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The American New Year gift to Pakistan on the first day of the advent of 2018 stopping all the security related financial aids and literally scolding and verbally thrashing its top political leadership including the Pak Army top officials, the ISI and everyone who deal with Pak American diplomacy is a huge slap on the cheeks of the terror oriented nation.

This is for the first time that US president Donald Trump has so strongly and very unambiguously scolded Pakistan publicly holding it directly responsible for directly manufacturing, aiding and abetting terrorism and even going to an unbelievable extent of bringing the UN and American designated extremely hard core terrorists into political mainstream of Pakistan by honourably clearing and exonerating them of all the criminal charges of mass murders and their direct involvement in brutal terror activities not only in Afghanistan, US and India but even in their own country viz Hafiz Sayeed and Sallaludin, where killings and bomb blasts have become the order of the day.

In his strong and extremely harsh anti Pakistan tweet US president Donald Trump has warned Pakistan of serious consequences if it still does not back track from its pro terror activities and destroy all the terror sanctuaries in Pakistan. Trump said that during the last 15 years, this terror sponsored country has sought more than 33 billions dollars of US aid under the guise of countering the terrorists and abolishing the myriad and extensive terror factories active there but instead, its successive politicians at the helm in different governments have pocketed the major amount for their personel benefits and have literally done nothing to rout out the terror factories and network.

The recent example of letting off of most hardened international terrorists Hafeez Sayeed and Sallauddin of LET and Jamait Ul Dawa, who are on the hit list of UN and US and a bounty of millions of dollars fixed on them speaks of the fact that the Pak rulers, its Army and the ISI are in open hand in glove with these killing machine ( Pakistan) worldwide and rather encouraging them by their open political, administrative, economic and military support. The Trump administration is so badly annoyed and angered by the Pakistan’ s political and military dispensations that it has stopped the 255 millions dollars worth of military and security aid to the latter despite its tremendous diplomacy to seek the same.

This recent anger and annoyance of Donald Trump is a great diplomatic victory for India as neighbouring, frustrated Pakistan has so far breached about 843 times, the Indo Pak border agreement and is, day in and day out involved in desperate firing on Indian borders killing several of our soldiers, though India too has killed several of the Pak Armymen and hundreds of Pak sponsered terrorists making their existence in complete jeopardy in J& K. Hats off to the brave and courageous Indian Army and its patriotic jawans and officers. Highly frustrated Pakistan is now fully banking on the expansionist China which has already shown its hegemonist and expansionist designs by literally making its complete hold in POK through the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Today there a more than a lakh Chinese soldiers and civilians having captured the entire economy, markets, employment and have their political say at the cost of the local Pakistanies who the Pakistani administration considers as Mujahirs and a second rated citizens. There have been umpteen number of protest demonstrations and processions against Pak government with complaints of increasing Chinese hegemony, capturing the major share of the local POK inhabitants in business and employment.

Conclusively, it can be said now that in the global the political scenerio Pakistan has been symbolised as a terror sponsering nation and if the strong warning and anger of the US president Donald Trump still does not go well into the already deaf ears of the Pak HUKUMRAANS, the time is not far that not only will Pakistan be declared as a terror state officially but would also invite worldwide sanctions leading its already vanishing economy to the brink of disaster.

Latest news pouring in indicate that Pakistan has finally bogged down itself on Trumps warning and have arrested hard core international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed.
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The no confidence motion tabled against the BJP let NDA by the Telegu Desam Party and supported by the Congress and its UPA allies was defeated in Lok Sabha tonight as was expected.

Everybody, even the ruling NDA and the opposition Congress led UPA knew pretty well about the possible outcome of the no confidence motion tabled by TDP which recently left the company of NDA demanding special package for Andhra Pradesh.

The motion was defeated with the BJP led NDA securing 356 votes despite its three members not participating in the voting due to unforeseen circumstances while the non BJP opposition got 125 votes with the BJD’s 20, Shiv Sena’s 18 and TRS’s 11 law makers abstaining from voting. In all about 451 MPs participated in the voting.

