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The miserable defeat of the Bhartiya Janata Party in two parliamentary bypolls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur including the seats of Jehanabad and Araria in Bihar by Bahujan Samajwadi backed SP and RJD led by Lalu Prasad Yadav who is currently in Jail is a stunning blow and tragic setback for the party ruling in the centre and 21 states of the country. One should also not forget that it has also lost badly in two parliamentary seats in Rajasthan by polls similarly just two months ago in a state ruled by its own party government. Since 2014, after the BJP assumed power at the centre with a historic win, the ruling party has lost in 10 parliamentary seats in various bypolls and is running short of individual majority in Lok Sabha by two seats though it has enough support of its NDA allies. Lot has already been scripted about these defeats in UP’s two BJP strongholds earlier represented by the incumbent CM Adityanath Yogi and deputy CM Keshav Maurya.

These defeats are a stunning blow for the central and state BJP, including prime minister Modi because in 2014 the BJP saffronised the largest state of the country viz UP and secured 73 seats out of 80 with two seats of Apna Dal. Similarly a year ago its saffron juggernaut of Hinduism under prime minister Narendra Modi’s charismatic leadership continued and the party secured 325 seats catapulting the saffron robed seer to the top slot i. e. the post of chief minister of UP. And just after 365 days the most popular hindu leader, a sear turned CM who was seeking peoples support and sympathy on the issue eradicating criminalism and criminals from Uttar Pradesh could not bring his candidate victorious from his own traditional strong hold Gorakhpur from where he himself was the member of parliament for 25 long years earlier represented by his religious and political mentor late Mahant Avaithyanath. Similarly, the former UP BJP chief and a dalit himself could’nt claim BJP’s victory of his own parliamentary constituency.

It’s a dangerous and worrisome signal for the state as well as the central BJP as the votes of the dalits, Yadavs, minorities, backwards and the people of the lowest ebb of the society in both the constituencies has this time consolidated enmass in favour of the BSP backed SP and the hard core RSS or hindu vote did’nt turned for voting. This factor unambiguously speaks of the fact that the dalit, minority and OBC vote bank which comprises of a sizeable chunk in UP and had gone in favour of BJP during the last parliamentary and assembly elections under the influence of hindu saffronization minus minority vote, has this time deflected itself from BJP enmass.

This sends a negative signal and message for the BJP. Occuring anti incumbency in just a year’s time in UP, Rajasthan and Bihar where the BJP lost in all the bypolls of parliament is definitely a warning signal for BJP high command giving an unambiguous indication of diminishing Modi and Yogi Aditya Nath charisma who had till now been on a expeditious winning spree right from Assam to Tripura and North East after 2014.

While the BJP’s bypoll defeat seems to be the result of fastly eroding dalit, backward, down trodden and minority base of BJP in UP, Rajasthan and Bihar, political analysts also give the entire credit for this show to BSP in UP, Congress in Rajasthan and RJD in Bihar but what comes out of this development is the fact that anti BJP unity if worked ferociously as was the case in UP , the experiment can compel the ruling BJP to bite the dust in 2019.

The by election results have made things amply clear and transparent that the non BJP opposition unity at the national level to consolidate the minority, OBC, backward, dalit and other lower caste vote bank, including the votes of the disenchanted commoners, unemployeed youths, farmers, lower middle class and electorates of the suburban areas is the need of the hour.

2019 is not far and time is very short too. A non BJP Mahagath- bandhan at the national level under one umbrella and unanimous leader is the only and sole credible alternative to the biased and rhetorical BJP which has so far failed on several important fronts like price rise, unemployment,agrarian sector, investment, growth rate and industrial and economic self reliance. Now is the right time to hit the hot iron. If not now never will it be, say news analysts.

After the not so fructifying budget proposals particularly non raising of the personal income tax exemption limit and increase in cess from 3 to 4 percent etc and losing three of the parliamentary and legislative seats in Rajasthan and not making much political ground in West Bengal by election as well it seems that the prime minister of India Narendra Modi and his shadow, the BJP’s national chief are slowly but gradually losing their political influence and sheen though its still hard to say whether Congress will make up the losses of the previous national election in 2019.

