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The Nations Divided



Tennyson in ‘Locksley Hall’ presented his vision of the world where “war-drum throbb’d no longer, and the battle flags were furled.” Mudaliar, the Dewan of Mysore speaking on behalf of undivided India had once said, the great reality, which all religions teach is the dignity of the common man.

However, all those words rang hollow, when the Indian and Pakistani delegations faced each other in the U.N. Reality was rare, as even the photograph brandished by Pakistan’s Maleeha Lodhi as being from Jammu and Kashmir was actually from Gaza. In any case, the India-Pakistan war of words was outdone by the U.S. and North Korea.

However UN’s 72nd General Assembly was made one of its most disappointing sessions because of its ineffectiveness on each of the issues pointed out by Secretary General António Guterres in his speech on September 19.

According to him seven biggest threats that face the world today are:

  • Nuclear peril.
  • Terrorism.
  • Unresolved conflicts and violations of international humanitarian law.
  • Growing inequality.
  • Climate change.
  • Cyber warfare and misuse of artificial intelligence.
  • Refugees.

UN’s actions in the case of North Korea just amounted to some more sanctions against it. The truth about sanctions is that they do not work on rogue states but they only isolate their populations from the world, which works in favour of regime’s stranglehold on its people.

On the basis of satellite pictures and the accounts of eyewitnesses, the UN Human Rights chief called military action in post-democracy Myanmar,  a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing”, as close to half a million Rohingya fled from Rakhine villages that were then burnt down and landmines were laid along the border with Bangladesh to prevent their return.

Given that Hafiz Saeed and his associates now plan to stand for public office in Pakistan and while Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi received bail despite financial sanctions, more action is expected from U.N.

Mr. Guterres pointed out on the issue of inequalities that, “eight men represent as much of the world’s wealth as half of all humanity”

UN’s first Secretary General, Trygve Lie, ran an equally divided forum and faced the same challenges before finally resigning from his post in 1952. His last words were, “The United Nations will not work effectively if it is used merely as forum for destructive propaganda. Neither will it work if it is used only as a convenience when national interests are directly involved, and regarded with indifference, or bypassed or opposed, when the general world interest is paramount.”

















The daughter of the international shooter, winner of several gold medals in the Asian and Commonweath games in the past, Jaspal Rana’s daughter Devanshi Rana alongwith other junior world gold winners credited with bringing Indian team in the ISSF shooting global competition to second position amongst the junior world competing nations that included mighty China as well held in Germany have returned back to India with hundreds of their well wishers cheering and congratulating them at the New Delhi International Airport with bouquet and garlands.

Prior to this International World champion ship event of Germany, Dewanshi has bagged two back to back gold medals in the prestigious junior 10 metre pistol shooting championships held in Sedney, Australia, as well.

According to Dewanshi’s father Jaspal Rana who was in Germany during this prestigious world cup event in his capacity as the Coach and trainer, the prodigy international junior shooters viz Dewanshi Rana and Saurabh Choudhary have won a gold medal in the 10 meter pistol event and in another event she alongwith Manu Bhaker and Mahima Aggrawal have sought aother bronze for the nation.

The entire sports fraternity, especially the shooting federation have complimented Devanshi Rana and her co shooters for their outstanding achievements in the foreign land thus raising the nation’s flag high amongst good number of competing countries of the world.

It may be recalled that while Dewanshi’s father Jaspal Rana is an celebrated international shooter having brought laurels for the country in Asian and Common Wealth games her grandfather is the chairman of the Uttarakhand Rifle Federation as well as the former minister in the government of Uttarakhand.

Jaspal is running a shooting academy in Dehradun where good number of budding shooters are being ably trained for the various national and international shooting championships.

After reaching Delhi Devanshi was personally invited by the chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi Arvind Kejrival who congratulated and felicitated her in his office at Delhi secretariat.

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Terror organisations supporting Imran’s party, PAKISTAN TEHRIKE INSAF PARTY



Terror organisations supporting Imran’s party, PAKISTAN TEHRIKE INSAF PARTY

While the general elections in Pakistan are slated for 25th July the hard core terrorist organisations registered in the United States of America and the UN lists and marked as the most dangerous terror outfits like the Jammat-UL – Dawa, Harkal-UL – Mujhahideen, Lashkare Tayyeba are making their candidates’ contest in the election fray under various other registered organisations as terror outfits such as Jamait- Ul-Dawa etc have not been recognised by the election commission and are hence not eligible to contest under their orginal banners.

