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While the prime minister of India Narendra Modi has freed himself from his Xiaxem BRICS engagement just two days ago and is likely to return to India after successful deliberations with the dragon on future bilateral trade, economic and security ties with commitment to maintain smooth friendly relations in the future, the statement of Indian Army chief while addressing a seminar in Delhi that China and Pakistan are an emerging danger in northern and western sectors and China capturing Indian territories  slowly but gradually for which India is fully prepared to fight two front war, holds tremendous significance. This is not the first time that Indian army Chief General Bipin Rawat has assured countrymen of the  army’s full capability and preparedness of fighting two pronged war, successfully,  but has one and a half month earlier also  issued a statement in this context while the Doklam standoff was in progress. Everybody is aware that the complex issue of military and diplomatic standoff on the Doklam has been resolved just 75 days ago after tremendous efforts at the level of NSA after Ajit Doval visited Beijing on the sidelines of BRICS SECURITY summit and had two significant parleys with the Chinese President Xi  Jingping and his counterpart. After tremendous diplomatic exercises this vexed issue could be resolved. But after the  statement of General Bipin Rawat it seems that expansionist China who is constantly provoking and helping India’s arch rival Pakistan, can’t be relied upon fully, in the future. The concern of General Rawat are therefore unambiguously genuine as the past experiences of friendship with China  and Pakistan have always lead to betrayal right from 1962 war till now. General Rawat has clearly said that Pakistan is deriving or may derive in future also, every advantage out of the Indo China stalemate and would enhance its disturbing anti Indian activities in the western sector. While the present stand off between India and China has been settled for now and the BRICs summit  at Xiaxem also concluded satisfactorily in a cordial environment,  with Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jingping pledging to move forward cordially, terming China and Pakistan as India’s permanent foes at the Northern and Western borders, unambiguously speaks of the fact that Indian Army is not relying on the integrity of the dragon who is slowly and gradually trying to capture some parts of India through its various earlier misadventures at Barahoti, Uttarakhand, Doklam, Ladakh an in Arunachal Pradesh . While addressing the seminar on 6th September in New Delhi General Vipin Rawat specifically said: Whether the conflicts like Doklam and skirmishes in Ladakh which happened last month and the earlier border intrusions by China are confined or limited in space or duration or whether they can later on expand into an all out war like conflict along the entire border/ front ( remains to be seen)  the western adversary Pakistan would derive every possible advantage of the circumstances and situations. (developing along the norther border is very much expected) .Conclusively, what general Vipin Rawat meant by these apprehensions and his subsequent statement about India Army’s readiness for a two pronged war, is that China and Pakistan can’t be relied upon, ever, as they have always back-stabbed India in the past and are still doing so. And as such India should be fully prepared with adequate defense preparedness in any eventuality of war. And it is well equipped to deal with such eventualities with full perfection and readiness.