When Narendra Modi won the national election in 2014 and assumed the top slot as the prime minister of the country the BJP won 77 and Gujarat 26 parliamentary seats sending the message across that its invincible. Since then its graph of victory ascended at it captured about 19 states of the country on its own leaving the Congress party in acute dilemma.

Narendra Modi wave thronged all the states of the country and despite all odds it finally also won Gujarat after constant victories for the last 22 years though securing only 99 seats due to the bulldozing campaign of Nehru Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi thus killing the anti incumbency syndrome as well.

Even the ill effects of much hyped and negatively talked about demonetisation and GST could not stop the winning spree of BJP right from Assam to Uttar Pradesh to Uttarakhand to Gujarat, the states where it badly bull dozed traditional Congress and Samajwadi party by polarising the hindu vote bank on a wide scale and also on development plank under Narendra Modi charisma.

But it seems that after the heavy loss in Gujarat and badly losing two parliamentary and one assembly constituecies in Rajasthan including not able to make much mark in West Bengal it looks as if Modi charisma and his shadow Amit Shah’s organisational capabilities are under direct challenge.

If we go by the these results of Rajasthan its absolutely clear that all the states ruled by the BJP are likely to face the anti incumbency risk and Rajsthan’s bye election results are the unambiguous indications where saffron polarisation in the name of Pehlu Khan’s diabolical murder in the name of cow vigilantism and Karni Sena’s nuisance too could not achieve the fruitful results, rather boomeranged politically.

People of the country seem to have been bored and rather became concious of the so called saffronisation in the name of Ram Temple or alleged lynching of the minorities and even few journalists like Gauri Lankesh in the name of beef eating, cow vigilantism or against progressive anti majority fundamentalist writing.

People of the country now want results on the ground and even after the lapse of 4 years have not been able to acknowledge any credible or fruitful result in terms of employment generation, inflation coming down, improvement in health avenues, job security, benefit in housing and so on and so forth.

Rhetorics seem to have gained the upper hand and crony capitalism has gained priority with a common man including farmers and the working class gaining nothing except suffering from incessant losses and committing suicides.

About 12000 farmers have committed suicides during the last 4 years with no relief in the farm sector except false rhetorics of doubling the income of farmers till 2022 strongly oposed by the former PM and economist of international repute Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The recent budget that gives 25% rebate in tax for the businessmen with the turnover of 250 crores has not given any rebate in the personal income tax exemption limit and there seems to be no guarantee of the single job. The NDA partners like Shiv Sena, Chandra Babu Naidu and Navin Patnaik of Biju Janata Dal including Nitish Kumar are now trying to say good bye to the alliance say the sources due to the non cooperative attitde of Amit Shah and the poor and unfavourable budget.

The middle and lower middle class is the worst suffering lot as on day, as it has not achieved anything credible and fruitful during the last 4 years of the Modi government rule.

Skyrocketting prices of essential commodities, lack of employment in private sector, likely abolition of five lakh government jobs and tremendous increase in the gap between the haves and have nots with poor becoming poorer and rich, richer.

The wealth of 73% of the country men has been captured by one percent of the affluents and the Ambanies and Adanies are the actual benefactors at the cost of the country say the news analysts.

Though 2019 is coming nearer but the Modi government banking on Ram Temple issue and Hindu polarisation factor will have to walk on thorns not roses as things are not exactly the way they were in 2013-14. People want credible results on ground not rhetorics.

But apart from all this I would in all earnestness not hesitate to appreciate and laud the new Health insurance policy of the prime minister to the tune of Rs five lakhs annually for the treatment of the poor and lower middle class people from critical illnesses in hi profile private hospitals of the country paying reasonable annual premium. What do you say friends?


While the Bhartiya Janata Party has scored a fifth consecutive victory in Gujarat election securing 99 seats feeling highly elated and jubilant, its triumph is not being taken as an extremely impressive one as was being expected particularly in view of the hectic campaigning of prime minister Narendra Modi in his home turf and BJP’s traditional bastion where it’s in power for the last 22 protracted years.