After the arrest of the former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharief, his daughter Mariam and son in law on various corruption charges, such as amassing huge wealth disproportionate to their known sources of income and arbitrary purchase of four mansions in United Kingdom, the Tehrik- E- Insaaf Party led by the former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan seems to have an upper hand in these elections. Imran Khan and his party have been trying their level best since last several years to achieve power in Pakistan but had so far been unsuccessful but political analysts say that his party Tehrik- e- Insaaf do have an edge this time likely to win at the hustings.

According to reports pouring in the hard core terrorist organisation responsible for several killings in Pakistan, India, US and other countries of the globe namely Harkat UL Mujhahideen has openly declared their support to the Tehrike Insaaf Party of Imran Khan and his vice president Asad Umer , a close confidante of Khan. According to the report of a senior journalist Imtiaz Ahmed based in Islamabad published in today’s HT the US designate global terrorist having links with Al Qaeda and the founder of Harkat Ul Mujahiddeen Fazrul Rehman Khalil has openly declared that he and his terror outfit would fully support the Tehrike Insaf Party in the upcoming elections. According to a post by the vice president of PTI ( Pakisan’s Tehrike Insaaf Party) Asad Umar which was later on withdrawn when problems erupted out of this post, the founder of Harkat Ul Mujahideen has joined the PTI alongwith hundredsof his followers and clerics who will tirelessly work for the victory of Asad Umar and his party contesting from the Islamabad parliamentary seat. The post further said that Khalil will work hard to make Pakistan a truly democratic state.

According to the report: this development arrives close on the heels of members of several terror outfits and groups including the most infamous Jamaat Ul Dawa contesting the July 25 general elections under the banner of Allah ho Akbar Tehreek as the Pakistan EChas not recognised JUD under the pressure from the Pak administration and UnitedStates of America. The notorious terrorist Fazrul Rehman khalil currently leads Ansar Ul Umma the front terror organisation of HUM declared fully illegal and marked as an international terror organisation in 2014. The US had declared khalil as aglobal terrorist responsible for terror attacks and several killings in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Khalil has direct links with the Pak ISI n military and is in contact with several terror groups of Pakistan as well as the signatory with Osamabinladin in a declaration for global jihad in 1996.

Just imagine how freely the most wanted and highly dangerous terrorists are participating in the democratic elections in Pakistan despite the United State’s open and stringent warnings to its political leadership to stop this but ofno awail. In case these representatives of these terror outfits win the elections and enter the Pak parliament they would without fail and by all means pressurise the Pak rulers for their more severe anti India stance than arriving at peaceful resolution of the vexed Kashmir problem. What’s your take friends?

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Had Tom been alive he would have been of 68 years by now ! Heartfelt Tributes



Tom Alter was one of the best and most celebrated actors’ of Bollywood having outstandingly acted in multifarious roles during his career spanning more than four decades in over 350 films.

A versatile actor, par excellence, born on 22nd June 1950 in Mussourie, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, today is Tom Alter’s 68th Birth Anniversary. Had Tom been Alive today he would have been 68 years old. Left for his eternal home just last year on 27th September 2017 having uncurable skin cancer in Mumbai, leaving his huge fan following in anguish, Tom was an exceptional actor having tremendous knowlege of Urdu, hindi and english apart from Garhwali.

It really sounds different and surprising that a man born to the english parents though in India, having the American past, is so extraordinarily well versed in Urdu, Hindi and even a local Garhwali dialect apart from English which was his DNA Tom considered himself to be an Indian than an individual with an English or American background.

An actor par excellence having been highly influenced and inspired by the then Super Star of the seventies after having watched his super duper hit film thrice or five times Tom Alter who usually watched English Hollywood movies, finally gave up teaching at the age of 19 and left for Pune to seek addmission in prestigious FTII where he studied acting under his teacher one Mr. Taneja alongwith Nasruddin Shah, Benjamin Gilani etc and got his first role in Bollywood silver screen in 1972 never to look back again.

A die hard fan of the legendary super star Tom Alter’s grand parents were missioneries who came to Lahore in 1920 from Ohio, US and after partition in 1947, while his grand parents stayed back in Pakistan, his parents migrated to India.

Tom’s father who was highly academic taught English and literateur at Allahabad after first settling at Saharanpur and then at Rajpur Road Dehradun.

At the age of mere 19 his father arranged a job of a teacher for Tom in Jagadhari, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana where he taught English at St Mary school.

He was born in Mussourie where he studied till higher secondary and went to one of the best American universities YALE for higher studies.

But destiny had something else stored for him in India and he came back to Mussourie just after a year to join as a teacher in Jagadhiri, Haryana which opened doors of his Bollywood entry, after he watched ARADHANA THRICE having been highly influenced by KAKA’S outstanding histrionics.

