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It’s really shocking to note that during the last few years the country has been witnessing scams after scams and it seems as if more are in the offing. To name a few right from the days of late Rajiv Gandhi from Bofors to 2G to Coalgate to Madu Khoda’s massive mining scam to Subroto Roy’s Sahara chit fund to Lalit Modi’s to Vijay Mallaya’s to the recent one Nirav Modi scam worth thousand and thousands of crores it’s been experienced that not only do the scamsters go finally scot free and by the time flies things become diluted but these multi crore embezzelements of public exchequer’s money also give enough political fodder to parties in power and opposition to blame each other on television channels to derive poltical mileage than actually nailing the real culprit and bringing back the stolen booty into the financial coffers of the government.

In cases like Bofors and 2G scams which were the main propaganda issues in the national elections for the opposition political parties to dislodge the then ruling parties (like the BJP that defeated Congress) the alleged culprits have been unamiguously exonerated despite the fact that governments had changed on these nationally and internationally hyped scams which were almost everyday’s headlines of the national dalies and main stories of the new channels of the country which earn handsome revenue through advertisements as their TRP increased manifold.

Even big financial defauters or crooked businessmen like the Sahara Chief Subroto Roy who’s behind bar and had amassed wealth and properties worth thousands of crores is not showing the due interest in returning peoples’ money despite tremendous pressure from the Apex Courts. Similarly these called prestigious builders of the country like the GAURS etc have siphoned off hundreds of crores of the peoples’ money and are under the scanner of various financial regulators and agencies for duping hundreds of flat aspirants who’d deposited their hard earned money and life savings to them expecting residential accomodations.

The cases of Lalit Modi, the Kingfisher MD Vijay Malaya both of whom duped the Indian government of around 15000 or more crores are also scot free enjoying their comfortable and luxurious stays in foreign land like Britain, depositing and investing major part of the siphoned money there, thus exhibiting a thumb to Indian authorities.

As if these cases of duping the Indian Banking and financial authorities were not enough, another scam of more than 11000 crores of diamond jewellery Neerav Modi has come to light with the ruling party leaders and the opposition trading charges on each other of promoting the scam under their respective political patronages and appearing on television debates trying to derive maximum political mileage.

The moot point is why don’t these political parties and their mandarins instead of involving themselves in these process of trading charges on each other, allow the investigating agencies to do their job impartially and with utmost devotion, to nail the actual culprits and bring back the siphoned off money so that the tax payers money stolen by these sharks can be recovered for the development of the country and improving the lot of the people than doing futile NETAGIRI on these issues.

Everybody know that no corporate house, big businessman or high profile company except few, can achieve progress without the political patronage or governmental support but in the cases of huge scams such as these, the investigative agencies such as , CBI, ED, police, Income Tax, excise etc and the judiciary should be given full freedom and autonomy to investigate cases and punish the guilty with stringent imprisonment followed by the recovery of the siphoned off money so that the nation and its tax payers do not suffer for the massive fraud of these fraudsters.

Politics and political patronage should be kept at quite a distance on such matters of financial insecurity and economic loss to the nation . Today, unfortunately the losses in the economy on wide scale are due to lakhs of crores of the unpaid loans of certain big corporate houses who are not ready to pay their debts and the ultimate sufferers are the government and its people. There are myriad number of companies, financial private institutions, builders, chit fund manipulators and investment companies assuring poor and illetrate, even middle class investors of doubling their money in short span having duped them of their hundred of crores and further transfering them abroad and closing their offices to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of million of investors. I am myself like thousands of others, the victim of one such MUMBAI based company called CITY LOUIMISOUNE who duped thousands of crores and left its investors in huge financial lurch. The moot point is how long will this go in our country.


The veteran journalist and proprietor of one of the prominent news channels of the country NDTV, Prannoy Roy has shot a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi complaining about Dr Subramanian Swamy and his loyalists for damaging and degrading India’s image internationally and causing immense harm and loss to the reputation of NDTV through unethical and dubious methods aimed at muzzling and silencing the free and impartial press and the organisation like NDTV. The relations between the government and the NDTV have been at loggerheads since the Modi government assumed power at the centre in 2014.

