The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat met the prime minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi and extented him an invitation to inaugurate the Uttarakhand Investors Summit being organised in Uttarakhand on 7th and 8th October, 2018.

During the cordial meeting that lasted for few minutes the chief minister also requested the prime minister for sanctioning the 18 year old state a special financial package of five thousand crore green bonus against the himalayan state’s contribution in protecting and preserving the ecology and environment of Uttarakhand, for establishing or starting the green accounting system, necessary approvals for the various hydro power projects in the state lying stuck due to various environmental bottlenecks and being subjudice, establishment of the central Herbal and Research Institute at Kotdwar, special central assistence for holding the Maha Kumbh at Haridwar and grant of special funding for the rehibilitation and reconstruction of the ecological disaster affected sensitive villages of Uttarakhand.

In the context of various hydro power projects to be started in Uttarakhand the chief minister Rawat urged upon the prime minister to get the 300 megawatt Lakhwaad project approved by the cabinet committee of economic affairs at the earliest. He also requested the prime minister to get early environmental and technical clearences in the context of Central Electricity Authority’s 300 megawatt Nand Prayag hydro power project .

In connection with the 660 Kishaao Hydropower project, Rawat asked Modi for its early financial clearence and for 100 megawatt Nandprayag Langaasu project the UK CM requested for early release of the term of reference in order to initiate its expedious study.

The meeting was held in an extremely cordial environment and the prime minister assured of every possible central assistence to Uttarakhand in the near future. The chief minister also presented a book on the state government’s achievement’s on various developmental projects of Uttarakhand.

In the picture, while the chief minister Uttarakhand is looking in asmiling posture, the prime minister seems to be quite serious.

It may be recalled that the state of Uttarakhand is running in a heavy fiscal deficit of  44000 crores that has enhanced frm Rs 6000 crores from 2004 to the present figure during the tenure of the successive governments during the last sixteen years.

The present government’s finacial income or recovery to too low as compared to  the increasing fiscal deficit.  The state government is therefore at the mercy of the union government for financial assistence every now and then. Even generating the salary of its employees has allegedly become an uphill task in the state.

Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.


Rahul visits famous Pitaambara Shrine in MP and pays obiesance to Lord Shiva for the well being of the countrymen



Congress chief at famous Peetambara Shrine in MP

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today visited the famous religious temple Pitaambara Peeth alongwith the former union ministers and Senior Congress leaders Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindhia in a traditional white Kurta and saffron Dhoti wearing long garlends of white and orange mogra flowers and prayed there for few minutes.

After paying his obeisance to the Supreme Lord Shiva by pouring milk on the SHIVLINGA in the temple for the welfare and well being of the countrymen as claimed by the Congress leaders Rahul addressed two well attended public meetings at Datiya and Dabra in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s regular visits to the various temples of the country, particlarly his earlier visits to several temples in Gujarat including the historic Somnath temple Darshans have been termed by Hindu chauvinists and some political analysts as the shift in party line amounting to apeasement towards the Hindu community.

There was lot of hue and cry in the media particularly the electronic channels deviated towards the saffron party. This led to Rahul Gandhi n the senior Congress leaders denying the charge of the Congress’s slight shift towards majoritarianism to the counyer the BJP believing majorly onthe Hindu ideology. Rahul had then retorted saying that he had visited every religious shrine may it be the temple, mosque and church but if the media and electronic channels are only exhibiting or telecasting his visits to the temples that what can he do ?

It may be recalled that majority of the leaders of various political parties visit mosques n temples of eminence as its a matter of ones faith but there are definitely some meanings behind every spiritual visits. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited several important temples n even mosques ofthe country since his becoming the prime minister like prominent Somnath temple, historicBadrinath, Kedarnath Shrines n held number of Arties at the famous Varanasi temple n the ghats. He even accompanied the foreign dignitories , prime ministers with him to Banaras Ghats twice to acquaint them of the rich Indian culture and various colours of spiritualism.

