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Health benefits of not drinking milk

Traditionally we believe that drinking milk is good for health and even adults should drink it but now some doctors have started saying that it is not necessary for adults to drink milk as they can take the required calcium needed by the body from other foods.

Some people are also allergic to milk and milk products and doctor advice those not to go for milk products instead take alternative foods. This trend is increasing not just in adults but also in infants.

Some nutritionists and dieticians have also suggested that if you quit drinking milk then there are some good effects which take place in your body.

According to a research around 65% people around the World are allergic to milk and have problem in digesting it because of lactose intolerance which results in bloating, diarrhea, gas, etc.

Quitting milk will also help in reducing weight as single serving of milk contains 20% of saturated fat.

Some studies have suggested that milk contains anabolic steroids which could be responsible for acne problems and if you quit drinking milk the chances of acne will be greatly reduced.

It is also found that milk is also responsible for increasing blood sugar levels and if you quit drinking milk chances of diabetes also reduces.

People who are intolerant to lactose should not drink it if they do not want to have any allergic reactions, vomiting problems.

Milk contains fat and in one serving it almost have 24 mg cholesterol which is not good for health as you can go for Fish, Egg, meat which contains less cholesterol.

We are becoming antibiotic resistant because the milk which we consume are brought from the cows and buffaloes which are given high doses of antibiotics and their milk makes us antibiotic resistant.