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Yahoo has revealed that on 14th December that someone stole information about one billion accounts which means that each person having account with Yahoo have to worry and start removing their important information from their accounts especially the information related to accounts and finance because now the hacker has got information about the email address, date of birth and telephone numbers even the encrypted passwords.

This breach took place in 2014 but Yahoo has made this information public now. Why they waited for so long and why they have made this information open to public now?

This matter is being seen as the biggest hack in history that we know and it becomes quite hard to imagine about the scope that a hacker could use the information stolen from the Yahoo database.

The best a Yahoo email user can do is that to change the Yahoo passwords and security questions.

This incident also shows that Yahoo does not care about its users and did nothing to inform the users in 2014 only so that they could save their accounts or at-least remove the important information from their accounts.

Earlier Yahoo informed that the hackers have stolen information of 500 million accounts, which is the largest loss ever at the time.

But now the numbers have gone to one billion which means that even Yahoo also does not know exactly that how many accounts have been hacked and what information hackers have been able to steal.

The reputation of such a big company is certainly ruined and its worth has also decreased. Verizon is considering buying yahoo and after this news no one knows whether they still would be interested in buying the company or not.