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The historic summit between the US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kum Jong Un resulting in the end of all hostlities thus opening the door for denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and the possible withdrawal of 28000 American troops from the South Korean soil has undoubtedly opened the door for a new chapter of peace and long lasting friendship between the two nations who were at loggerheads for the last 65 years threatening each other of deadly nucleur attacks.

The openess and cordiality with which both the leaders met and deliberated at Singapore and thereafter signed agreements n letters of understanding to pursue peace, tranquility and denuclearisation of the Korean Penninsula is something never ever expected even in distant dreams as just few months ago each of them were the harshest enemy of each other openly taking pledges to destroy one another to the fnish, with nuclear armaments n warfare.

At one point of time, when North Korea executed spree of nuclear tests over Japan sea hinting that it can destroy US anytime with its nuclear ICBMs things had taken a very ugly turn with Trump literally announcing of strongly attacking North Korea with heavy bombardments in retaliation to Kim’s repeated threats.

North Korea was the only country in the world having faced cumulative sanctions at the behest of United States and the UN having been totally isolated with only a single ally mighty China.

North Korea’s total commerce and financial deals were met by the dragon and inprinciple both of them were the ardent foes of US and its allies.

The deep rooted enmity between North Korea and the United States of America had the roots in the 65 year old history when North Korea arbitarily attacked South Korea killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people including its military personels capturng Seoul.

It was then in 1943 that the United States of America came to the fullest rescue of South Korea and attacked North Korea with the support of 21 other nations of the world literally destroying it and pushing back the North Korean soldiers out of South Korea.

The US attack was so powerful that the North Korea was in rubble with 60000 heavy bombs bombarded on its periphery.

Since then the relations between North Korea and South Korea backed by the US had been bitterly soured with the latter stationing its 28000 troops on the South Korea borders safeguarding it from any possible future attacks from North Korea.

As a result there had been no diplomatic relations between them and Kim Jong Un had only one objective in mind i.e. nuclearly arming itself and posing direct challenge to South Korea, Japan, US and its allies by way of carrying out number of nuclear tests from its soil and directly threatening US of possible nucleur attacks in the near future.

In retaliation the US president Donald Trump has pledged to destroy North Korea by heavy bombardments.

And later on , though slowly but steadily the efforts of the US secretary of state Pompeo and the South Korean president Moon brought fruitful results.

Finally Kim Jong Un agreed for the friendly relations between North and South Korea and shook hands of friendship with him.

A month ago Kim went to China twice and met Xi jingping. His miraculous change of heart and mind for reconciliation and agreeing to meet his permanent foe whom he once pronounced as the” MENTALLY DERANGED U S DOTARD” , whom Trump threatened to destroy fully has shocked and astonished the entire world.

Finally both the arch enemies met, shook hands, appreciated each other and vowed to start a new chapter of peace and prosperity between both the nations once each other’s harsh enemies.

The over confident and generous gesture of US president Donald Trump welcoming Kim Jong Un with open arms and assuring him of full economical and commerce support to build a new and prosperous North Korea and also agreeing to withdaw 28000 troops from South Korea equally expecting complete destruction of nuclear arsenals from Kim Jong Un including extending him invitation to visit White House in the near future compounded with assurances to visit North Korea has definitely opened the doors for future negotiations leading to a pemanent shutting of an environment of harsh animosity between both of them.

How China reacts to these developments in the near future, however, remains to be seen. What’s your take friends?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Niharika Ghia

    Jun 13, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Welcome sign of peace. How long will it last is a matter of time. They may have come to some.agreement but both will be very.cautious as none of them trust each other in reality. And then China is also there. Most untrustworthy and extremely selfish ( atleast for India ). China never rolled out any red carpet for Barrack Obama or even Trump. They share a cold relationship. God knows what will be the outcome. Nice and interesting article.written by you Sunil Negi Sir

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China, Russia to solidly stand behind Pakistan in the event of anti US Pak stance



The international political scenario is heating up steadily and gradually. The main reason and crux of this heat is none other but expansionist China, Pakistan and North Korea, the difficult trio who’ve literary disturbed the whole equation of the otherwise peaceful and tranquil South Asian Subcontinent.

Now Russia also seems to have completely fallen in the trap of notorious China. Today, on the one hand while India and its prime minister Narendra Modi is succesfully establishing cementing friendly relations with the dragon’s bete noire Japan’ s prime minister Shinze Abe by having ten meetings with him in just a short span of three years after his assuming charge as the prime minister of the largest democracy of the world since 2014, including having dinner diplomacy today as well in Gujarat, the two powerful heads of the developed nations China and Russia are finalising deals to help and support India’ s arch rival Pakistan at all costs in the event of United States of America taking any stand against it.

The two Asian giants have pledged to stand with terror supporting Pakistan in any eventuality, particularly if United States stands against it, blocks monetary aid and applies sanctions in future. This recent development has unambiguously created two separate blocks with Pakistan being their common unstinted and faithful ally, come what may.

This unique declaration by China and Russia to cohesively stand in support of Pakistan against a super power America directly and against India indirectly, especially when China’s bete noire Japanese Prime Minister Shinze Abe is India’ s guest and likely to sign various bilateral agreements of assistence and mutual cooperation to the tune of 5 lakh crores that also includes an over ambitious hi tech bullet train project with Japanese support, from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, speaks of the fact that China is today the most jealous country who wanted to see India doomed at any cost.

The deflection of Russia from the path of Indian friendship after having been influenced by China is the result of India’s increasing closeness towards United States of America as a permanent ally and the special treatment being meted out to India and Prime Minister Modi by President Donald Trump by taking Pakistan to task on Afgan policy and giving extra weitage to India.

Since the day, United states of America, its Congress and President Donald Trump had scolded Pak rulers on Afgan policy and held it directly responsible for aiding and abetting terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan by openly supporting the Talibanese and Haqqani Network, unabatedly killing the American soldiers and military officers and stopping the annual US aid of 255 million US dollars, since then the badly frustrated Pakistan has started unstinting efforts to approach its actual God Father China who has further roped in Russia to stand strongly and forcefully with Pakistan.

Today China, Russia and Pakistan are the common enemies of mighty United States of America and the silent foes of this trio are India, US, Japan, England, Saudi Arabia, Europeon Union and the NATO countries, who are today in princple and spirit strongly unified agaist them ( the above trio) who are constantly instigating North Koria and its paranoid ruler to expode nuclear missiles on Japanese sea to intimidate US and Japan which expansionist China and Russia can’t ever think of endeavoring themselves to annoy the mighty US. Reports are also pouring in that anti US, Iran who was restricted by the former to disengage its Nuclear Missile programme is also trying to join China and Russia to stand in support of Pakistan in the eventuality of United States’ anti Pakistan posture in the near future.

Meanwhile, in view of Pakistan’s open hostile posture against US by establishing more cohesive proximity with China and Russia and the duo’s concrete assurance to stand with Pakistan in the event of US leaving it, President Donald Trump has softened his obstinate anti Pak stance and has expressed its willingness no to loose its taditional and long term Ally (Pakistan).

The United States has reassured Pakistan to release the financial aid if necessary and is trying to reassure the annoyed Islamic nation to come to terms with it.


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