While it was the great relief for the BJP and NDA as it could muster the additional support of AIADMK and feel satisfied in the abstension of its arch rival Shiv Sena and Biju Janata Dal. It is also believed that some of the non NDA members of Parliaments have also voted for government.

The basic purpose and objective of the no confidence motion by the non BJP opposition was primarily an exercise to revitalise and revive the anti BJP coalition that seems to be in the offing for the 2019 general election and it was also an effort to expose the present political dispensation on failures on unemployment, corruption, demonetisation, GST, agrarian distress, arbitrary Rafael deal, women insecurity and the rhetoric politics of prime minister Narendra Modi say the political analysts.

Today’s sitting amidst hectic deliberations continued for more than twelve hours with the lok Sabha starting at 11.00 AM and concluding at 11.30 PM after the voting on non confidence motion.

The house today witnessed the interesting and fiery speeches of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and prime minister Narendra Modi casting serious aspersions on each other.

The live telecast of the hectic debate on various news channels kept the people tuned to their TV sets especially in the evening when the prime minister Narendra Modi responded to the accusations of Rahul Gandhi in his most aggressive and a humorous speech ridiculing the Nehru Gandhi scion as a childish and irresponsible leader on various counts, particularly on sensitive matters pertaining to the security of the country.

The news and vedio clippings about Rahul Gandhi’s going towards the prime minister’s seat and embracing him after shaking hands and there after winking are being repeatedly exhibited on television screens of various news channels and in social networking sites as well.

This was indeed a historic moment never ever happened in the Lok Sabha history when the Congress leader or president of a party after giving a hard hitting and aggressive 40 minute speech against the prime minister goes to his seat, shakes hand with him and then hugs him.

While leaving , the Prime minister calls him again and pats him after whispering something in his ear. After Rahul occupied his seat he winked to one of his fellow lawmaker. The issue took a more interesting turn when union home minister Rajnath Singh instead of appreciating his gesture ridiculed by saying that he has started a Chipko movement in the house whereas the Congress leaders termed it as the Congress party’s gesture of harmony and amity.

The BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has however said that it was actually not a hug but a complete surrender of the Congress leader to Modi and The BJP.

Though the no confidence motion was tabled by the Telegu Desam Party which is not the UPA ally but the entire focus was on the Congress president Rahul Gandhi as if its the no confidence motion of the UPA. The Lok sabha has now been adjourned till Monday.

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In a rare gesture of decency, political flexibility and outstanding diplomacy the Congress president Rahul Gandhi to the utter surprise and shock of prime minister Narendra Modi went to the latter’s front row seat at the treasury benches in the Lok Sabha and hugged him in front of cameras’ making the prime minister stunned for a moment.

Another picture of his blinking his eyes after the speech has also become viral in the social networking sites like facebook, twitter and whatsapp reminding everyone of the South Indian actress who too became globally popular for her eye blinking style.

This rare and decent gesture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi after finishing his aggressive, fiery and to some extent a humorous speech levelling several serious charges of favoritism to the ultra rich and not caring for the poor and controvertial Rafael deal against Modi has infact established a healthy trend of morality and ambivalent gesture in the parliamentary history of the country though in the past too leaders like Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya and Jawahar Lal Nehru etc despite being one another’s arch political rivals used to talk, hug, and dine together.

But since the last two, three decades this trend of mutual trust, amity and brotherhood was missing to a great extent.

After Rahul went to the prime minister’s seat and expressed his gratitude stunned Modi shook hands with Rahul after a generous hug to the surprise and shock of one and all.

The entire television channels of the country are exhibiting this picture as a rare display of humanity and parliamentary decency with Congress and BJP leaders busy in tweets making it more humorous from their own ideological points of view.

