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The education system and the schools in Uttarakhand are passing through an extremely pitiable phase with tentatively over 2000 schools either closed or near closure due to the increasingly decreasing students’ addmissions in the rural areas, dilapidated conditions of school buildings, lack of teachers or the diminishing teaching standards.

However, the government says that the its happening because there is tremendous dearth of students where as the number of teachers is more in several primary and middle schools. Whatever, but one thing is absolutely clear that the successive state governments have literally failed in upgrading the standard of primary, middle, secondary and intermediate schools and colleges in entire Uttarakhand resulting in schools in dilapidated conditions with shattered roofs, leaking walls, students sitting on mats, non availability of quality mid day meals, absense of desks, furnitures, science labs, lavatories, computers, uniforms, staff and even teachers of English and science in particular.

In all there are approximately 17000 schools in entire Uttarakhand with 2300 primary schools financed by the government of the state. Out of these, about 2000 schools have already been closed due to shortage of students as per the logic of the state government. Though there had been tremendous tall claims by the state education minister and the secreyary education of improving the quality of education and providing the latest infrastructure to improvise the education system but if one visits in the majority of the schools situated in the interior villages the situation is tragically appalling.

After the influx and exodus of over 30 lakh people from villages to the cities, towns and metroplises of the state andthe country due to the absence of decentralised development and lack of basic health, jobs and educational facilities the conditions of the educatiin system and government schools have become bad to worse thus opening doors for more and more english medium high profile private schools and institututions in the hills who are minting handsome profits in collusion with the state authorities.

It may be recalled that even the High Court of the State has in 2016 while expressing serious concern over the appaling condition of the primary, middle and Secondary schools of the state has issued clear directions to the state government to improve the deteriorating standards of schools in Ittarakhand by providing mid day meals of high quality, renovating all the dilapidated buildings, arranging computers, adequate science labs, providing free winter and summer dresses, arranging adequate number of toilets in schools, especially for girl students, providing desks and furnitures and sports facilities to the students but of no avail.

Not only this but the Uttarakhand Child Rights Commission too has in 2018 written to the chief secretary about the sorry state of affairs in government schools of the Uttarakhand hills after conducting in depth surveys and have given them seventeen points about the various inadequacies with which the students are suffering. But despite all this nothing fruitful seems to have been done except hollow promises and mere cover ups despite the governments tall claims of allocating maximum budget to the education sector of the state.

The point is had there been quality education in the schools of Uttarakhand and availability of the minimum basic facilities why would 2000 schools witness the tragic end of closure. It’s really shocking that on four important sectors of rural health, education, employment and agricultural development the successive governments of Congress and BJP has literally failed thus encouraging uncontrollable exodus of peoole from the villages to plains.

This unambiguously speaks of the fact that while Uttarakhand lacks leaders and planners with accurate developmental vision there seems to be an urgentand mandatory need for shifting the state capital from Dehradun to Gairsain to enable a clear cut decentralised village oriented development, the actual concept for which separate Uttarakhand state came into existence 18 years ago. The main reason behind the lack of an overall development and the environmental friendly scientific innovation in the interior hills is due to the non participation of our lawmakers, planners, engineers and bureaucracy etc in the core hill development issues like health, education, agriculture, improving water augmentation, sewer system, horticulture and the small and cottege industries etc.

And thisis because no one wants to climb the hills or becomeparticipatory in the developmental process by living in the interiors with their families. They have become prone to comfirts and luxuries of the capital Dehradun. The declaration and contruction of the new capital right between the hills equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal districts will inculcate in them an urge and necessity for the decentralised development and as such Gairsain is the need of the hour. It will also lead with reverse migration on a massive scale opening a new chapter of a vibrant and resurgent Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?


The arrest of six culprits in Burari, Delhi who’d physically attacked one Mr. Bisht and molested his wife on the day of Holi throwing the law of the land to winds, thinking themselves as invincible is definitely a victory of unity of Uttarakhandi people living in Burari and various other localities in Delhi.

I must say with full confidence that Delhi, though the capital city of India has a sizeable population of Uttarakhandi people. Whether its movement for separate Uttarakhand state, protest demanding the arrest and subsequent capital punishment to the rapists cum killers of Nirbhaya of Najafgarh, Kiran Negi or finding of dissappeared 5 year old Kashish, protest demonstrations against Pancheshwar Dam, Chakbandi and issue of Gairsain capital including scores of other socio political issues of the past the concious and distinguished citizens of Uttarakhand in Delhi had always stood in unison and become the collective voice of the people.

