The American New Year gift to Pakistan on the first day of the advent of 2018 stopping all the security related financial aids and literally scolding and verbally thrashing its top political leadership including the Pak Army top officials, the ISI and everyone who deal with Pak American diplomacy is a huge slap on the cheeks of the terror oriented nation.

This is for the first time that US president Donald Trump has so strongly and very unambiguously scolded Pakistan publicly holding it directly responsible for directly manufacturing, aiding and abetting terrorism and even going to an unbelievable extent of bringing the UN and American designated extremely hard core terrorists into political mainstream of Pakistan by honourably clearing and exonerating them of all the criminal charges of mass murders and their direct involvement in brutal terror activities not only in Afghanistan, US and India but even in their own country viz Hafiz Sayeed and Sallaludin, where killings and bomb blasts have become the order of the day.

In his strong and extremely harsh anti Pakistan tweet US president Donald Trump has warned Pakistan of serious consequences if it still does not back track from its pro terror activities and destroy all the terror sanctuaries in Pakistan. Trump said that during the last 15 years, this terror sponsored country has sought more than 33 billions dollars of US aid under the guise of countering the terrorists and abolishing the myriad and extensive terror factories active there but instead, its successive politicians at the helm in different governments have pocketed the major amount for their personel benefits and have literally done nothing to rout out the terror factories and network.

The recent example of letting off of most hardened international terrorists Hafeez Sayeed and Sallauddin of LET and Jamait Ul Dawa, who are on the hit list of UN and US and a bounty of millions of dollars fixed on them speaks of the fact that the Pak rulers, its Army and the ISI are in open hand in glove with these killing machine ( Pakistan) worldwide and rather encouraging them by their open political, administrative, economic and military support. The Trump administration is so badly annoyed and angered by the Pakistan’ s political and military dispensations that it has stopped the 255 millions dollars worth of military and security aid to the latter despite its tremendous diplomacy to seek the same.

This recent anger and annoyance of Donald Trump is a great diplomatic victory for India as neighbouring, frustrated Pakistan has so far breached about 843 times, the Indo Pak border agreement and is, day in and day out involved in desperate firing on Indian borders killing several of our soldiers, though India too has killed several of the Pak Armymen and hundreds of Pak sponsered terrorists making their existence in complete jeopardy in J& K. Hats off to the brave and courageous Indian Army and its patriotic jawans and officers. Highly frustrated Pakistan is now fully banking on the expansionist China which has already shown its hegemonist and expansionist designs by literally making its complete hold in POK through the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Today there a more than a lakh Chinese soldiers and civilians having captured the entire economy, markets, employment and have their political say at the cost of the local Pakistanies who the Pakistani administration considers as Mujahirs and a second rated citizens. There have been umpteen number of protest demonstrations and processions against Pak government with complaints of increasing Chinese hegemony, capturing the major share of the local POK inhabitants in business and employment.

Conclusively, it can be said now that in the global the political scenerio Pakistan has been symbolised as a terror sponsering nation and if the strong warning and anger of the US president Donald Trump still does not go well into the already deaf ears of the Pak HUKUMRAANS, the time is not far that not only will Pakistan be declared as a terror state officially but would also invite worldwide sanctions leading its already vanishing economy to the brink of disaster.

Latest news pouring in indicate that Pakistan has finally bogged down itself on Trumps warning and have arrested hard core international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed.
What do you say, friends?


Despite Rafale matter in Apex court, Rahul’s attack on PM Modi continues !



Even after the government submitting the details of the Rafale deal including the price details to the supreme court in an sealed envelope and the hearing of the date postponed for 14th November the main opposition party Congress and its leaders Rahul Gandhi and the chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala are still trying to put the government in the dock by criticizing the Dassault chief as well as the prime minister incessantly.

The chief of the Dassault EricTrapier has also given a clear statement that he never tells a lie and that his company Dassault has used its own discreation to award the offset contract to Anil Ambani’s company without having been directed or pressurised by the government.

But the statement of Trappier dosen’t seems to satisfy the Congress leaders who are day in and out issuing statements and tweets on Rafale issue openly accusing the PM, NDA government of alleged corruption and arbitrary practices despite the very fact that the entire matter is now subjudiced.

