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Whole World afraid of North Korea

Nuclear Testing

America comes forward to support S Korea against N Korea

The North Korea has done its fifth nuclear test and the whole World has united against it which is a good move and recently United States and China have also agreed to deploy an additional THAAD battery in South Korea after the threat from North Korea.

The United States President Barack Obama has taken this threat seriously and House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest said that he is committed to protect Americans. He further told that the Security Council told him over the weekend that indicated that they were going to consider additional economic sanctions which could be imposed against North Korea for their continued and flagrant violations of a variety of Security Council resolutions.

This statement of Josh has cleared that America is very serious about this matter and whole International Community has come forward  to stand against North Korea because this is an alarming situation and if Countries will not take it seriously then North Korea can do anything to exploit its nuclear power.

America is also working on further steps which will isolate North Korea and Josh also told that there is some important work to be done at the UN and the US will be supportive in that process. There is THAAD battery that has been deployed to Guam.

Recently America and South Korea has done an agreement in which it was decided that an additional THAAD battery in South Korea will be deployed and all of this has been oriented against the threat from North Korea.

Barack Obama also told that he is pleased with Chinese because they have contributed in constructing a pressure on North Koreans and he believes that there is more that they could do in this situation.

Obama also had various conversations with Chinese President Xi (Jinping), about the need to deal with this situation a priority.