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The arrests of so called self styled, high profile Godmen Bapu Asha Ram and Gurmeet Ram Rahim on the serious obnoxious charges of rapes of their own disciples , now behind bars with the rigorous imprisonment of several years have open serious debate on the existence of other such notorious spiritual leaders n charlatans who are still active and leading  lavish life styles manipulating and exploiting the passionate religious n spiritual sentiments of millions of their followers all over India. It is not that all spiritual leaders are bad or carry the image of charlatans but it’s also true that due to the misdeeds n utterly shameful and obnoxious acts of the few the entire community of the saints n Godmen has come under suspicion. India is a vast country of diverse religion, cultures, communities, castes, and sects. Majority population here is less educated, rather illiterates and have tremendous faith in religious practices including miracles of these so called Babas. It is a known n established fact and rather a rule that wherever there will be socio economic insecurity, the people of that society tend to be more religious, spiritual and orthodox believing and relying on the supernatural powers of God for the redressal of their grievances n untold miseries and it is primarily this very feeling of socio economic and psychological insecurity that encourages the people or devotees, particularly the illiterates and less educated to seek the patronage of these self-styled Godmen, spiritual leaders or charlatans who not only take advantage of the insecure sentiments or passions of these chauvinistic bhaktas but also exploit maximum wealth or money from them. These ardent disciples include a large number of women, people from the rural areas, less educated businessmen and even the educated private and government sector employees. These charlatans slowly and gradually after amassing unaccounted wealth through regular subscriptions or donations from their blind disciples develop their aura in such an outstanding and extraordinary way through their well-trained agents that they are regarded as extraordinary Gurus portraying themselves as GODMEN who can rid them ( their disciples) of all complexities come what may. After increasing their commune’s following they establish contacts with the political parties and their leaders and extend them support during elections against favors in different forms. This is what Gurmeet Ram Rahim has done. He extended his commune’s support to Akali Dal in Punjab and Congress, BJP in Haryana during the state and national elections claiming himself to be the undisputed religious Leader of over 5 crore followers worldwide. It was because of this particular favor extended to these parties by Gurmeet Ram Rahim that the investigating officer of CBI one Narayanan( an upright officer of impeccable integrity belonging to southern India) who has now retired as DSP, was allegedly pressurized by several Congress Member of Parliaments to give up investigating the rape case against the former, under threats. Similarly, the BJP in Haryana granted favour to the Godman by allegedly clandestinely allowing  his family to leave Haryana with unaccounted cash and documents including allowing hundreds of thousands of Dera supporters and followers unite n create rampage in various parts of Panchkula n Haryana on the day and after the conviction and arrest of rapist Baba Guru Ram RAHIM. This is indeed India’ s misfortune that our enforcement agencies are not serious in applying stringent checks on these so called charlatans under the guise of being spiritual leaders resolving all their problems etc and getting outright political patronage. From Chandraswamy, one time Guru of international arms dealer Adnan KHASHOGGI n friend of the then Prime MINISTER Narasimha Rao to some of the rapist Babas’ of South to charlatans like Asha Ram, spiritual guru Nirmal Baba, Radhe Maa to Ichadhari Baba Ram Murat Dwivedi to Radhe Maa to finally  Gurmeet Ram etc India has become a nation of ridicule due to the highly unethical wrong doings of the CHARLATANS. There are still spiritual gurus enjoying political power as ministers and members of parliament n even MLAs after having exploited the religious and spiritual passions and sentiments of millions of the families and followers who genuinely trust on their spiritual capabilities and stewardship but these so called Gurus, later on, betray them outrightly and seek undue political advantage by enjoying the fruits and glamour of power. Now it is enough, the government at the center as well as in the states should come out with a law to tax these communes, religious sect leaders and their vast unaccounted wealth and properties in order to curb their unlawful and illegal activities in the future course of time. In addition to this, the government should also come out with a mobilization campaign to educate people against such dubious Godmen and charlatans under the guise of wearing saffron and issuing sermons on television irrespective of their religious affiliations. What do u say, friends?
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Kumaraswamy sworn in the 24th CM of Karnataka. Significant presence of galaxy of non BJP opposition leaders in the swearing in ceremony



