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woman claims that Najeeb is in Aligarh


Last month a JNU student Najeeb Ahmed went missing and the students protested inside the campus, they also locked the University staff inside their cabins claiming that they did not take any action for finding the missing Najeeb Ahmed.

Najeb’s family also protested against the University administration for not taking any action in the matter but now police is investigating this matter after a letter was delivered on 14th November at Mahi – Mandvi hostel, of JNU. According to the sources this letter was received from Aligarh written by a woman who has claimed that she has seen Najeeb Ahmed in Aligarh.

This letter was written to the hostel president Azeem who later informed Najeeb’s family and handed over to them. Later Najeeb’s mother gave this letter to the crime branch.

In this letter, the woman has written that she saw Ahmed at a market in Aligarh. He even talked to her and told that he was locked somewhere and he managed to escape from there but by the time she could tell someone about him he left or was again taken away by the kidnappers. She has also given her address where police or Najeeb’s family can meet her.

The crime Branch has told that when they went to the mentioned address they did not find anyone and nothing was written about the ransom money in the letter nor it mentioned anything about the place where Najeeb was kept.

The next step would be the enquiry of the courier agency which delivered the letter to find out the location from where this letter was dispatched and the person who sent this letter. Meanwhile the letter has also been sent to the forensic department for its handwriting analysis.

Jamia Milia University has also provided the CCTV footage of the campus to the police on the day Najeeb reached there after leaving JNU.