever from their side thus encouraging them to continue the rampage and vandalism.

Sounds really shocking that in the name of worshipping Lord Shiva , the Kaanvariyas who are reverred and worshipped for their good deeds are involved in such a shameful act of vandalism and rampage in a broad day light. The police is confident of bringing the guilty Kanvariyas to law book.

There had been number of complaints of such acts of vandalism and violence against Kanwariyas during the Sawan season,  but of no awail.

It is usually believed that the believers in God and the worshippers are usually patient believing in high degree of tolerence but the incident of the broad daylight vandalism today has broken this belief or myth, sadly. What’s your take friends?

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As the science and technology is advancing so are the frauds, particularly the economic frauds galloping with high speed duping hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the vast country like India which is the second largest country in the world in terms of population with more than 60% people still living in rural India and not so literate.

Therefore the fraudsters find more scope to commit their illegal acts duping investers in the names of doubling their money in a short span of time enticing them in the name of reputation or big brands and finally eloping with huge amounts.

In India such economic frauds have become the order of the day with fraudsters and tricksters fleeing out of the states or country and seeking foreign citizenship or tranmitting/ transacting the entire money collected illegally from investors or their so called valued customers in foreign banks finally physically eloping abroad with families thus leaving hundreds of thousands of investors who’d invested their hard earned money in lurch and utter shock.

There have allegedly been hundreds of suicides by the people who’d lost their lacs of Rupees, even crores or say the entire savings of the life by being tricked, defaulted or betrayed by such fraudsters. I remember a company called City Lumisoune which duped thousands of investers of several thousand crores, myself being one of the victims with bounced checks still in my possession n no hope of getting back the invested hard earned money.

There are builders, big finance companies, chit fund dealers and those who promise to double the income in a year or two years time thus manipulatingly enticing investers out of the greed of getting the money doubled.

But the most worrisome part the whole story is, the successive governments at the centre or states have not shown any evidence of being serious in penalising these fraudsters who are till date active in various parts of the country.

As far as I personally know not a single investor duped by these fraud outlets or companies or in negligible numbers have received back his or her hard earned money invested in these fraud companies.

Slowly n gradually the duped invester is compelled to forget the fraud due to various other problems cropping up in their lives and hence these financial criminals get off conveniently from the shackles of law, to again go for such financial misadventures.

India, unfortunately has allegedly become a safe haven for these fraud companies or individual fraudsters who influence the system, police, financial regulators by allegedly in league with them and finally getting off.

If one seriously goes to check the record of such financial fraudsters and if the government agencies really, earnestly release their records in the open for the general public viewing, I am sure not only will we find several unresolved cases but would also be shocked to find the duped amount by these dubios financial companies or private players in fraud businesses going in hundreds of thousands of crores.

The few instances of Ponji Scheme fraud of 500 crores, City Lumisuone fraud, Mumbai, fraud in the name of tree plantatiin, Sahara, Kingfisher, Neerav Modi and Mehul Chouksi and Lalit Modi etc etc are in front of us( that have been highlighted by the media) and the government of the day is not able to do anything credible to bring them back to India and retrieve the government’s money which ultimately is the miney of publiq exchequer, that amounts to more than 15000 crores.

Just imagine that if the system could not recover its own money from these financial fraudsters, how would the general public duped by these fraudsters ever receive their individual money. Sounds shocking.

These days a new fraud is being committed right under the nose of the banking system. There are hundreds of fraud call centres working in India clandestinely who are making false calls and duping people of their entire bank savings after imposting themselves as bank managers or employees and asking them their pan numbers or Adhar Card details inorder to reopen their regular bank account which these fraudsters claim has been closed.

The account holder usually gets confused, particularly the not so educated, women or senior citizens and part with the pan numbers or other adhar card or bank details finally finding their entire savings having been siphoned off by these fraudsters.

But hardly anything seems to have been done from the government’s side, as such fraud calls and threatening is on, on peoples’ mobiles disturbing their peace of mind and confusing them very often.

Just today in my presence a friend of mine got a fake or prank call from two mobile phone numbers ( secured with him) asking him his adhar details and pan card details under the pretext that his SBI account has been closed and for reopening it , the fake caller, who claimed himself as the SBI branch manager said that he needs them urgently.