The leader of the minority group of mere 38 MLAs and former chief minister H. D. Kumaraswamy has finally been sworn in as Karnataka’s CM today at the highly decorated precincts of Vidhan Saudha, originally the Mysore palace in the presence of the gallaxy of almost all the non BJP opposition leaders of the country including the Andhra CM Chandra Babu Naidu who left NDA just a few months ago, in the conspicuous absence of Bollywood star turned politician Kamal Hassan and the Telangana chief minister T Chandra Shekhar Rao.

The oath of office was delievered by the controvertial governor Vajubhai Vala to HD Kumara Swamy of Janata Dal (S) and G. Parameshwara of Congress as the 24th chief minister and deputy chief minister respectively. HD Kumaraswamy is the son of the octogenerian former prime minister of India HD Devegowda, who was also present in the swearing in ceremony seen receiving all the opposition leaders with generosity and ambivalence, despite being not in so good health condition.

Prominent amongst those present in the swearing in ceremony were Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, AICC president Rahul Gandhi, BSP chief Mayawati, Lok Dal President Ajit Singh, West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee, Andhra CM N. Chandra Babu Naidu, CPM general Secretary Sita Yachuri, Chandra Babu Naidu, Sharad Yadav, CPI national Secretary D. Raja, Danish Ali, Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge, BSP MP and general Secretary Mishra, RJD’s Laloo Prasasd Yadav’s son and former deputy chief minister Bihar Tejasvi Yadav, Kerala chief minister Mr. Vijayan Pirayani, veteran leader, NCP’s Sharad Pawar and former UP minister, SP MLA Rajendra Choudhary.

However, the prominent super star of the south and Bollywood actor turned politician Kamal Hassan and Telangana chief minister Chandra Shekhar Rao were conspicuous by their absence. Both the chief minister and Deputy CM took the oath in Kannada.

Thousands of people participated in the swearing in ceremony which lasted hardly for 40 minutes altogether.

The atmosphere was too cordial and all the anti BJP opposition leaders met each other most heartily waving to the cheers of the crowd. The chemistry between Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi seemed to be extremely cordial with Sonia and Mayawati holding each other’s hands’ tight and embracing one another smilingly. They also posed for a photograph holding high each others’ hands alongwith other opposition leaders soon after the swearing in ceremony.

The West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee who came just before the swearing in did not go to meet Rahul, Mayawati and Sonia Gandhi but was seen in deliberations with Andra CM Chandra Babu Naidu who didn’t mixed much with this trio of Mayawati, Sonia and Rahul for the reasons best known to him. However, later on Mamta met Mayawati , Akhilesh Yadav and Sonia Rahul duo too, pleasingly. However, when Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi arrived on the stage they first of all went to Mamta Bannerjee and exchanged pleasentaries remaining closeted with her for some moments.

This swearing in ceremony witnessed such a huge gathering of the non BJP opposition leaders of all partes after a long time unambiguously sending a transparent message across that leaving few ifs and buts, majority of them are very much in a mood to unify against prime minister Narendra Modi and his BJP led NDA government in the run up for the 2019 national elections, particularly after the successful Karnataka experiment and earlier victories in the bypolls in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar defeating the saffron party in its own home turfs.

They seemed to have clearly understood that if thay at all want to stop the Modi juggernaut and avoit splitting of votes they will have to under any circumstances come together on one political platform in complete unanimity and todays conglomeration at Bengaluru gives an impressiin about something very credible and positive likely to happen in the near future.

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Forest fires of Uttarakhand result in raising the temperature of the hills !



The massive fires in the forests of the hills of Uttarakhand has not only created havoc to its precious wild life, flora and fauna, the timber, green trees and the soil including damage to the catchment areas killing the pivotal water sources, it has also resulted in enhancing the temperature of the summers to 41 degree celsious in towns like Dehradun and 29/ 35 degree celsious in the interior hills termed to be the summer destinations which used to remain pleasent and pretty cool.