In their respective tweets and a vedio posted in the twitter handles of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Randeep Singh Surjewala today, both of leaders have openly castigated the prime minister of the alleged wrong doing and held him responsible by accusing him with harshest allegations. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi : Supreme Court me Modiji ne maani apni Chori. Halafnaame me maana ki unhone bina vayusena se puche contract badlaa aur 30000 karod rupaya Ambani ki jeb mein daala. ( In Supreme court Modiji accepted his theft, Admitted in the affidavit that he has changed the contract without asking the Airforce and put 30000 crore rupees in Ambani’s pocket ).

As if this criticism was not enough the chief spokesperson of AICC and Rahul’s close aide Randeep Singh tweeted : Nation dosen’t need doctored explanation but fair investigation. Fixed match between the BJP government and Dassault and PR stunts of PM Modi and Eric Trappier can’t hide the blatant corrption.

In a vedio released under the caption after the tweet Surjewala says: The fixed deal between Eric Tappier and the government nor the dictated interviews and the manufactured lies can hide the layers of corruption in the Rafale deal. The first rule of law is that the mutual beneficiaries and the co accused statements hold no value.The second rule is : the beneficieries and accused cannot be the judge in their own case. Truth has the way of coming out Mr. Modi. The nation does not want doctored explanation from you.

It may be recalled that the entire pricing details of the Rafale Jet fighters as desired by the apex court had been submitted to it yesterday in a sealed envelope and the court has also shared with petioners seeking queries on the deal a redacted version of the report submitted to the top court last month detailing the decision making process that led to the purchase.

The Congress and the rest of the non BJP opposition parties have been criticizing the govt for turning down the earlier deal, enhancing the cost of the jet fighters from 560 crores to 1720 crores or so, arbitrarily helping Anil Ambani’s company to seek the Rafale offset contract sideline the govt defence undertaking HAL.

The matter blew out of proportion when the former French president Francois Hollande in an interview to MediaPart made an alleged stunning disclosure that his govt has not choice but to allot the contract to Anil Ambani as he was recommended by the incumbent government, the allegation repeatedly denied by the government and the Reliance Defence. Now the matter is in the Apex court and the next hearing is slated for 14th November.

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A new pan Indian Green Party to take birth on 17th 18th November. Two day convention at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi



Hectic preparations are on for the formation of the first ever green party at a pan India level namely INDIA GREENS with its two day convention being held in New Delhi on 17th and 18th November where about 300 delegates who’d already registered themselves would interact, deliever speeches, present their valuable views and papers, and pass resolutions in this two day event.

The invitees comprise of enlightened individuals, members and office bearers of the Indian Greens, journalists, writers, activists from other like minded political parties, lawyers, members of the intelligentia, NGo representatives, college students, and environmental activists.

According to the convenor of the convention Sr journalist Suresh Nautiyal India Green is fully committed to the Global Green Charter and its core principles namely ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non violence, participatory democracy and respect for diversity.

While there will be speeches and presentations on the significant and burning environmental and ecological issues, the main features of this two day event would be : Adoption of the party constitution, Preamble, Principles and policies.

In addition there will also be dance performances on climate change, poster competition of the art work on the theme of ecology, environment including global warming , poetries on environment n global change including a book stall on green books.

Speaking to newsviewsnetwork.com the convenor Suresh Nautiyal revealed that the executive of the pan India Green party will also be duly elected in this two day convention.

Meanwhile, Bob Brown, former Senator and one of the tallest Green leaders in Australia has in a congratulatory message send to India Greens said that he is delighted to know that India Greens is organising a meeting to formalise a national Green party in ‘the world’s largest democracy’. He said: ‘We share a single little planet on which our one species Homo sapiens is already consuming 170 per cent of the living resources.

The Greens are the ONLY party to tackle the overriding problems created by human injustice and short-sightedness such as inequality, environmental destruction, global warming and nuclear proliferation.’ Further Bob has added in his message: ‘That we share these problems are underscored by Gautam Adani’s proposed mega coal mine in Queensland — after all the injustice and environmental damage he has caused in India. If his mine starts in 2019, It will lead a cavalcade from Tasmania (Australia) up there to peacefully protest on behalf of the planet.’ Bob concluded his message by saying: ‘May your meeting and the India Green Party future be rewarded with enduring success!’ Cheers friends as we are a rapidly growing global family which is also consolidating its Green footprints day-by-day!”