When he called back and pressurised the caller to reveal his details : he said that he is calling from the main SBI headquarter Kurla, Mumbai and disconnected the call in a huff. The receiver of the call said that this is the third call he has received today.
What’s your take friends?

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The recent shocking revelations of horrible nature of crimes pertaining to the sexual and criminal assault, exploitation and rapes of women and children in shelter homes of Muzaffarpur, Bihar and Deoria in Uttar Pradesh leading them to prostitution to earn handsome money, has literally shaken the conscience of the people and compelled one and all to hang their heads in shame.

What is most anguishing and terrifying about these shameful incidents is the fact that the politicians at the helm and the corrupt officials of the concerned social departments allegedly collaborate with the the owners and management of these NGO’s and let this sin happen for years by turning a blind eye towards these illegal and shameful activities.

In majority of these cases it has been revealed that the proprietors of these shelter homes, husband and wives in usual cases, who have risen from a person with penury to a wealthy n respectable person in a short span of time through these illegal activities by earning handsomely through the shameful business of throwing hapless women and girls into prostitution, have links with powerful people and leaders at the helm and agencies responsible to regulate or take coercive action against them thus deliberately turn blind eye towards them despite knowing of these horrible irregularities.

The Women Commissions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are primarly responsible for the lack of carrying out periodic inspections and checks on the arbitrary n illegal activities of the shelter homes, women jails and children homes of the states.

It may be recalled that the shelter homes aided by the social welfare departments and the ministry of the state, the women jails and the children homes are under the juricdiction of the state women commissions and its obligatory on them to have periodic checks and apply regulations on their wrong practices but the chiefs’ and the members including the member secretary of these commissions never ever take the pain to come out of their air conditioned offices to visit these women shelter homes, women jails and children homes in order to improve the living conditions of the inmates and have a check on other activities in these homes.

Had the social welfare department of these states, the women commission chiefs and members and its member secretaries visited these women shelter homes periodically and deeply investigated the complaints or talked to the inmates about their grievances the aweful situation could have been ressurected by now and the women and girls put into forced prostitution or rapes committed on them could have been avoided for sure.

But unfortunately these women commissions never obeyed their duties sincerely and hence such grave irregularities continued for years playing with the dignity and modesty of shelter home girls and women thus raising the status of the owners of these homes from penury to excessive wealth.

What’s happening now, the politicians and political parties of various hue and cry are exploiting the situation to their political advantage by shouting on these issues but never cared for them when they were themselves at the helm of the administration and power.

Shockingly about 44 girls were raped in the Muzaffarpur Shelter home owned by an influential fraudster and journalist with high political connections and 24 girls rescued from the Deoria Shelter home that allegedly supplied girls for prostitution. Shame on them.

What’s your take friends?







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There have been lots of hue and cry in Uttarakhand over the mass felling of green trees, possibly about forty thousand in numbers according to a conservative estimate, whereas in actuality it can go to lacs as the prime minister Narendra Modi’s over ambitious all weather road project seems to be a gigantic one with an estimated total cost exceeding 12000 crores. It is believed that the work is going on full swing with sub contracts of this massive project being given to the contractors living outside Uttarakhand with no local ornegligible number of people being obliged as a work force in these projects.

The environmentalists and social activists including the NGOs, worried for the environmental and ecological degration of the himalayas have been writing and raising their voice in protest but of no avail.

The government and the volunteers of the saffron party instead term these environmental protectors as their enemy number one and anti development.

The most disastrous ecological disaster of 2013 is still fresh in everyones’ mind while the governments of the state and the centre seem to be negligibly bothered to save the environment by protecting the trees.

It says that 10 trees will be planted in inlieu of the one tree felled. But who will make them understand and realise that a fully grown fresh oxygen emmitting tree takes full twenty years to grow and if it is cut, and new plants grown in its place, the question is would the nature wait for twenty long years and suffer till then confronting ecological disasters, natural calamities and floods.After all, these new grown plants require constant monitoring for at least few months or years initially. Does the government has the requisite system or manpower to do the needful. I think its a big no.

Uttarakhand has already suffered badly due to the non scientific and anti environment friendly development leading to massive deforestation, landslides, squeezing of rivers due to over accumulation of slit and landslide waste into them including that of the dynamite explosions, constructions of huge dams, hundreds of kilometres of tunnels and over 4 lakh dynamite explosions till yet have made our hills completely fragile, hollow and weak from inside.

