Top 8 most downloadable iPhone apps from around the World



1. India: Reliance Jio’s MyJio is the latest and hottest app in India which iPhone and iPad users have downloaded till the last weekend because of its free 4G internet for 3 months. This app allows users to check their balance, internet usage, payment system and other offerings provided by the company.

2. UK: Bottle Flip 2K16; it is proving itself one of the most best gaming app and users are liking it so much that it is still coming on top charts in the United Kingdom. It is basically an is inspired by the senior talent show water bottle which has perfect tricks compilation and offers a water free alternativ

3. Australia: Monopoly at Macca’s; It is another gaming which is very popular in Australia and as a part of promotion for fast food chain Mac Donald. It is a licensed adaptation of a game called monopoly.

4. Germany: iMovie; It is a photo and video app very famous in Germany. This app allows users not just the videos and photos but also to share their stories and browse videos, share their favorite moments in the form of videos and photos.

5. France: Bitmoji Keyboard; this utility app allows users to create emojis and small cartoon images with almost unlimited range of emotions and reaction. This app uses the photo augmentation and creation suite of snapchat.

6. Canada: iTunes: The education iTunes app is making buzz in Canada. In this app over one million lectures are preloaded with other course materials with more formalized University, School and College set ups for both lecturers and students.

7. Japan: Gintama Kabukicho Daikatsugeki; It is a gaming app based on turn by turn fighting adventure based on the Gin Tama animated series, with a team to lead and other characters to fight more battles and recruitment for it.

8. Singapore: Bigo Live; A social networking site based on a video streaming technology. This app allows users to broadcast them live with real time interaction with others and send some virtual gifts too. It is a paid app and cost only $0.99.

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600 Year Old historically significant coins found in Khidki Masjid by ASI




A news about unearthing of precious 254 coins of the medieval times, probably of Tuglak era of the year 1600 in an ancient mosque built in the year 1380 about 620 years ago, has become viral in the social media which has been confirmed by the team of India TV by visiting the site at Khidki Gaon in South Delhi and confabulating with the senior officers of the Archeological Survey of India today.

According the news report the Khidki Masjid was constructed by the then prime minister Ferozshah Tuglak about two hundred years before the construction of historic Juma Masjid.

All the prominent Sultans and Kings of that era and thereafter as well had offered namaz in this ancient historic mosque built in a vast area with a magnificient ancient moghul architecture with good number of tombs and pillars.

Today the huge mosque is in a dilaphidated condition with its ceiling coming down and number of strong pillars in sorry state of affairs.

There are hundreds of bats hanging against the ceilings of the tombs of this mosque with their shit making it completely ugly and unhyginic giving an unbearable foul smell.

The Archeological Survey of India had started its renovation work on the mosques’ side walls digging the base when the team found an earthen pot beneath the heavy stone steps, full of 254 coins of gold, silver or other metal holding tremendous archeological significance.

It 2003 also the ASI had unearthed about 64 coins. These medival era coins bearing scripture on Arbi and Farsi languages on its both the surface are believed to be of the Sher Shah Suri inheritence/ family (Vanshaz) of the 16th century.

According to the ASI all the coins have been sent for detailed and micro examination or deciphering to its laboratory to asses their actual value and the historic archeological significance.

It may be recalled that the news about this vital finding had become viral in social media few days ago and was later on substantiated as true/ real by the India TV team of reporters.