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Good news for the journalists of Uttarakhand. Will get pension and priority in Govt housing schemes !



pic of Nainital High Court/ judgement's copy n the advocate who ably presented the case on behalf of the journalists of Uttarakhand

There is indeed a good news for the journalists of Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand High Court has today given several significant directives to the state government asking it to grant the journalistic community of Uttarakhand all those facilities and privileges which the scribes of other states are getting.

The decision of the high court includes government pension and priority in allotment/ sanction of plots and housing accomodation in govt schemes to the working journalists as per the seniority.

The verdict was given today on a petition filed by advocate Dushyant Mainali who fought the case brilliantly as an amicus curie of the scribes who presented the matter very strongly by presenting the relevant statistics and supportive documents to the jurists hearing the matter.

The verdict of the Nainital High Court is bound to provide relief to good number of working journalists, reporters, stingers, digital journalists, feature scribes n media employees.

According to the final judgement the court directed the respondent ( the government of UK) to improve the conditions of the journalists/ reporters/ correspondents as per the notification dated 11th November 2011 and as per the working journalists and other newspapers employees ( Conditions of Service) and the Misclleneous Provisions Act, 1955.

While directing the state government to frame a scheme for providing certain reservations in housing / flats in government housing schemes the court also issued directives for enhancing the pensions of elderly journalists/ reporters/ correspondents on the basis of the fluctuations of the consumer price index.

The court added that these recommendations are necessary to provide security in the pursuit of fearless and professional journalism.

It also directed the state government for framing of the Welfare fund rules on the analogy of Andhra Pradesh n Orissa etc for the welfare of the journalists of the state.

Showing its immense concern towards the senior journalists who posess no financial security after supperanuation the court directed the UK govt to frame a policy for the health and pension benefits for the journalists of the state.

While delivering this historic decision the Nainital High Court justices Sharad Kumar Sharma and Rajiv Sharma concluded by mentioning in the judgement a quote of the famous English author of 1839 namely EDWARD BULWAR LYTTON ,” The Pen is Mighter than a Sword”.

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Modi attacks on Congress’s dynastic politics praising saffron party as the party of the poor !



PM addressinga BJP rally at Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, pic Quint vedio

The prime minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress party and the entire non BJP opposition for criticizing him on demonetisation thus accusing the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi pronouncing them as Mother and son duo, saying that it is because of the after effect of demonetisation only that they had to seek bail for alleged embezzlement of funds.

He said : while the Congress party (not naming it but indicating towards it ) had till now sought votes of the people of Chattisgarh since the time it was the part of Madhya Pradesh, in the name of caste, communities, creating the divide between urban, rural and rich n poor, the Bhartiya Janata Party has sough peoples’ support and blessings on a single mantra of Development, using the word emphatically Vikaas thrice.

He catagorically said that under the rule of Raman Singh the state has developed by leaps and bounds and over 1lakh fifty thousand people of Chattisgarh has received free gas connections and over 1lakh 30 thousand houses with 40000 houses especially allocated to the poor families of Bilaspur in a short span of just four years for which the Congress party would have taken thirty long years. Not only this but about one crore 30 lakh Jan Dhan accounts with zero balance have also been opened for the poor in which the people have deposited over 90 thousand crores thus empowering themselves financially.

Lauding the achievements of his government at the centre and in the state of Chattisgarh prime minister Narendra Modi said that the politics of Congress party begins and ends with dynasty whereas the politics of BJP begins and ends in the huts of the poor signifying that the BJP is worried for the welfare and well being of the poor while the Congress party’s only aim is to serve the Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

Addressing a well attended public meeting in Bilaspur today, when 18 assembly seats are witnessing voting in the Maoist infested Baster and Rajnandgaon district on 12th November prime minister Narendra Modi ridiculed the Congress party leaders especially its Chief Rahul Gandhi by saying that its state party leader while releasing the menifesto addresses the Congress chief as Sir 150 times which means that it were not the menifesto points but the Nehru Gandhi scion more important for him. He pronounced Rahul Gandhi as Namdaar amid cheers from the audience.