The construction of multistorey hotels, guest houses and buildings of residences have further added to the voes of the already degraded environment and the local populace thereof.

In Uttarakhand, unfortunately the large scale felling of trees in the name of unscientific development and minting huge profits by the forest mafia in league with the authorities concerned is shockingly on the rise.

These increasing man made activities have also disturbed the flora and fauna of the hills and its green forests in particular are the greatest victims and as a result about more than 200 tigers and leopards have become maneaters killing hundreds of the local inhabitants.

The picture above shows the huge trees having been cut illegally by the private contractors in the name of clearing the jungles for the road construction project inaugurated by the state’s current Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj and his then minister wife Amrita Rawat in 2006 at Thalisain area of GARHWAL, UTTATAKHAND. During 2006 Satpal was not thefull fledged cabinet minister.

According to the report of scribe Anuj Negi the local BJP leaders and the contractor in league had cladestinely under the guise of the road construction and to mint heavy monetory profits, have illegally cut unacounted number of green and fully grown up trees of Pine and Oak thus openly throwing to winds the forest acts.

It may be recalled that the inauguration of the road called Baijro, Jogimadhi, Saraikhet Marg via Saraikhet to connect Almora district was inaugurated in 2016 as above.

Since the road cold not be contructed for the last ten years the local populace suffered tremendously, they pressurised the current Tourism minister to get it constructed at least now. Under the pressure of Satpal Maharaj the PWD allotted the tender to some local influential leaders associated to the BJP.

But the forest department has not accorded any permission to these contractors to cut the full grown pine and Oak trees. However, the tragedy of the story is , these influential contractors connected to BJP possesing tremendous political clout, got hundreds of these full grown trees cut from the bottom thus openly violating and flouting the forest act and what is more worrisome is the fact that the forest officials literally surrendered in front of these forest and building mafia for the reasons best known to them.

Report suggests: the matter has been reported to the SDM of Thalisain who’d ordered an enquiry into the entire episode. Such massive tree cuttings have been taking place in various parts of Uttarakhand and the journalists’ highlighting such cases like Ashutosh Negi of Jaago Uttarakhand are being threatened with dire consequences like life threats.

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Never before Uttarakhand has during the last 18 years after its coming into separate existence witnessed any communal riots as during the last few years. While exodus from the interior towns and cities of the local populace to Dehradun and other plain areas including Haridwar, Almora, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar and in the metropolitan cities have increased manifold leaving the villages devoid of populations the influx of outside communities have undoubtedly increased vice cersa.

The small and medium businesses and the shops of barbers , vegetable vending, confectioners, cobblers, small hotels, restaurants, electronic gadgets and even transport etc are usually run by the non Uttarakhandi communities, majorly.

Even the minority community, though not much, population has amalgamated in the Uttarakhandi culture living here in harmony and peace. In Uttarakhand there are several muslim dominated villages too who speak even better Garhwali and Kumaoni than those with actual Pahadi background.

But since the last few years the atmosphere of harmony and positive communal fabric has been disturbed and erored with incidents of communal tentions erupting in some parts of Uttarakhand viz. Mussourie, Kotdwar, Satpuli and Ghanshyali etc.

The reason being involvement of some of the criminalised youths involved in some uncalled for, fishy , illegal activities, crimes and assault of the girls or women activities and cases hailing from the minority community. On 30th July a muslim youth’s involvement with a minor hindu girl in one of the hotels’ in the Ghanshyali town of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand has triggered communal tension in this otherwise peaceful township where furious and angered people burnt several shops of a particular community and thrashed the youth before handing him over to the local police.

According to the police the people caught the youth red handed with a minor girl in the hotel room that enraged them badly.

According to a news report a group of about more than two hundred strong mob caught the youth Asad Alvi with a minor hindu girl in a local hotel. The highly enraged mob thrashed the boy on the way and ransacked 13 shops in Ghanshyali market before parading the youth with a garlend of shoes n slippers on his neck and finally handing him to the police.

Alvi primarily belongs to Bijnaur district, living in a rented accomodation, running a barber shop. There had never been any communal flareup in this otherwise peaceful town with a meagre population of less than eight thousand people, with negligible shops of muslim traders.

A case of rape has been registered against the culprit since the girl was below eighteen.