PM. Narendra Modi’s next visit to Kedarnath Djam is due in the next few days where developmental projects are near completion pertaining to roads and accomodation facilities. The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had also been to the Kedarnath Shrine when Harish Rawat was the chief minister. Both the former and the incumbent president of India Dr. Pranav Mukherjee and Ram Nath Kovind had been to Kedarnath Dham in the past. Deriving political meanings out of the visits of politicians to the religious shrines have become too common these days because it’s true that these Dharmik Sthals also influence the political tides to a great extent. When the prime minister Narendra Modi visited a mosque of a state recently and addressed the Bohra muslim community where he was welcomed most heartily the newspapers and electronics channels derived lot of political meanings out of that visit terming it as shift in the saffron party’s attitude towards the minorties of the country.

Since the eruption of the Ram Mandir Babri Masjid imbroglio the face of Indian politics has completely changed with religion n spiritualism playing a pivotal role in Indian politics apart from caste, creed, community and gender considerations.

However it would not be wrong to say that after the Modi government having come to power at thecentre and in several states of the country in view of the alleged saffron uprising there is definitely a slight shift in Congress party’s policies n temple visits of its leaders, particularly Rahul Gandhi though the party stands credibly on the secular plank as well. have enhanced as compared to earlier record. What’s your take friends?

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Congress govt waived off loans of farmers while NDA waived loans of big business houses: Rahul Gandhi



Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressing public meeting at Datiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

As a sequel to his election campaign in the states likely to go to polls next month, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today addressed a public meeting in Datiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh assuring the electorates that if his party Congress comes to power in the state ruled by the BJP for the last fifteen years, the first and foremost thing it would do within 10 days would be to waive off the entire bank loans of the farmers and its total focus thereafter would be on providing employment to the youth of the state.

Appearing in an offensive mode the Nehru Gandhi scion missed no time to accuse the prime minister Narendra Modi for encouraging crony capitalism saying that while during Congress’s rule of Dr. Manmohan Singh, about 70000 crores worth of farmers loan were waived off while during Modiji’s tenure, loans of big capitalists and business houses worth Rs 2 lakh fifty thousand crores were waived off which unambiguously speak of the fact that the present government is anti farmer and pro rich. He added : its not me butthe government’s statistics reveal.

Castigating the BJP led NDA government and the prime minister of betraying the people of the country especially the youths by not fulfilling the pre election promises of two crore jobs to the country men every year, especially the youths, Rahul Gandhi said that the government is also anti farmer as when he ( Rahul) went to meet the prime minister Narendra Modi alongwith a delegation to his office for the first n last time, to demand waiving off, of the farmers bank loans, the PM did’nt uttered a single word fulfilling our demand giving financial relief to the peasents of the country and we were constrained to come empty handed.

Accusing the prime minister Modi, as usual, of favoring Anil Ambani and his company Defence Reliance to bag the contract of the Rafale offset including the finance minister Arun Jaitley for allegedly allowing the fraudster Vijay Mallya leave the country who met him a day earlier in parliament informing about his departure to London, Rahul Gandhi said that the interests of the big business houses are being taken care of, whereas the government has not time to for the poor and the farmers of the country.

Taking a dig on Rafale Jet Fighter issue n the large scale banking frauds, Rahul Gandhi catagorically emphasised that favours were allegedly given to Anil Ambani , Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Lalit Modi and even Mallya who were known to them personally thus costing the public exchequer heavily of thousands of crores. Rahul said : the entire country budget of MNREGA is 35 thousand crores and Nirav Modi, Mehul Couksi n Mallya have siphoned of more than the budget of MNREGA meant for feeding n providing employment to the poor n hapless, thus costing the public exchequer tremendously.

He questioned as to why the old contract of UPA in the Rafale deal was all of a sudden cancelled and Ambani’s company favored arbitrarily at the cost of experienced HAL, as revealed by the former French President Francois Hollande and prices of the aircrafts’ too enhanced three times from Rs. 560 crores per jet fighter to 1600 crores ?

He openly accused the prime minister’s alleged involvement in the deal to favor Reliance defence and said that the country wants to know the truth behind the entire deal. Appealing to the Congress workers to ensure the victories of the party candidates in the election Rahul Gandhi assured that the doors of the Congress government would be opened for the party workers and any minister or even CM not attending to their woes and grievances would be immediately changed.

Prominent amongst those present in the meeting were Former union ministers Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia n other state leaders. Rahul Gandhi thereafter addressed party workers at Dabra in Madhya Pradesh.

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Was Rahul Gandhi’s HAL, Bengaluru visit a pre planned strategy of Congress party to derive political capital ?



Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressing HAL employees at Bengaluru/ pic fb

The visit of the firebrand Congress chief Rahul Gandhi at the Hindustan Aeronautics limited premises to meet, interact and address the HAL employees via the HAL union right in the middle of the Rafale controversy having political overtones and that too when elections of the five states are just a month ahead considered to be the semifinals to the general elections slated for 2019 during the beginning months seems to be its pre strategic and a well thought out plan to not only politically demoralise the ruling BJP led NDA but also send across the message more effectively as to how the alleged shifting of the Rafale offset contract from the public sector undertaking HAL to Reliance defence worth over 30000 crores ( denied and objected by the government and the Reliance Defence) have adversely affected the ongoing progress, income and economic prosperity of HAL and its 30 thousand employees as well as established an alleged wrong precedence of favouring the private parties/ corporates sidelining the productive and reputed public sector undertakings thus enouraging unambiguous favour to crony capitalism.

The way Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s visit to HAL, Bengaluru, his address to the employees and the concern of the affected employees n union leaders have been widely publicised in the print and electronics media at the pan Indian level unambiguously speaks of the fact that the Congress party and its leader has derived maximum political milieage out of this visit which proved successful despite every attempt by the management and the senior officers of HAL to cancel or quell it by issuing desciplinery action threats and demoralising the employees psychologically as well as through departmental action warnings etc.

This is perhaps for the first time in the political history of the country that any opposition leader or the chief of the oldest political party of the country that ruled for over 60 years since independence has visited any Public Sector Undertaking especially, the one dealing with the defence production considered to be a sensitive department to interact or address its employees after the incumbent government has accorded the defence contract due to them to some other private party in a government to government deal like Rafale worth over 60 thousand crores approximately.

As per the reports appeared in the print media prominently the Nehru Gandhi scion and the Congress chief while interacting with the former and current employees of the Hindustan Aeronautics limited in Bengaluru on Saturday said that the state run military plane maker was a strategic asset and India owed it a great deal for protecting the country.

While the session of interaction was on, several trade union leaders n members of the HAL union n employees expressed their disenchantment, arrogance and annoyance over the attitude of the French Aviation Company Dassault for chosing the private company of Anil Ambani to grant the offset contract of Rafael Jet fighters instead of HAL, having outstanding expertise n experience in defence production and said that they felt highly insulted and cheated.

As per the report of Vikram Gopal from Bengaluru appeared in today’s HT, one of the former HAL employee and Union leader Sirazzuddin said that he felt insulted and let down that a company with 78 years of experience in manufacturing aircraft was left out. He added that we were hurt and don’t understand as to why the deal was taken away from us.

What we want from the influential leaders is that they should please protect their( HAL employees) honour. We are not begging and want to say that we are fully competent to manyfacture Rafael in India, Sirazzuddin added.

Despite the senior officers exerting pressure on the former and the present union leaders not to invite the Congress chief in the HAL premises one of the members of the HAL union said that since both the ruling party and opposition are responsible for running the country it is our duty to invite a leader who is capable and ready to stand with the grievances of the HAL employees to defend HAL n the public sector undertakings and in our view Rahul Gandhi is the best leader to be invited for our cause.

According to Rahul Gandhi: HAL for me is not a company. It’s an institution. When we got our independence, India build strategic assets to enter aero space sectors. Pointing towards the HAL employees he said, the work you have done is tremendous and the country owes a huge debt to you he added.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi used the opportunity to his full advantage and discussed the Rafale issue and its various intricacies in full detail with the former and present employees including their all form of grievances.

Rahul Gandhi assured them of his fullest cooperation by all means.
It may be recalled that the Rafale Jet fighter controversy has gained momentum these days and the Congress Party particularly its chief Rahul Gandhi is raising
the controversy in every public meeting addressed by him in the states going to polls next month.

The Rafale deal worth worth 8.7 billion US dollars was announced in 2015 to buy 39 Rafale fighters signed a year later. The Congress party has accused the BJP led NDA government of reducing the number of the Jet fighters from 126 to 36 and enhancing the cost of the aircraft by three times from Rs. 526 crores to 1760 crores and also giving the offset contract to Reliance defence instead of public sector undertaking HAL thus allegedly according the benefit of 30000 crores to the private company. The government and the Reliance Defence had vehemently denied all these accusations as frivolous, untrue and biased repeatedly.
What’s your take friends?