While feeling happy and satisfied over the heavy polling in the naxalite infested areas of Bastar and Chattisgarh prime miniter Narendra Modi complimented the election commission of India for creating tremendous awareness amongst the people of Chattisgarh to vote in large numbers and said that they deserve to be lauded by all means.

He termed elections as the festival of democracy and urged everyone to vote in large numbers to strengthen democracy in the state.The prime minister while appealing the voters to vote in large numbers said “Pehle Jalpaan phir matdaan”.

He said that the large percentage of voting in the first phase of the election that is taking place in Baster n Rajnandhaon has completely belied the predictions of news analysts who predicted of low voting percentage.

It may be recalled that 18 assembly segments are witnessing polling today majority of which are in the naxalite infested districts while 72 assembly segments of Chattisgarh will go to polls on 20th November. Bilaspur is also one of them.

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Ayodhya case: SC declines early hearing of pleas



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The Supreme Court Monday declined early hearing of petitions in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute case.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice S K Kaul said it had already listed the appeals before the appropriate bench in January.”We have already passed the order. The appeals are coming up in January. Permission declined,” the bench said while rejecting the request of early hearing of lawyer Barun Kumar Sinha, appearing for the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha.

The top court had earlier fixed the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute case for the first week of January before an “appropriate bench”, which will decide the schedule of hearing.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and senior advocate CS Vaidyanathan, appearing for the UP government and deity Ramlala respectively, had sought early listing of the appeals in the case after referring to their long pendency.

Earlier, a three-judge bench, by a 2:1 majority, refused to refer to a five-judge constitution bench the issue of reconsideration of the observations in its 1994 judgement of the Allahabad High Court that a mosque was not integral to Islam. The matter had arisen during the hearing of the Ayodhya land dispute.

  1. The apex court bench headed by the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra had said that the civil suit has to be decided on the basis of evidence.It had also said that the previous verdict has no relevance to this issue. As many as 14 appeals have been filed against the high court judgement, delivered in four civil suits, that the 2.77 acre land be partitioned equally among three parties — the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla. 
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BJP’s towering South Indian leader Anant Kumar in no more. Dies in Bengaluru hospital at 59.



The union minister Anant Kumar is no more. He breathed his last in a Bengaluru hispital after suffering from prolonged cancer at an age of merely 59 years. The prime minister Narendra Modi expressed his grief over the untimely passing away of union minister Anant Kumar in his tweet.

He tweeted: Extremely saddened at the passing away of my valued colleague and friend Anant Kumarji. He was a remarkable leader who entered public life at a young age and went on to serve the society with utmost dilligence and compassion. He will always be remembered for his good work.

A youngest cabinet minister in late prime minister Vajpayee’s government , an MP from Karnataka Ananth Kumar was an energetic and affable politician loved and adored by one and all in the party circles and Karnataka, who represented the union cabinet for three times.

A holder of law degree from Mysore university after completing his graduation from Hubli in Karnataka late Anant Kumar was born on 22nd July 1959. He was also the general secretary of BJP in 1998 onwards and was immensely instrumental in establishing the BJP’s stronghold in Karnataka and other southern states of the country.

He progressed in national politics very fast in view of his great political acumen, intelligence and good organisational skills. Starting his chequered political career as a committed worker of ABVP Anant Kumar was also arrested during the emergency for opposing it and became the BJP’s national secretary at the age of merely 36 years which was no less a than a great achievement.

At the age of 37 he was elected as the MP from South Bengalore which unambiguously speaks of his immence popularity in Karnataka, Bangalore. The Bhartiya Janata Party has infact lost a leader of eminence especially from South India who was its greatest pillar in the Southern politics.

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Anti BJP opposition unity efforts on full swing. Naidu takes the lead!



Anti BJP opposition unity efforts on full swing. Naidu takes the lead!

