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The call and commitment of Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the first day of Congress convention for broader anti BJP opposition unity with indications of not even worried for leading it, if need arises, is an extremely positive sign of reallignment of all the non BJP forces at the national level particularly when the general elections of 2019 are fast approaching and the combination of long time bete noire BSP and SP had proved to be successful in the recently held by elections in Phoolpur and Gorakhpur where the BJP lost badly at the hands of the Samajwadi party on the seats earlier represented by the present Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath a d deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya. Both these losses are incomprehensible to (for) the party, prime minister Modi and the commontariat never ever expected of.

There is however no doubt that the by election results are not always the barometer to test a party’s future performance but the way despite extremely positive outcome in 21 states since 2014 where the ruling BJP is in power wresting majority of the states from Congress and even the left from their traditiinal bastions, the way the BJP has lost in over ten parliamentary by elections since 2014, after assuming power at the centre, it unambiguously speaks of the fact that the ruling party’s increasing popularity and Modi charisma is on a down slide and can prove fatal for the ruly party in 2019 if the anti BJP opposition really unites credibly and with consolidation keeping aside their squeezed political interests.

Meanwhile, the TDP leader and the chief minister of Andra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidu who’v recently severed ties with NDA on the issue of not being granted the special state status to AP by also withdrawing his two union ministers from yhe BJP led central cabinet is going to Calcutta on 19th/ 20th March to meet the Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee to seriously deliberate on fructifying the consolidated broader non BJP alliance at the national level. The UPA advisory council’s chairperson and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi had also accorded a dinner to the leaders of non BJP opposition parties in New Delhi on 13th March in her bid to form a credible national forum of all the progressive, democratic, left parties and regional parties, the response for which have been outstanding.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi too held two rounds of parleys in an extremelycordial atmosphere with the NDA chief Sharad Pawar to arrive at a broad based understanding of anti BJP unity. The way Modi charisma, the election organisational skills of BJP chief Amit Shah and saffronisation of majoritarianism has led to the incessant winning spree of the BJP in 21 states of the country through the unstoppable Modi juggernaut has demoralised the entire opposition forces, its mandatory on their part to unite selflessly and with special zeal before 2019 lest they are bound to face terrible defeat again at the hustings. Meanwhile, the saffron clad seer turned MP and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath has while accepting the defeat in phulpur and Gorakhpur his home turf due to the complacent and ignorant attitude of the hard core RSS and BJP workers who deliberately did’nt come to polling booths to vote said that these two defeats would hardly put any impact on the party’s chancesof victory in 2019 as the BJP has devised a very cohesive and strong strategy to overcome these shortcomings not to be disclosed in the public and that the Modi charisma and jaggernaut will crush the opposition in 2019 as well comfortably thus coming out victorious again with flying colours. What do you say friends?


The miserable defeat of the Bhartiya Janata Party in two parliamentary bypolls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur including the seats of Jehanabad and Araria in Bihar by Bahujan Samajwadi backed SP and RJD led by Lalu Prasad Yadav who is currently in Jail is a stunning blow and tragic setback for the party ruling in the centre and 21 states of the country. One should also not forget that it has also lost badly in two parliamentary seats in Rajasthan by polls similarly just two months ago in a state ruled by its own party government. Since 2014, after the BJP assumed power at the centre with a historic win, the ruling party has lost in 10 parliamentary seats in various bypolls and is running short of individual majority in Lok Sabha by two seats though it has enough support of its NDA allies. Lot has already been scripted about these defeats in UP’s two BJP strongholds earlier represented by the incumbent CM Adityanath Yogi and deputy CM Keshav Maurya.

These defeats are a stunning blow for the central and state BJP, including prime minister Modi because in 2014 the BJP saffronised the largest state of the country viz UP and secured 73 seats out of 80 with two seats of Apna Dal. Similarly a year ago its saffron juggernaut of Hinduism under prime minister Narendra Modi’s charismatic leadership continued and the party secured 325 seats catapulting the saffron robed seer to the top slot i. e. the post of chief minister of UP. And just after 365 days the most popular hindu leader, a sear turned CM who was seeking peoples support and sympathy on the issue eradicating criminalism and criminals from Uttar Pradesh could not bring his candidate victorious from his own traditional strong hold Gorakhpur from where he himself was the member of parliament for 25 long years earlier represented by his religious and political mentor late Mahant Avaithyanath. Similarly, the former UP BJP chief and a dalit himself could’nt claim BJP’s victory of his own parliamentary constituency.

