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Shockingly a leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad was caught wearing Burqa and harassing a woman at milaad programme organized to commemorate Muharram in the trans-Ganga area of Mauaima on late Saturday. He was thrashed very badly by the locals and later handed over to the police officer.

On Sunday the police registered a case against him and his other accomplice for eve teasing in a religious assembly and contrary he has lodged a cross FIR against seven people for thrashing him.

In this incident a religious milaad programme was organized near Imambara in Mani Umarpur village where some Muslim scholars were present and giving sermon. The devotees were also gathered in good numbers, they were sitting segregated by gender. Around 11:50pm, a woman complained that she was harassed by a burqa- clad person sitting beside her. Then the other people who sitting nearby asked the burqa clad person to take off the veil but he refused to do so and at this, some women snatched  away the veil, and discovered Abhishek Yadav behind it, as told by the station officer, Satyendra Singh.

Some people present at the pogramme identified him and started beating him and during this his accomplice managed to run away from the spot meanwhile some elder people in the crowd rescued Abhishek and after that village head called the police by dialling100 and handed him over to the police after which he was admitted to the hospital where his condition is said to be stable.

In this incident Moinuddin filed a FIR against him and case was registered under section 296 and 354A.

But till now it is still not clear that why he went to the Muslim programme in Burqa and also harassed the women sitting in the crowd. The motive is still not clear and the police is doing its investigation.