Prannoy Roy and NDTV is considered to be the voice of the progressives’ and the pro BJP/ saffron forces and rightists blame it as the news channel propagating the progressive ideology and that of the Congress. Just a year ago raids were conducted on all its office locations nationally and the Income Tax department has also fixed a penalty of several hundred crores on the TV channel for allegedly cladestinely saving the taxes and thus misleading and fudging the authorities concerned. As a result more than 200 employees had to be retrenched from job recently leading to chaos amongst the staff and the media fraternity. According to the contents of the letter: Prannoy Roy accused Swamy of using various unethical and dubious means to inflict baseless, biased and outrageous accusations of money laundering and indulging in sham transactions with NDTV against the finest US Corporations viz GE and NBC through the IT and ED.

The letter adds that the charges made by the Indian authorities are such that they may in the future invite harsh prison sentences for Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GEC and the CEO of NBC Jeff Zucker who is currently the president of prestigious news channel CNN and an outstanding media executive in America. This has resulted in creating a shocking and dismaying environment amongst the global business leaders thus discouraging them to invest in India who are expressing apprehensions of possible harrasments and lodging of false cases against them. Prannoy asked the PM : at a time when you are inviting more and more foreign direct investment in India, this sort of wild and baseless charges are damaging India’s reputation globally.

A leading US businessman recently said to us: Why should we come to invest in India- false cases might be filed against us. While the two page letter is quite in detail it concludes by saying: In nutshel: Mr. Swamy and a small group ( includes Gurumurthy as well) are damaging the reputation of our country in a motivated an egregious attack on the free media in India- we at the NDTV are proud of India’s tradition of media and press freedom and we will fight these falsehoods and not be suppressed or muzzled.

The anouncement of superstar Rajnikant to join active politics and form his new political party on the advent of the new year 2018 has sent shock waves to the two regional political outfits AIADMK and DMK which have been ruling the southen state Tamilnadu turn by turn for a long time. Entry of the highest TRP carrying 67 year old superstar in Tamilnadu politics and south India fans around the globe, Rajnikant with an announcement to form his own political outfit is bound to pose a direct political threat to both the seasoned parties of the South as corruption and accumulation of excessive wealth through unfair means by these parties and their families over the past several decades and promoting dynastic politics is the prime and foremost election plank of the superstar likely to contest the state elections in all the 2014 seats.

Rajnikant’s announcement to enter active politics was on the air for quite sometime with his millions of fans and well wishers putting on him tremendous pressure to join active politics or form his own party. He had just four days ago while addressing the meeting of his fans in Chennai assured that he will make his decision clear on 31st December and finally made up his mind to do so. The decision of super star Rajnikant has been welcomed by the super star of Indian film industry and Rajnikant’s close friends Amitabh Bachchan, prominent star of the South and Hindi films Kamala Hassan as well who’d wished him all the very best but the BJP and Congress leaders were conspicuous by their absence in congratulating the southern super star.

However, one of the national BJP spokesman PVR Narsimha Rao did congratulated him by saying that Rajnikant is undoubtedly the super star of the south but further tweeted that one should not forget that prime minister Narendra Modi is the national and international superstar loved and adored by one and all. This is not the first time that Rajnikant as a popular actor is forming a new political party in Tamilnadu but the seasoned regional parties, the DMK and AIADMK have also been formed by eminent filmstars of the south namely MG Ramachandran and M Karunanidhi, though the popular actress J Jayalalitha later on carried forward the leadership of AIADMK after MGR’s death and ruled the state charismatically for several years undisputedly.

It may be recalled that after the death of J Jayalalitha a most popular charismatic leader of AIADMK and CM, the the party has been divided into two factions with her one time closest associate Shashikala in jail on several corruption charges while the DMK led by ninety year old leader M Karunanidhi is in the opposition with his family members embroiled in several charges of corruption. The people of the state are fed up with with the dynastic politics of DMK led by M Karunanidhi who is usually seemed entangled in promoing his sons Stalin, nephews, daughter Kanimozhi, son in laws etc in state politics while the other regional party AIADMK after J. Jayalalitha’s demise has been divided in two factions with their leaders in no match to their deceased charismatic leader’s towering image.

