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According to a recent study done at Windsor University in Canada a popular weed known as dandelion root can prevent cancer and also cure heal it and that too in just 48 hours.

It is the best alternative so far which has been found by the University and will lots people around the world suffering from this deadly disease.

In the press release of the University it could be clearly seen that the researchers were extremely confident about finding this cure and they are also planning for clinical trials using specifically developed dandelion tea.

Dr. Siyaram Pandey, a leader of the research and biochemist told that they have been waiting for this particular declaration for a long time and now this is authentic. He clarified that dandelion root extracts affect cancer cells, deals with apoptosis and cell suicide while leaving the healthy cell undamaged and this specific news is excellent news.

In this research it was clearly observed that almost all cancer cells were destroyed in 2 days

In this research Dr. Pandey used the specifically formulated dandelion root which was about 5 times more focused compared to the extracts which can also be bought over counter. And the research found that it continues to be tested to defeat the cancer cells of pancreatic, leukemia, melanoma in the lab mice.

This is seen as the huge accomplishment by the research team and they are considering it as a first step and right now keeping fingers crossed so that they may get the appropriate outcomes.

The cancer treatment is very costly and also very painful specially the chemo therapy which badly effects the immune system of the body and if this treatment is successful it save so many lives around the globe and save people from the pain they bear due to cancer.

The Website of the Windsor University has described their experience about the dandelion root project that in the beginning of this project they were capable of effectively evaluating the impact of dandelion root extract on numerous cancer cells in the lab. They noticed the effective opposition to pancreatic and also colon cancers, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, without any level of toxicity to the non- cancer cells. But all these efficacy researchers happen to be tested in the models of animal, and they are expected of human cells with colon cancer.

They have also started for thirty patients and almost all of them have experienced all kinds of cancer therapy options.