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women’s hijab snacthed by two man


Two man snatched Hijab of a women in her 20’s on busy London Street

In London a young woman’s hijab was ripped off on a busy street of London that too in a broad day light, it is seen as a racially motivated attack. In this incident Scotland Yard has yet to launch a probe into the assault.

This is a shocking incident which has taken place in London which may spark new controversy in the Country. It is indeed a racially motivated assault on the victim who is in her 20’s who was shocked by the incident.

Ben Cousin, Detective constable of the Metropolitan Police of Haringey community Unit said that this was a shocking incident which took place in a broad daylight that too on a busy street where lots people were present. This is clearly a case of racially motivated crime which will not be tolerated. He appeals to anyone who witnessed this attack to contact police and provide any information to them.

In this incident the women in her 20’s was walking on the busy street with her female friend on the evening of 28th September when suddenly the attack took place. When she was crossing the road two man came from behind and snatched her hijab before both fled the scene.

The police officers have told that one of the men was white in his late 20’s or early 30’s with blonde hair. He was about 5.6 inches tall and was wearing a burgundy hooded top and carrying a Tesco bag in his right hand.

The second person who was accompanying the white man seem to be of Mediterranean appearance and was also in his late 30’s or early 20’s with clean shaven look and spiky hairs. He was also wearing a grey hood top.

But it is still not clear that whether these two man have done this for fun or they really meant some racial crime as no will be able to find out the exact motive behind this mischievous activity until and unless these two men are caught and questioned  by the police team about the incident.