The BJP has minussed its seventeen seats in this election whereas the Congress has added 19 seats into its tally with the three (others) also on its side. This election has outrightly contradicted the pre election over confident claim of acknowledging 150 seats in BJP’s favour by its president Amit Shah. While this election has enhanced 1.2 % vote share of the BJP, the Congress’s vote share has enhanced by 2.5 percent, just the double of the former. Though the decrease in 17 seats of the BJP in Gujarat election has send a message across that despite victory the BJP’s popularity graph is diminishing steadily it also reflects that Congress is gaining ground in Gujarat and therefore may subsequently gear up nationally in 2019 if it really improves organisationally at the state and national level.

The BJP has won in majority of the urban areas but lost in the rural areas meaning that people in majority of the rural areas are gradually becoming disenchanted with the ruling BJ and its agrarian policies. But above all, the BJP’s victory even after ruling for twenty long years, abruptly killing the anti incumbency factor, unambiguously speaks of the fact that Modi magic is still relevant in Gujarat, his home turf and that his charisma is equally still intact nationally as well keeping in view the incessant winning spree of BJP after Modi’s becoming the prime minister since 2014 with 19 states in its la. Had the prime minister Narendra Modi not held 7 public meetings during the last leg of the Gujarat elections, the BJP would have suffered badly say the political analysts.

The BJP’s victory in these two states have also made one thing absolutely clear that the controvertial issues of demonetisation and GST couldn’t have any adverse affect or impact on its winning chances as not only has the party received two thirds majority in Himachal Pradesh but has also won in majority of the urban areas in Gujarat where lives the business community. However, the victory of 4 Congress lawmakers in Somnath temple vicinity and the BJP candidate losing in prime minister Modi’s home seat Vadnagar to the Congress lawmaker do send the worrying signals for the BJP. It’s really the time for self introspection for both the Congress and BJP as 2019 elections are significant for both the parties in which the prestige of both Modi and Rahul is involved. What’s your take friends?


The prime minister Narendra Modi termed the victory of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections as an outstanding triumph and said that it’s a historic mandate on his policies and programmes of reformation and development. Congratulating the electorates of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, national party president Amit Shah, the party leaders and rank and file, highly spirited Modi amidst the thunderous applause from the audience said that this is a historic victory for the party as despite securing an absolute majority in Himachal Pradesh, the committed workers of BJP of Gujarat have made the 5th time successive victory possible.

This is no ordinary achievement but a historic win for the fifth time in succession which is an extraordinary incident for the news analysts and political pundits of the country, said Modi. This is a victory of outstanding nature as it’s a 12th victory in succession in the state’s BJP election since 1998 whether they were the elections of parliament or state legislature. Prime minister Narendra Modi was addressing hundreds of enthusiatic party workers and leaders after the dual victory of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh at the party headquarter in New Delhi. Addressing eloquently, Modi passed a taunt to his opponents saying : whether you like the BJP or not but kindly do not derail the development of the nation and the spirit of cooperative competitive federalism being promoted and carried forward by his government.

He emphatically said that infinite conspiracies and planning were made by his political opponents in Gujarat with a single desperate aim to dethrone the BJP government and belittle Modi but all in vain. He said, while every party can have their differing views and ideologies but the opposition of the country should also have the guts and morality to accept their respective defeats on the developmental plank instead of expressing their frustration through unacceptable and demoralising statements.

Though prime minister Narendra Modi had specifically said that he is not for the criticism of his opponents but he lost no opportunity in strongly criticizing Congress president Rahul Gandhi and others without mentioning their names. Extremely jubilant and hilarious Narendra Modi has confined his entire speech on developmental plank and reforms and ensured that come what may, he and his government would continue to relentlessly move forward in continuing the unabated reforms and development giving an unambiguous hint that 2019 elections would also be in his and the BJP’s favour.

