One of the most painful thing is when the commerce students make big accounts and waste our whole time and at the end we understand that the “ASSETS ARE NOT EQUAL TO THE LIABILITIES”. This challenge is often faced by every commerce student.



The most annoying thing for a commerce student is not having a scale during exam time and the reactions that teachers give them are like “COMMERCE STUDENT HOTE HUE SCALE BHOOL GYE” “SHAME ON YOU”!! Borrowing scale from friends to draw the lines in accounts just to earn even one mark is one of the favourite hobby of a commerce student!!



You’ve heard of  these things often “YAAR DU MAI ADMISSION KAISE MILEGA”, “ITNI HIGH CUT OFF’s KYUN HOTI HAI?” And things what parents says are sometimes full of humour “SHARMA JI KE BETE KA ADMISSION HOGAYA SRCC MAI TUJHE TO KOI PVT COLLEGE BHI NAHI MILEGA”



It’s our birth right to have a calculator and scale with ourselves. The saddest truth is our whole life will end while calculating our  assets and  liabilities. Not taking bath is not a big problem but forgetting scale and calculator is one of the biggest crime for a commerce student!!



We come across many commerce students who have no idea of why and what they are doing. Their entire life goes in thinking about what they are upto and what will they do with themselves.








It’s really shocking to note that large scale incidents of the torture, physical and sexual assaults of children, especially the minor girls are coming to the fore one by one in various states of the country giving one and all an impression that corruption and negligence by the authorities concerned is having an upper say than their regulatory actions which should have rather been the subject matter of extreme priority.

The conditions of shelter homes, orphanages and social welfare housing facilities run by the state governments under the social welfare ministries in various states of the country seem to be in doldrums and quandary despite the hard fact that the governments pump a hefty budget for different welfare schemes like giving adequate shelter, medical support, education, clothings, stay and food stuffs for the hapless and parentless children and adults especially the girls who are rescued by the government agencies from the clutches of the traffickers, from brothels or those found missing in pity conditions.

The private shelter homes run by hundreds of NGOs’ all over the country and the government aided shelter homes and orphanages housing these hapless children and girls are usually in very bad, ugly and obnoxious conditions and state of affairs with majority of the funds being allegedly siphoned off meant for their over all welfare subsequently putting them is extremely pitiable and awful conditions.

The horrible incidents of human trafficking particularly of the girls below eighteen, their incessant torture, sexual and physical assault has allegedly become the order of the day. The sanitary condition of majority of these shelter homes are aweful and not prone for healthy living and cases of sexual assault are a common feature.

The reason behind these irregularities is primarily the financial profit orientation in every material required for the welfare and well being of the children stationed here.

There have allegedly been number of incidents of inmates dieing out of starvation, mal nutrition and mal nourishment in several shelter homes of the country in addition to the shameful incidents of sexual assaults and repeated rapes.

The recent mishappenings of horrible and shocking rapes of minor girls in Bihar, Utter Pradesh and now in Kathual Jammu and Kashmir has literally shaken everybody’s inner conscience and confidence of one and all in the country and compelled us to hang our heads in shame.

Just a day before yesterday i.e. on 8th of September about 19 children had been rescued from an orphanage started about four years ago where a pastor have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting, raping and physically torturing about eight minor girls sending shock waves all over the country. A few months ago an eight year old girl was shamefully gang raped and subsequently diabollically murdered by a group of accused in Kathua.

There was a national outrage that compelled the lawmakers to finally device a law in parliament granting death penalty for the rape of the girls below twelve years of age.

It may be recalled that the Protection of the Child Rights Commisions and State Women Commisions are the main statutory bodies working in all the states of the country on whom lies the basic responsibilities to regulate and oversee the functions of these shelter homes, orphanages and housing outlets being financially aided by the union and state governments but they seldom conduct raids or periodic inspections to ensure the safety, security and adequate well being of these hapless children especially the girls who are the most vulnerable lot.

