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Internet is the best place where you can sell your skills and may work as freelancer or maybe start a business and become an entrepreneur. So it becomes very important to find out the genuine and reliable places on internet from where you can earn money online.

The main thing which depends on the success of online career depends on the time you devote and several other things. I think one of the best way to earn money online and without investing is through affiliate advertising because in this you can spend your time according to your need and availability.

Start a blog or website

If you want to become an affiliate advertiser you need to have a blog or website with decent traffic and then you can place links or banner ads of the products on them. Initially if you do not want to spend money then start a google blog on Blogspot or use WordPress.

Select a Niche Product

You should always select a niche product which you want to advertise on your bog or website and it should be related to the content of your website otherwise you will not get much benefit from it as you audience has come to your website for some good content and if the find something related advert then the chances becomes more of buying them but you have to be patient as sometimes results are late.

Write for others

There are websites which outsource the freelance work and also pay good money if you work on their projects. There are websites like Guru.com, Newsviewsnetwork.com which will pay to write articles from home. There are several more websites which gives an opportunity to provide services like online tuition, painting, art gallery and much more.