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Looking for air purifier for your home but not able to decide which one to buy and from which brand. Xiaomi has launched its latest air purifier which cheap and works very well. So let us check out what Xiaomi has to offer in this Air Purifier.

It is called Xiaomi Air purifier 2 and it has been officially launched in India with starting price of Rs 9,999. This air purifier is WiFi enabled and this is first IoT based product of Xiaomi which has been launched in India in home product range.

Delhi and other metro cities in India are becoming polluted day by day and even homes have air pollution.

Xiaomi air purifier requires the Mi Home app to know about the air quality and filter efficiency. The Mi air purifier is designed very well and comes in a compact design which makes suitable for home and small offices. This unit have a filter inside it which is very convenient; it has various modes available in which you can choose options like Auto, sleep and favorites.

For setting up Mi air purifier 2 you need to have Mi account and have to download the app and once you have the app you need to login and then the Mi device will be reflected in the app.

This Mi Home app will let you know the PM 2.5 particle levels in the room where the purifier has been fit and it will also let you switch various modes on the device.

It works very silently and makes no noise even when it is working on Auto mode. It is best air purifier for small room and offices.

It is an efficient air purifier but I wish if Xiaomi could have removed the app download part to use this purifier because not everyone would be interested to download and make account in the Xiaomi app.  Overall it is a good buy for those who want their room to be clean from dust particles as it has the capacity bring down the PM level down very quickly, which is good.