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Virat Kohli ball tampering


A British Tabloid has alleged that the famous Indian Test captain Virat Kohli has tampered cricket ball with sweet residue. This news does not hold much ground as per clauses in the ICC’s Rules and Regulations about playing conditions.

These allegations were made after checking some footage in which it appears that Virat Kohli was shining the ball using residue from a sweet during the first test match held in Rajkot.

Anyways Virat is a great player and we cannot expect this from him and investigation should be done to check the condition of the ball from the match recordings and we

Till now no official complaint has been registered against him and as per ICC regulations on ball tempering, if a team want to register a complaint about the ball tempering issue by a player of rival team then they have to do this within 5 days of the completion of the Test match and if complaint is lodged after 5 days and test match is completed than no action will be taken after this time.

This is for the first time Virat has been accused of being involved in ball tempering by any newspaper. According to rule book of ICC Test matches Level one and Level two offenses should be reported to the match referee within 5 days of the commission of the alleged offense.

The Rajkot test match was ended on 13th November and if England team had any complaints, they should have made it official and lodged with the match referee then why this Tabloid has published their concerns about the ball tempering now is still not clear.

Please give your views about whether Virat Kohli had tampered the ball or not or what you think about this incident?