It’s the right and high  time now that these statutory bodies do their respective duties in the most sensitive and vigilant ways in order to control the dreaded menace of the illegal child trafficking and their physical, mental and sexual assault going on unabatedly since long.What’s your take friends?

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The lake of Mansarovar is so gentle, tranquil n calm that there is no hatred: Rahul Gandhi



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s picture on social media are going viral showing himself posing for photographs singularly as well as with the co travellers of historic Mansarovar Yatra.

Seen smiling in a dark brown jacket with little grown beard Rahul Gandhi has also posted interesting pictures of snow clad Kailash mountain and the mesmerising Mansarovar lakes in his twitter handle tweeting that it is so humbling to be walking on the shawdow of this giant and the lake is so gentle and calm that there is no hatred here.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday paid glowing tributes to Kailash Mansarovar, saying there was no hatred at the holy place.

Currently on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, Rahul again tweeted, “The waters of lake Mansarovar are so gentle, tranquil and calm. They give everything and lose nothing. Anyone can drink from them. There is no hatred here. This is why we worship these waters in India.” Rahul.Gandhi also annexed pictures of the historic lake and the Kailash mountain the abode of Lord Shiva.

It is learnt that Rahul Gandhi walked over 34 kilometres on the mountaineous route at Kailash Mansarovar on Thursday for incessantly 13 hours before reaching his tent.

He posed for photographs with his co pilgrims who acknowleged an awesome opportunity to be in the close proximity of a Nehru Gandhi scion and a prime minister in waiting irrespective of prediction of a definite year or time in the years to come.

It may be recalled that the ruling BJP has raised tremendous controversy on Rahul Mansarovar visit holding a special press conference in New Delhi party headquarter where its spokes person Sambit Patra questioned the Congress president’s meetings with Chinese leaders prior to his Mansarovar sojourn.

Patra had asked the Congress Party leader to reveal the names of the Chinese leaders he’s going to confabulate with during his secret meeting. Rahul was branded as the Chinese mouth piece by Patra, who preferred to clandestinely meet the Chinese Ambasssador at New Delhi during the Doklam crisis to accquaint himself of the impasse than to meet the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj or the Indian NSA.

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Thank you Trivendra Singh Rawat for helping Garima




Thank you chief minister, Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat for being kind, passionate and generous enough to sanction about 13.10lakh rupees from the chief minister’s relief fund for the treatment of the budding athelete of Almora, Uttarakhand, Garima Joshi who was grievously injured in an accident in Bengaluru last month where she had gone to participate in a 10 kilometer marathon, representing Uttarakhand and sought sixth position in this prestigious national event.

As per the senior journalist Manoj Ishtwal the chief minister have been generous and kind enough to help this outstanding athelete not once but twice, first giving her 25 thousand rupees when she went to Bangalore to participate in the event and then Rs 13.10 lakhs for her complete treatment at the Spinal Injury Hospital at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

A brave and courageous girl Garima Joshi got her spinal chord badly injured in the accident at Bengaluru where about sixteen rods were fitted around the spinal chord through a long surgery.

After few days she was shifted to Delhi for a full fleged treatment at Spinal Injury Hospital Delhi. The chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat visited Bangalore and met the girl earlier to assure her every possible financial support.

The amount of Rs 13.10 lakhs sanctioned by the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat will reach the hospital by the cheque which is likely to be delievered in a day or two.

It may be recalled that there had been tremendous posts in the social networking sites like facebook appealing for supporting this outstanding sportswomen financially. The lead in this matter was taken by one Gurvinder Singh Chadda, an RTI activist from Haldwani to seek every possible financial support for Garima Joshi followed by me and the newsviewsnetwork.

About two lakh rupees were deposited in her father’s account but this was not enough for meeting her treatment expenditure.

The chief minister finally exhibited his generosity to do the needful by making necessary arrangement for shifting her to Delhi and bearing the entire expenses of her treatment.

