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Pakistan has banned broadcast of Indian TV channels in their country as a step to take revenge against India’s surgical attack and this is the best thing they can do so that their people do get the real information about the attack done by India in their terrorists’ launching pads.

This move of Pakistani Government has come two days after India’s movie industry banned Pakistani artists and technicians from working in India.

This time Pakistan seems very serious about the ban on broadcasting of Indian TV channels as Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority had given instructions to their TV channels and distribution networks that they have to face strict actions if they failed to implement the ban after 15th October. PEMRA also said that they have received many complaints that some local channels were showing Indian talk shows and reality programs without permission.

PEMRA has told to PTI that the complaints have shown serious concerns in this issue in the wake of current situation between India and Pakistan.

Pakistani Cinemas has also stopped showing Indian movies in solidarity with the country’s armed forces.

They have stopped the screening of the Indian movies in their cinemas till the situation becomes normal and improves to normalcy.

Since the terror attack on Uri, where 19 soldiers were killed, few political parties asked Pakistani to leave the country and even gave deadline of 48 hours including Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan else the MNS will push them out.

Even in our Bollywood Industry any actors have supported the decision of banning the Pakistani actors where few are not supporting this decision and the latest actor to join this debate is Salman Khan who is not in favour of ban on Pakistani artists as he said that artists are not terrorists. But should we allow people from Pakistan to come here and earn money and fame when the situation between the two nations is tensed over LOC.

In Pakistan several actors and artists are happy with the decision of banning Indian movies and TV shows and supporting the decision of PEMRA.


Pakistan has been suspected for carrying out the uri attack and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also said that those behind the despicable and cowardly act will not go unpunished. Congress party has also termed it deplorable and cowardly.

President of India Pranab Mukherjee has also tweeted that he strongly condemns outrageous terrorist attack on Indian Army base in Uri; tributes to brave soldiers who made supreme sacrifice.

In this terrorist attack 17 Indian soldiers have been killed so, far 4 terrorist who were responsible for this attack were killed by the Indian Army and search is still is going on to find out for more terrorists.

The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti has also condemned the terrorist attack on Indian Army camp. She said it appears that the motive of this attack was to destabilize the valley and it is the people of the valley who always suffers and lose in the hostility between two nations. She further added that the attack was aimed at creating a war like situation between India and Pakistan and those responsible for sponsoring and aiding violence must understand the futility of their exercise as it would yield nothing but misery for the people of the valley.

She said “The heightened tension in the wake of the Uri attack is set to further vitiate the atmosphere in and around Jammu and Kashmir amid increasing India-Pakistan hostility. Strongly condemn Uri Attack. Attack seems to be aimed at triggering fresh violence and creating a war-like situation in the region, Mehbooba said as she expressed her condolences to bereaved families. J&K has always been worst victim of Indo-Pak hostility & its people have been paying a colossal price for same for past over 6 decades.”

The Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Nirmal Singh has also slammed Pakistan for sending terrorists in Kashmir to attack the Army soldiers. He said that neighboring Country was working only on disturbing the State. He further added that how can terrorists infiltrate India and carry out attacks. The border is long and due to monsoon situation.

It is a great loss for India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that those behind the attack in which 17 soldiers killed and 19 injured will not be spared.