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After so much of media hype and accusations of detereorating law and order situation in Delhi by the chief minister Arvind Kejrival on the issue of the theft of his blue Wagon R car having a historical value for his ardent supporters and patrogonists, who had even announced a meagre award of Rs 10,000 on its recovery, has finally been traced at Ghaziabad yesterday after the thief desperately left on the road apprehensive that he would be caught shortly if he continues the company of the car.

The blue colour of the stolen chief minister’s car, now being used by his media advisor had become so popular due to the ongoing media publicity in the prestigious national dailies and electronic channels that a passer by literally recognised the abandoned lonely car by its colour and brand and telephonically informed the Ghaziabad police who in turn accquainted the Delhi police, who definitely n finally heaved a sigh of relief. Now the point is who will share the booty of award of Rs. ten thousand announced by Kejrival’s colleague and the husband of the Delhi Commision for Women Shweta Malival, namely Jai Hind. Will the Ghaziabad police disclose the name of the informer publicly or they’ll pass on the award money to him secretly keeping his identity intact for security reasons? Anyways this is not the serious question. What’s the moot point is, had it been the car of an ordinary citizen, would had it been traced so easily.

The Wagon R recovered was not that new and nor did it carried much resale value. But since it bore the VIP tag and was publicised tremendously it got traced in just two days. But unfortunately, on the contrary hundreds of such stolen brand new cars are never traced to the utter dismay, shock and dillema of the sufferers, the reason being that investigations and recovery of stolen vehicles allegedly does not hold any priority for the police due to their being already overburndened with more serious nature of crimes like murders, gangsterism, criminal and sexual assault on women and VVIP and VIP securities. Moreover, the Delhi police is already overshort of staff and the the spurt in crime is simultaneously on the rise with Delhi witnessing the colossal theft of over 3200 vehicles till September, 2017 with a very poor recovery rate. The point is will the Delhi police, its crime branch and the police of the NCR exhibit its special investigative talents and determination to recover the vast number of stolen vehicles or control crime in Delhi as observed in the context of the recovery of DELHI CM’S CAR.

However, I would not at all hesitate to say that the DELHI POLICE has done OUTSTANDING JOB in cracking several High Profile cases like those of Jessica Lal, infamous Tandoor case, case of Nirbhaya, Katara murder case and several other complicated high profile trivial criminal cases putting the higly influential and with clout behind bars. We leave the ball on their court?