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Being a girl, I think it would be quite rare for you to travel alone anywhere to distant places, for instance- “traveling outside the country”. So, have you ever seen the outside world alone? Has it been possible ever for you to roam around outside of the country with no company? Travelling alone can be the best thing that can happen to a female in her life. You can go to any place without the judgment or restrictions from any side.  Well, yes, undoubtedly the trip belongs to you and only you. Make it the best you can.

Well, ladies! get ready for this one. No need to be afraid of the world. Yes, you can travel alone. We have brought the list of various necessary stuff that you need to carry with yourself while you are on a Solo trip.

Things to do before you are leaving for the trip:

  1. Be sure and well acknowledged about the place you are going to. Websites like or can be of a great help. Just check out all the necessary information for yourself about that place, the hotels, and the neighborhood.
  2. Food? Yes, of course, it should be the best. Check out for the food providers in that area where you are going to travel and choose the best one based on the reviews they got for their services and other variants.
  3. In order to deal in case of the emergency, just give the complete information to someone you know so that you can contact him/her in case of need.
  4. Carry the necessary documents with you or put their images saved in the Google Drives so that you can access them with any device.
  5. Be clever! No need of you to keep the money all at a single place. Keep some in your pocket, some in the cash card and the remaining in the hotel back in case of an emergency.

Things to do when you have finally reached your dream place:

  1. Communicate with the employees of the hotel where you are residing or make friends there and ask them about the place. Where to go and where not to go?
  2. Know your limits. In case you are consuming Alcohol or liquor, you need to know this- “drink moderately”.
  3. Be equipped with the safety mechanism where ever you will be or are traveling. If you are going to the bathroom carry your bag with you. Stay safe!
  4. No need for you to start checking your phone and maps for navigation in the middle of the road. Just check in to a nearby shop or cafe and then see where to go and where you presently are.
  5. Carry a whistle with or any other safety stuff for your safety as you are alone there.

So, you are ready for the trip now! Keep the above-listed points in mind and start traveling. Have a great trip. 


A brave woman who fought the maneater should be recommended for president’s bravery award



There is a news about a very brave woman of Srinagar Garhwal’s Gahard village namely Mamta Devi who was attacked by a maneater (leopard) while she was washing the clothes. Mamta, however, exhibited extraordinary courage and instead of being demoralised or terrorised put a brave fight with the predator and stoned him to death after repeated stoning as per the information of Vipin Pant an NGO activist.

This is undoubtedly an extraordinary act of outstanding bravery by a woman of immense courage who uncaring for her life bravely fought the maneater and stoned it to death. WOW.

She should be recommended for the President’s bravery award by the state government. The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum appeals to the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat to take note of this incident of outstanding bravery of ahousewife and financially compensate and reward Mamta Devi of Gahard Gaon near Shrinagar Garhwal.

It’s infact disturbing to note that the dreaded incidents of leopard attacks in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand are on rapid increase with number of casualties on the rise and the government of the state literally doing nothing to ensure the safety of the human beings and initiating steps to capture these maneaters who are more than 150 in Uttarakhand, may be the number might have increased by now.

What is more disturbing is the fact that unlike in other forests these maneaters have now come nearer to human settlements in Uttarakhand and are constantly making the human’ their easy prey, ever third day. In just last one week several incidents of maneater attacks and subsequent casualties have come to our knowledge.

The situation now has come to such a sorry pass that the forest department and the wild life officers including the minister concerned should seriously work on this matter as maneater casualties have gone beyond control, in the Uttarakhand hills.

Since 2000 after achieving statehood about 600 people have lost their lives in the maneater, leopard attacks and about 31 hundred injured, many of them grievously.

This spree of attacks unfortunately in still on, rather more speedily. The lives of the people whose houses are on roadside, in isolated places and near the jungles have become completely vulnerable.

Maneaters are entering house compounds and grabbing human beings, literally dragging them to the nearby jungles thereafter, thus killing them on the spot without any fear or terror of human attack.

It is incumbent of the state government to come out with a concrete policy and plan of action on these casualties so that the maneaters are tranqualised and captured in cages or if need be killed, as humans are more important than tigers, we believe, if they are killing us so rampantly. What’s your take, friends?

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Rs. Five lakh compensation declared by CM Uttarakhand for late Pappu Karki’s bereaved family



The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat has officially sanctioned Rs Five Lakhs from the chief minister’s discreationary fund to the bereaved family of Pappu Karki a renowned upcoming singer of Uttarakhand and number one in Kumaon, extremely popular heart throb of millions who met his sad end in a car accident just a few days ago in Uttarakhand leaving behind a distressed family of three, two children and wife behind.

According to the prominent music director and producer of Uttarakhand, Rajendra Chouhan, this is for the first time that the collective unity of the folk artists, singers, the theatre activists and the musicians and the major role of the social media have finally shown effective results thus compelling the state chief minister bow to the demand for adequate financial compensation to the family of the talented singer Pappu Karki and others who’d died in road accidents leaving their families in lurch and financial disarray.

A delegation of the Uttarakhand artists led by Rajendra Chouhan had earlier met the Cultural Secretary of Uttarakhand government as well as the education minister Dhan Singh Rawat presenting them memorandum demanding compensation of Rs. Five Lakhs to the bereaved family of Pappu Karki and two other young artists namely Amit Shah and Rajesh Negi who died in a road accident in Seelakoi three days prior to Karki’s death.

While the chief minister has announced Rs. Five lakh compensation for Pappu Karki, the aid for other two deceased is to follow afterwards said Chouhan.