Prime minister Narendra Modi especially emphasised on the middle class of the country saying that their expectations has tremendously enhanced due to the worh culture and achievements of his government on various fronts and that he and his government will leave no stone unturned to come true to their expectations. Modi repeatedly expressed his gratitude towards the electorates of Gujarat for the party’s fifth consecutive victory at the hustings and mentioned Himachal Pradesh only once in his entire speech of more than half an hour amidst tremendous applause and the chantings of Modi, Modi. It may be recalled that in Gujarat the BJP secured 99 seats and Congress 99 whereas in Himachal the former got 44 and Congress merely 21.
SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The hilarious pre accepted victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Gujarat for the fifth time in succession is undoubtedly a huge victory of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat pride and subsequently a massive jolt to the opposition parties particularly the undisputed 24 year old leader of the Patidar community Hardik , Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani including the most vociferous and highly spirited new Congress president Rahul Gandhi who’d made it their prestige issue to ensure the BJP’s defeat in the state, come what may, ruled by the saffron party for the last twenty two years thinking that perhaps the anti incumbency factor may work. While this victory of BJP and the prime minister can be definitely termed as historic though having secured 99 seats too less than the previous terms tally but being the fifth consecutive triumph nobody can also deny the fact that the Congress Party under the Nehru Gandhi family scion has also proved his impressive mettle by improving the party’s vote share from 44% to 48 and enhancing the seats tally from previous 61 to the present impressive 80 despite all odds and the 132 year old party’s losing spree after the BJP led NDA assumed historic majority at the centre under the prime ministership of Modi.

Congress which is constantly losing at the hands of the BJP and Narendrs Modi in Gujarat for the last 19 years had 61 MLAs last time with 6 of them having defected to BJP including former CM Shanker Singh Vaghela ditching Congress and forming his own political outfit. The prime minister Narendra Modi and the national BJP chief Amit Shah after experiencing the Congress chief, then the Vice president Rahul Gandhi’s extensive campaigning after having roped in Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani on his side had left no stone unturned to ensure that This anti BJP alliance in the state of Gujarat is defeated hands down. About more than 40 cabinet ministers, entire office bearers of the centre and states and volunteers from all over the country were roped in to campaign and use massive funds to ensure the party’s victory as the entire media of the country and even the world was analysing and viewing this election of Gujarat and Modi pride from close quarters and had connected it with the Modi victory in the 2019 general elections. While the hard hitting Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has held and addressed more than 36 meetings in the state literally giving up the Himalayan state Himachal Pradesh to BJP, the prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah also addressed umpteen numbers of largely attended meetings and announced schemes worth of thousands of crores just before the implementation of the code of conduct by the Election Commission.

During the last phase of the campaigning when some of the channels started giving some credible mileage to Rahul and Congress the central and state BJP machinery geared itself to the maximum and countered the Rahul jaggernaut with full force finally standing triumphant for the fifth succesive term thus exposing the patidar leader Hardik, Alpesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani as well. One should not forget that during his three and a half month’s tenure Modi held two summits with the Chinese president Xi Jingping and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat Ahmedabad and gave the Gujaraties a bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai woth a whopping aid of 1.8 lakh crores inclusing direct flights from London and USA to Ahmadabad compounded with several high profile international projects.

All these achievements impressed fellow Gujaraties tremendously who voted for him enmasse expecting many more such projects to arrive in the near future. It may be recalled that having been the three term CM of the state of Gujarat and now PM of the largest democracy of the world Narendra Modi’ s charisma still exists in Gujarat and this result has amply made it clear. Modi has during his three years and eight months tenure captured 20/ 21 states of the country leaving the negligible 4 with the Congress. This constant winning spree has made it absolutely clear that his political and social charisma is fully intact and is all set for re election in 2019’s general elections. The Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi will have to re galvanise and revitalise the party organisation at the centre and in states right up to the block level and should appear as a sole nucleus of the anti BJP opposition at the national level as individually countering the Modi effect seems to be entirely impossible in the present political scenerio. What do you say, friends?


After winning the elections of the municipal corporations and councils including grabbing 14 mayoral seats out of total sixteen, giving two to Bahujan Samaj Party with Samajwadi Party and Congress securing a big zero in these current mayoral elections, the political morale of the saint turned politician, five term MP and the current chief minister are so high that he’d already declared the party’s victory as confirmed in the 2019 elections with prime minister Narendra Modi repeating for the second time. Political analysts say that the victory of the BJP in these local elections is primarily due to the excessive mobility, pro people actions and round the clock vigilance of the chief minister and his subordinates against the anti social and criminal elements of the state compounded with his religious and spiritual actions of celebrating the historic Deepawali while publically welcoming the cosmetic Lord Rama and Seeta in Ayodhya and assuring the people of the state on the construction of vexed Ram Temple issue, despite the matter being fully subjudiced.