In one of the tweets Tejaswi Uadav, Laloo’s son and leader of Janata Dal had loaded a picture of Rahul winking in parliament tweeting : Oh that wink my friend, Hit them (BJP) hard where it hurts. Congratulations for unearthing their mines of lies. Fantastic speech.

Another Rahul fan tweets: Our leader #RahulGandhi is an inherently decent person. Hugs the PM though we are on opposite sides. PM Modi says sabka saath but can’t embrace those lynched by mobs inspired by RSS-BJP politics. #NoConfidenceMotion.

Similarly Indian Express tweets : By coming back to his seat Rahul Gandhi emphasised that by his act of embracing prime minister Narendra Modi he wanted to show the difference between the ideology of the Congress and the BJP.

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The Congress President Rahul Gandhi was today in a very matured and eloquent form. His speech on the no confidence motion tabled by the Telegu Desam Party in the Lok Sabha in the presence ofthe prime minister Narendra Modi and his entire cabinet was a fiery one with the opposition benches creating uproar and disturbance in between.

While the prime minister was seen smiling  but his posture seemed to be bit demoralised, particularly when the Nehru Gandhi family scion levelled one after another allegatons in a highly powerful tone terming him as the prime minister with repeated rhetorics (JUMLAS) who had during the four year rule has completely belied the hopes and aspirations of the poor, down troddens, youths, women, small and medium entrepreneurs and minorities of the country. He started his speech terming prime minister Narendra Modi as the PM with Jumlas who belied the hopes of all the sections of the society.

He catagorically said PM’s rhetoric number one was : We’ll bring the black money stacked in foreign banks and fill the back accounts of every Indian with Rs.15 lakh each with treasury benches creating uproar and the opposition  members thumping their desks in appreciation of their leader.

Rahul added his JUMLA number two was, he’ll provide two crore jobs to our unemployed youths of the country who were looking towards him with great expectations.

But what happened on the contrary, he asked ? The BJP government under his PM ship shattered all the hopes of the youngsters and could only provide jobs to merely 4 lakh people of the country.

Comparing Indian government’s job providing capability with China Rahul said that while China provides 50000 people employment in mere every 24 hours,  our government could shamefully manage only with 400 employments.

Taking a dig at the prime minister’s crusade against corruption Congress President Rahul Gandhi castigated Narendra Modi for favoring the few ultra rich by helping them with contracts worth thousands of crores while not at all caring for the poor and the down troddens of the country, his obvious reference to the Ambanies and the Adanies without naming them..

Accusing the BJP led NDA government Rahul catagorically said that a Rafale Jet which costed Rs 520 crores during the UPA governments tenure all of a sudden inflated its cost to Rs 1720 crores. Amidst laughs from the treasury benches Rahul asked I don’t know what magic Modiji has created after meeting the french that the cost of the aircraft got raised from 500 crores to 1720 crores.

Looking on an attacking mode Rahul Gandhi accused the PM n the union BJP government of arbitrarily favoring a company that had no past experience in defence production thus allegedly giving it a huge beneficial contract of Rs. 35000 crores. Doubting the integrity of the present defence minister Rahul Gandhi said that when he asked the government to make the rates and other deals unambiguous about Rafael with the French govt. she denied giving any information saying that it can’t be revealed as there is an agrrement of secrecy signed with French on their insistence.

But when I ( Rahul) personally met and equired about any such secrecy pact the French president outrightly denied saying that its a blatent lie. Such is the character of this government he said. However, the defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman and the members of the treachery strongly raised objections and agreed to give the minister chance to rebutt Rahul’s charges.

He also raised the issue of the the BJP chief Amit Shah’s son Jayant’s bank account swelling by 16000% from mere Rs. 50000 to 80 crores ans asked if this is BJP’s real crusade against corruption.

However after the house resumed for discussion the speaker Dr. Sumitra Mahajan though in a light mood raised objections to personal accusations with names in order to maintain the dignity of the house referring to Rahul Gandhi’s personal reference to Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman in the context of her alleged lie about signing a secret pact of not revealing the details of the Rafael deal to the opposition parties of the country.