It’s a dangerous and worrisome signal for the state as well as the central BJP as the votes of the dalits, Yadavs, minorities, backwards and the people of the lowest ebb of the society in both the constituencies has this time consolidated enmass in favour of the BSP backed SP and the hard core RSS or hindu vote did’nt turned for voting. This factor unambiguously speaks of the fact that the dalit, minority and OBC vote bank which comprises of a sizeable chunk in UP and had gone in favour of BJP during the last parliamentary and assembly elections under the influence of hindu saffronization minus minority vote, has this time deflected itself from BJP enmass.

This sends a negative signal and message for the BJP. Occuring anti incumbency in just a year’s time in UP, Rajasthan and Bihar where the BJP lost in all the bypolls of parliament is definitely a warning signal for BJP high command giving an unambiguous indication of diminishing Modi and Yogi Aditya Nath charisma who had till now been on a expeditious winning spree right from Assam to Tripura and North East after 2014.

While the BJP’s bypoll defeat seems to be the result of fastly eroding dalit, backward, down trodden and minority base of BJP in UP, Rajasthan and Bihar, political analysts also give the entire credit for this show to BSP in UP, Congress in Rajasthan and RJD in Bihar but what comes out of this development is the fact that anti BJP unity if worked ferociously as was the case in UP , the experiment can compel the ruling BJP to bite the dust in 2019.

The by election results have made things amply clear and transparent that the non BJP opposition unity at the national level to consolidate the minority, OBC, backward, dalit and other lower caste vote bank, including the votes of the disenchanted commoners, unemployeed youths, farmers, lower middle class and electorates of the suburban areas is the need of the hour.

2019 is not far and time is very short too. A non BJP Mahagath- bandhan at the national level under one umbrella and unanimous leader is the only and sole credible alternative to the biased and rhetorical BJP which has so far failed on several important fronts like price rise, unemployment,agrarian sector, investment, growth rate and industrial and economic self reliance. Now is the right time to hit the hot iron. If not now never will it be, say news analysts.


The arrest of six culprits in Burari, Delhi who’d physically attacked one Mr. Bisht and molested his wife on the day of Holi throwing the law of the land to winds, thinking themselves as invincible is definitely a victory of unity of Uttarakhandi people living in Burari and various other localities in Delhi.

I must say with full confidence that Delhi, though the capital city of India has a sizeable population of Uttarakhandi people. Whether its movement for separate Uttarakhand state, protest demanding the arrest and subsequent capital punishment to the rapists cum killers of Nirbhaya of Najafgarh, Kiran Negi or finding of dissappeared 5 year old Kashish, protest demonstrations against Pancheshwar Dam, Chakbandi and issue of Gairsain capital including scores of other socio political issues of the past the concious and distinguished citizens of Uttarakhand in Delhi had always stood in unison and become the collective voice of the people.

Not only this but on socio cultural and linguistic fronts too the people of Uttarakhand have stood in the forefront to organise regional cultural activities entertaining one and all. It’s only because of such outstanding unity amongst the journalists, social activists, literateurs, cultural activists, politicians across partylines and ideology , women, socio cultural organisations and youths on the cause of Uttarakhand that Uttarakhandies today dominate in each and every field in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. After the formation of separate Uttarakhand State and death to the culprits to the brutal rapists and killers of Nirbhaya of Nazafgarh Kiran Negi the unity in Burari and subsequent protest has finally compelled the Delhi police to arrest 6 culprits who had molested an Uttarakhandi women and badly thrashed her husband Bisht for no fault of theirs but to just crush them thinking themselves invincible and higly influential.

The local police who were earlier allegedly hand in glove with these outlaws had to finally arrest them after having confronted with tremendous socio political pressure from the Uttarakhandies in unison.

Appreciate the views of senior journalist Umakant Lakhera.
Speedy trail should be ensured. This is possible only after formation of a legal team. Unfortunately in such matters the family is Left alone to follow up matter in courts. These criminal are well orginised with money and muscle power. They even take the police IO for a ride and can easily manipulate police chargesheet to favour them. I salute all my fellow brother for helping the Bist family.

Long live unity of Uttarakhandies in Delhi fighting against injustice.


On 11th December Rahul Gandhi will take over the cudgels of the 132 year old Congress Party officially in his hands as its full fledged Chief continuing the hierarchical responsibility once started by his great grandfather Pt Moti lal Nehru, now he being the 6th generational head of the largest oposition party of the largest democracy of the world. His mother Sonia Gandhi who commanded the party for nineteen long years will thus pass on the baton to him under extremely challenging time when it has the strength of merely 44 MPs in Lok Sabha and power in few negligible states.