Garima hails from a poor family and her mother is suffering from cancer. Her father had to mortgage his house and land under ten percent monthy interest arrangement and seek the financial help of Rs. five lakhs as being given to know through fb posts. Her brother is a utility worker in a restaurant in Mumbai say sources.






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A brief write up is being expeditiously posted in Whatsapp today with a request to further share it ahead to make it viral cautioning the people of Uttarakhand and the country about the possible mishappening in the nineteen year old Himalayan state regarding occurance of the extremely powerful and dangerous, rather heavily fatal earthquake with its epic centre being Pithoragarh.

The message quotes the Geologists of Dehradun to have given this information saying that there is a possibility of the 8.5 on the richter scale earthquake occuring within 24 hours with its epic centre being Pithoragarh.

The supposed timings of the earthquake has been mentioned in the night . It further adds that the district magistrate of Chamoli, Garhwal has issued directives to exercise every possible precaution and restraint as he expects of an incalculable harm in terms of lives and properties if theearthquake really occurs as claimed by the geologists as per the message going viral in the social media.

Though nothing exactly or authentic can be said about this particular message but one thing is absolutely sure and correct that natural calamities have been regularly happening in Uttarakhand with earthquakes like the latest Uttarkashi tremors of the nineties that killed many and led to collosal loss to the inhabitants of the area including CHAMAK village etc.

The 2013 ecological catastrophe of Kedarnath valley in Garhwal, Uttarakhand has killed thousands of people, led to collossal loss of properties worth thousands of crores of rupees and destabilised people of more than three hundred villages of Uttarakhand.

Thereafter the unfortunate incidents of huge cloud bursts have been happening in Garhwal and Kumaon regions washing villages and the local populace alongwith the tons of water that comes down after these cloud bursts.

After the excessive rains in various parts of Uttarakhand like Nainital, Kotdwar and upstream areas of Chamoli districts several roads have caved in and houses damaged killing several members of the family.

Just yesterday an entire hard lucked family of 7 members got burried alive under the massive debris of their destroyed house due to cloud burst in the Budhakedaar area in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

While Uttarakhand is always on the verge of natural disaster risks having connfronted natural disasters since the 18th century and before , one would be surprised and shocked to know that the renowned earth scientists and geologists of Bangalore and Roorkie including international scietists have after extensive research especially on the river banks of Alaknanda, Bhagirathi etc have come to the final and definite conclusion that due to the enhancing inner activities of the Himalayan tectonic plates, the Uttarakhand Himalayas are likely to have a 8. 5 or even more intensity earthquake from now till next 50 years which if happens will have vast and most fatal consequences destroying everything and even impacting Delhi to a great extent.

This scientific prediction was done more than five years ago after certain authentic deep rooted scientific tests by renowned earth scientists and geologists on the banks of the Uttarakhand rivers like Alaknanda n Ganges etc. What’s your take friends?

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Yellow and Red Music Company of Bollywood has launched a child prodigy in its latest upcoming movie DECENT BOY. The shooting of the movie is to commence from October, 2018 in Lucknow to be finally completed within two month’s time with mesmerising music, songs, impressive script, outstanding cinematography and serene locations.

A function was organised yesterday in New Delhi to launch this outstanding child prodigy studying in just eighth standard , living in Noida. The union minister of state for HRD Upendra Khushwaha and member of Parliament, Mr. Nishad in the presence of mediamen and several socio political dignitories including theatre and film personalities congratulated the upcoming child prodigy in his debut lead role in DECENT BOY .

The well known, experienced bollywood director and script writer of the movie Bobby Khan who was highly enthralled by the impressive histrionics of the Child Prodigy said that selecting the Noida Boy DHRUV MALIK for the lead role was primarily because of his outstanding acting talent who acts and delivers his dialogues with such a flair and unreluctant sequence and confidence that no other child actor can do so, not even a budding adult actor.

