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According to Ancient Hindu Scriptures, when Samudra Manthan was done several prominent Hindu deities came out and Goddess Laxmi was also one of them. And when all lords of heaven were robbed including Indra they were rescued by the Goddess Laxmi.

Goddess Laxmi blessed God Indra and gave him Dwadashakshar Mantra to restore the wealth and prosperity, fame and peace of mind but only on one condition that he has to follow it religiously. So anyone who worships Goddess Laxmi using this mantra every Friday night will also be blessed by Lord Kuber who gives immense prosperity.

Even in Vishnu Puran it is mentioned that Goddess Laxmi has been praised for her gentility by Lord Indra and on his request she agreed to stay happily in heaven but also warned that if there are no traces of these five things.

So let us checkout which 5 traits are these

First trait is Lust

It is said that wherever or whenever there are lust overpowering Dharma and Karma, neglecting the righteousness of daily life Goddess Laxmi will never stay at that place.

Ego is the second trait which Goddess Laxmi do not like

Yes Goddess Laxmi will not stay in that home where people are immersed in their arrogance and ignorance because ego subdues their consciousness.

Greed is bad

Goddess Laxmi will never stay in that home where people are greedy because this trait overpower the Karma and it is also considered as the ground of sin.


Place where violence happens and it could be related to animals also could never have Goddess Laxmi.

Disrespect to woman

If a person does not respect a women or who believes in cruelty against innocent women always receive the wrath of Goddess Laxmi.