In a way the prestrategic ploy of BJP and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to exploit the passions of the state electorates on majoritarianism as well as development played a crucial role in once more saffronising the entire environment of UP during this civic polls and the fact can be gauged from the reality that it won the municipal elections from religious cities like Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi etc with a resounding success compelling the BSP, SP and Congress reach at the brink of political disaster. The tremendously enhanced political morale of the chief minister Yogi after the saffron party’s incessant victories in the last national election winning more than 70 seats out of total eighty in the parliament from UP and thereafter badly defeating the ruling SP in the legislative elections thus coming to power with absolute majority and now winning the state’s municipal and mayoral polls with a resounding victory has led him confidently make the 2019 prediction in favour the BJP and PM Modi.

For Yogi it’s the victory of the pro people policies of prime minister Narendra Modi and for the political analysts it’s primarily the Yogi’s triumph who led no stone unturned to ensure that the staus quo of the victory is maintained. For Yogi Adityanath these results are a clear cut the indication of the unstoppable winning streak of BJP that will continue till 2019 and ensure the BJP’s re comeback at the centre with Narendra Modi as prime minister for the second succesive term.

However, there are also indications in the political circles that the way Yogi Adityanath is proving to be a charismatic leader of the BJP after Narendra Modi the time is not far that his leadership as a prominent Hindu leader within BJP is expeditiously gaining ground and achieving new heights of popularity that may perhaps be a reason of worry for those at the helm in party organisation and the union government. It therefore remains to be seen as to in what perspective the UP CM is assessed in the future, a valuable asset for the party organisation or something else. Is it true friends. What’s your take on this? Is it true friends. What’s your take on this?


The victory of Dalbir Bhandari for the prestigious post of the justice of the International Court of Justice in Hague by securing a resounding two thirds majority in the UN general assembly as well as the UN Security Council, compelling the British Member to withdraw from the race is a victory of the Indian diplomacy and as such the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and the prime minister of the country Narendra Modi as thiswould be the first time that the important member of the UN Security Council Britain will not represent its nominee in the international judicial body.

Indian nominee Dalvir Bhandari has won for the second time after having been elected earlier in the year 2012. Election as the jurist in this international body is significant from the point of view of Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav’s arrest and his subsequent capital sentence on the false, fabricated and concocted charges of espionage. Jadhav was sentence to death by the Pakistan’s military court but his sentence has for the time being with held by the International Court of Justice after India took this sensitive matter to the world body. Therefore from the point of view of India’s international prestige as well as to safeguard Kulbhushan Jadhav from.the death gallows election of Dalvir Bhandari in this world body as a judge was a great inevitability and India finally made it.

The external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and the MEA has contributed tremendously in canvassing support for Bhandari. It is learnt that the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj had personally contacted her counterparts in sixty countries of the world and our ambassadors and High Commisioners deployed in various countries convinced their conter parts to vote for the Indian candidate and it ultimately paid. However, on the contrary Pakistan which is neither in UNSC nor has its candidate as a contestent took hell of an interest to ensure that Dalveer Bhandari is defeated. Sources say that Pakistan tried to use the Islamic card by approaching the Islamic country representatatives to lobby against theI dian contestent but failed badly as members of UN representing the Organisation of Islamic Countries gave a huge rebuff to Pakistan and majorly voted for Bhandari.

Conclusively, this victory of Indian nominee for the significant post of justice in the ICJ has elevated the image and prestige of India in the global scenerio as an emerging world leader and is in a way a huge slap 9n.the face of China and Pakistan who.always creaye deliberate and pre strategic hurdles on India’s way, come what may.It’s in a way a personal victory of Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi as well who’d been too mobile visiting several countries of the world trying to enhance India’s name and prestige.