There was a time in 1989 about 20 years ago from now when the then Southern super star turned chief minister of Andhra Pradesh N. T. Rama Rao played a key role as the major player in the opposition unity but against the then Congress party which was quite a strong and formidable force then with leaders of the non Congress opposition like HN Bahuguna, Lal Krishna Advani, Madhu limaye etc played a vital role in forming a national front.

Today 29 years after, late NT Rama Rao’s son in law and the Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu is working hard to become the nucleus of the non BJP opposition with Congress as a major partner in the would be grand alliance, the meeting for which has been possibly convened at the New Delhi’s Andhra Bhawan on the fourth week of November preferably on 22nd November.

Political sources reveal that Chandra Babu Naidu who till few months ago was the significant partner of the NDA and had developed disenchantment against prime minister Narendra Modi for backing out of his earlier commitment of granting the special state status to Andhra Pradesh, is now in a hurry to unify all the anti BJP opposition parties in the form of a grand allaince in order to give a strong and powerful fight to the saffron party and Modi in the 2019 general elections.

Andhra CM Chandra Babu Naidu has already held parleys with Congress chief Rahul and the fmr chairman of the UPA advisory council Sonia Gandhi, BSP leader Mayawati, TMC chief and CM Bengal Mamata Bannerjee, NCP chief Sharad Pawar, Loktantrik Janata Dal chief Sharad Yadav, SP chief Akhlesh Yadav, Farooq Abdullah of National Conference and other regional party heads as well, including the CPM n CPI chiefs who had already declared their whole hearted affinity to the grand allaince.

Moreover, majority of these parties have backed the Congress party’s issues such as Rafale, demonetisation, banking frauds, CBI controversy and inflation and had also organised protest demonstrations in Delhi and their respective states, exposing the BJP led NDA government of their misdeeds and the ill conceived notions.

There is a broader concensus on the anti BJP led opposition unity for 2019 as the issue of leadership would be decided after the election based on, which party brings the maximum number of seats post general election. Even the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has agreed to give up his claim for the leadership of the grand alliance.

This unambiguosly states the fact that the prime ministrial incumbent would be decided after the national election results arrive.

Moreover, keeping in view the possibilities of the BJP losing in three of the five states going to polls as per the recently declared C Voters survey, the moral of the Congress and rest of the non BJP opposition is too high which may perhaps contribute in making the grand alliance experiment a huge success.

However, despite all this some political analysts are still of the high opinion that the fractured opposition, if it really does not unite, even in worst come worst situations, the chances of prime minister Narendra Modi still seem too bright as his individual graph as a charismatic PM still has an upper hand in the country’s politics with no consensual or individual leader of the opposition including Rahul is able to overcome Modi by gaining extra marks or numbers.

Till date whatever surveys on the prime ministers’ popularity or future PM’s choice had been carried out keeping Rahul or other leaders’ opposite to him , every survey has given Narendra Modi an upper hand as an individual choice for the country’s PM.

There is a general assesment that lot depends on the cohesive and credible non BJP opposition’s formation of the grand alliance but will it really happen is still a moot question as BSP chief Mayawati and TMC chief Mamata Bannerjee including Akhilesh Yadav to some extent are still nurturing overambitions for being the future prime minister of the country, not prepared in any case accepting Rahul Gandhi to rule over them.

Since the national elections are still 9 months ahead there are also rumours that being the dalit leader if Mayawati is offered the deputy prime ministership of the country post 2019 election there is no reason whyshe will not form an alliance with the BJP led NDA as nothing is impossible in politics. What’s your take friends?

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Medanta, Medicity, sets a new record ! 98 year old Iraqi citizen is healthy after coronary cardiac surgery !



Medanta, Medicity, sets a new record ! 98 year old Iraqi citizen is healthy after coronary cardiac surgery ! pic Jagran n FB

There was a time three decades ago when cardi vascular surgeries in India were next to impossible rather extremely negligible and majority of the heart patients needing urgent surgeries either went abroad to US incurring large expenditures or resigned to fate.

The rich, affluents and the politicians under government support went abroad for complex heart surgeries thus enhancing their life spans. I fondly remember late H. N. Bahuguna had gone to cleveland n Houston USA and got operated for his serious heart ailment twice but was hard lucked and met his sad end in 1989 during his second surgery in 1989 .

