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two weeks holiday increases immunity


Yes it is true and also proved in a research that going on a two week long holiday will have positive effect on your immune system and your body becomes stronger to fight with common diseases and various infections.

A study was done by the scientists who made some alterations to living space of mice and they found dramatic changes in their white blood cells and made them more prone to having a protective inflammatory effect.

Now you have one more reason to go for long holidays and also cut medical bills

The research was carried out at the University of London which has for the first time provided the evidence that an enriched environment influences the function of T- cells that is white blood cells which are directly responsible for good immunity and involved in HIV second id rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases.

This study was done on mice which were first placed in normal environment consisting of a standard cage filled with sawdust and other nesting material then they was housed in a wider cage with wood shavings and toys including colored nest box, fabric tube, and swings.

These mice were observed for two weeks in their enriched environment and after conducting some tests it was fund that their immune systems were completely different and much better prepared for fighting infections as told by a lead researcher, Fulvio from the London University. He further said that the results were remarkable because they have not given any drugs to them and results were awesome just by changing their environment for two weeks equivalent of a holiday resort and let them enjoy their new stimulating surroundings.

But this research is still needs to be done on humans and what if doctors were able to change a patient’s environment and prescribe a two week holiday?

If it works on Humans then it will be a great achievement as it will be the best natural way a person can boost his immunity and live a healthy life without spending money on antibiotics and medicines.