As a Kaka fan himself Tom Alter has worked with the Superstar in 3 films NAUKRI 1978; KUDRAT 1981 & JAANWAR 1983 … A die-hard Rajesh Khanna fan,Tom said in a interview-“The first morning of the shoot of Naukri, in Bangalore, I have been told to report in the lobby of the Ashoka Hotel by 9 in the morning. I was there by 8:45. I stood at the entrance, looking out on the gardens.” Rajesh Khanna descended the stairs,& walked up to me, crinkled his eyes,& said “Mujhe Rajesh Khanna kahte hain.” I went with him in the car to the park which was our location, & at lunch time I took my food into a corner under a tree,He came up to me & asked “Tum film on mein kyon aaye?”…The answer came from my heart – “Aap ki wajah se”..As simple as that, as true as that.!!!!!!!!

In the interview Tom shared how he used to come all the way from Mussoorie to catch up with first day first show of RK films at Regal Cinema in Connaught Place. “We saw Anand, Dushman and Amar Prem by buying tickets in black for the first day first show,” he laughs ..“After I had watched Aradhana several times I decided to get into films. It was the era of Rajesh Khanna. I decided that I wanted to be a part of this magical world of Hindi films and got admitted in FTII & graduated in 1974.” “I still dream of being Rajesh Khanna. For me, no film in Hindi cinema comes close to Anand. In the early 1970s, He was the only hero — romantic to the core, not larger than life, so Indian and real — He was my hero; the reason I came into films and He still is.” Tom concluded

A famous cricketeer during his school days in Mussourie, Tom never had the slightest of an idea that he would ever be an actor par excellence in the future and that too of Hindi silver screen having no interest whatsoever, to watch hindi movies, earlier. He was the first person to have interviewed cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar at a mere age of 16 when he made his first debut century.

Tom’s parents were extremely God fearing who’d established an Ashram at Rajpura Road to help the poor, under privileged and the needy. His entire family including his mother, father , uncle, grandfather were missioneries and served the church but were great secularists as was Tom. Even his elder brother became father in a Church at the age of 70 but Tom Alter was an exception who had special penchant for acting after having been overtly influenced by the histrionics of the super star of the seventies Rajesh Khanna aka KAKA.

Considering himself to be the most luckiest man to have born and lived in the heaven on earth Mussourie Tom Alter initially got the roles of the Englishman in Hindi films due to his fair colour and personality but later on did all kinds of roles.

Senior to the most popular actor Nasirruddin Shah in FTII Pune, Tom Alter played the unique role of Dr. Abdul Kalam in a Rajya Sabha TV serial and the roles of Gandhi, Nehru, Sahil ludhianvi, n other prominent freedom fighters etc in number of popular theatre plays.

A multifaceted and multi dimensional legendary icon Tom spoke Urdu with such a great fluency and precision that no other actor in Bollywood would have such a perfection. Having acted in over 350 films and scores of pivotal roles in Indian theatre in such a short span of four and a half decades as compared to other actors Tom Alter was a real asset for the Indian Film Industry.

His passing away from our midst at such normal age of merely 67 years when he still looked so young, energetic and enthusiatic towards acting his untimely loss will be felt forever not only in the film fraternity but also in the entire Indian fraternity amongst the billions of his fans who loved and adored him so infinitely and beyond limits. good bye Tom. Your creative acting and humanism will guide your unlimited fans forever. AMEN.

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Trump and Kim made history. How would China react, remains to be seen?



The historic summit between the US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kum Jong Un resulting in the end of all hostlities thus opening the door for denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and the possible withdrawal of 28000 American troops from the South Korean soil has undoubtedly opened the door for a new chapter of peace and long lasting friendship between the two nations who were at loggerheads for the last 65 years threatening each other of deadly nucleur attacks.

The openess and cordiality with which both the leaders met and deliberated at Singapore and thereafter signed agreements n letters of understanding to pursue peace, tranquility and denuclearisation of the Korean Penninsula is something never ever expected even in distant dreams as just few months ago each of them were the harshest enemy of each other openly taking pledges to destroy one another to the fnish, with nuclear armaments n warfare.

At one point of time, when North Korea executed spree of nuclear tests over Japan sea hinting that it can destroy US anytime with its nuclear ICBMs things had taken a very ugly turn with Trump literally announcing of strongly attacking North Korea with heavy bombardments in retaliation to Kim’s repeated threats.

North Korea was the only country in the world having faced cumulative sanctions at the behest of United States and the UN having been totally isolated with only a single ally mighty China.

North Korea’s total commerce and financial deals were met by the dragon and inprinciple both of them were the ardent foes of US and its allies.

The deep rooted enmity between North Korea and the United States of America had the roots in the 65 year old history when North Korea arbitarily attacked South Korea killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people including its military personels capturng Seoul.