Not only this but on socio cultural and linguistic fronts too the people of Uttarakhand have stood in the forefront to organise regional cultural activities entertaining one and all. It’s only because of such outstanding unity amongst the journalists, social activists, literateurs, cultural activists, politicians across partylines and ideology , women, socio cultural organisations and youths on the cause of Uttarakhand that Uttarakhandies today dominate in each and every field in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. After the formation of separate Uttarakhand State and death to the culprits to the brutal rapists and killers of Nirbhaya of Nazafgarh Kiran Negi the unity in Burari and subsequent protest has finally compelled the Delhi police to arrest 6 culprits who had molested an Uttarakhandi women and badly thrashed her husband Bisht for no fault of theirs but to just crush them thinking themselves invincible and higly influential.

The local police who were earlier allegedly hand in glove with these outlaws had to finally arrest them after having confronted with tremendous socio political pressure from the Uttarakhandies in unison.

Appreciate the views of senior journalist Umakant Lakhera.
Speedy trail should be ensured. This is possible only after formation of a legal team. Unfortunately in such matters the family is Left alone to follow up matter in courts. These criminal are well orginised with money and muscle power. They even take the police IO for a ride and can easily manipulate police chargesheet to favour them. I salute all my fellow brother for helping the Bist family.

Long live unity of Uttarakhandies in Delhi fighting against injustice.


The demand for Gairsain to be declared as a permanent capital of Uttarakhand, the state which came into separate existence after incessant struggle of years together that claimed 43 precious lives including the one of Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi who died after indefinite hunger strike in support of the above demand has finally achieved a new momentum as people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi have also started tightening their belts across party and ideological lines to give fillip to this movement which has spread like wild fire in the mountaneous valleys and the interior villages of the Himalayan State for the last few months.

The higher reaches of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand like Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag, Pauri Garhwal and the entire Kumaon region are in the grip of the ferocious movement for the declaration of Gairsain to be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand and the youths, students, the women power including the senior citizens are up in arms demanding ” AAJ DO ABHI DO HAME GAISAIN RAJDHANI DO” holding protest rallies, hunger strikes and mass demonstrations in various blocks and district headquarters of Uttarakhand and Gairsain.

In Delhi, too the intellectuals, journalists, social activists, organisations, women and youth have started holding corner meetings in various parts of Delhi to unify the Uttarakhandies living in various nooks and corners of Delhi and NCR. Recently a meeting of independent journalists, UKD and some splintered socio political groups was held at the Press Club of India and reached at a consensous to further this demand on a war footing attented by the representatives of different social organisations.

On 27th January an impressive meeting was held at Dilshad Garden, Delhi participated by good number of youths, women and representatives of various social and journalistic organisations prominently addressed by the senior journalist and renowned social activist Charu Tiwari, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, President of Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha Vinod Nautiyal, women activist Hansa Amola, veteran theatre activist Sushila Rawat, Amit Rana, representatives of Dilshad Garden Bhratra Mandal, Jai Singh Rawat and several other dashing young leaders.

Mr Charu Tiwari in his long and impressive address has blamed the Congress and BJP of betraying the trust of innocent Uttarakhandies during the last seventeen years and said that Gairsain being equidistant from both the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions is a most genuine and transparent demand which needs to be fulfilled and addressed at all costs. He appealed to the youth, students and the women power of Delhi and Uttarakhand to forgo and forget their ideological differences and come forward unitedly to make this dream come true. Charu said: relentless struggle is must to achieve any credible demand like that of Gairsain capital and therefore now time has arrived when we have to stand united to achieve this by all means.

Mr. Sunil Negi while exhorting the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi and NCR to give fillip to the Gairsain movement of Uttarakhand said that the way thousands of people of the capital have provided money, mass and moral support to the movement of Uttarakhand during 1994 till 2000, the time has come that we’ll have to come forward, similarly in a united fashion to compel the current BJP government kneel down under our pressure to finally acede to this long pending demand for Gairsain as UK’s capital. Negi said both Congress and BJP have betrayed the trust of the people of Uttarakhand during the last seventeen years and led the state towards anarchy with a fiscal deficit of staggering 40 thousand crores with literally no productive income from its own sources. He added: if the state has gained anything during the last 17 years, its massive unemployment, enhancement in the unholy nexus between the corrupt bureaucracy, contractors, building, land, mining and liquor mafia thus leading the state towards unending corruption and total bankruptcy.