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Vivo V11 Pro: Price and specifications and offers



Chinese smartphone company Vivo introduced Vivo V11 Pro on September 7. Currently, The smartphone is available for pre-order since its launch across all offline channels and on the Vivo e-Store, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. The online sale took place at 12 am, Sep 12.
Priced in India at Rs. 25,990
The smartphone comes with a price of Rs 25,990. Buyers can take the benefit of various offers during the sale.
Specifications of Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11 Pro runs FunTouch OS4.5 based on android 8.1 Oreo. It is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. The dual-SIM handset offers 6 GB RAM and 64GB ROM and supports a micro SD card as well. It features a 6.41-inch full-HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) Halo Full View 3.0 Super AMOLED display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.27 percent
The smartphone’s major charm is its enviable camera with a dual primary camera of 12MP (f/1.8) + 5MP (f2.4) resolutions. It also comes with a host of other camera features such as Pro mode, Slow motion video recording, Live Bokeh, filters, AI backlight HDR, AI face shaping and much more. For non-stop performance, the smartphone encompasses of 3400mAh battery and comes in two colours variants- Dazzling Gold and Starry Night.
Offers available during the sale
As part of the midnight sale, buyers can avail various offers. These include flat Rs 2,000 cashback on purchases made using HDFC Bank credit and debit cards and Rs 2,000 cashback with Capital First.
There is also an exchange offer of up to Rs 2,000. Customers can also buy the smartphone at no-cost EMI for up to 12 months on major credit and debit cards. Reliance Jio customers will be able to avail benefits worth Rs 4,050 on the smartphone purchase. Vodafone-Idea customers will be given additional data along with the complimentary liquid and physical damage insurance of the smartphone.
On purchases made through Paytm Mall, buyers will be given a flat cashback of Rs 2,000. Additionally, there are one time screen replacement offer and buyback guarantee as well.

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5 iPhone features you won’t find on android



Android and iOS are constantly competing each other for unique features. More often they try to copy each other’s features but they are not always at uniformity.
They will always be compared with each other. It’s not that iOS is better than android. Both the operating systems have standout features. This article is presenting some truly extraordinary features found in iOS that are still not present in any Android phone.
3d touch
A feature called 3 d touch is present in iOS which is not available on any Android phone. In the 3D Touch, capacitive sensors are combined into the smartphone’s display to sense three degrees of pressure in a user’s touch and respond in a different manner depending upon the amount of force exerted. In Android phones, there are two mostly two options press and long-press.
iMessage is the inbuilt messaging service in Apple . It allows you to send text, photos ,videos and location to anyone else using iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.
Offload  unused apps 
This feature allows you to uninstall an app without losing any of its stored data. It was introduced in iOS 11. If you install the app again, your data is already there in the app.
Swipe right to go back
In iPhones, you need to swipe right when you have to go to the previous menu. It’s simple and easier to use than looking for a back button. In android phones, there is a back button to go to the previous screen and in some apps, there is back button to the top left which is nearly impossible to reach with one hand on a large phone.
Timely updates
Whenever the new version of iOS is launched, it is available immediately for all the supported phones including those devices that are two or three generations older. This is not in the case of android phones.

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Hoe to choose the choose the best Mobile app development company for your business?



The main objective of a mobile app development company is to build an application that support mobile platforms like android, iOS, windows. Businesses are using the mobile applications to get customer’s attention that helps to increase their brand value. An expert mobile app development company aims to develop an application that not only fulfils the client’s requirements but also liked by the common users. An application is considered to be great when it provides a great user experience. A mobile application helps to increase the productivity and profitability of a business. Most of the application service providers ask the clients to select the features they want in their application. Since the mobile application is available 24/7, it saves your time and money that is not possible with the traditional marketing methods . If you are running a business and want to expand it, with the help of application, you can plan everything like current strategies, future plans, deals and discounts and serve directly to your customers.
Below are some tips to know before choosing the best App development company.
Know your app requirements
Understand your own requirements that you are looking for in a mobile application. The requirements will largely depend on the type of your business and what kind of products you want to sell. You can also check the similar apps on the internet and know better what they provide. For a non profit mobile application too, you have to consider your precise requirements.
Check out reputation
There are lot of companies in the market but it’s not necessary that they are reputed or genuine. To choose the best Mobile app development company , check out the company’s reputation, you can conduct an online search to know its credibility. You can check the ratings and reviews posted by the customers for the company. If possible, collect the details of their clients and different types of services they offer. Also check the company’s experience in the field, if you are satisfied with it, you can go ahead to make the choice for yourself.
Cost effectiveness
Don’t always go with the company that offers cheapest app solutions. But, consider the one that offers quality services at affordable prices. The companies that are old and have long-term existence provide the apps at efficient costs. You can go for such companies. But for finding such a company, you have to do some research online. There are many long established companies in the market that offer affordable and quality apps and give you the value for your investment. Choose the iOS application development company that provides high quality services.