It was then in 1943 that the United States of America came to the fullest rescue of South Korea and attacked North Korea with the support of 21 other nations of the world literally destroying it and pushing back the North Korean soldiers out of South Korea.

The US attack was so powerful that the North Korea was in rubble with 60000 heavy bombs bombarded on its periphery.

Since then the relations between North Korea and South Korea backed by the US had been bitterly soured with the latter stationing its 28000 troops on the South Korea borders safeguarding it from any possible future attacks from North Korea.

As a result there had been no diplomatic relations between them and Kim Jong Un had only one objective in mind i.e. nuclearly arming itself and posing direct challenge to South Korea, Japan, US and its allies by way of carrying out number of nuclear tests from its soil and directly threatening US of possible nucleur attacks in the near future.

In retaliation the US president Donald Trump has pledged to destroy North Korea by heavy bombardments.

And later on , though slowly but steadily the efforts of the US secretary of state Pompeo and the South Korean president Moon brought fruitful results.

Finally Kim Jong Un agreed for the friendly relations between North and South Korea and shook hands of friendship with him.

A month ago Kim went to China twice and met Xi jingping. His miraculous change of heart and mind for reconciliation and agreeing to meet his permanent foe whom he once pronounced as the” MENTALLY DERANGED U S DOTARD” , whom Trump threatened to destroy fully has shocked and astonished the entire world.

Finally both the arch enemies met, shook hands, appreciated each other and vowed to start a new chapter of peace and prosperity between both the nations once each other’s harsh enemies.

The over confident and generous gesture of US president Donald Trump welcoming Kim Jong Un with open arms and assuring him of full economical and commerce support to build a new and prosperous North Korea and also agreeing to withdaw 28000 troops from South Korea equally expecting complete destruction of nuclear arsenals from Kim Jong Un including extending him invitation to visit White House in the near future compounded with assurances to visit North Korea has definitely opened the doors for future negotiations leading to a pemanent shutting of an environment of harsh animosity between both of them.

How China reacts to these developments in the near future, however, remains to be seen. What’s your take friends?

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UK environment and forest minister sanctions Rs 3 lakhs for LOSA. Urges people to give up the use of plastics to save environment.



The Minister of environment and forest of Uttarakhand Dr. Harak Singh said that the government of Uttarakhand is committed to wipe out plastic from the Himalayan state as its one of the worst enemies of our environment having most hazardous implications.

A single bottle of plastic takes three hundred years while its lid take 500 years to perish completely. If the incessant use of plastic bottles and polythene is not curbed forthwith the time will come when our oceans will become the mountains of hazardous plastic materials thus posing suicidal for the present generation added Dr. Rawat.

Addressing the well attended gathering at Lansedowne main Bazaar in an annual function of Lansedowne Old Students Association on 10th June Dr Harak Singh said that improving the ecology and environment of the hill state of Uttarakhand is our primary and prime duty and we can do so by way of becoming self aware through conpletely giving up the use of plastics and polythenes to replace them with paper bags and other alternative eco friendly materials.

This should be the primary civic responsibility of the citizens and the tourists who throng the Uttarakhand hills for enjoyment during summer vacations alongwith their childrens in large numbers. However, the responsibility of the local populace is more important to keep their town plastic free and neat n clean.

Dr. Rawat said Uttarakhand is blessed with extremely pleasent environment, scenic beauty, fresh oxygen and mesmerising surroundings and therefore its our moral civic responsibility to maintain its dignity and environmental parameters.

Therefore use of plastics should be given up forthwith and the flagship initiative of the prime minister Narendra Modi, the Swach Bharat Abhiyan should also be given full impetus to keep our surroundings neat and clean.

Feeling proud to have Uttarakhandies in several coveted positions at the centre as well as in states like NSA Ajit Doval, Army chief Vipin Rawat, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, UK CM Trivendra Rawat, Raw Chief Dhasman, DGMO Anil Bhatt, Dr. Rawat said the incoming and the current generations should feel inspired from their outstanding achivements and follow suit in the future to raise Uttarakhand’s head high nationally.

Portraying his achievements before the assembled people Dr. Harak Singh Rawat said he has come to Lansedown because he feels it his home and would leave no stone unturned to do everything possible for the development of this popular hill station and its people despite the fact that it’s not his political constituency.

Dr. Rawat had been minister in UK government as well as in the undivided Uttar Pradesh for several years and MLA for more than five terms. He’d changed several political outfits from being independent to Congress to BSP to Congress and finally BJP.

He is considered to be a dynamic leader of the hill state despite being in different parties and adhering to changing ideologies.