Produced jointly by Kalyani Films Entertainment and Aiman Films and directed by Bobby Khan, the cinematographer of the movie is experienced Shailesh Awasthi who was the chief cameraman of the prestigious director , producer of Bollywood Movie PALTTAN.

The music of the film would be given by eminent bollywood musicians Sikaari Satya and Sajit Malik. The film would be a multi starrer and all the actors would be of carrying behind them wonderful acting experience quit popular in Bollywood.

It may be recalled that the director and story writer of DECENT BOY Bobby Khan has to his credit about twenty movies as a script writer and director in which prominent actors have acted in the past.

He carries behind a tremendous experience as a director and script witer. The child prodigy doing the lead role in DECENT BOY is studying in eighth standard and hails from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this being his debut movie.

Dhruv Malik wants to act as well as continue his studies simultaneously. The film’s director is extremely hopeful of the movie being a block bustre and acknowledging a tax free tag as not only is it enriched with a healthy story that would entertain its audience to the fullest but also carries a great social message for the good and well being of the society and the nation at large.

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Several social organisations, journalists, writers and political activists paid their rich tributes to the former prime minister, Bharat Ratna a towering personality and a legend Atal Bihari Vajpayee at Press Club of India on 26th August and released a special edition dedicated to him at a seminar cum condolence meeting organised by HIM UTTARAYINI with articles and views of eminent writers and journalists on the late leaders unparalleled contribution to the society and the country at large across ideological confinement. Those who released the special edition of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s nobilty and works and spoke on the ocassion were Dr. Surya Prakash Semwal, Professor Rao of JNU, Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, poet Neeraj Bawri and Santosh, several journalists, Vinod Nautiyal, President Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha, Maan Singh, Vinod Dhaundiyal, editor, Alaknanda Magazine and Veerendra Juyal, of Sehyog, BJP, actor Vimal Uniyal and  theatee activist Vinod Rawat. The president of Uttarakhand Joirnalists Forum Sunil Negi said that the former prime minister was a credible opposition leader since Nehru’s era, an able prime minister and and eloquent speaker as well as an outstanding poet. He added: Vajpayeyi was above politics and a leader with outstanding political dexterity who had the capacity and guts to impress one and all by his impressive histrionics, oratorical skills and honest bent of mind even for his arch political adversaries. It was his unique and extraordinary skills as an exceptional politician that gave him the title of AZAAT SHATRU. A man with no enemy. Negi said that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was such a transpatent and liberal leader that he dod’nt hesitated to give the former PM Indira Gandhi the prestigious title of Godess Durga in 1971 when Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan and exprwssed his strong reservation and opposition to the arbitrary felling of the Mosque in Ayodhya in 1994 despite his being in BJP. Very few leaders have this courage said Negi. All the speakers hailed Vajpayee as statesman and appealed to all to follow his ideals, principles nobility and immeasurable contributions for the development of the country and improving soci economic lot of the lowest sections of the society. The proveedings of the meeting were ably anchored by Dr. Surya Prakash Semwal, news editor of Hindi Daily, Punjab Kesari.

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CBSE plans to change exam pattern for class X and XII from the year 2020



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to change the exam pattern of the class X and XII from the year 2020.

CBSE is introducing the change to discourage the students from rote learning. According to the new pattern, students will be tested on the basis of the analytical skills and reasoning instead of copy pasting the curriculum without conceptual understanding. This will produce better results of students and also the academic quality of schools will reach a new level.
According to the new plan, there is an objective to put more focus on the academic quality of institutions that include teachers, learning outcomes and pedagogy.
State government and other respective agencies would now conduct inspection of school’s infrastructure and facilities and school’s working criteria and prepare a report so that CBSE can take a decision during the process of granting of recognition to schools.
CBSE has already submitted its proposal to the ministry for approval. According to the ministry officials, the proposals regarding examination schedule are still at the discussion stage and nothing has been finalised yet. It will take about three to four months to get finalised. However, the board has already been working to implement the changes in exam pattern from 2020.