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Exceptional Buffalo YUVRAJ weighing 15 quintals fetches Rs 50 lakhs annually for its owner through sperms’ sale



Photo by: Sr. journalist Dinesh Kandwal

The Uttarakhand government’s Agricultural and Animal fair ( Krishi avom Pashu Mela) is a star attraction of Dehradun which has been organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandary of government of Uttarakhand at Parade ground Dehradun. It was inaugurated by the state’s Agriculture and Animal Husbandary minister Subodh Uniya.

The one of the grand attractions of this show is a highly glamourised Buffalo owned by Karamveer Singh of Kurukshetra Haryana. Known as Yuvaraj, a strong and extremely well built Yuvraj as he is known can be termed as a Super potent Buffalo. Why is he being counted in the catagory of a Super Buffalo is the fact that it is unique, different and outstanding from other buffaloes of Hayana as well as those living in other states or parts of the country.

Yuvraj’s maalik, proprietor Karamveer takes’ special care of him to maintain its physical credibility and as such is fed with 20 litres of milk, 10 kilograms of fruits especially turnip, apples, five kg worth of green fodder and a similar quantity of straw fodder on daily basis. Special care is taken to ensure that Yuvraj takes a twelve kilometre walk daily to keep the digestion in order and blood circulation active.

One would be surprised and shocked to know that this Super Buffalo ‘Yuvraj’ Is Worth Rs 13 Crore And earns Rs 50 Lakh A Year for his proprietor Selling Semen! According to “Yuvraj” this 10year-old buffalo …weighs 15 quintal and is 11.5 feet long and 5.8 feet tall.

According to senior journalist Dinesh Kandwal Yuvraj was the chief attraction of the Agriculture and Animal Fair hosted by the state government at Parade ground Dehradun.

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Sacrifice unparalleled for the true cause of Ganges ! Will our politicians regret and fulfil Swamy’s mission



Swamy Gopaldas, Swamy Gyan Swaroop Sanand n Swamy Nigmanand

Mining in and along the banks of river Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and the Ganges and deployment of stone crushers in various districts of Uttarakhand in large numbers have become a huge business causing havoc to the environment and well as to the rivers and what is worse about this whole shabby conspiracy, arbitrary n illegal business minting unaccounted wealth is that the political dispensation of the state and the system is hand in glove with them.

Simultaneously big dams have also played havoc with the forests, ecology, rivers and the people of the himalayan state always favoured by the ruling BJP as well as the Congress as both the state governments have already submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India favouring the construction of these huge hydro power products least worried for the existence of the people being threatened, rivers being squeezed and their smooth flow being heavily tempered with, mountains being made hollow and fragile by way of constructing several kilometres of tunnels with unending dynamite explosions, thus making them earth quake prone and also playing with the nature, inviting the massive ecological catastrophe like the one happened in Kedarnath and other parts of Uttarakhad on June 2013 claiming thousands of lives n leading to the collosal loss to properties n state economy.

The recent death of a great environmental saint, a veteran IItian, Phd and crusader against the river pollution and degrading ecology of the Himalayas, 86 year old Professor GD Aggarwal aka Swamy Swarup Sanand after 112 days of fast unto death strike, demanding permanent ban on mining in the Ganges and big dams in Uttarakhand Himalayas having even donated his entire body n all the vital parts to AIIMS for future research, raise many questions about the ignorance, complacense and anti river n environmental attitude of the politicians at the helm and bureaucrats sitting in central ministry of environment and the state who inspite of the state High Court’s order to safeguard the life of the fighting n relentlessly struggling Swamy for the noble cause of saving the pious Ganges have rather preferred to let him die in such an aweful, anguishing and precarious condition and never ever bothered to take any serious notice of his demands.

First he was just the 34 year old Swamy Nigmanand who laid down his precious life after under going 115 days fast and now it was the turn of professor GD Aggrawal aka Swamy Swarup Sanand who was constrained to go for his heavenly abode after 112 days of volunteered hunger.