He was previously the minister in Harish Rawat government looking after Agriculture and other departments as well but had changed sides and joined BJP alongwith 10 other lawmakers having been rewarded the ministry yet again when the saffron party formed the government with a historic mandate in 2016/ 17.

He is the MLA from Kotdwar. The Lansedown Old Students Association had invited the minister as the chief guest on its seventh Annual meet in which the LOSA members from all over the country and even abroad join each other every year in the month of june and deliberate on various significant issues including exchanging pleasentaries and old memories.

Assuring the people of Lansedown and Kotdwar to convert these areas into the best tourist destinations of Uttarakhand in order to boost tourism he said while the door to Jim Corbett Park has been opened for Animal Safari from Dugadda/ Kotdwar Pauri Garhwal side, a proposal for opening a wild life sanctuary in Kotdwara for the treatment of wild life had also been approved by the centre thus making these areas as the best wild life viewing hub in the near future to encourage tourism, wild life safaries, employment generation and financial gains for the hotel industry as well as the petty shopkeepers.

Mrs. Akruti Gusain, the beauty peagent and the legendary folk singer Narendra Singh Negi also spoke on the ocassion.

The minister felicitated the veteran 98 year old losaite and the former principal of Central School Lansedown with a Shawl and citation and distributed scholarships to several poor and meritorious students.
Several interesting cultural folk dances and songs were also presented at the event.

Dr. Harak Singh Rawat assured the LOSA of a consolidated financial support of Rs. Three lakhs from his ministry.

The programme was compered by Narmada Gusain, mother of the beauty peagent Akruti Gusain who is also a Losaite having been born and brought up in LANSEDOWNE.

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Had I been the dictator, would have shot the hoarders and black marketeers said Jim in a letter to Negi



I just came back from my 6 days’ Nainital visit, though I unambiguously know that hundreds of thousands of people visit this charming hill station every summer and is now a very common hill station from the point of view of the convenient reach for tourists from all over the country n the globe.

Due to the revolutionery technological advancements when the entire world has come closer, visiting Nainital and talking about it is nothing new as the entire country n the world knows about it, its pleasent weather, serene natural beauty, environment and its various aspects as one of the best tourist destinations and the quality education hub of the country, as well.

Though sounds strange but its true that I had visited this most enchanting and mesmerising city after several decades for the second time, first when I was studying in class 5th n am still finding it extremely charming, cold and pleasent even during the peak summers when the capital city experiences the worst unbearable temperature of 43 to 45 degree celcius unable to withstand the impact of the boiling heat.

WOW sounds unimaginable that when rest of the India boils people in Nainital shiver in cold wearing sweaters and jackets lighting bonfires, every night. Nainital is undoubtedly known for its best and enchanting lake, Naini, the serene beauty of the surrounding hills full of greenery and fresh oxygen and best schools established by the British more than two centuries old, the enchanting two hundred year old churches, the best maintained Mall road for the last two centuries, the mesmerising boating spirit of the tourists, the elegant architectural houses of the British still intact even after two centuries, the unique and splended governor’s house built on the architectural pattern of the Burkinghum Palace, England, the Gurney house of the legendary shooter, conservationist and a naturalist colonel Jim Corbett at Ayarpatta and his elegant winter house in Kaladhungi on a sprawling garden of two acres, now a museam and the most fabulous Nainital High Court, Tifin Top, Thandi Sadak, Snow View , China peak, lovers’ and Suicide point etc ? and what not.

Despite all this, visiting the 140 year old bungalows’ of Col Edward James Jim Corbett, a finest brave n ebullient shooter of his time and now museum at Ayarpatta in Nainital and at Kaladhungi, at the trisection of the roads going to Nainital, Haldwani and Delhi, was the greatest thrilling experience for me, from where I could learn so much about this legendary shooter and killer of 90 maneaters before 1947.

It was indeed a not to be forgotton riveting experience. Whatever little I could collect from there through clicking pictures, I am trying to post here. If you really go through some of the material seriously, you will find them worth reading and accquainting yourself about such an outstanding personality of his time, who saved people of the hills from maneaters and thereafter protected the tigers, the forests, the enchanting environment of the hills, the wild life and even served the poor, hapless and the needy financially and otherwise.

Born at Nainital on 25th July 1875 Jim Corbett left for Kenya in 1947 n later on breathed his last in Kenya in 1955, where he lived with his sister Maggie as a life long batchelor. His entire life, right after being born was too struggleful. Jim Corbett’s mother married for the second time and was the son of her mother’s second husband who was in British Army but later on settled in Nainital.

