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US asks Pakistan to catch all terrorists


This time it looks that US is supporting India against Pakistan because this time it has told Pakistan to get those terrorists who find safe and haven on the country and delegitimize all terror groups on its soil. America has said that they continue to urge Pakistan to take action to fight and delegitimize all terrorist groups operating in their country and this statement was released by the State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner who told reporters.

He said “Obviously Pakistan has suffered greatly at the hands of terrorists and violent extremists. We want to help Pakistan confront this terrorist threat, but we also want Pakistan also to go after those terrorists who seek and sometimes find safe haven on Pakistan territory.”

His remarks have again increased tension between India and Pakistan after the Uri attack and India’s counter surgical attack on LOC where many terrorist launching pads were destroyed and since than Pakistan have been in a denial mode that no surgical attack was conducted and they do not have any terrorist’s camps operating in LOC. Almost all the nations in the World have supported the surgical attack decision of India except China and for the first time even US has also come out openly and asked Pakistan to  start working towards making good relations with India and reduce tension but this is not possible until they stop cross border terrorism and adopt a conciliatory approach to resolve the contentious issues.

The US is of the opinion that India took right decision to ask its army to conduct the surgical strike and dubbed the Uri attack as a clear case of cross border terrorism.