Check out innovation and technology
There are many apps available on the app stores, but you need something unique and innovative to stand out. An app developed by an innovative mobile app development company, will help to gain the momentum online. You can also ask them to show different apps they have developed and the features that can be added to the app. Make sure to reach out the companies that improve your business standards. Also make sure to pick someone who never hesitate themselves to update themselves with future technologies and challenges.

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The prime minister Narendra Modi said that the BJP led NDA government at the centre despite having inherited double digit inflation, high revenue deficit, high fiscal deficit, a faulty banking system and stalled projects leading to a poor economy has expeditiously revitalised its efforts to navigate the economy back to the path of reforms thus encompassing and covering all the major areas.

The fiscal deficit that was 4.4% in 2013, 14 has been targetted to be brought down to 3.3% in the current fiscal year of 2018- 19. He added that together with the strong and robust policy of the Reserve Bank Of India the inflation rate has been brought down to 3.3% in the year 2017. The prime minister was answering the detailed written questionaire of the correspindents of Hindustan Times daily published in today’s edition i.e 13th August .

This was prime minister Narendra Modi’s second interview but in a written form after the first given to the news agency ANI.

Answering good number of questions on bilateral relations with Pakistan, US, China and on foreign policy matters including growth rate, his government’s overall performance, banking sector, UAE Israel binary, GST, IBC, bad loans and NPAs etc. prime minister Modi have given detailed written replies on all points , the interview having published in the centrespred (pages) of HT.

Dwelling in detail on the question of his visits to foreign countries and maintaining equilibrilum in the relations with China, US, Russia , UAE and Israel, Modi said that Diplomacy for Development was the key matra of his foreign policy and he always ensured that the development of the country, well beings of Indians and shared progress and prosperity in the world should be the central theme of India’s foreign policy.

Modi emphasised that his foreign trips with leading global businesses and economies amd diplomatic engagements have healthily contributed in accompanying a whopping business of 200 million US dollars in the Indian markets.

In addition, global giants from Russia, US and Saudi Arabia are investing about 35 billion US dollars in the energy sector alone thus adding to the phenomenal growth of Indian economy and subsequent employment generation opportunities in the country.

In the oil sector he catagorically said that the Indian companies have bagged stakes for the first time in oil fields in the middle east and many other competetive markets in the world.

Our partnerships to procure Uranium from many countries will help us sustain the country’s civil nucleur programme and promote science and technology and industry in India says prime minister Modi.

On the question of Arms purchase from Russia despite the waiver granted by US on all types of defence purchases and how does the prime minister manages to keep US happy, Narendra Modi replied: Both US and Russia are India’s long standing strategic partners.

Our relationships with them stands on the individual merits.We have time tested relationships with Russia. Our relations with the US has undergone a major transformation including in the spheres of security and defence. Therefore both the countries understand our legitimate interests, including our security interests says the prime minister.

In the context of India’s relationship with the new government headed by Imran Khan in Pakistan, prime minister Modi said: We hope democracy will take deeper roots in Pakistan. I congratulated Pakistan’s PM in waiting Imran Khan on his party’s resounding victory and hope that Pakistan will constructively work to build a strong, stable, safe and development oriented South Asia, free of terror and violence.

Replying to the question pertaining to Indo China relations despite the Doklam crisis, prime minister Modi said that both the countries always tried to resolve the border issues peacefully with not a single bullet having been fired from either side during the last four decades.

He added this reflects that both the nations are mature and capable enough of resolving differences peacefully.