And now an another enlighted saint cum environmentalist Swamy Gopal Dass of Matri Sadan Ashram Haridwar has followed suit by sitting on fast unto death to carry forward the unfinished task of these two noble saints. Uttarakhand is undoubtedly being led by the vision less leaders and an unholy nexus between politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, contractors, builders n big business houses.

While the liquor and mining mafia is having its fullest say in the 18 year old state the building n land mafia and sharks have literally penetrated into the system.

Uttarakhand is witnessing a huge construction activity right from cities towns to villages with pucca houses, commercial buildings and hotels etc being build in abundance.

People, especially lamd mafia are purchasing large tracts of lands and developing colonies selling it further in square yards.

On the river sides too construction activities are in the full swing including private schools, hospitals n hotels with the intent to earn huge profits.

In these construction activities huge amount of material is required which is extracted from these rivers of Uttarakhand in infinite quantities at pea nuts’ rates after gaining the mining contracts and thereafter crushed in huge stone crushers thus minting huge profits but degrading the ecology of the state and health of the rivers.

The boulders and huge stones crushed by these stone crushers into ash are the main source of stopping water thus avoiding large scale floods in the hills.

Now the government has come up with the all weather roads projects in Uttarakhand leading to huge defforestation. It is said that more than 40 thousands trees are being axed thus affecting the environment of the hills.

The government of india’s over ambitious Namame Ganga project very dear to prime minister Narendra Modi is of worth 20000 crores now, but little seems to have been done to clean the Ganges with the earlier minister Uma Bharati already been out, now leaving the responsibility on Nitin Gadkari.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of highly toxic chemicals, faecal sewers and the poisionous chemicals of hundreds of tenneries situated along the Ganges, especially in Kanpur, including the alleged dead bodies still falling in the so called pious Ganges despite so much of talk of cleaning and rejuvenating the Ganges by the present government and our energetic prime minister have raised several question marks on the earnestness of this project.

But will all this really happen is a big question mark. Had the government, its environment ministry, the state chief minister and above all, the prime minister so concious to clean the Ganges, saved the lives of both the saints viz Swamy Nigmanand and Swamy Swaroop Sanand a message would have definitely gone across through out the country about the seriousness of the CLEAN GANGA MISSION but after their tragic deaths after 115 n 112 days of hunger strikes respectively for the noble cause of the Ganges it sounds absolutely clear that they ( current state and union govt. officials dealing with the issue n ministers etc) are more hypocritical than honest to pursue this objective. What’s your take friends?

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Last hand written press release of the saint environmentalist before breathing his last.



Just before leaving for his eternal home after being forcibly dragged to the All India Institute to Rishikesh due to the detrioration in his health condition after undergoing 112 day fast for safeguarding the pious Ganges demanding immediate ban on mining and big hydro power projects along the banks of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, a former IITian and Phd and a saint environmentalist Professor GD Aggrawal aka Swamy Swarup Sanand has prespared a last press release in his own hand writing despite having not taken even a morsel of food for more than three months and in a badly sagging health in physically lean and thin position. A highly confident saint full of commitment and determination has issued the last press release of his life from AIIMS on OCT 11, 2018 at 6.45 A.M. The details of word to word hand written hand out is as below: Yesterday, ( October 10, 2018) at around 1 P. M. Haridwar Administration forcibly lifted me from Matri Sadan ( Ashram) and got me addmiyted to AIIMS Rishikesh. The doctors at AIIMS were very supportive of my cause and my tapasya for conservation and rejuvenation of mother Gangaji. However as a professional institution for medical treatment, they said they have only three options: ( 1) force feeding oral or nasal (2) forced IV (3) No hospitalisation. Detailed tests and investigations revealed critical shortage of Potassium in my blood ( only 1.7 against the minimum requirement of 3.5) and initial set up of dehydration. On pursuasion I had agreed to accept potassium being administered to me both orally and 500 ml/ day IV. I heartily thank AIIMS for their support to my cause and Tapasya.
Signed by Professor GD Aggrawal aka Swamy Swarup Sanand
Thereafter his condition deteriorated and was declared dead after suffering cardiac arrest.
Disgusting indeed. Had the government of the day really wanted to save his life he could have been force fed several days before but the fact of the matter is the concerned minister of environment, water resources or Ganga rejuvenation ministries including the secretary environment etc including the state chief minister had no time to think of this saint environmentalist who laid down his precious life for a cause holding no office or responsibilty to save the pious Ganges. It’s shame on the part of these shameless heartless administrators and politicians who have no time for such saintly reformers and environmentalists who ave no vested interest except to relentlessly struggle to save our planet, its environment n rivers.