Today heart surgeries are very commen in India and almost all the government and private hospitals are fully equipped with the latest techniques n hi tech machines and cardio vascular surgeries have become very common with extremely high success rates in a package from 1.5 to 3.5 lakhs differing from hospital to hospital. Planting of stents clearing the blockages in heart arteries is a common phenomena these days where as few decades ago the mortality rate was too high with heart patients dying of cardiac arrests for want of surgeries and planting of stents.

But despite all this performing heart surgeries on senior citizens above the age of 70, 80 or even above it, is still a highly ( usually) challenging task which the cardiac surgeons usually avoid depending upon the physical, mental and psychological conditions of the old aged patients whose heart muscles usually become weak and therefore not prone for successful heart surgeries.

In India cases of heart transplants have also been successful which are rare. But despite all these odds and highly challenging surgeries of heart of the octogenerians or patients with more age, the Gurugram hospital Medanta, Medicity, a multispeciality hospital, owned by a renowned cardiac surgeon Naresh Trehan has successfully conductd a heart surgery on a 98 year old patient of Iraq who’d come here for treatment clearing his four blocked heart arteries, thus making history for the first time.

According to Jagran a 98 year old patient of severe heart ailment suffering from blockages in four arteries namely Mohammed Kadim Sayeed was successfully operated in Medanta, Medicity a super speciality hospital, specilized in cardio vascular surgeries. Being an overaged patient nearing 100, it was really a herculean task for the surgeons to conduct the heart operation of Sayeed with four heart arteries blocked.

According the globally renowned heart surgeon Naresh Trehan, Medanta has established a record of sort by conducting this 100% successful coronary by pass heart surgery on a 98 year old patient clearing his all the four arteries of the blockages which led to acute chest pains to the patient. Trehan said conducting surgery on a 98 year old patient is a highly risky proposition in which chances of success and survival are very negligible.

He assured that after this successful surgery of 98 year old Iraq citizen Mohammed Kadim Sayeed the patient is completely healthy and in sound physique. It may be recalled that the 72 year old Dr. Naresh Trehan is a Padma Shri recepient and also the recipient of several other coveted awards.

He graduated from the Kings Medical College, Lucknow and thereafter went to US for higher medical studies. Dr. Trehan served as a cardiac surgeon in US for several years until the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi requested him to come to India ans serve the countrymen. He conducted several successful surgeries in Escorts, Okhakala, New Delhi before establishing the Medanta, medicity super speciality hospital in Gurugram. Dr. Trehan gives concessions to poor patients who can’t afford for their critical surgeries.

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As elections come near Shatru enhances his tweets’ tirade !



Sounds ironical that a sitting member of parliament and a former union minister twice, in the saffron party government, though in the cabinet of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, formerly a Bollywood actor with name and fame Shatrughan Sinha, popularly known as Shot Gun Sinha, despite being a arch rival and critic of prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP led NDA government and the party playing the role of the anti Modi opposition leader by being in BJP waiting for expulsion is being tolerated to the core and not a word of resistence voiced against him.

Shatrughan Sinha is the only one most vociferous leader in the Bhartiya Janata Party who is behind prime minister Narendra Modi badly criticizing him on each and every account and playing the role of the non BJP opposition and still not expelled from the party.

Not a day goes when Shatru misses a chance or an opportunity to publicly denounce, criticize or down grade the prime minister Narendra Modi publically, right from issues like Rafale, banking frauds, his foreign visits, farmers suicides, prevailing agrarian crisis, demonetisation, inflation, rise in prices of petro products, LPG and now even his speeches in state campaigning.

He even addressed political gatherings from the party platforms of PM’s arch rivals like former union minister Yashwant Sinha n AAP alongwith chief minister Arvind Kejrival lauding the AAPs policies and denouncing the union government and prime minister Modi on various issues of national significance, thus giving an unambiguous impresson that Shatrughan Sinha is desirous of being expelled from BJP than leaving the party on his own.

May be he’s apprehensive of losing his Lok Sabha membership under the anti defection law if he leaves the party on his own. Expulsion from the party amounts to saving of membership of parliament.

Political analysts say that the BJP high command does not want to make Shatru’s expulsion go hyper in the media, this being the election year.