Praising the Chinese premier Xi Jingping Modi said that he had met him several times during the last four years. Such frequent interactions on the sidelines of BRICS summit, East Asia Summit, G 2, meeting of the Shanghai cooperation organisation and Wuhan summit etc gives both the leaders an opportunity to interact freely and in candid atmosphere to understand each others’ concern without being forced into a diplomatic straitjacket.

On the question of the resolution of bad loans and NPAs ( non performing assets) the prime minister catagorically blamed the previous UPA government accusing them of disbursing huge loans calling the phenomena as telephonic banking.

He unambiguously put the blame for bad loans and NPAs on the UPA 2 government of Congress led by Dr.Manmohan Singh and said that the data shows that the gross advances of public sector banks increased almost threefolds in six years from 2008 to 2014 during the Congress regime resulting in the massive increase in the NPAs.

On the question of the non BJP coalition being build against him for the 2019 elections Narendra Modi said: A non ideological alliance of the disperate and disperete groups is not a Mahagathbandhan . It is a failed idea which has never succeeded in the past. The people of the country want a strong and decisive government that is sensitive to their interests and gives them results.
From the interview published in HT

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After making the alleged  controvertial Rafale deal and banking fraud of Rs 15000 crores as its main election plank for the coming general elections of 2019, the mother and son duo i.e. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has now come out of parliament as well to ensure that the issue is highlighted to the most in the media inorder to make it infilterate into the peoples’ mind repeatedly and it was in the run up to the general elections and the elections likey to be held in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh that Sonia Gandhi despite are not so good health registered a physical protest alongwith her party MPs outside the parliament house vociferously raising anti government slogans on Rafale dealand other corruption issues slamming the BJP led NDA government at the centre.

Holding the nicely written colourful playcards having made for this demonstration the sloganson themm read : Rafale cover up, out in the open, Modi corruption exposed, No farm loan waiver,Rs 1,30, 000 crores to Rafale scam, Farm loan waiver with cross on it and Rafale to Ambani and Rafale scam, we demand JPC. There was huge uproar inthe house today with the entire opposition demanding the papers of the entire Rafale deals to be tabled in the house and Joint Parliamentary Probe be held to ensure transparancy and probity in the entire excercise of the deal which the opposition termed as fishy.

It may be recalled that during the no confidence motion the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has openly accused the prime minister and the government for encouraging crony capitalism and helping the private players like Ambani having no experience in defence production being obliged with the offset contract of Rafale jets thus allegedly according them profit of several thousand crores to which prime minister Narendra Modi has taken Rahul Gandhi to task for being childish in matters of the nation’s security deals and leading to country’s mockery, globally. Modi has challenged Rahul Gandhi on Rafale deal saying that it’s a transparent and honest deal, all on papers and records and is fully unchallengeable.

Recently, the strong bete noires of the prime minister Narendra Modi n the NDA government former ministers in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s govt. veteran journalist Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and senior advocate Supreme court and leader of Swaraj Party Prashant Bhushan had also addressed a press conference accusing the PM n the defence minister for dramatically reducing the number of Rafale jets from 126 to 36 and enhancing the cast of each fighter jet fron 660 crores to1660 crores thus leading to the alleged fiscal loss of one hundred thousand crores to the public exchequer. They also questioned the defence minister and the PM’s integrity on transferring the offset contract from Hindustan aeronautics ltd to Anil Ambanies new defence company which posseses no previous experience in the field of defence manufacturing.

They demanded that the deal be made transparently public in parliament so as to win the confidence of the people of the country that nothing is fishy in it.

Meanwhile, the political morale ofthe BJP led NDA is too high after it defeated the entire non BJP opposition during the no confidence motion and in the recent election of the Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha.

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After the sudden and abrupt resignations of senior journalists and eminent TV anchor Punya Prasoon Vajpayee, Milind Khaandekar and Abhisaar from ABP news, the social media of the country is full of posts and news going viral, about these outspoken and eloquent journalists casting aspersions on the powers that be and the management of the ABP for allegedly working under the duress and pressure of the central political dispensation who seemed to be annoyed by the supposed hostile coverage or programmes exposing the failures of the govt n the party in power and not towing the line of the ruling party as being done by some of the news channels.