Jim was just six years old when his father Christopher W Corbett died. He studied up to high school. Thereafter served in Railways and many other departments including the Army first as Captain and lateron promoted as Colonel. He killed 90 man eaters in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of then Himalayan region, within the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh. He purchased 40 acres of land during his lifetime for 1400 Rs and did agricultural farming. He had number of servant quarters in his Kaladhungi bungalow where he stayed during the winters with his sister Maggie and old mother. He never charged a single paisa from his tenants. He always helped the poor and hapless villagers financially and settled their disputes. Since Nainital and Kaladhungi were richly endowed with wilderness, Jim became the wonderful naturalist with tremendous love for the wild life.

A life long bachelor Jim Corbett donated his entire land to the forest division and the locals, after retirement and left for Kenya alongwith his sister where he authored number of books on his lifetime hunting and other aspects of his life.

Corbett was always concerned for the poor people of India , Haldwani, Kaladhungi and Nainital. His main concern was to improve the socio economic lot of the people, particularly the cultivators. He was a good friend of the then Divisional Forest Officer of Ram Nagar one Mr. Negi under whose jurisdiction fell Kaladhugi and Chota Haldwani then.

In one of the typed one and a half page letter written to Negi from Kenya, Jim Corbett expresses his serious concern about the food shortage in India and the subsequent apathy of the government towards the cultivators and farmers of Garhwal n Kumaon. He said that if India really want to get rid of the food insecurity, its rulers should improve the socio economic lot of the farmers who actually toil the land and produce food grains for countrymen but are themselves ridden with abject poverty .

But instead of benefitting them the hoarders and black marketeers are minting heavy profits and committing huge sin. He wrote to Negi: Had I been the dictator of the country, I would have granted complete socio economic life long security to the poor peasents and the cultivators and literally shoot the hoarders and black marketeers (who are) creating food shortage for the Indians by wrongful means and committing sins. Such was Jim’s heart for the poor and the Indians.

It’s very important to note here that though Col. Edward James Jim Corbett killed good number of maneaters to save the local populace of the himalayan villages both in Garhwal and Kumaon regions but he dedicated his entire life for preserving the tigers n its different spieces. In his opinion,” THE TIGER IS A LARGE HEARTED GENTLEMAM WITH BOUNDLESS COURAGE AND WHEN HE IS EXTERMINATED – AS EXTERMINATED HE WILL BE, UNLESS PUBLIC OPINION RALLIES TO HIS SUPPORT- INDIA WILL BE POORER BY HAVING LOST THE FINEST OF ITS FAUNA.

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Shooter of 90 maneaters, legendary hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett buried his 3 Rifles and 2 pistols befor leaving India for Kenya



I got a significant opportunity to visit the 135 year old historic house of the globally renowned hunter, conservationist, author and a lifelong bachelor Col Edward Jim Corbett in Nainital, who has to his credit killing 90 maneaters and several wild elephants in the jungles of Kumaon and Garhwal, Uttarakhand before leaving for Kenya with his sister Mary James Corbett before 1947, selling his fascinating Bangalow to the Dalmiya’s for few thousand rupees.

The magnificient bungalow known as “Gunray House” named after his father, situated in a sprawling two acre land with beautiful garden is being maintained and owned by the Dalmiya’s who very often visit and stay here. Jim Corbett stayed in this house for several years before departing for Kenya, Africa and never married during his lifetime. He gave up hunting in the later years and worked on safeguarding n protecting the tigers. He had another house in Kaladhungi, near Nainital which has been converted into a museum.

A vivacious reader and an author on wild life, particularly on various species of tigers in the Himalayas, Col Edward Jim Corbett digged a big hole and cladestinely buried his three shooting rifles and two pistols covered by mud, near his house in Nainital at an unknown destination before giving up hunting forever and leaving for Kenya.

Built in 1881, Jim stayed in the Gunray House for several years till 1947 with his mother and sister.

Gurney House was Jim and Maggie Corbett’s house in Nainital when their parent’s house had been damaged by landslides. They lived in this house for several years until they had to move to Africa to live with relatives in their old age as they had no other relatives in India.

Jim is reputed to have been a great voice on the Municipal Board of Nainital and walked 20+ miles for meetings. He loved the area very much and would be devastated by the destruction that has occurred. Indians have nothing to be proud of with what has occurred in Nainital.

Jim however was not allowed to join the Boat Club at Nainital by the Britishers, as he was merely a “domiciled European” and not of authentic British blood.

Gurney House is still owned by the Indian family who bought it from the Corbetts. They now live in Ashoka Road in Delhi but come up to the “summer house”. The male caretaker Joshi opened up the house for us and gave certain vital information about the history of the place. According to Joshi the entire furniture is in the original shape being 135 to 140 year old and every thing has been maintained and retained to give the house the archival look.