What is more worrying is the fact that the fire which has started from Pauri forests or the adjoining hill districts has now engulfed the forests of Tehri, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Karnprayag and even Uttarkashi and the pictures of deers, cows, calves n roasted condition ging viral in facebook, though not yet authenticated as from which areas these pictures of dead animals in forest forest have been procured from.

Even in the stretches of Kotdwar jungles this ravaging fire have spread. According to the latest new reports, the expeditiously ravaged forests by massive fires which is still continuing due to the air pressure has also led to increase in the temperature of the hill areas particularly the towns and cities already under the influence of global warming.

Though the staff of the forest division are trying their best to didge the fire through whatever minimum means they possess but the magnitude of the fire has now gained such a tremendous proortion that its not within the reach of the limited staff of the forest departmentdevid of the lated hi tech technical facilities and equipments.

The only and the best way, though highly expensive is sprinkling of water over the forests fires through helicopters as done in countries abroad as depending on natural rains would be an extremely risky and dangerous proposition.

It may be recalled that UK had rain deficit of 68%. And Pauri Garhwal is already reeling under 82% rain deficit since Dec, Jan months. Therefore the entire forest cover has gone dry thus enraging widespread fire on a rapid scale. Decrease in rain increases temperatures and results in forest fires.

Moreover, it has been a tradition of burning the dry grass during summers expecting the birth of new grass after monsoon for fodder of animals. And in this immature exercise the entire jungles are put on fire causing irreperable damage to the flora and fauna and the wild animals on a vast scale. Some disgruntled elements also do it deliberately pre strategically and conspiratorially for various vested interests.

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As the increasing temperature having reached 44 degree celcius in Delhi yesterday and sun over the earth’s equater this summer, the capital of India, Delhi is confronted with acute water shortage in various parts of Delhi, compelling Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee volunteers under the leadership of Ajay Maken protest in different areas denouncing the AAP government for its inefficiency and ignorance in countering the water shortage problem and accused the Delhi Jal Board authorities of allegedly selling water tankers meant to be supplied to Delhi localities ,govt and private colonies and resettlement colonies of Delhi in league with the tanker mafia to five star hotels and the rich living in farm houses, thus minting huge profits.

The inhabitants of the resettlement and unauthorised colonies, the peoole of JJ clusters and even residents of government colonies are the worst sufferer during the peak Summer season in May and June.

Delhi has a population of about 1.50 crores and 60 percent of the population lives in resettlement and unauthorised colonies.

This vast chunk of this population either banks on submersibles by retrieving the under ground water or depend on water supplied through private or Delhi Jal Board tankers as regular pipelines of Delhi Jal Board have not been laid in majority ofthe colonies.

There is a huge tanker mafia active in Delhi Jal Board says Delhi Congress Chief Ajay Maken who siphons off the major share of the Delhi people by arbitrarily and cladestinely supplying it to Five and three star Hotels, high profile restaurants and farm houses against gigantic profits.

Water shortage in Delhi is increasing year after year as the the population of the capital has increased manifold. The shortage of rains, non existent of water conservation techniques to conserve rain water and fastly depleting underground water reserves in Delhi has further added to the wows of the over populated Delhi.

Currently Haryana and to some extent Uttarakhand is quenching the thirst of Delhites and the purification of water through affluent treatment plants of several Delhi drains and badly polluted Yamuna contributing further to cope with the situation additionally.

It may be recalled that Delhi being the capital requires lot of water in contruction activities and other related works like gardening, washing cars, and for general consumption.

The rich and elites have illegally and arbitrarily dug tubewells inside their vicinity in farm houses and private localities giving rebuff to the laws and restriction norms of the Central Ground Water Commission compounded with hundreds of thousands of new borings coming up every year in Delhi, thus resulting in massive depletion of ground water level.

If this would be the spate of retrieving water from the underground sources the time is not far when the Delhites will acutely suffer for want of drinking water.

Heavy and credible checks on the right usage of water and its conservation during rainy seasons by the government agencies is the mandatory need of the hour. What’s your take friends?

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