Simply say big no to pirated software

Simply say big no to pirated software


Yes next time someone tries to sell you the pirated software then simply say no and go ahead to buy the original because it is not just illegal but also illogical to the cheap pirated software which will damage your system. I know that temptation to buy the cheaper software is hard to resist but let me tell few things here why you should not buy them.

You cannot update the pirated software

If you already using the pirated version of software then you must be well aware of this problem when you cannot update to the latest version and has to wait until the pirated copy is available in the market to reinstall the software which will again cost you money. So when you buy the licensed version of the software you get lifetime free service to update it.

Your system is always at risk

Using the pirated software means compromising the security of your system and who knows that while installing it for the time it may contain viruses causing big threat to your machine.

No official support

You cannot call the consumer support while facing issues at the time of installation and maybe in future also you have some problems but  unfortunately you will not able to use the customer support which can solve the problem.

It Is Illegal

Anyways it is illegal to buy any pirated software because you are breaking the law at the time of installing it for the first time and clicking on certain terms and conditions which may have hardly read and just click ok.

Crash problem

Pirated software tend to crash and you will end up wasting lot of time and money by downloading it again and again, cracking and installing different versions.


Just imagine that you worked on something and someone stole that work and sell it under his name then will you feel about it? Same is with the developers who have worked hard on its developing and others are selling under their name as cheap pirated software.