While Rahul Gandhi looked quite seious after his speech occupying his seat prime minister Modi was seen smiling during Rahul’s attacking speech while the members in the treasury benches vociferously opposing Rahul trying to obstruct his eloquence at times.

Meanwhile strongly rebutting the charge of Rahul Gandhi about the secrecy deal with the french government in the cintext of the Rafale deal, defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman said that the Congress president’s accusations are entirely wrong and baseless as the deal was signed not during her tenure but in 2008 when the UPA government was ruling at the centre.

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The naxal problem has assumed gigantic proportion in various states of the country with Chattisgarh being the most talked about state where killings of the security forces and the maoists in the counter insurgency operations have almost become the order of the day.

The states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra in Gadchiroli, Chattisgarh in Dhantewada, Odhissa in particular are the main centres which are interconnected in terms of naxal activities.The grusome and diabolical killings of 76 troopers in Dantewaada in 2010 followed by the recent killings of several other security forces jawans in the same district through land mine bombings and lynching of the Congress president of Chattisgarh including several other politicians few years ago are some of the gravest incidents that have finally compelled the union home ministry to start a special drive to wipe out the increasing naxal invasion and as a result the security forces have started their deep combing operations in several naxalite infested areas of the country with Chattisgarh’s Dantwada being the centre of special focus.

If we go by the statistics of some of the major terror atacks by the naxalite insurgents in Chattisgarh alone during the last eight years since 2010 the total naxalite killing figure shockingly comes to over 274 numbers which includes the lynchings of security forces troopers in Dantewaada in 2010 , Bheji in 2017, Jhiram in May, 2013, Tadmelta in April 2010, Narayanpur, in June 29, 2010 and in Beejapur on March 15, 2013.

Just yesterday, the Chattisgarh police has achieved a huge success in killing 11 hard core Maoists that included three women in an encounter that lasted for several hours.

In the month of April too the Maharashtra police and the security forces had killed more than thirty naxalites in the naxalite infested Kasnapur forests in Gadchiroli considered to be one of the most sensitive maoist hide outs.

The union home minister Rajnath Singh and the home secretary Rajeev Gauba has said that the naxalites are slowly but steadily losing their areas of influence in the country compared to the situation in 2010 and the rate of naxalite fatalities have also come down considerably as the government of India has not only allocated over 1000 crores for the anti naxal insurgency operations as well as for carrying out developmental projects in the naxal infested areas but has also armed the security forces with the hi tech unmanned areal vehicles, latest guns and automatic rifles, anti bomb resistence equipments , shoes and other techological devices.

There were earlier in all 140 districts in the country which were badly inflicted with naxal menace but the number has now come down to ninety. During the UPA government anti naxal cobra force was also established to counter the naxalite attacks in various parts of the country but little is heard about them now.

Hundreds of thousands of crores have so far been spent by the central and state governments to effectively deal with the increasing Naxal menace but little is heard in terms of countering this deadly problem.

The intelligence agencies, the security forces involved in the anti maoist operations and the state police of the naxal infested areas should maintain the best possible coordination in order to counter the growing naxalite activities compounded with developmental projects like roads’ infrastructure, water, health, agricultural and educational facilities for the tribal population of these naxal infested areas. What’s your take, friends?

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The nation has today lost a renowned literateur, eminent and towering poet Gopal Das Neeraj who was honoured with coveted and most prestigious awards of the country viz. Padmabhushan and Padmashree and who carried behind him a vast fan following amongst the educated and the intellectual classes of the nation.

Neeraj breathed his last today at the AIIMS, New Delhi at 7.30 PM. He was addmitted to AIIMS on Wednesday evening after his condition deteriorated in a private hospital in Agra called Lotus Hospital.