Uttarakhand as such had never witnessed communal flare up cases except in the year 2017 and now, in few areas of Garhwal in Mussourie, Kotdwar, Ghanshyali and Satpuli where alleged cases of assault on women, planting of news using derogatory remarks against the pious Kedarnath Dham and posting of Pakistani song by a Kashmiri on social networking site were reported by the people hailing from minority community.

While the traders of the minority community are in the state of shock and apprehensive for their secured and safe future there are some from the majority community who do not want the minority population to stay put and flourish in the area as they charge sime of them vitiating the peaceful environment by selling drugs and carring iut unlawful activities.

The situation in Ghanshyali is now under control and the businesses are running as usual. The minor girl had been restored to her parents.

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Three daughters of a labourer die of acute starvation in Delhi’s deputy CM’s constituency



Can anybody imagine that in the capital of India, Delhi someone can die of hunger. It really sounds unusual but it’s shocking and anguishing to say that three daughters of an unemployeed labourer between two to.eight years had died due to acute hunger in a rented house in Mandavali area, the assembly constituency of the Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.

According to the sources a poor family of an unemployed labourer rented a room in a small house in Mandawali area of trans Yamuna vicinity, a few days ago. His wife was suffering from depression and mental derangement and as such could not look after the children properly.

It has been revealed that all the three daughters aged between two to eight years who were locked in the small rented room were with empty stomach and malnutrition for the last week and died today due to acute starvation after vomitting repeatedly. The three daughters eere taken to Lal Bahadur hospital where they were declared brought dead.

The father of the deceased children was out of the house for the last three days on a lookout for job. The neighbours called the police and the children were taken to the hospital but could not survive due to acute hunger having not consumed even a single morsal of food for the last seven, eight days.

In these days of materialism not even the neighbours take the pain to temperorily come to the rescue of the distressed neighbour. Had they been supportive or at least caring they could have informed the police in time in order to save these three ailing daughters out of acute hunger.

If the fragile daughters in Delhi hailing from a poor and dejected family , the capital city of India boasting of marching towards the 21st century can die of hunger one can imagine as to what would be the fate of our daughters in other distant parts of the country living in abject poverty.

What’s even more worrisome is the fact that the constituency where this shameful tragedy and naked incident of extreme poverty has occured is represented by the deputy chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi who claim themselves as the greatest saviour of the poor, hapless and the down troddens of the society.

Not only this but just a few days ago several students of the Trilokpuri government school hailing from the lowest ebb of the society have been addmitted in hospitals for consuming poisionous meals delievered under the mid day milk scheme.

What is this happening in Delhi? The AAP government should immediately rectify the situation and ensure that such aweful incidents don’t accour in the near future.

The Deputy CM should compensate the family adequately with a minimum of Rs. Twenty five lakh rupees compensation compounded with the treatment of the deranged and mentally sick mother of the deceased daughters and government job to the poor unemployed labourer father.

Meanwhile a magisterial enquiry has been ordered into the incident and the autopsy report has confirmed death due to malnutrition and hunger.

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How long would the mob lynching continue? Will it be curbed finally?



The issue of mob lynchings in the name of cow vigilantism in particular has gained gigantic proportion in the country with parliament witnessing uproarious scenes on Monday and the opposition benches up on their toes castigating the government at the centre for not doing anything credible to end this dreaded menace.

The latest case of the mob lynching of a muslim men in Alwar and the police directly or indirectly helping them has exploded the issue beyond exceptation with the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his party leaders putting  the entire blame on the state and central governments ruled by the BJP led NDA.

While the Nehru Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi while commenting on increasing lynchings in the country said: This is Modi’s brutal India where humanity is replaced with hatred and people are crushed and left to die, the union minister Piyush Goyal accused Congress and Rahul Gandhi countering his charges,  saying that you ( Rahul) divide the society for electoral gains and then shed crocadile tears. He added: enough is enough.You are the merchant of hate.

It may be recalled that after the BJP led NDA government  came to power at the centre in 2014, there had been 37 deaths due to mob lynching in the name of cow vigilantism and in some cases under the guise of child lifting rumour mongerings and provocations. Out of these 37 killings 29 are from the minority community.

The role of the social media like whatsapp, facebook and twitter etc can’t be ruled out in spreading the fake, false and provocative rumours in the country. What is also anguishing is the fact that majority of the lynchings had occured in the BJP ruled states like Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Tripura, Maharashtra and Jharkhand including Tamilnadu etc ruled by AIADMK.

