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Today’s Indian society, what we considered as modern society, is acclimatizing to the recent culture of live-in relationship. Still, it is a huge predicament in the minds of few Indians when they come across the word ‘live-in’.  Currently, for the young generation the concept of cohabitation has become a solution to the problems like financial responsibility, variation in sexual orientations and of course lack of trust in marriage. However, such relationship is yet to be defined as a solution or a problem for today’s young couples. Well, here I am leaving the judgment on you and putting forward few disadvantages of a live-in relationship.

Societal condemn

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Although, the live-in relationship is an upward trend in Indian metropolitan, the society is yet to adapt it upfront. Specially, for the elderly generation, it is still considered as a ‘taboo’. As a consequence, it is observed that couples in such relationship are social deviants. They are often criticized, berated, and harassed for their personal preference.

Women: The ultimate victims

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Socially, physically and emotionally women suffers most if such relationship fails. In the Indian society, where the social norms are mostly considered as a male dominating social system, there, women are measured by their openness and they bear the worst if stepped out of conventions set by the system. For these women, finding a partner, who will understand the vulnerability of the situation, is close to an impossible task.

Lack of commitment

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The major disadvantage of a cohabitation relationship is lack of trust, which leads to the lack of commitment. Often seen that a small fight or argument or disagreement lead to either of the partners quitting from the relationship. Since, there is no social, financial or legal binding in the relationship, the door out is always open for the partners.

Impact on children

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Kids born in such relationship are significantly affected. It is observed that they cultivate a habit of disrespecting the rules. Additionally, if the partners get separated then the father holds no legal right to claim the child’s custody. It is the mother who can decide on the father’s claims. Also, the child from a live-in relationship has no legal right to allege the paternal inheritance.