The New plan

  1. Some of the changes that can be introduced in the new exam pattern are:
    Question papers will be prepared in such a way to test the analytical thinking and problem solving skills of the students. The papers include short answer type questions with a range of 1 to 5 marks.
    CBSE is likely to schedule the exams in two parts. Exams of vocational subjects to be held in the month of February and the exams for other subjects will be completed in around 15 days in the month of March, as per an official. Completion of all exams in March itself gives more time for evaluation of papers and to declare the results earlier.

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A veteran journalist, former Indian High Commissioner, a human right and Press freedom activist jailed during the emergency of 1975-77, a syndicated scribe, a left tilted thinker- writer and member of Rajya Sabha Kuldeep Nayar died at the age of 95 after suffering from pneumonia in Escorts hospital yesterday night.

An author of 15 books on significant topics and prolific senior most scribe and writer spanning a career of 7 protracted decades, Kuldeep Nayar was a stalwart of English Journalism, having started his career as a reporter in the Urdu Paper and thereafter joining the mainstream english journalism. Nayar’s fifteen books were: (1969) Beyond the lines, (1971) India – The Critical years, (1972). Distant Neighbours – A tale of the subcontinent. (1974). Suppression of judges, (1975). India After Nehru. (1977). The Judgment: Inside story of the emergency in India (1978). In Jail. (1980). Report on Afghanistan. (1985). Tragedy of Punjab: Operation Bluestar & After. (1992). India House. (2000). The Martyr : Bhagat Singh Experiments in Revolution. (2003). Wall at Wagah – India Pakistan Relations. (2006). Scoop! : Inside Stories from Partition to the Present. (2007). Without Fear: The Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh.

He also came under strict surveillance and annoyed certain politicians at the helm and party members for disclosing very delicate and clandestine information in his book, India: The Critical Years.

Kuldip Nayar has written widely about current issues and historic persons, including Jawaharlal Nehru, Daniel Smith and Barry Manilow. Nayar has advocated a policy of bilateral talks and engagement with India’s neighbour Pakistan.

He is known for his vision of a new South Asia, in which Pakistan and India would be on friendly terms.

Originally, hailing from Sialkot Pakistan Kuldeep Nayar wrote thousands of articles on socio political , economic and diplomatic issues including covering the Indo Pak and war of Bangladesh in 1971.

Recipient of scores of national and international recognitions Kuldeep Nayar was the editor of statesman for the first time having later on contributed in almost all the reputed national and regional dailies and weekly periodicals of the country being the prestigious and well acclaimed syndicated journalist.

A former member of Rajya Sabha and Indian High Commissior to UK, Kuldeep Nayar opposed the draconion emergency of 1975- 77 and wrote against it extensively, finally being the very first journalist to be jailed for 19 long months.

He was ill for several months who breathed his last yesterday night. The president, prime minister, former prime minister, several union ministers, senior journalists, leaders of all political parties and leaders have deeply mourned his death.

The former prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has expressed his condolences to Smt Bharti Nayyer on the passing away of the veteran journalist.

In a condolense message sent to Mrs Nayar, Dr. Manmohan Singh said: I have learnt with profound sorrow about the sad demise of your beloved husband Kuldeep Nayar.

He served the country in various capacities with great distinction. He was a veteran journalist, diplomat, parliamentarian and an author.

He wore many hats in his decades of public life. May God give you enough strength to bear this great loss with courage and fortitude.

A great historian, Gandhian biographer and an author of repute Ram Chandra Guha in his tweet said: Nayar was not a prose stylist and prone to odd conspiracy theory, yet his commitment to interfaith harmony, his professional commitment and integrity and his courage during the emergency absolutely shine.

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The Delhi government of Aam Aadmi Party is expeditiously moving ahead with fulfilling its various pre poll and post poll promises in view of the fast approaching national and thereafter Delhi elections in the initial months of 2020.