All the original artefacts, Corbett books, his drawing room furniture, steel beds, dining room table, wooden chairs, study room and the building are all in original shape and stature, immaculately clean and bearing fresh look.

The original furnishings have been retained nicely and decently maintained. There is a single black and while photograph of Jim and his dog , some of his books, fire side chairs, his bed and other odds and ends.

Thanks to the Dalmia’s for having so meticulously n immaculately maintained the entite bungalow with original artefacts and furnitures including the 135 year old books which Jim used to read.

The walls are fitted with original antelope heads and horns and elephant tusks brought by Jim from African countries. It was indeed a great pleasure and priviledge to be in the midst of the belongings and the interiors of the 135 year old original house n pose for photographs, where once lived this iconic personality, a legendary hunter, wild life conservationist, anthropologist and an author, known n remembered for his outstanding contribution for protecting the people of Uttarakhand from maneaters, conserving the forests and then saving the significant spieces of Himalayan tigers for years together.

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China directs Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country



An extremely significant political development has come into effect that the traditional ally of Pakistan which has been till date promoting Pakistan in all its anti India endeavours like obstructing international terrorist and head of Jamaait Ul Dawa Mohammed Azar as being labelled as International terrorist in the UN list and India’s entry in the prestigious Nucleur Suppliers Group etc has now castigated Pakistan for aiding and abetting the dreaded terrorist and Mumbai’s 21/ 11 mastermind that killed 160 people and directed Pakistan to send him to any country of the West with immediate effect as the latter is considered to be the greatest threat to the entire Asian Subcontinent.

China’s recent directive to Pakistan in the context of the dreaded terrorist Hafiz Sayeed is being assesed in International forum as China’s vindication of India’s stand that Pakistan had been consistently sponsering terrorists in its periphery particularly the hard core terror sponsers like Lashkare Tayyeba chief Hafiz Sayeed and Jamait Ul Dava’s Mohammed Azhar but had been always turning a blind eye thus boosting Pakistan’s morale to carry on its anti India stance.

Even China’s bete niore USA has also held Pakistan responsible for sponsering terror activities in Afghanistan, India and the Western world and had stopped the annual military aid after Donald Trump assumed the significant office of the US presidentship. Trump literally scolded Pakistan’s political and military leadership of openly supporting terrorists and and terror sanctuaries in various parts of Pakistan including POK and misusing the American Aid by aiding and abetting terror than to eliminating them from their land. As a sequel to this threat Donald Trump stopped the financial aid till Pakistan really proves its mettle in dismentalling the terror camps and terrorists

The entire credit for the sudden change of dragon’s mind in asking Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country is being attributed to Prime minister Narendra Modi and the NSA Ajit Doval die hard efforts and meticulous diplomacy, who had done tremendous ground work on this pivotal issue and finally proved successful in convincing the Chinese head Xi Zingping to apply pressure on the Pak leadership who are fully in the grip of him and can in no way avoid his directives.

Today China is running the economy of Pakistan which is literally shattered, particularly after stopping of the financial aid to Pakistan by USA. The country is tremendous financial crunch not even able to pay the interests against the huge international borrowings.

Half of the POK is under Chinese occupation through its heavy investment in China Pakistan Economic corridor worth 40 billion USD.

The national elections in Pakistan are also due in the near future and China who had tremendous stake in Pakistan would never like that dreaded and hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and his political off shoots enter the Pak assembly creating problems for dragons in future.

Hence in the interest of India, China and rest of the western world crushing such hard core terrorists is the need of the hour.

However, it still remains to be seen as to how much strongly and credibly Pakistan acts on Chinese instructions on the issue of Hafiz Sayeed and if the dragon is really serious and honest on this issue.

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Student of mere third standard impresses Home minister Rajnath Singh with his outstanding knowledge



The other day I happened to be in the cabin of the union home minister Rajnath Singh at his New Delhi residence in connection with the book release of Dr. Hema Uniyal and also with an intent to present my book on Uttarakhand disaster of 2013 titled Havoc in Heaven.

While we were being introduced to the minister by the former Uttarakhand minister and the shooting protagonist, father of international shooter Jaspal Rana, Narayan Singh Rana my eyes stuck on a student of merely third standard Kunal Yadav of Gurugram who was accquainted to the former as a GOOGLE BOY with outstanding calibre acquiring infinite knowledge at such a tender age. The home minister Rajnath Singh was also stunned to see him answering various trivial questions seamlessly with ease to the utter surprise of one and all present there.

He went on giving his lecture uninterruptedly on every subject like a talking machine and impressed the minister within no time with the extraordinary mind blowing knowledge, this god gifted minor possesed on almost all the subjects. When the minister asked him to name the union territories of the country the boy unreluctantly took no time to answer them adequately. Wow what a sharp knowledge and outstandingly enlightened and intelligent mind even faster than a computor.

