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When I was in school, summer was the most-awaited season as it coincided with long vacation. I remember those summer holidays which meant waking up late, having an unhurried breakfast while watching cartoon shows on TV and of course those indoor games with siblings and friends.

But this scorching heat is getting hard not only on our bodies but also on our moods. Let’s not let the temperature to control us, rather let’s follow few tips and tricks to beat the heat and stay cool.

  • Breath like a yogi

When you feel overheated, try yogic breathing. Just curl the tongue by pulling both sides upward towards the middle and  then breathe in through mouth. Hold the breath, and slowly exhale through nose. Repeat five to ten times.

  • Drink more water

It is important to stay hydrated, especially when you are sweating a lot. Therefore, water intake becomes even more important. Hence, the body needs more and more liquids. You can also flavor the plain water by adding cucumber slices and mint leaves to it.

  • Block the Sun

Closing the windows with curtains or sun-deflecting blinds can certainly reduce the heat.

  • Chill your Mattress

Put soft gel ice packs on top of the mattress and underneath the sheets; try under your legs, neck, or lower back for maximum comfort.  Also freezing a cotton sock filled with rice, then slipping it between the sheets helps a great deal. The rice will hold a chill longer.

India is experiencing a hotter-than-normal summer this year !