Born in 1984 Pappu Karki was an extremely popular singer of Uttarakhand having sung in at least 50 CDs being sold in the market and has sung in umpteen events and musical nights in India as well as abroad like Dubai etc. His fan following was in millions and was a rising super star singer of Uttarakhand in the days to come having been lauded by one and all including the legendary number one singer Narendra Singh Negi.

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Had I been the dictator, would have shot the hoarders and black marketeers said Jim in a letter to Negi



I just came back from my 6 days’ Nainital visit, though I unambiguously know that hundreds of thousands of people visit this charming hill station every summer and is now a very common hill station from the point of view of the convenient reach for tourists from all over the country n the globe.

Due to the revolutionery technological advancements when the entire world has come closer, visiting Nainital and talking about it is nothing new as the entire country n the world knows about it, its pleasent weather, serene natural beauty, environment and its various aspects as one of the best tourist destinations and the quality education hub of the country, as well.

Though sounds strange but its true that I had visited this most enchanting and mesmerising city after several decades for the second time, first when I was studying in class 5th n am still finding it extremely charming, cold and pleasent even during the peak summers when the capital city experiences the worst unbearable temperature of 43 to 45 degree celcius unable to withstand the impact of the boiling heat.

WOW sounds unimaginable that when rest of the India boils people in Nainital shiver in cold wearing sweaters and jackets lighting bonfires, every night. Nainital is undoubtedly known for its best and enchanting lake, Naini, the serene beauty of the surrounding hills full of greenery and fresh oxygen and best schools established by the British more than two centuries old, the enchanting two hundred year old churches, the best maintained Mall road for the last two centuries, the mesmerising boating spirit of the tourists, the elegant architectural houses of the British still intact even after two centuries, the unique and splended governor’s house built on the architectural pattern of the Burkinghum Palace, England, the Gurney house of the legendary shooter, conservationist and a naturalist colonel Jim Corbett at Ayarpatta and his elegant winter house in Kaladhungi on a sprawling garden of two acres, now a museam and the most fabulous Nainital High Court, Tifin Top, Thandi Sadak, Snow View , China peak, lovers’ and Suicide point etc ? and what not.

Despite all this, visiting the 140 year old bungalows’ of Col Edward James Jim Corbett, a finest brave n ebullient shooter of his time and now museum at Ayarpatta in Nainital and at Kaladhungi, at the trisection of the roads going to Nainital, Haldwani and Delhi, was the greatest thrilling experience for me, from where I could learn so much about this legendary shooter and killer of 90 maneaters before 1947.

It was indeed a not to be forgotton riveting experience. Whatever little I could collect from there through clicking pictures, I am trying to post here. If you really go through some of the material seriously, you will find them worth reading and accquainting yourself about such an outstanding personality of his time, who saved people of the hills from maneaters and thereafter protected the tigers, the forests, the enchanting environment of the hills, the wild life and even served the poor, hapless and the needy financially and otherwise.

Born at Nainital on 25th July 1875 Jim Corbett left for Kenya in 1947 n later on breathed his last in Kenya in 1955, where he lived with his sister Maggie as a life long batchelor. His entire life, right after being born was too struggleful. Jim Corbett’s mother married for the second time and was the son of her mother’s second husband who was in British Army but later on settled in Nainital.

Jim was just six years old when his father Christopher W Corbett died. He studied up to high school. Thereafter served in Railways and many other departments including the Army first as Captain and lateron promoted as Colonel. He killed 90 man eaters in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of then Himalayan region, within the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh. He purchased 40 acres of land during his lifetime for 1400 Rs and did agricultural farming. He had number of servant quarters in his Kaladhungi bungalow where he stayed during the winters with his sister Maggie and old mother. He never charged a single paisa from his tenants. He always helped the poor and hapless villagers financially and settled their disputes. Since Nainital and Kaladhungi were richly endowed with wilderness, Jim became the wonderful naturalist with tremendous love for the wild life.

A life long bachelor Jim Corbett donated his entire land to the forest division and the locals, after retirement and left for Kenya alongwith his sister where he authored number of books on his lifetime hunting and other aspects of his life.

Corbett was always concerned for the poor people of India , Haldwani, Kaladhungi and Nainital. His main concern was to improve the socio economic lot of the people, particularly the cultivators. He was a good friend of the then Divisional Forest Officer of Ram Nagar one Mr. Negi under whose jurisdiction fell Kaladhugi and Chota Haldwani then.

In one of the typed one and a half page letter written to Negi from Kenya, Jim Corbett expresses his serious concern about the food shortage in India and the subsequent apathy of the government towards the cultivators and farmers of Garhwal n Kumaon. He said that if India really want to get rid of the food insecurity, its rulers should improve the socio economic lot of the farmers who actually toil the land and produce food grains for countrymen but are themselves ridden with abject poverty .

But instead of benefitting them the hoarders and black marketeers are minting heavy profits and committing huge sin. He wrote to Negi: Had I been the dictator of the country, I would have granted complete socio economic life long security to the poor peasents and the cultivators and literally shoot the hoarders and black marketeers (who are) creating food shortage for the Indians by wrongful means and committing sins. Such was Jim’s heart for the poor and the Indians.

It’s very important to note here that though Col. Edward James Jim Corbett killed good number of maneaters to save the local populace of the himalayan villages both in Garhwal and Kumaon regions but he dedicated his entire life for preserving the tigers n its different spieces. In his opinion,” THE TIGER IS A LARGE HEARTED GENTLEMAM WITH BOUNDLESS COURAGE AND WHEN HE IS EXTERMINATED – AS EXTERMINATED HE WILL BE, UNLESS PUBLIC OPINION RALLIES TO HIS SUPPORT- INDIA WILL BE POORER BY HAVING LOST THE FINEST OF ITS FAUNA.

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