The two national parties Congress and BJP have little or negligible say in state politics despite the prime minister Narendra Modi trying to make in roads by meeting M Karunanidhi recently and also participating in the funeral of late J. Jaya lalitha, a year ago. In view of the fluid political situation in the state and the electorates having become fed up by the widespread corruption in both these parties and its leaders behind jail and embroiled in several money laundering charges, there is a huge political vaccum of a charismatic leader in the state politics. Therefore, super star and most popular iconic personality of the South Rajnikant’s entry in active politics by way of forming his own political party and contesting in the forthcoming state elections would definitely pave a way for new political alternative in this southern state with the former forming his government by all means.

In Tamilnadu’s politics change seem to be inevitable and Rajnikant seems to be all set to achieve the top slot of the state. Come 2019 or before he is a sure sort winning bet for the chief minister’s post, come what may say the political analysts.


The decision of the Government of NCT of Delhi led by Aam Admi Party to cancel the license of the private high profile hospital MAX situated in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi will definitely work as a strong deterrent against the anti people attitude of these so called shops in the name of providing best treatments thus literally looting and exploiting the patients and their families by not only charging highly exorbitant and hefty fees beyond their capacity to pay but also showing extreme leniency and complacence towards patients, particularly those hailing from the poor, economically deprived and underpriviledged sections of the lowest ebb of the society including those from the middle class.

After liberalisation of our economy hundreds of such hospitals have come up in the metrolpolises and even rural areas of the country leaving no option for the patients of critical illneses but to go to them under compelling circumstances and cough up with heavy medical charges, thus selling their lands, properties or the entire life savings under extreme pitiable condition. This happens so because of the dearth of government hospitals in the country and subsequent non availability of adequate hi tech medical facilities or even if there are facilities they are not at all at par with these so called hi profile private hospitals.

Not only this, but the negligence and complacense of the union and state health authorities in not implementing the health and medical regulatory acts against the arbitrary and high handed actions of the private hospitals has resulted in their becoming dictatorial and anti people just believing in a single objective of minting huge profits at the expense of the patients and their already disturbed families by charging inflated medical bills.

What makes things and situation even more worse is when they openly flout the directives of the apex court and don’t even provide free or concessional treatments and surgeries for critical ailments to the poor and the economically deprived patients of the country. The harrowing cases of declaring a living child as dead recently and charging a hefty amount of rupees 18 lakhs from the father of an eight year old deceased suffering from Dengue including a whopping 31 lakh from the family of another patient who also died later on are some of the most shocking and horrifying examples of the high handedness and DADAGIRI of these sharks who are least bothered for the best treatment and safe recovery of the patients but only wanted to spin huge profits profits by exploiting the already traumatised patients and their families.

This decision of the Delhi government to cancel the license of one of the so called high profile hospital of the capital is therefore a welcome initiative which will in turn send a strong message across as a strict deterrent against the erring private hospital managements functioning as sharks than serving the people through a noble profession. What do you say friends?


All bottlenecks have finally been cleared for the much awaited supreme post of the 131 year old Congress Party for the Gandhi family scion Rahul Gandhi, that freed India from the colonial cluches of the imperialist British. The timing for the crowning has been chosen at a time when elections to the Gujarat Assembly are on the peak that involves the prestige of prime minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi equally. However, the Nehru Gandhi’s crowning as the party president will have any positive impact on the results of this much hyped election is still to be seen after the polling on 9th and 14th December respectively. Rahul’s much awaited elevation to the top most slot of the Congress Party that ruled the nation for more than six decades is significant because the entire CWC, the largest decision making body has cleared his name for his election as nobody else in the party seems to have the political guts to challenge his leadership by contesting against him.