The pictures and news pertaining to Punya Prasoon Vajpayee’s sudden resignation, in particular are being shared to the maximum and have gone viral in facebook.

The rivals political parties of BJP and some of those ideologically opposed to them are allegedly using this opportunity to their full advantage by making these posts viral, reveal sources.

Posters appealing for the boycott of ABP news channel are being circulated in the social media.

Good number of journalists with the progressive bent of mind are writing in favour of all the three scribes who’d been allegedly pressurised to resign from ABP for not lying low in front of the management and toe the line of the ruling establishment.

Accusations like alleged hobnobbing of the ABP management with the ruling dispensation and submitting to their pressure to oust these journalists is the main gist of various posts and news items taking the rounds in the social media corridors.

But despite all these silent social media protests and writings on these journalists’ ouster, none of the three journalists have the guts to either accept or deny these posts n reactions and preferred to be silent.

However, analysts say that their silence is also, in a way, their affirmation about the injustice committed on them by the ABP management, at the behest of those in power.

Veteran journalist Vajpayee’s path breaking programme MASTER STROKE may be one of prime reason for their unceremonious ouster, though they resigned, but were asked to do so by creating such compelling circumstances reveal authentic sources.

It may be recalled that veteran journalist and renowned television news anchor Punya Prasoon is a very popular news anchor and a political analyst having worked in Zee News, Aaj Tak and ABP etc having a long chequered journalistic career as an outspoken hindi journalist lauded and criticised by his millions of fans and critics. What’s your take friends?

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50% concession in domestic fare for sr citizens above sixty, in Air India declared since last August. News to rejoice



There is a news to rejoice for senior citizens of the country from Air India. Now onwards the Air india has launched a special concession facility on air tickets travelling by their Airlines within the country for the nenior citizens attaining the age of sixty years.

According to the top management of the Air India a senior citozen of Indian nationality, permanently residing in India having attained the age of 60 years on the date of commencement of journey would be eligible or entitled to seek 60% of flat concession.

The tickets by the senior citizens for travel within the country on any destination to n fro or one sides, will habe booked a week in advance. In order to prove his or her identity the senior citizen male or female will have to exhibit his or her any Identity with an authentic date of birth viz ID Card, passport, driving licence, senior citizens ID card issued by Air India.

The discount provided would be flat 50% on select booking classes on Economy cabin. The journey can be within any sector inside the country. The ticket would be valid for one year from the date of issue.

There is a special warning attached to this facility according to which the senior citizen should carry the authentic proof of age ID with him or her and would be required to be shown at the time of the entrance at the airport seeking the boarding pass.

0In case the passenger forgets to produce the age identity at the time of entry or at boarding gate he or she would be disallowed to travel and the ticket forfieted forthwith.

It may be recalled that in July 2017 the union finance minister Arun Jaitley had declared that Air India is running in a fiscal deficit of a whopping 52000 crores. After Mr. Ashwani Lohani joined as its Managing Director the Air lines witnessed tremendous improvement with its deficit coming down considerably.

This announcement of flat 50% concessions to the senior citizens attaining the age of sixty may amount to escalation in traffic and is indeed a great news to rejoice being lauded as a great initiative.

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Had Tom been alive he would have been of 68 years by now ! Heartfelt Tributes



Tom Alter was one of the best and most celebrated actors’ of Bollywood having outstandingly acted in multifarious roles during his career spanning more than four decades in over 350 films.

A versatile actor, par excellence, born on 22nd June 1950 in Mussourie, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, today is Tom Alter’s 68th Birth Anniversary. Had Tom been Alive today he would have been 68 years old. Left for his eternal home just last year on 27th September 2017 having uncurable skin cancer in Mumbai, leaving his huge fan following in anguish, Tom was an exceptional actor having tremendous knowlege of Urdu, hindi and english apart from Garhwali.

