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world’s first chikungunya vaccine developed


Scientists have developed a solution for the deadly fever chikungunya and it is made from an insect – specific virus that does not have any effect on people so making it is safe and effective.

This vaccine quickly produces a strong immune defence and has proved that it can completely protect mice and nonhuman primates from diseases like chikungunya.

It is good news even for those countries where the population is very much and people have to stand in ques for entry in the hospital. This vaccine is safe, efficient and also affordable against chikungunya.

Chikungunya is mosquito borne virus which causes a disease characterized by fever and joint pain, may also include muscle pain, headache, joint swelling or rash in extreme cases.

Some people starts recovering from chikungunya fever within a week and some complaint of having joint pain for months that can last up to one year or more. In this fever death is rare but can occur if proper treatment and care is not taken.

For any vaccine development one fact is important and that is how quickly the vaccine works and safety and live- attenuated vaccines that are made from weakened versions of a live pathogen typically offer durable immunity but reduced safety.

Anyways we hope that this vaccine will soon be tested on humans and results would be the same and then it could be available at the places where it is needed most.