Having come to meet the union minister home with his father Sanjay Yadav from Gurugram at the behest of Narayan Singh Rana the outstanding google boy as he is known, made everybody highly impressed by his tremendous knowledge of things which I believe even an intelligent adult well versed in eye que and practice would not posess.

Having been specifically honoured by the law makers across party and ideological lines in Haryana Vidhan Sabha on 13 March 2018 Google boy Kunal Yadav has also been felicitated in almost all the states of the country with several coveted awards. Having an indepth knowledge of Astronomy viz the theory of Universe – Big bang theory, how is the universe formed, knowledge of entire galaxies, types of galaxies, the biggest gallaxy discovered till now, black matter, black hole, complete structure of our solar system and planets, mass and diametre of planets, distance of planets from the sun, number and name of natural satallites every planet have, complete knowledge of the earth and its atmosphere, about NASA and ISRO and all his space missions.

Extremely fluent in expressing things with total ease in hindi as well as english Kunal Yadav is also well versed in Science possessing a unique and outstanding knowledge of periodic table, structure of atom, ( electron, proton and neutron), mass and charges on electron, proton n neutron and exclusive knowledge about human brain up to 12th standard.

Apart from all this he is completely fluent about the names of all the subcontinents, oceans, detailed minute knowledge of the World map, India’s Map n maps of various states of the countries including names of the countries, their area, capital and population globally. About India he can name on tips, its states, union territories, total languages spoken here, about rivers, deserts, languages spoken and even the nick names of the states with various other micro information.

He also possesses indepth outstanding knowledge about the Indian president, prime minister, all ministers, political parties and the ideologies they represent.

Wishing Kunal Yadav alias the google boy all the very best.

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Modi’s fourth China visit. Would it fructify ?



The China visit of prime minister Narendra Modi is being rated as extremely significant in the context of an exercise to improve the deteriorating relations with China in terms of the existing border differences and the developments of Doklam that resulted in bitter relations between both the countries about ten months ago.

While the government of China as well as India is according tremendous hype and importance to Modi Xi summit, an expert on Indo China relations on the condition of anonymity termed these exercises as just a routine meeting to keep the people and media of the country in good humour as the 2019 elections are nearing as China being an expansionist country with a past record of suspicion and betrayal would never ever maintain its commitment of friendship with India as a trustworthy nation.

This is the fourth visit of prime minister of India Narendra Modi to China with good number of pre diplomatic level meetings of the top brass of foreign ministeries of both the countries including the NSA level talks but despite all this Doklam happened and incidents of several Chinese incursions on India borders continued unabated including indirect threats of the dragon on Dalai Lama and Tibet issues.

If we go by the statistics there have been hundreds of breaches of the Sino India agreement on border issues including China’s arbitrary efforts in blocking India’s membership in United Nations Security Council and the Nuclear Suppliers Club thus helping and pleasing India’s traditional enemy number one Pakistan.

The huge and massive investment in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to the tune of 40 billion US Dollars is also an issue bothering India which is enough to prove home the point as to how pre strategically the Dragon is trying to counter India by way of arming its enemy through not only civilian assistence but militarily and nuclearly as well.

India has always been too peaceful and liberal in terms of its foreign policy with China, being a country, always believing in the Panchsheel principles of peaceful coalition and honouring the bilateral agreements on border dispute but the Chinese have always breached and betrayed India right from 1962 till now and had been applying various kinds of pulls and pressures to compel India to accept its over ambitious Belt and Road initiative, through which the expansionist China wanted to capture the world, particularly the Asian sub continent in the context of commerce and business.

India had the guts to openly refuse its Belt and Road Initiative as well as countering it in Doklam. Finally China had to relent and it withdrew from the dispute territory of Bhutan. Now China is trying to manipulate India diplomatically so as to earn its confidence and compel it to surrender psychologically and otherwise. But prime minister Narendra Modi and the most capable and intelligent NSA Ajit Doval are playing their own tricks to keep the Dragon in good humour and at bay so that the deteriorating or simmering tensions between both the countries could be revived and at least kept at par avoiding any further bitterness.

War these days is not a solution to any problem as every country of the world, small or big, developing or developed is armed with nucleur power which has extremely serious repercussions and implications.

Peace and friendship through amicable deliberations and mutual understanding through diplomatic channels is the only solution to keep the world and countries moving ahead, peacefully. If North and South Korea could unite as for now why can’t there be amicable understanding between China and India, predict some experts on foreign relations. Let’s see what comes out Modi Xi summit finally after the fourth visit of the former to China. What’s your take friends?

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