It really sounds different and surprising that a man born to the english parents though in India, having the American past, is so extraordinarily well versed in Urdu, Hindi and even a local Garhwali dialect apart from English which was his DNA Tom considered himself to be an Indian than an individual with an English or American background.

An actor par excellence having been highly influenced and inspired by the then Super Star of the seventies after having watched his super duper hit film thrice or five times Tom Alter who usually watched English Hollywood movies, finally gave up teaching at the age of 19 and left for Pune to seek addmission in prestigious FTII where he studied acting under his teacher one Mr. Taneja alongwith Nasruddin Shah, Benjamin Gilani etc and got his first role in Bollywood silver screen in 1972 never to look back again.

A die hard fan of the legendary super star Tom Alter’s grand parents were missioneries who came to Lahore in 1920 from Ohio, US and after partition in 1947, while his grand parents stayed back in Pakistan, his parents migrated to India.

Tom’s father who was highly academic taught English and literateur at Allahabad after first settling at Saharanpur and then at Rajpur Road Dehradun.

At the age of mere 19 his father arranged a job of a teacher for Tom in Jagadhari, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana where he taught English at St Mary school.

He was born in Mussourie where he studied till higher secondary and went to one of the best American universities YALE for higher studies.

But destiny had something else stored for him in India and he came back to Mussourie just after a year to join as a teacher in Jagadhiri, Haryana which opened doors of his Bollywood entry, after he watched ARADHANA THRICE having been highly influenced by KAKA’S outstanding histrionics.

As a Kaka fan himself Tom Alter has worked with the Superstar in 3 films NAUKRI 1978; KUDRAT 1981 & JAANWAR 1983 … A die-hard Rajesh Khanna fan,Tom said in a interview-“The first morning of the shoot of Naukri, in Bangalore, I have been told to report in the lobby of the Ashoka Hotel by 9 in the morning. I was there by 8:45. I stood at the entrance, looking out on the gardens.” Rajesh Khanna descended the stairs,& walked up to me, crinkled his eyes,& said “Mujhe Rajesh Khanna kahte hain.” I went with him in the car to the park which was our location, & at lunch time I took my food into a corner under a tree,He came up to me & asked “Tum film on mein kyon aaye?”…The answer came from my heart – “Aap ki wajah se”..As simple as that, as true as that.!!!!!!!!

In the interview Tom shared how he used to come all the way from Mussoorie to catch up with first day first show of RK films at Regal Cinema in Connaught Place. “We saw Anand, Dushman and Amar Prem by buying tickets in black for the first day first show,” he laughs ..“After I had watched Aradhana several times I decided to get into films. It was the era of Rajesh Khanna. I decided that I wanted to be a part of this magical world of Hindi films and got admitted in FTII & graduated in 1974.” “I still dream of being Rajesh Khanna. For me, no film in Hindi cinema comes close to Anand. In the early 1970s, He was the only hero — romantic to the core, not larger than life, so Indian and real — He was my hero; the reason I came into films and He still is.” Tom concluded

A famous cricketeer during his school days in Mussourie, Tom never had the slightest of an idea that he would ever be an actor par excellence in the future and that too of Hindi silver screen having no interest whatsoever, to watch hindi movies, earlier. He was the first person to have interviewed cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar at a mere age of 16 when he made his first debut century.

Tom’s parents were extremely God fearing who’d established an Ashram at Rajpura Road to help the poor, under privileged and the needy. His entire family including his mother, father , uncle, grandfather were missioneries and served the church but were great secularists as was Tom. Even his elder brother became father in a Church at the age of 70 but Tom Alter was an exception who had special penchant for acting after having been overtly influenced by the histrionics of the super star of the seventies Rajesh Khanna aka KAKA.

Considering himself to be the most luckiest man to have born and lived in the heaven on earth Mussourie Tom Alter initially got the roles of the Englishman in Hindi films due to his fair colour and personality but later on did all kinds of roles.