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First Swamy Nigmanand and then Swamy Swarupanand ! Will these sacrifices be really honoured? Would Ganga be cleaned ?



Late Swamy Swaroopanand and late Swamy Nigmanand

Sounds completely irrational, callous and unjustifiable that on the one hand the government of India talks so much about cleaning the Ganges, (which is of course highly appreciable) by way of allocating over twenty thousand crores in phases on the other hand, a seer and a crusader fighting for saving the Ganges from the illegal miners demanding ban on mining and hydro power projects on the banks of the Ganga to ensure its regular and smooth flow is allowed to die and the minister of the environment, the secretary environment and even the chief minister of the state do not find time to know about his environmental concern n the health of Ganga including his own who’d been on fast unto death for the last 111 days at Matri Sadan Ashram Haridwar finally letting him die of Cardiac arrest due to various serious complications, particularly after he gave up consuming water a day or two before his tragic death.

The union government and the prime minister Narendra Modi had been appreciably, personally taking keen interest in the clean Ganga and rejuvenation plan since he came to power at the centre and had also specifically created a separate ministry for the cleaning and rejuvenation of the Ganga which was his long cherished dream.

The previous minister of the Water resources and Ganga rejuvenation ministry, saffron clad Uma Bharati was shunted out from the cabinet during the last reshuffle for not being serious on clean Ganga mission.

In addition to this, the prime minister Narendra Modi and union minister Nitin Gadkari had been making several announcements about the save Ganga mission’s success and introduction of several waterways, improvement in Ghats, installation of sewer treatment plants, closing of polluting factories along the Ganges and cleaning of the Ganges in a phased manner etc to the people of the country and also enhancing the budget from the initial five thousand crores to 20 thousand crores.

But it sounds anguishing and shocking that despite so much of its concentration on cleansing of the Ganges and allocation of such a huge budget not only has the previous Congress and BJP governments have allegedly given affidavits in the Apex court through the union environment ministry in favour of large dams in Uttarakhand thus effecting the health of the free and smoothly flowing rivers but will also in the due course lead to eruption/ occurance of massive ecological disasters.

Above all, the precious life of the crusader to save the pious Ganges which has now become excessively polluted, could not be saved unambiguously showing the callous and indifferent attitude of the union environment ministry and the concerned minister in not responding to his demands and health issues.

First the death of merely 34 year old Swamy Nigmanand Saraswati in 2011 in Uttarakhand after 115 days of fast unto death and thereafter the death of a professor of IIT n member secretary, Central Pollution Control Board turned saint due to the 112 days protest fast demanding ban on hydropower projects and mining in and on the banks of the Ganges to keep it clean, smooth in flow and healthy have indeed shed a doubt on the integrity and earnestness of the authorities concerned as well as the NDA government towards the noble cause of clean Ganga.

It may be recalled that late Swamy Gyan swaroopanand had thrice been on protracted hunger strikes in 2009 and 2014 demanding scrapping of the two big dams in Uttarakhand in which the government had to finally relent and cancell viz 380 megawatt capacity Bhairon ghati power project n 480 megawat Pala Maneri project . In 2014 too he undertook 115 days hunger strike against the governments inactivity in the National Ganga River Basin Authority. Similarly late Swamy Nigmanand too undertook 67 days hunger strike at Haridwar in 2007 for end to mining and excavation of natutal resources from the Ganges.

What’s your take friends?

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Former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat ridicules Trivendra Singh Rawat’s investors summit



The former chief minister of Uttarakhand and now the national general secretary of the All India Congress Committee incharge of Assam Harish Rawat’s affection or nostalgia towards the hilly state is not coming to an end. Depite the fact that the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has elevated him to the important position at the centre giving him the charge of Assam so that he would no more interfere in the state Congress’s affairs or political jurisdiction the old and experienced political champion has finally intruded into the Uttarakhand’s Congresss chief’s domain and arranged a vedio of the meeting of the Gujarat’s multi billionaire ADANI’S meeting with the chief minister of Uttarakhand in the presence of top burraucrats as well as the few investors who’d come to participate in the Uttarakhand investors summit addressed by prime minister Narendra Modi. However, he has every right to criticize his political opponents and frther the interests of his party being the national leader of his party Congress.