He was suffering from the bacterial and fungal infection revealed his medical reports.

A highly reverred and extremely popular poet of the country who’d also scripted songs for several Bollywood movies Gopal Das Neeraj was born on 4th January 1925 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh during the British rule.

Hailing primarily from village Purawali in Ettawa his surname was Saxena. His father Brij Kishore Saxena passed away when Neeraj was just 6 years old.

Having been brought up in extreme poverty Gopal Das Neeraj passed his high school securing a good first division and later on served as a typist in a local court followed by another job in a shop at a picture hall and finally arrived at Delhi to serve in a municipal office as a typist.

After leaving the job here, he again served as a clerk in Kanpur and thereafter as typist at the office of Balkatt brothers.

In 1953 he completed his post graduation in Hindi securing a good first division. He thereafter served as a Hindi lecturer in Meerut college from where he was reprimanded and shunted out for regularly missing classes and having been involved in a romance with a girl.

Thereafter Neeraj shifted to Aligarh on permanent basis and got a job of a Hindi lecturer in Dharm Samaj college. He started his career as a poet from Aligarh where he used to participate in various Kavi Sammelans and Mushaaiyraas.

Neeraj thereafter became quite famous and was being continuously invited in prestigious poet conferences at an all India level inaugurated by distinguished political personalities and renowned dignitories.

His name and fame as a renowned poet spread nationally. He was invited by film producers and directors from Mumbai to write lyrics for various new films.

Neeraj could’nt afford to miss this golden opportunity and he shifted to Mumbai. He scripted songs for several popular films like Mera Naam Joker, Prem Pujari, Sharmeeli etc which were super duper hits.

As a result in 2017 he was felicitated with prestigious Padma Bhushan and many other coveted awards. However, Neeraj could’nt confine himself more in the Bollywood industry and came back to Aligarh participating thereafter in various national and international poetry conferences very often.

He was addicted to whisky and smoking. At the age of 88 Gopal Das Neeraj finally baded Good Bye to this world on 19th July 2018 creating a massive and huge vaccum in the literary and poetic world. ALVIDA NIRAJJI.

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Terror organisations supporting Imran’s party, PAKISTAN TEHRIKE INSAF PARTY



Terror organisations supporting Imran’s party, PAKISTAN TEHRIKE INSAF PARTY

While the general elections in Pakistan are slated for 25th July the hard core terrorist organisations registered in the United States of America and the UN lists and marked as the most dangerous terror outfits like the Jammat-UL – Dawa, Harkal-UL – Mujhahideen, Lashkare Tayyeba are making their candidates’ contest in the election fray under various other registered organisations as terror outfits such as Jamait- Ul-Dawa etc have not been recognised by the election commission and are hence not eligible to contest under their orginal banners.

After the arrest of the former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharief, his daughter Mariam and son in law on various corruption charges, such as amassing huge wealth disproportionate to their known sources of income and arbitrary purchase of four mansions in United Kingdom, the Tehrik- E- Insaaf Party led by the former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan seems to have an upper hand in these elections. Imran Khan and his party have been trying their level best since last several years to achieve power in Pakistan but had so far been unsuccessful but political analysts say that his party Tehrik- e- Insaaf do have an edge this time likely to win at the hustings.

According to reports pouring in the hard core terrorist organisation responsible for several killings in Pakistan, India, US and other countries of the globe namely Harkat UL Mujhahideen has openly declared their support to the Tehrike Insaaf Party of Imran Khan and his vice president Asad Umer , a close confidante of Khan. According to the report of a senior journalist Imtiaz Ahmed based in Islamabad published in today’s HT the US designate global terrorist having links with Al Qaeda and the founder of Harkat Ul Mujahiddeen Fazrul Rehman Khalil has openly declared that he and his terror outfit would fully support the Tehrike Insaf Party in the upcoming elections. According to a post by the vice president of PTI ( Pakisan’s Tehrike Insaaf Party) Asad Umar which was later on withdrawn when problems erupted out of this post, the founder of Harkat Ul Mujahideen has joined the PTI alongwith hundredsof his followers and clerics who will tirelessly work for the victory of Asad Umar and his party contesting from the Islamabad parliamentary seat. The post further said that Khalil will work hard to make Pakistan a truly democratic state.