The Shehzada of Congress party as being labelled by the BJP and anti Congress NDA would be elected unanimously as no one in the Congress has either guts to challenge the Nehru Gandhi family scion nor the capacity as a mass leader to do so. The ruling BJP and its leaders at the helm of affairs as usual have branded him as a product of dynasty born with the silver spoon with no backgound of socio political struggle which the Congress have just shrugged off with umpteen examples of sons of political leaders and ministers and CMs in BJP having been elevated to senior positions in the party and government. While leaders and protagonists of Rahul Gandhi are extremely jubilant over their mentor’s crowning as the party president, one should not forget that the future path of the Congress and the youthful leader is too challenging and full of thorns and umpteen obstacles, particularly keeping in view the 2019 elections and the environment of saffronisation all around.

Rahul’s biggest challenge after assuming the national presidentship of the pre independent party would be to revive and revitalise the sagging morale of Congress workers and leaders at state, district and block levels by restructuring it overwhelmningly. Today, the Bhartiya Janata party’s direct or indirect saffron outfits like the RSS, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the frontal organisations like ABVP, Yuva Morcha and hidden saffron outfits have badly and profusely percolated at the grassroot and ground level in every state of the country who loose no chance to exploit political capital out of religious issues and issues of faith like Ram Temple so on and so forth. The Congress that has been continuously losing the centre and various states after its horrible defeat in 2014 is devoid of a well knit organisation at the decentralised level nationally as used to be the case earlier.

After joining active politics about a decade ago the Congress vice president had undoubtedly tried hard to revamp, revitalise and strengthen the main party and its frontal organisations like NSUI, SEWA DAL and Youth Congress but during the rampant Modi wave all his past efforts have proved to be futile and the situation has now come to square one. You can gauge the poor and weak conditions of the Congress’s organisational structure that during the last three to four years of Modi rule the Congress party and its frontal organisations have not been able to organise impressive number of demonstrations, sit in or gheraos on pivotal issues like demonetisation, inflation, GST and issues of women security at the national level.

This unambiguously speaks of the fact that the Congress Party needs a complete overhaul and re vitalisation at all levels right from the blocks to districts to states and the centre. I think everybody knows that for the last four years or so its only Rahul Gandhi who is single handedly taking on the prime minister Narendra Modi and the entire top brass of the ruling party inside as well as outside the parliament on various issues such as inflation, demonetisation, GST, unemployment etc and had been touring the various states of the country despite the fact that the party lost in the last lok Sabha coming down to merely 44 seats’ tally and losing every state where Congress was in power. But the Gandhi family scion has not relented and is still vociferous and highly mobile in Gujarat elections as well and being successful to rope in the Dalit leader Alpesh Thakur, OBC leaderJignesh and the most popular and powerful Patidar supremo Hardik Patel thus compelling the mighty Narendra Modi and his entire central government concentrate in Gujarat fearing the power of Rahul’s jaggernaut.

What happens in Gujarat is a different story but if we see the results of the 2014 national elections, the Congress got 18% votes nationally where as the BJP a whopping 38% with rest of the votes going to the UPA partners or the NDA and SP, BSP, the left etc. Therefore, if Rahul Gandhi really is serious about the outcome of the 2019 national elections he will have to become a credible nucleus of the minus BJP opposition and would have to take everybody into good humour and confidence as united vote percentage would be the only best alternative to credibly counter the increasing Modi and majority polarisation effect, failing which 2019 would again go into the BJP led NDA’s favour as apart from development plant Modi and his party would in all probability use the Ram Mandir issue to turn the tide in their favour nationally, as construction of Ram temple is their biggest priority apart from other issues.

It may be recalled that Sonia Gandhi had successfully formed a seat adjustment alliance with all the non BJP opposition parties and had achieved an absolute majority. Rahul needs to dwell on this particular aspect as today he has been successful in establishing himself as the credible leader of the opposition in and outside parliament and his dashing streak to take on prime minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat has compelled the political analysts come to the final conclusion that he is the best bet as a formidable leader of the opposition who can unite the anti BJP forces to counter effectively the increasing Modi charisma and even turn the tide in 2019. But unless the Congress party resurrects itself from top to bottom and equates itself with the actions and stamina of the vastly influensive BJP under the youthful Rahul, thinking of turning the tide in the next general election would still be a nightmare? What do you say frinds?