According to the video posted in his twitter handle as well as the facebook timeline with captions/ sub titles in red letters clever and efficient politician Harish Rawat has caught the casual words of interaction of industrialist Adani known as PM’s old friend and accquaintance while expressing his fears and apprehensions in investing in Uttarakhand and so of other industrialists or corporate houses.

For instance while talking to the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and others present in the meeting complacent Adani says that he faced some problem in reaching Dehradun as he was stuck in the massive traffic at the airport side.

Then while continuing talking on the investment he says while every investor has to do business he comes. And whosoever investor is coming , he is not confident in the government and each and every infrastructure project is in trouble.

The investors are not confident in the government. One side is in fear of the government. Sabko dhandha karna hai sab aa jate hain? But are not satisfied.

The entire conclusion of the tape recorded interaction posted by Harish Rawat was that the investors even like Adanies are not interested to invest in Uttarakhand for various reasons.

However he instead of losing the opportunity thought to criticize the Uttarakhand government on its investers summit, after posting this tape recorded version.


The big industrialist of a corporate house extremely close to the union government and Modiji has expressed his suspicion over the investor summit. This vedio is raising several questions. Will theTrivendra Singh Rawat government reply to this? The way the central government of Narendra Modi is suffering from Robert Vadra phobia it seems that it has now traversed from Delhi to Uttarakhand. Instead of clearing the confusions/ suspicions emerging out of this vedio the government and its representatives have stooped low to misbehaving.

It may be recalled that the chief minister of Uttarakhand has announced that the investor summit was a great success and MOUs worth of 70000 crores have been signed till yet.

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Mamta, Mayawati n Akhilesh conspiring to sideline Rahul from being Grand alliance’s PM candidate



It has been observed that none amongst the entire non BJP opposition parties except the Congress and the CPM, has taken any formidable stand on the most controvertial issues dominating the the national scene like Rafael n Banking frauds etc despite the unambiguous fact that there have been lot of efforts for the grand allaince of the anti BJP parties in view the fast approaching national elections.

If one analyses the issues being discussed and talked about in the recent poll campaigns its primarily the Rafale issue and banking frauds that have overtaken the issues of demonetisation, GST, unemployment and even increasing prises of petro products including the farmers suicides, SC ST act, reservation and the agrarian economy, though at the local level these issues do get discussed.

It has been visualised that in the recent past none of the leaders of the non BJP opposition except Rahul Gandhi and to some extent Sitaram Yachuri of CPM n the CPI leaders, whether they are Mamta Bannerjee of TMC, Mayawati of BSP, Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam.Singh Yadav of SP, Ajit Singh of RLD, Om Prakash Choutala of INLD or Sharad Pawar of INC or even Tejasvi Yadav of RLD has raised any voice of dissent at their end nor have ever discussed to make it their election issue during the forth coming general elections of 2019 except the Congress party which had exclusively discussed it in its highest decision making body CWC n also included them as the main election issues.

Not only this but the Congress high command has also issued directives to all the state presidents as well as the party workers to hold seminars, discussions and protest demonstrations in their respective states to mobilse the people against the alleged irregularities committed in the Rafael deal. And the demonstrations highlighting the Rafael Jet model with playcards castigating the incumbent government in finalising this deal are taking place in all the states of the country. Just two days ago when the Prime minister Narendra Modi visited Dehradun to inaugurate the Uttarakhand Investors Summit, the flagship programme of the UK, BJP government under which MOU’s worth Rs. 70000 crores habe already been signed, the Uttarakhand state Congress committee held a protest sit in and demonstration in Dehradun against Rafale deal and flew black balloons as a mark of protest against the PM not speaking a single word of clarification on the Rafale deal.

Similarly in Assam, Delhi, UP and other states of the country several demonstrations took place opposing the deal and exposing the NDA government. But none of the UPA alliance parties or Trinamool Congress, BSP, SP, regional parties except CPM n CPI had protested on this count. This non cooperative attitude of the opposition parties does not augur well for them in future as far as the question of formation of the Mahagathbandhan is concerned.