The Aam Admi Party government and its chief minister Arvind Kejrival has been in direct confrontation with the centre and its nominee, the Lt governor of Delhi for almost three years after it assumed power in the state in 2013 after badly defeating the Congress party at the hustings in which the AAP secured 67 seats, a historic mandate giving merely three seats to BJP and none to Congress that ruled Delhi for 15 long years under the chief ministership of Shiela Dikshit, who herself lost from the Gole Market Assembly constituency to the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival.

Since then the AAP government had been at constant loggerheads with the centre blaming prime minister Narendra Modi off and on and the then LG Nazeeb Jung and later on Anil Baijal for creating deliberate obstacles and bottlenecks on its way in order not to let it implement the pro peoplespolicies and programmes in Delhi. However, the party and the AAP government has despite sp much of obstacles, as claimed by it, has done tremendous good job in the water, power, education, health and transport sector.

Now since, the AAM Admi party government is left with only one and half years or even less it is trying to use every moment an opportunity to please the Delhi voters, the minorities, the backwards, the down troddens and the lower middle class. It also wants to please every community living in Delhi as well. Delhi has a sizeable population of Poorvanchalies and Uttarakhandies apart from other communities. It has therefore made good efforts to please the inhabitants of Bihar in Delhi by sanctioning a handsome budget for Chat puja arrangements and improving the condition of Chat Puja Ghats and ponds in good number of areas in Delhi. Similarly, the deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia publicly announced in a rally of Uttarakhand Ekta Manch at Ram Lila Maidan about two years ago that the AAP government will ensure that an Academy of Garhwal n Kumaon is established in Delhi alongwith other academies like Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Mithila and Sindhi academies who are less in numbers as compared to the Uttarakhandies in Delhi.

The inhabitants of Uttarakhand has been since long demanding the establishment of Uttarakhand Academy in Delhi keeping in view their sizeable numbers say 25 to 30 lakh. The Aam Admi Party knows very well that the communities of Bihar, UP and Uttarakhand who in total comprise of fifty percent or more electoral strength in Delhi can tilt the political.balance of any party while forming the government.

Moreover the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia’s constitiency Mandavli also comprises of more than fifty percent of Uttarakhandi voters. As a result, the AAP government last year sanctioned over a budget of Rs one crore to organise Uttarayini programmes in all the seventy constituencies of Delhi thus making the AAP’s solid inroads in the Uttarakhandi vote bank. According to the latest revelation by Manish Sisodia, the Delhi’s CM in one of his tweets has declared that theDelhi government’s cabinet has today taken a unanimous decision to establish 15 new Academies in the capital which include Kashmiri, Garhwali n Kumaoni, Asaamese, Kanada, Nangla, Telugu, Malyaali, Tamil, Prakrit Pali languages academies and an additional academy of foreign languages.

If this really happens the AAM ADMI Party in Delhi would be in a position to please all the communities of Delhi who may in turn respond by voting in favour of AAP in the Delhi election slated to be held in 2020. But it remains to be seen whether the central government ruled by the BJP would give the state government the necessary permission or legal sanction or not? A moot question indeed?

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After the most tragic and outrageous deaths of three girls from age two to eight, all sisters, due to starvation in Delhi’s Mandavli area in trans Yamuna area in abject poverty, the father being a rickshaw puller n unemployed, though still missing till yet, has started a serious debate on the malnutrition deaths in various parts of the country.

After having been the incessant target of condemnation on account of these hunger deaths in the constituency of the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and the parliamentary constituency of the BJP MP Mahesh Giri who talk so much to promote the prime minister’s Beti Bachao aur Beti Padao flagship programme, the Delhi government’s statutory Protection of Child Right’s Commission has tightened its belt to keep a vigilant eye on the quality and system of delievery of Mid day meals in various primary schools of the Municipal Corporations of various Zones and the Delhi government.

According to one of its members’ namely Ranjana Prasad the Delhi State Protection of Child Rights Commision that looks after the welfare and well being of the children in terms of their over all safety and security, the Commision will now onwards look after the entire arrangements of the fair distribution and the quality of the mid day meals that is supplied on daily basis in the schools of Delhi Municipal corporations and government schools under Delhi government.