According to the report: this development arrives close on the heels of members of several terror outfits and groups including the most infamous Jamaat Ul Dawa contesting the July 25 general elections under the banner of Allah ho Akbar Tehreek as the Pakistan EChas not recognised JUD under the pressure from the Pak administration and UnitedStates of America. The notorious terrorist Fazrul Rehman khalil currently leads Ansar Ul Umma the front terror organisation of HUM declared fully illegal and marked as an international terror organisation in 2014. The US had declared khalil as aglobal terrorist responsible for terror attacks and several killings in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Khalil has direct links with the Pak ISI n military and is in contact with several terror groups of Pakistan as well as the signatory with Osamabinladin in a declaration for global jihad in 1996.

Just imagine how freely the most wanted and highly dangerous terrorists are participating in the democratic elections in Pakistan despite the United State’s open and stringent warnings to its political leadership to stop this but ofno awail. In case these representatives of these terror outfits win the elections and enter the Pak parliament they would without fail and by all means pressurise the Pak rulers for their more severe anti India stance than arriving at peaceful resolution of the vexed Kashmir problem. What’s your take friends?

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It seems that the land of abode of Gods, Uttarakhand is cursed and its because of this perhaps that fatal accidents after accidents and eclogical disasters are claiming hundred of thousands of lives. It seems as if there is no authority or government to prevent such mishappenings or at least lessen them.

In 2013 June while the gigantic ecological disaster has claimed thousands of lives with little or total unsatisfactory relief there of despite so much of the futile and false claims by the successive governments having ruled the state for the last 18 years after the new himalayan state having come into separate existence. Not only this but the incidents of fatal accidents and man eater attacks are still on the rise unabatedly.

On 11th July the state witnessed a most anguishing and shocking accident in Naini Daanda Block of Garhwal when an overloaded bus turned down and fell 65 metres below in a gorge killing 48 persons on the spot due to the imbalancing of the bus in view of an unrepaired road with a large and deep pot hole. Two other accidents occured on the same day followed by the falling of some MAX vehicles and a bus. Several other incidents followed thereafter as well.

The government of the state and the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat visited the accidental site, went to the local hospital to see the injureds, declared a compensation of 2 lakh rupees to each of the bereaved families of the dead passengers, transferred the Commissioner and DIG of Garhwal range, suspended few officers and the situation is still to square one with no improvement in the fatal accidents whatsoever,  to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of one and all.

According to the latest news report pouring in from Garhwal Uttarakhand just today i.e. on 19th July yet another accident has occured on Chamba Dharasu Motor Road in Tehri Garhwal killing 14 people on the spot with 16 people having suffered serious injuries.

The Uttarakhand roadways bus carrying good nunber of passengers fell into the three hundred metres deep gorge killing 14 people on the spot. The helicopter services have been lifting the injureds to the hospitals and the dead bodies are being retrieved by the police and disaster management authorities with the help of the locals. Orders have also been issued fora magisterial enquiry into this entire episode.

The point is why are so much accidents happening in the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand and why is it that no credible actions or initiatives are being taken by the government to rectify this trend.

The time has come now that the chief minister of the state should convene an urgent meeting on coordinated pattern with the police, traffic, PWD, transport, health, disaster management wing and other concerned departments to find a concrete, credible and healthy technical way out to avert these increasing accidents in the hills which have by now claimed hundreds of innocent lives.

The government should also devise a suitable fund for financially compensating the bereaved families of the deceaseds and the injureds in these fatal accidents.

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67 thousands posts of constables opened with matriculation as educational requirement!



