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worst dresses in MTV EMAs


Various celebrities came to attend the famous MTV EMAs on Sunday night at Rotterdam and this time this event has made a buzz with some amazing and hot celebrities who wore revealing dresses which may not be suitable for any kind of events. This show was full of glamour and hot models wearing sexy dresses showing their private parts.

worst-dressedGeordie Shore star Chole Ferry wore see through black patterned dress showing off her bottom and she even confidently posed for the photographers. Her outfit was very daring with two huge splits revealing her long legs and left very less for imagination part as you could see almost everything. She was having grey and blonde hair which seems to mimic Kylie Jenner.






worst-dressed1Her bum were almost clear to everyone and she was not the only one who was this kind of weird dress which could also be called as worst dress for public event as it makes sense to wear these kind of revealing dresses to worn inside your private property but it is up-to the celebrities as they feel comfortable in it.






worst-dressed-2Second is Charlotte Dawson, wearing a sheer pink gown having a black detailing in front side and showing most of the things from the side view with a pair of sparking sleeves and piled her hairs upside on her head for the event?







worst-dressed-3In this race of wearing weird and worst dress Indian Actress Dipika Padukone was also not left behind as she looked like a pair dark green curtains trying to make them look as a skirt.







worst-dressed4Next is Elettra Lamborghini, who wore sheer cat suit which was so revealing that this time nothing was left for imagination as you could see almost everything from your eyes. Rest you can decide by checking her photo. She looked freezing while posing for the photographer as she bared to show her assets in the sexy outfit which added bling.







While Charli XCX wore a dress which seems to be from 70’s making it the worst outfit for the event.