There is every possibility of the Congress Vice President becoming the party chief on 5th December. Since joining the active politics after her mother Sonia Gandhi’s deteriorating health condition Rahul Gandhi has travelled a long distance fighting all odds within and outside party by some of his detractors though nobody came to the fore to oppose his leadership except the non heavy weights like Gufran Azam the former MP of Congress who opposed his leadership openly finally having been expelled from the party. Dynastic politics of Congress confined to the Nehru Gandhi family has always been the main election plank of the anti Congress opposition parties mainly the BJP apart from corruption which helped them return to power but minus Nehru Gandhi family members the Congress party holds no significance as right from the pre independence day from Moti Lal Nehru great grand father of Rahul Gandhi to Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru to Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia and now Rahul himself the Congress has ruled this nation for sixty protracted years sending a clear message that despite tons of criticism and opposition to the dynastic character of Nehru Gandhi family, the people of the country has by and large voted for them and primarily this factor has never produced any leadership alternative that could challenge this inheritence, within the Congress party. It is only because of this continuing political inheritence that the Congressmen and the rank and file of this 131 year old party have finally compromised to follow them undisputedly. And Rahul Gandhi despite so much of political incompetence as compared to prime minister Narendra Modi in popularity, oratorical skills and other positive factors, with no immediate hope of becoming the national political alternative is widely accepted in the party as their undisputed leader. On Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as party president which will be formally finalised on 5th December, the Congress’s arch rival BJP got the golden opportunity to widely oppose his crowning by charging allegations of dynastic perpetuation thus making ridule of the democracy.

In their statements criticizing the Congress’s move to crown Rahul Gandhi as the party president the BJP leaders say that while in their party a block or booth level ordinary grass root worker can become the national office bearer or the party president even a prime minister of the largest democracy of the world, in Congress except the scion or members of the Nehru Gandhi family can be the only one for whom the top slot of the 131 old party is reserved even if they don’t deserve it. Nobody in the Congress, either have the guts to challenge them nor are they given opportunity to reach the top slot. Is it not the open defiance or like ridiculing the democratic traditions of the country ask these BJP leaders. It may be recalled that after the tenure of PV Narsimha Rao when the Congress Party acknowledged the majority Sonia Gandhi refused the post of prime ministership despite her being the unanimous choice and the former Governor of RBI and fr finance minister in Narsimha Rao government was crowned as the proxy prime minister. Since then Rahul Gandhi activated himself in the party affairs. Had he desired, he could have conveniently been the prime minister by replacing Dr. Manmohan Singh after few years or could have joined his cabinet as one of the powerful minister but Rahul being modest always preferred to learn politics and involved himself in strengthening the party organisation as well as the frontal units like Sewa Dal, NSUI n Mahila Congress before reaching the top slot either in the party orthe government.

Rahul campaigned extensively in all the states’ and national elections all over India and established one to one interaction with the peoole in the rural areas of the country. When Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government was ruling the nation Rahul Gandhi was greatly instrumental in the enactment of Laws related to land reforms and land bill giving farmers their due for the land acquired by the government for industrialisation or contruction activities. He also gave relief to the farmers of the country by waving off the farm loans to the tune of about 70000 crores during the Congress led UPA government. He went to Dalit houses and had meals there to impress the dalits of the country and even did SHRAM DAAN by working with labourers in various projects, of course symbollically. He was also instrumental in the introduction of MNREGA during the UPA rule that gave employment to millions of the poor nationally, at least three months in a year. Though Rahul’s efforts as the national campaigner of the Congress party has not yeilded any fruitful results, after Congress losing several states at the hands of the BJP which is now ruling in over eighteen states, his actions, energy, potentiality and special knack as a leader on the move have always kept the party leaders, workers and youths encouraged.

Over the past months Rahul Gandhi has shouldered the responsibility of being the chief campaigner, exhibiting a special confidence in his oratorical skills in public meetings as well as in the social media that has put the national leaders of BJP in a position of unease. The Congress party has not seen any election to the post of its national president since the last 17 years when in 2000 the then deviated Congress leader Jitendra Prasada contested against the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi. This time it seems Rahul Gandhi’s election would be unanimous and on 5th December he will take charge as the Congress president with his mother as a chief patron of the party to bless him and the 131 year old party.