As the national elections are nearing the government at the centre has really become serious to an extent on employment front. There is indeed a good news for the matric pass young men of the country as the Subordinate Services Commission has announced appointment for 67 thousand posts of constables in paramilitary forces of the country viz Border Security Force, Central Industrial Security Force, SSB, Indo Tibet Police Force etc.

The notification in this regard is likely to be issued shortly. The minimum basic qualification required for appearing in the written and physical examination is merely matriculation passed. Both the aspiring boys and girls can apply for the said posts.

There have been dearth of police personels in these para military forces since long dealing with law and order situation, in counter insurgency operations at the porous Indo Pak borders, in strife torn Kashmir, at domestic and international airports, metro rail corporations, important government buildings and scientific installations and to counter the riotous situation in various parts of the country.

When the BJP led NDA government assumed power at the centre it promised to give two crore jobs to the youngsters but on the employment generation front things seem to be quite awry. The Delhi Police and various state police forces are already running short of constables and lower rung police officials to counter and control the increasing trend of law lessness in various states of the country as majority of the police force is involved in the VIP and VVIP security.

There was a time when government at the centre and the states used to employ good number of youngsters in government offices as clerks, typists and stenographers and in the lower rung as well but it has been witnessed that during the last two decades or so the government sector has witnessed dearth in such appointments as a new system of contractual appointments have come into force where the salaries are too low in commensurate of sky rocketting inflation and there is no job securityas well.

In majority of the cases the retired employees are re hired at a meagre salary thus killing the chances of the new young educated appointees. This is really a very distressing trend. The employment, health, agrarian and the lower and medium business sector of the country is in quite disarray and doldrums.

Majority of the qualified and skilled young men after completing their graduation and post graduation in rural and semi urban sectors are either sitting idle at home for want of proper jobs or are constrained to serve in the private sector with meagre insecured jobs for longer hours thus being exploited to the hilt.

The government of the day should revise its employment generation policy and open maximum number of new jobs in the government sector to fullfil its pre election promises and bring to end the increasing frustration amongst the educated young people who are running from pillar to posts for want of employment but of no avail.

The employment exchanges established by the government in various parts of the country are also serving no suitable and constructive purpose as there are literally no or negligible number of jobs in government departments of the centre and states.

While on the one hand the government servants are retiring at the fast pace while on the other hand there are no vacancies to fill the back log or the vacancies existing out of these retirements.

The incumbent government should seriously give a rethinking on this front and create jobs for the skilled and educated young aspirants forthwith.

ABOVE is the picture of unemployed youth going in an over crowded train risking their lives even on its rooftop to appear in the state police force recruitment exam few months ago in Jaipur. One can have the idea: how enormous is the unemployment problem in the country?

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Twenty labourers feared dead under the collapsed illegal six floor building in Noida. 9 bodies retrieved so far



An illegal under construction six floor building was on Tuesday in Noida known as Shahberi building has collapsed killing near twenty persons of some families who are still under the debris being cleared by the Noida authorties as well as the NDRF. Most of those killed are the labourers.

So far about nine bodies have been retrieved from beneath the huge debris of the collapsed building. The 6 floor Shahberi building and many such buildings are being arbitrarily and illegally build in Noida and greater Noida allegedly in league with the corrupt officials of Noida authority and the local police without getting the proper building plan duly passed.

Many such building without the official sanctions of the Noida authority are coming up seamlessly with the sole intent to earn heavy profits by the builder mafia thus risking the lives of the occupants and the labourers in most of the under construction buildings.

In the Shahberi building matter that collapaed like the pack of cards killing about twenty or even more persons, the builders concerned have not followed the adequate building norms and had used substandard material with no solid pillar support to the building.

There is tremendous corruption in the Noida Authority with the builders having their fullest say after allegedly bribing the officials of the building department.

Hundreds of such six or more floor risky buildings have come up by the builders with the intent to earn handsome profits in clandestine collaboration of the corrupt officials of the authority.