In the meanwhile after the uproar by the Congress and other non BJP opposition in the Lok Sabha including the serious stand taken by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and also on the recent directives of the apex court on the petition of the grand son of Mahatma Gandhi, namely Tushar Gandhi, the union government has finally taken a serious notice on the most important issue of mob lynching and formed a GOM ( group of ministers body) to effectively deal with the rising incidents of mob lynching in the country.

On the other hand the Rajasthan inquiry committe constituted by the state government has also confirmed that there were serious lapses on the part of the state police in Alwar in (not) taking the grievously injured cow smuggler to the hospital in time after he was brutally attacked and thrashed by cow vigilantes , an issue of huge concern that has triggered a political slugfest between the Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party.

The badly beaten victim later on succumbed to his grievous injuries for not being administered timely and approriate medical treatment due to the serious lapses on the part of the police. There are also allegations that the victim was was later on beaten by the police as well.

The GOM which consists of five union ministers viz. Sushma Swaraj, Raj Nath Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Nitin Gadkari and Thawar Chand Gehlot has also formed a high level committee under the home secretary Rajiv Gauba which has been directed to submit its detailed report of the Alwar incident to the Group of Ministers at the earliest.

However, despite all these corrective steps being initiated by the union government the Congress party is blaming the Bhartiya Janata Party of planning to polarise the majority community votes in view of the incoming elections in three state and the general elections of 2019.

They are questioning as to why has the government not acted in time to form the GOM despite so much of outrage on lynchings and allowed the situation to go out of hand leading to 37 deaths. Had the central and state government acted in time the situation could have been averted and lynchings stopped subsequently the Congress leaders say. What’s your take friends?

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Parliament may remain hectic on Monday on Alwar lynching ?



The issue of one more lynching in the Alwar district of Rajasthan by the supposed activists of Shiv Sena ruled by the Bhartiya Janata Party has once again given an opportunity to the Congress party and the entire non BJP opposition in Parliament to raise the issue on Monday after being defeated in the no confidence motion tabled by the Telegu Desam Party.

The prime minister who spoke for about one and a half hour extempore ridiculing the Congress president and highlighting his government’s achievements threadbare and eloquently, however not spoke a single word on lynching despite the unambiguous fact that even the apex court of the country has taken an extremely serious view of this increasing menace of mob lynching directing the government to devise a new law to deal with the perpetrators most stringently in order to stop it forthwith.

It rally sounds shocking that the prime minister while speaking on every issue of significance, not forgetting to ridicule the opposition and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling him childish and irresponsible, himself skips this most burning issue that concerns’ peoples’ lives and carries special significance after the country’s top court taking cognisance of the matter.

Everybody was expecting that the prime minister Narendra Modi would clarify his stand on this most pivotal issue and assure the people of the country of the new law it intends to launch to end this menace of lynching once for all which has till now claimed more about 27 precious lives of the innocents and spread an environment of hate, hatred and animosity amongst various sections of the society thus targetting people of a particular community in the name of cow vigilantism, alleged child lifting and eating habits of a particular sect as enumerated by the apex court while delievering its judgement against the petition filed by the grt grandson of Mahtma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi.

Even the union home minister Rajnath Singh has assured the countrymen of dealing with such lynching incidents extremely seriously and punishing the culprits under the strictest sections of the law. He had even instructed the state governments and the police chiefs of various states to view such instances in all seriousness and ensure that don’t reoccur again but despite so much of hullaballoo and the apex court’s issuance of directives to the central and state governments to appoint nodal officers to avoid such lynchings in future there seems to be no terror of the law and the law enforcing agencies in the country.

The lynching of a person of a minority community in Alwar yesterday by sort of two cow vigilants supposed to be the Shiv sena activists unambiguously speaks of the fact that many such killings would continue in future till a new law with capital punishment or something likewise is not ratified by both houses of parliament.

Such lynchings in the name of religious provocation, child lifting or cow vigilantism etc needs to be curbed forthwith as India is a country with diverse cultures, religions, communities, castes and creed. Vitiation of the communal fabric or environment of the country under the guise of such narrow and squeezed considerations resulting in the deaths of the innocents with the alleged intent to polarise the society to gain political dividends is the hugest sin which has long term serious implications.