The party is therefore tolerating every bit of his venemous salvo against the PM and the party government knowing very well that it’s definitely harming the party to an extent.

But majority in the saffron party are also of the view that Shatrughan Sinha is not being taken seriously by the people of the country being a non serious politician who’s also losing his Patna seat this time won by him on the BJP ticket and Modi wave.

How badly is Shatru hell bent upon denigrating the reputation and image of prime minister Narendra Modi can be gauged from his latest tweets in which he badly criticized the former’s speeches in Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh obviously meaning that he has indirectly lauded Rahul Gandhi who was also addressing people in the same state on the same day while the PM was there.

He also criticized him on demonetization and Rafale with hashtags.

According to Shatru’s tweets: No (1)

Sir, before we get into the losing debate bragging about# demonetisation on its second anniversary, please take a moment to see, what it has done to each and everyone. People became homeless, jobless, many under poverty line were worseoff. The impact was astonishing.

On PM’s Speech on Bhaiyaduj day the tweet says:

Sir, at this junture diverting from the real issues and skirting the Rafale deal or the CBI mess , which seems to have been created by our own government, is not going to help any more…. as seen in your speech on the most auspicious ocassion of Bhaiyaduj. Please don’t take it otherwise.

Shatru’s third Tweet on PM’s Jagdalpur speech goes as : Your relection speech at Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh was totally lack lustre, lifeless, uninspiring, dull, unresponsive with no content and with Zero energy level in a thin crowd.

Sirji, please come out clean. We are running out of time in these state elections. God bless. Jai Hind.

Shatrughan Sinha uses sentences like hope you will not mind Sir and God bless, Sir in the end to compensate for being too hard.

Shatru says : he never criticizes the PM or party leaders but try to tell them the truth and make them correct their wrongs. And if the party feels I am on the wrong side they are free to expel me.

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Rafale has today become a household name, as was Bofors’ once . Rahul’s tweet war on !



The tweet war is on. Not a day is missed when Congress party’s young n energetic president Rahul Gandhi misses any tweet with salvos after salvos against the prime minister Narendra Modi and his government.

At times, he tweets multiple times a day. Though tweets have these days become a fashion, customary and an essential part of the itenery of important and popular politicians like the prime minister Narendra Modi and his arch opponent Rahul Gandhi, the latter’s maximum tweets comprise of the contents aimed directly at the prime minister Narendra Modi and his government and Rafale is the main point of his political attack these days.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi ensures that his salvo against prime minister solely comprise of Rafale issue from different angles as he seems to keep it alive till the general elections of 2019 alongwith other significant issues that help keep the BJP led NDA government on tenterhooks.

Even during the campaigning of the five states, the Nehru Gandhi scion is leaving no stone unturned to raise the Rafale issue threadbare repeatedly putting into everybody’s ears as to how the alleged corruption has been done in the deal by favouring the company of capitalist Anil Ambani at the cost of the public sector company Hindustan Aeronautics limited in granting him the Rafale offset contract thus allegedly benefitting him to the tune of Rs. 30000 crores.

Even while speaking or interacting with the rural masses who seem to be little or negligibly concerned about the deal, Rahul Gandhi never misses any opportunity to raise Rafale imbroglio and feed the electorates about the information on this dubios deal thus proving home the point as to how the BJP government at the centre allegedly committed a grave corruption in this dubious deal repeatedly denied and rejected by the government and the Reliance defence.

Today Rafale has become a house hold name as was Bofors during the eighties and nineties accusing Rahul’s late father Rajiv Gandhi the then PM of allegedly accepting Rs. 60 crores as Kickbacks though was unabiguously acquitted but after his sad and tragic demise.

In a latest tweet today, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has once again ridiculed the ruling party leaders n the prime minister Narendra Modi tweeting : The PM knows, Anil Ambani knows, Hollande and Macron know, Every journalist now knows, Defence ministry Babus know, All of Dassault knows, All Dassault competitors know,
But the price of # RAFALE is a national secret, that cannot be revealed even to the Supreme Court. Rahul’s tweet acknowleged over 13.6 thousand likes, 5.239 retweets and over two thousand comments.

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