The question is : are the lives of the occupants or the labourers and their poor families so cheap that they can be led to death trap at any point of time.

In the Shahberi building collapse case several families have been wiped out. There is no pronouncement of any suitable compensation for the deceaseds’ particularly the only earning members of the aggrieved poor families.

The builders are still at large and the Noida police has registered cases against the erring builders against the necessary sections of the law.

There is tremendous anger, disenchantment and frowned tempers against the killer builders and people are demanding stringent punishment for them.

But will our system really punish the guilty under the strictest sections of the law is a moot question.

Yogi Adityanathji, people are dying under your rule and you are watching silently. Do something to punish the guilty and adequately compensate the victims and the bereaved poor families financially as well.

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The senior journalist and chief editor of The Print, formerly the editor of Indian express Shekher Gupta has released a video of his own speech expressing his immense disenchantment over the complacent attitude of the BJP leaders not issuing a single statement condemning the severe physical attack on the great Arya Samaj leader, social activist and a reformer Swamy Agnivesh after the latter was attacked brutally in Pakud, Jharkhand over his remarks challenging the existence of Hindu Gods.

Expressing his serious concern Shekhar Gupta said the he too have differences with the saffron clad Arya Samajist leader Agnivesh and had even pronounced him as a publicity hunter but never stooped to the low level as was done in Pakud Jharkhand to him. He said having difference of opinion in a democracy does not give any body a license to physically thrash or assault one’s opponent as shamefully done to Swamy Agnivesh by the Hindu bigots and what is more shocking is the fact that not a single BJP or RSS leader has come out in condemning this most obnoxious incident of an open physical attack on an innocent octogenerian saffron clad Arya Samajist as well as a social activist.

However he had all the praise for Jayant Sinha the union civil aviation minister and son of prime minister Narendra Modi’s betenoire Yashwant Sinha who has in unequivocal terms condemned the incident and demanded the arrests of the culprits. He said : he is appreciating and lauding Jayant Sinha because he is the only leader in the entire BJP who’d outrightly condemned this incident that happened in his home constituency despite the fact that a few days ago he has been outrightly reprimanded by the country’s media for lionising and garlending the accused of lynching in Jharkhand after they were set free by the courts on bail.

He questioned does this not amount to patronising such attacking mobs of Hindu bigots who take law into their hands and go on rampage and hurting an 80 year old Arya samajist just because his ideology dose’nt suit their style of thinking.

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta was even more amused and anguished over the neutral attitude of the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, whom he said he respected the most as he brought the issue into her notice as well expecting that there will be a word of condemnation from her side as Swamy Agnivesh according to her was a deputy minister in Haryana several years ago when she was one of the cabinet ministers.

Expressing his deep concern, shock and anguish over the increasing incidents of mob attacks and lynchings in the country in the name or under the guise of polarisation Shekhar Gupta said: this trend needs to be curbed at all costs as democracy and our constitution does not give anyone right or license to physically assault or  lynch anyone in the name of religion, or food habits and further said that the present laws are fair  enough to stringently counter this dreaded menace and punish the guilty stringently, provided they are implemented vigorously and with a heavy hand.

He gave an instance of his recent visit to a function of Malyalam Manorama in Kerala where during the dinner buffet party various non vegetarian items were served including the big meat but not a single person or leader even of the BJP and RSS  who were present there, raise any voice of dissent.

He asked how can we object to the eating habits of the people and create chaos in the name of Hinduism and eating habits.

He added: India is a nation of diverse culture, caste and creed which believes in the principle of unity in diversity.

By not condemning the shameful attack on the octagenerian Arya Samaj leader in Jharkhand, Pakud by a single leader of BJP, except the union minister of civil aviation it seems as if these religious bigots are being indirectly sheltered or shielded.

How can a voice of dissent and difference of opinion be curbed or stifled by mob attacks and lynchings questioned Gupta.

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