Senior to the most popular actor Nasirruddin Shah in FTII Pune, Tom Alter played the unique role of Dr. Abdul Kalam in a Rajya Sabha TV serial and the roles of Gandhi, Nehru, Sahil ludhianvi, n other prominent freedom fighters etc in number of popular theatre plays.

A multifaceted and multi dimensional legendary icon Tom spoke Urdu with such a great fluency and precision that no other actor in Bollywood would have such a perfection. Having acted in over 350 films and scores of pivotal roles in Indian theatre in such a short span of four and a half decades as compared to other actors Tom Alter was a real asset for the Indian Film Industry.

His passing away from our midst at such normal age of merely 67 years when he still looked so young, energetic and enthusiatic towards acting his untimely loss will be felt forever not only in the film fraternity but also in the entire Indian fraternity amongst the billions of his fans who loved and adored him so infinitely and beyond limits. good bye Tom. Your creative acting and humanism will guide your unlimited fans forever. AMEN.

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One more sacrifice of a valiant young trooper of Rudraprayag in J&K who killed two militants



The Pak sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has taken one more toll of a brave young army trooper who laid down his precious life while valiantly fighting the terrorists in Bandipura, Kashmir after killing two hardended militants during the protracted encounter that lasted for several hours.

Originally hailing from the KAVILTHA VILLAGE of Kaalimath Valley under the jurisdiction of Rudraprayag district of Garhwal himalayas youthful son of Narendra Singh Rawat, Manvendra Singh laid down his precious life while fighting the hardcore Pakistan sponsered terrorists in the BAANDIPURA sector of Jammu & Kashmir two days ago.

Kalimath valley of Rudraprayag district is famous for sending maximum numbers of brave young men to Indian Army in order to serve the nation and safeguarding our porous borders. This valley has in the past too witnessed number of young sacrifices in the Army positions in the line of duty during military operations fighting the hardcore terrorists as well as in the wars against China and Pakistan.

According to the uncle of the deceased trooper Manvendra Singh, the sad and shocking news of the death of the young trooper in action in Bandipura, J& K has send a shock wave in the entire valley of Kalimath, Rudraprayag, Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

Late Manvendra Singh left behind his old parents, two children and his better half who were living in Dehradun. At present his family was in his ancestral village Kaviltha to enjoy the summer vacations where they acknowledged this traumatic anguishing news.

The entire family in shock. The coffin of this patriotic valiant soldier would be brought to his village tomorrow on 15th, June where he would be given the last farewell amidst the presence of Army officers, his old traumatic parents, family and the nearby villagers including the entire populace of the valley with full Army honours.

It may be recalled that two days ago some fully armed Pak sponsored militans had entered the Baandipura sector and started firing incessantly. The army retaliated heavily and took suitable positions.

During this hectic firing which went on for several hours Manvendra Rawat alongwith his fellow trooper succeeded in killing two militants but in the meanwhile he too was killed by one shot of the terrorists stationed on the other side. The operation continued but the miitants fled leaving the dead bodies on the spot.

The nation is proud of the selfless sacrifice of Manvendra Rawat who killed two hardcore militants before falling to their bullets and sacrificing himself at such a young age.

If we go by the HT report of 2016 there have been 42% more terrorism-related deaths in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) since the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government (BJP) came to power in May 2014, compared with the last three years of the second term of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA-II).

The number of security personnel killed in terrorist violence has increased 72% from 111 in the last three years of UPA-II to 191 in the BJP’s first three years, an IndiaSpend analysis of data compiled by the South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP), run by New Delhi-based non-profit Institute for Conflict Management, shows. The SATP compiles data on fatalities from terrorism from media reports. The data are provisional and compiled as on May 24, 2017.

Since 1994 till 2016 about 64865 civilians, security force personels and militants have been killed ( latest casualties not added). If we bifurcate the figures the civilian casualties come to about 25000, terrorists killed account for 30476 numbers and about ten thousand security personels.

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