If we go by this non cooperative attitude of the opposition parties to Congress on imporyant issues such as Rafael etc it looks clear that either they want to see the Congress party in bad shape thus isolating it from the future unity developments or wanted to sideline Rahul Gandhi from the race of Prime ministership. The recent going alone of BSP chief Mayawati in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh n Chattisgarh and publicly castigating the Congress leader Digvijay Singh using words like swarthi etc speaks of the fact that she herself want to be the prime minister of India though it sounds a mere dream minus the honest grand alliance of the non BJP opposition at the national level. Mamta Bannerjee is also another over ambitious woman who sounds to be more a hypocrite than an honest leader towards forming a non BJP grand alliance.

Meanwhile the Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed a press conference at the AICC headquarter in New Delhi today and asked for the prime minisyer’s resignation over the Rafael deal. Rahul Gandhi questioned the ongoing visit of the Defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaram to France and asked what was the dire necessity to visit France now. What is being cooked there these days that he was compelled to go to France asked Rahul.

He said the prime minister assumed power on the issue of eradicating corruption but today he is himself allegedly involved in it.

He has been accused of this charge. Hence he should speak on it else resign from the post.

He catagorically said that the Congress Party had asked for the JPC probe but the government has rejected it. He said that the former French president has clearly disclosed that he was asked to give the Rafale offset Contract to Reliance Defence and now the senior executive of Dassault has said that there was a precondition for making the firm of Anil Ambani as the partner.

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Cyclone titli hits Odisha coast, trees uprooted; Flights, trains affected



Cyclone ‘Titli’ strike coastal Odisha accompanied with strong winds and heavy rain the region. It uprooted trees and electric poles and damaged hutments in several parts after making landfall early this morning. Reportedly, the cyclone ‘Titli’ created the landfall between 4.30 and 5.30 am in South-east coast of Gopalpur near palasa in Andhra Pradesh with a surface windspeed of 140-150 kmph. More than three lakh people in Odisha’s five coastal districts have been moved to safer places.
Power supply and telephone links damaged
Reportedly, The cyclone also caused heavy rainfall in at least three districts of Odisha and caused slight damage to power and communication. Power supply and telephone lines got distorted and road communication broke due to uprooted trees at many places of Gajapati district. There has not been any significant damage or any report of casualty received from any part of the state till now. Some cases of destruction were reported from Ganjam and Gajapati districts. Road routes between Paralakhemundi and Mohana and some other block headquarters in Gajapati had been obstructed due to the effect of the cyclone.
Flights and train services are effected
Flights and train services between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha are also effected due to the cyclone Titli . Indigo Airlines has cancelled five flights to and from Bhubaneswar. Reportedly, train services are suspended between Khurda road and Vizianagram from both directions from 10 pm on Wednesday till further notice. Also, operations at Paradip port have been suspended and all ships have been moved to deep sea. The IMD advised total suspension of fishing activities and movement of coastal hutment dwellers to safe places. Fisherman along the Odisha coast, and central and north Bay of Bengal were advised not to move into sea till Friday.
15 teams of NDRF have been deployed
The Odisha Government has maintained that it has achieved “Mission Zero Casualty”, which was a target set by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, even heavy rainfall hit at least five districts of Ganjam, Gajapati, Puri, Khurda and JagatsSinghpur. Total 15 teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are deployed out of which 13 are deployed along with the Orissa Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF) at endangered places. The people who have been taken out of their homes have been lodged in shelters. Pregnant women have been moved to hospitals. Other than making all plans for rescue and relief operations, the chief Minister also ordered to close all schools, colleges and anganwadi centres on 11th and 12th as a result of IMD’s forecast of very heavy rainfall across the state. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik took stock of the situation on Wednesday and had asked district collectors to shift people from the low lying areas of the coastal belt.
Chandrababu Naidu to take stock of the situation today
Two people are died in Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam as cyclone Titli uprooted trees and electric poles and damaged hutments in the region. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu plans to visit the area today and will likely stay the night there.

Cyclone is moving towards West Bengal
Titli has been considered as a very critical cyclonic storm, hit the coast with a speed of 140-150 kmph. The cyclone is moving towards West Bengal and is expected to diminished steadily with reduced wind speed.

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