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If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi in your laptop then check if the Wi-Fi button is on or off and if it on then press it twice as this may allow your device to detect Wi-Fi signals again and get connected.
If still your system is not connected to the Wi-Fi then reboot your device because rebooting can sometimes fix the firmware problems or router. Even after following this step Wi-Fi does not work then unplug your Wi-Fi router and wait for about one minute then connect it again this should restore the wireless network and Wi-Fi will be available.
If Wi-Fi suddenly stops working then you can power off the router and restart the computer. Check all cabled are properly connected and power adaptor is also fine.
If you have followed above points and still the Wi-Fi is not working then you can restore your router to factory settings as by pressing the resetting button for at-least 10 seconds this will restore Wi-Fi to factory settings and it may make it detectable again.
If you are having slow Wi-Fi problem then there are chances that other people have cracked your password and using the data so it is always advisable to change the Wi-Fi password. You can also use the SSID broadcasting feature which will hide your network to others and it will be difficult for them to crack your W-Fi password and you can again start enjoying good data speed.
Keep updating the router’s firmware as it can also affect the Wi-Fi connectivity and it is always better to have updated router firmware from the manufacturer’s website. You can also upgrade your Wi-Fi router which will have enhanced W-Fi signals and if the router is quite old then go for the latest one which will allow more devices to be connected with increased speed.
Location could also be the problem where you have placed the router so you can try different location which is nearest to the place where you use your devices and try not to hide it in corners, drawers, TV console or under table as it will weaken the Wi-Fi signal strength and restrict transmission. Also make sure that the Wi-Fi is at-least placed at the distance of 10 feet from microwave, baby monitor or cordless phone.
If you do not want to change the router then you can replace Wi-Fi antenna with high gain antenna or booster antenna.