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what should we say to kids


I know that parenting is not an easy task and it becomes very important that how you talk to your children and you should also be fully aware of the facts and knowledge which they are learning while growing. So it is our job to build their personality which will be beneficial for their whole life.

Sometimes we say those things which we do not really mean so we should always make sure that nothing wrong is said in front of them because they remember everything in a long run and few things which impact their innocent minds will stay with them for whole life.

Never say you are bad boy or girl

Never show any negative thoughts in front of them as we do not know that how they feel about it and it may kill their self- esteem. Kids are innocent and they do not know how to differentiate between good and bad and if we say that they are bad they may not say anything but deeply feel about it. Try to tell them that they are good and make them happy by nurturing them with positive thoughts.

If possible try to explain them which actions are considered bad or good instead of telling them that they are bad. Always teach them what is good or what is bad and make them have positive in life to build great personality.

Do not say No straightly

When you straightly say No it is too harsh for them as there are chances that they will not understand for the first time instead tell them why it is not right and build confidence in them so that they can have faith in parents. Do not ever shout on them and always try to talk softly like if you do not want to them to play inside the house never directly say no to them instead tell them to play with his or her friends outside of house in park because if you will keep saying No to them it will be negative.

Please do not tell them not to talk to you

Do not create communication gap between you and your kid because in future he or she will refrain to share thoughts with you always have time to listen to them and never tell them not to talk to you. Always try to convince them with your words and explain them to what they are supposed to do and why it is important.

Do not compare them with other kids

Always remember that you never ask them to be like other kids especially like their sister or brother because it might make them jealous and they also might feel neglected or left out.

Do not ask them to leave you alone

Just remember that you mean a lot to your kids and maybe even everything and there are situations when you want to be alone and ask them to leave you alone but this will hurt them and he or she might become anxious from this behavior of yours instead talk to them and teach patience.