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A study says that people who are involved in doing these jobs for living are more likely to cheat. It is quite strange but the research study has claimed it.

According to the research people working in banking sector and brokers are the biggest love cheats. A poll was done in this research which was attended by 5,000 women who have or currently cheating with their partner. And the most likely to play away from home are pilots and flight attendants and doctors and nurses as revealed by the survey.

Shockingly the poll has revealed that 2 out of 3 unfaithful women that are about 65% of them cheat at work but 85% told that they do not recommend sleeping with their colleagues.

The only positive thing this survey has revealed is that people who have affair at office with their colleagues finds work more exciting, easier and fun.

Cheaters also told that workplace is the easiest place to find someone they can connect with and they can also hide their relationship. But nearly 70% of women volunteers think that the most negative aspect of having an affair at workplace is that if the relationship ends badly you still have to work in the same office with the same person.

Also if rumors about your relationship in office spread then there is a more likely chance that your partner will find out. Only 10% of women felt that they should focus on their job and careers and it is not right to mix work and pleasure otherwise it will hamper their job performance.

A dating website, Victoria Milan conducted this survey for married and attached people looking to cheat. The founder and Chief Executive of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal said that the survey clearly shows that people are more into having great time and enjoying life then focusing on their careers. So having an affair at work makes life a lot more pleasant.