What is more worrisome is the fact that majority of the lynching cases have occured in the states ruled by the saffron party like Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand , MP, Maharashtra and one in Kerala ruled by the left.

It would be in the larger interest of the country and humanity that the parliament discusses this issue threadbare in the incoming parliament session across party lines and the government readily acedes to the Apex court’s directives to frame a new law on lynchings in order to send across a strong message of deterrent to the goons n criminal elements who under various pretexts try to perpetrate violence and lynch innocents for no fault of theirs. What’s your take friends?

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TV journalist seeks justice. Shunted out of job for highlighting Unnao rape case.



The president of the Unnav Press Club and an investigative political journalist, currently a free lance scribe, Veerendra Yadav has been shunted out of News Nation as its Uttar Pradesh correspondent based in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh by the News Nation management.

As per the news pouring in Virendra Yadav has accused the New Nation’s top management for terminating him from the news channel he’d been serving for years as the most dedicated journalist on the pressure and to oblige the top official attached to the CM Uttar Pradesh looking after his media affairs and other powerful ruling political lobby of the state for covering and highlighting the news related to the rape case of the ruling party’s Unnao MLA who is behind bars at present in the rape case for the very first time later on followed by other channels.

According to the victimised journalist the coverage of the alleged rapist MLA was duly shown on News Nation channel initially but after the management acknowleged calls from those at the helm in the government they withdrew the story from being telecast and also shunted him out of the job.

Since then he had also been allegedly receiving threats from different quarters in order to be bogged  down so that he dose’nt raise the issue ahead any more.

The prominent newsportal Bhadas media has also prominently highlighted the plight of Virendra Yadav who had been active in regular TV journalism for the last more than 15 years.

In his face book post as mentioned in Bhadas4media, brave and dedicated journalist Virendra Yadav writes that this is not my personal struggle for justice against the management of the News Nation but this relentless struggle is for those hundreds of journalists who tirelessly and dedicatedly work for news channels day in and day out, facing the scorching sun and rains for a meagre salary, even less than a peon. Not only this but these hard core journalists are shunted out at any point of time when the management of these TV channels think it suits their convenience.

My war therefore is for the justice of a journalist which I will continue till the end irrespective of how grave the consequences, I face during my struggle.

Giving the details about what had actually happened in this whole story that led to his termination Virendra Yadav writes that he was the first TV journalist who had for the very first time unearthed the story of the alleged rape by the BJP Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and ran the story on News Nation followed by other channels thereafter.

He was thereafter threatened with dire consequences by the goons of the lawmaker. But I was hardly afraid and went into the depth of the story to expose the ugly and shameful act of the BJP MLA.

The channel repeatedly ran the story and earned tremendous TRP. My brave act resulted in putting the culprits behind jail and justice to the victim whose father also met the sad end during police investigation.

This led to the massive insult of the BJP from the state to the centre as the issue got highlighted nationally. As a result I was the main target right from the lawmaker to the state government.

While I was covering the story I got the news that the goons of the law maker Sengar have hatched a conspiracy to eliminate me. I immediately sent letters to the chief minister, prime minister , president and other concerned bureaucrats demanding gurantee for my security.

When their conspiracy could not fructify everyone of them approached the media advisor to the chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath Mritunjay Kumar who framed fabricated charges on me and telephonically pressurised the channel’s owner Sanjay Kulshresht to shunt me out.

The fourth estate finally bowed down against the ruling party’s pressure. I was thrown out of the channel without assigning any reason. I repeatedly asked the reasons behind my arbitrary termination but of no awail.

I could have easily joined some other channel but my inner instinct did’nt permit me as it would have amounted to accepting the fabricated charges.

I wanted to ask: how long would be journalists exploited by the channel owners and till when they would remain the Rakhails of the ruling establishments.

The CBI had authenticated my story then what was my fault. Why was I punished for showing the truth.  THE RAPE VICTIM GOT JUSTICE BUT WHEN WOULD I GET THE SAME.

I wanted to continue my struggle with these very objectives. I therefore appeal to all of you to stand with me in this hour of crisis and wholeheartedly support my struggle says the post on Virendra Yadav’s face book wall. ABOVE IS the copy of the letter written to the prime minister by freelance scribe Virendra Yadav.

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