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Truecaller has added a new call me back feature in its App that is aimed at helping e commerce firms for delivery. The Company spokesperson said that this new feature is currently available for Android users only and soon it will be available on other platforms.

This new call me back feature will allow the caller who placed unsuccessful call with option to ask the intended receiver to call back or maybe call again. This feature is of great help for normal users and delivery companies achieve call completion.

To use these new feature users will have to update their truecaller version and only after that it will work so the new updated version would be v7.82, and can use any dialer app they wish to use.

And is a truecaller user unsuccessfully tries to call another trucaller user, they will be given two options – Ask to call back and Call Anyway. If the first option is chosen then a notification will be sent to the receiver that asks them to return the call and in case the second option is chosen, a call will be put through to the intended receiver again.

The interface will be having new look and would be slightly different if the receiver’s number is already saved in their contact list.

If the number is saved in the contact list and receiver has truecaller installed in the device then last seen status updated within the last 24 hours, the caller will see this status on option screen after a call attempt.

This new feature would only be available when the user will reject the incoming call otherwise the number will be buy.

Earlier also Truecaller unveiled “Truecaller Priority” feature that helped firms achieve call completion by revealing information of the partner firm’s caller to the recipient. So this “Call me back “seems to be the upgrade to the Availability” feature.

Anyways this is a nice upgrade by Truecaller and do let us know whether you like this upgrade