He said: Gairsain capital is a symbol of decentralisation of socio political and economic development. Hence it’s a mandatory demand which needs to be addressed and conceded at all costs. A unanimous decision was arrived at the meeting to hold such corner and decentralised meetings in support of Gairsain in entire Delhi and NCR to finally make it a massive movement in capital in order to strengthen the simultaneous mobilisation in the hills of Uttarakhand as well.

In addition as a sequel to the ongoing mobilisation a meeting cum seminar has been organised on 3rd February at 2.30 pm at Press Club of India in support of Gairsain to be addressed by prominent petsonalities of UK in Delhi by All India Uttarakhand Maha Sabha.
Time has also become ripe for all the pro Gairsain ideological parties to give up their narrow vested political and other interests and come together under single umbrella unanimously on the Gairsain capital demand forthwith. They have already committed several deliberate mistakes and lapses in the past this giving handle to the national parties exploit Uttarakhand, its people and the natural resources but now its enough n the saturation point has come to an end. If not now it will be never in the future.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


A trend is gaining ground in Uttarakhand that its politicians at the helm of affairs like the chief minister and minister at the centre hailing from Uttarakhand are now endeavoring to seek the knowledge and expertise support from the Uttarakhand origin bureaucrats and senior officers working at the centre and in the states so as to ensure their active participation in the development of the 17 year old state.

Though the general perception about the people, intellectuals and media of Uttarakhand is that the state has despite witnessing development has failed on several fronts thus not able to deliver during the last more than one and a half decade. However, despite a whopping fiscal deficit of about 42 thousand crores and migration of 32 lakh people in the absense of the decentralised socio economic development a recent report of the Niti Ayog etc has painted a very rosy picture of the state recognising it touching develoomental heights on various fronts including the per capita income going to 1 lakh 42 thousand quite ahead of many developed states.

However, the report despite having been claimed as extremely authentic could not prove successful in convincing the general masses of the grass roots who are still devoid of good education, basic health facilities, agricultural upgradation and employment avenues. On several other fronts like industrial and agricultural development the state still lacks behind despite the rosy pictures of the central agency’s report. There had been voices raised time and again that the successive governments have never taken the experts, specialists, scientists, bureaucrats and technological hands of Uttarakhand working elsewhere to shape the destiny of the Himalayan state.

As such now a trend is on the move under which the state chief minister, MPs anf minister at the centre from Uttarakhand are calling meetings of such personalities and seriously deliberating on variius aspects of the develooment of the hill state. Recently two weeks ago the state chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has convened an ostentacious even at his official residence in Dehradun in which several luminiaries like PM’s Secretary Mr. Khulbe, Chairman Railway Board Ashwani Lohani, Coast Guard Chief Rajendra Singh, the Chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification Punya Prasun Joshi, the India Army Chief General Vipin Rawat and several other senior bureaucrats participated and addressed the august gathering accquainting them of their pivotal views and suggestions as to how could the 17 year old state prosper economically and migration from villages to cities stopped forthwith.

Similarly, today the union minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamta and the former Chief minister of Uttarakhand Bhagat Singh Koshiyari convened a meeting of the senior bureaucrats and experts at his official residence 1, Jantar Mantar Road and deliberated upon various burning issues of significance pertaining to Uttarakhand’s development. The Secretary to Prime Minister Modi Bhaskar Khulbe presided over the meet. The meeting which laster for more than two hours deliberated in depth and resolved to meet repeatedly with more participation of senior officers, experts of various fields and bureaucrats whose valuable suggestions and inputs can help in the over all development of the state and improving the lot of the people through socio economic, agricultural, industrial development and providing employment to the educated and illeterate youth including improvisibg the lot of women who is the most suffering section of the society. While the initiatives of UK CM Trivendra Rawat , union minister Ajay Tamta and member of Parliament Ajay Tamta deserves to be lauded and complimented but it still remains to be seen whether such parleys and interactions really accompany fruits of development and employment generation to the Himalayan state or just used to derive political benefit for their governments at the centre and the state.

However, let’s hope for the best and be positive to foresee constructive credible outcomes of such moves. RAIBAAR though a great event was criticized by the media of Uttarakhand terming it as an ostantacious show organised to derive merely political advantage for the party and the government as bureaucrats in the ruling party at the centre were called and prominent social, sr journalists, thinkers, social scientists and environmentalists of repute having diverse but healthy views on the subject that dosen’t suit the state government were pre strategically left out revealed the sources. What do you say friends?