At present there are about twelve hundreds schools of the Delhi government and One thousand seven hundred and fifty schools under the jurisdiction of the Delhi Municipal Corporation in its various Zones.
In all about 18 lac students are the beneficiaries of this union government’s mid day meal scheme.

Just a few months ago several children have fallen sick and had become unconcious, later on hospitalised after they had complained of repeated vommiting and acute pain in their andomen having gone unconcious finally. It was later on revealed that the food was infected with poison due to a lizard eyc having been mixed in the food items.

Such dreaded and fatal incidents had earlier occured in Mathura and Bihar as well where more than thirty children had died due to the food stuff having been cooked under extreme unhyginic conditions probably poisioned after the lizard, rats, worms etc having got cooked due the utter negligence and ignorance of the staff.

There had been several such incidents of under rated and adulterated food stuff being used in the preparation of mid day meals in order to siphon off the huge money by corrupt officials, allocated for these schemes by the governments.

It’s only after the incidents of children suffering from the low quality food stuff and allegedly finding of the dead lizard in the food that the Protection of Child Rights Commission of Delhi has finally come into action. Thanks to them.

It may be recalled that the Mid Day Meal Scheme was for the very first time, though on a low keel started in the sixties n seventies during the tenure of the chief ministership of K. Kamaraj, who once saw a boy with a buffalo in his home town and enquired if he is studying in the school or not. The boy said if we study in school how would his poor family survive. He being poor and eldest in the family have to share the responsibility of cow and buffalo grazing and to execute the agricultural works as well said the boy to Kamraj, the then CM.

Since then Kamaraj introduced the mid day meal scheme in Tamilnadu to ensure that the studies of the poor children should not suffer due to the lack of food. The scheme was later on promoted by MG Ramachandran which was later converted into free ration to the poors of Tamilnadu to be later on followed by J. Jaya lalitha, the popular chief minister of the South and one time actress of the Southern films.

In 1995 however the union government launched this scheme in a wider perspective with a whopping budget of 13000 crores in order to serve over ten crore children in over 12 crore schools of the country ranging from the students of class 1 to class 8th.

The scheme was primarily launched to promote and encourage more and more children to seek primary and middle level education with the protien and vitamins’ oriented free meals’ delievery on daily basis in almost all the primary and middle schools of the country.

This children welfare programme bears a tremendous potential to end chronic malnutrition and starvation which also encourages the poor and underprivileged families to send their wards to schools.

During 2003 and after, there have been quite a good number of incidents of unhyginic mid day meals deliveries with incidents of deaths of children due to the cooked food either being poisioned by the mixing of reptiles, rats or worms etc or for being adulterated or for being of low quality particularly in states like Bihar, UP and Delhi etc.

Even the reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General(CAG) have specifically pointed out the tremendous amount of deficiency in the schools of Punjab like using the contaminated water in cooking meals, no use of gloves and total violation of the prescribed norms. Despite the provision to hire staff, the children of the school were pressurised to wash utensils and so on n so forth.

About 80% of the children in the country between the ages of 7 to 14 have high rates of micronutrients deficiencies of iron, folic acid and vitamins. Therefore, the primary and the basic objective of the governments were to improve the health condition of children suffering from impairment of the cognitive development through the rich protien and iron oriented healthy mid day meals to the children of 12 crore schools in the country.

The states where maximum attention is required for upkeeping and improving the poor health of malnourished children in the country are Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, UP n Delhi and the government should imitate the example of Delhi by instructing its respective Child rights Protection Commissions to take over the charge of the free, fair and transparent high quality mid day meals delivery in all the schools of various states of the country.

Reports say that 20 million children are under nourished in India and 60% mothers are anemic due the lack of rich protien diets where as 59 million tonnes of food frains is rotting in government godowns says noble laureate Amartya Sen.

What’s your take friend?

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