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While the demand for Gairsain to be declared as the new permanent capital is on the high peak with the myriad number of protest demonstrations in various parts of Uttarakhand still continuing the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has by raising and outrightly supporting the controvertial issue of Saharanpur to be annexed with the 18 year old state has further added a new dimension to this already disputed matter, being opposed by one and all.

After the delimitation of the MLA constituencies on the basis of the population there is already a lot of hue and cry n annoyance in the general public, particularly those hailing from the interior areas of Uttarakhand as the MLA constitiencies of the hill areas have already decreased considerably thus giving less representation to the hill areas in the state assembly. If by chance the issue of annexation of Saharanpur fructifies not only will the representation of the plains increase manifold in the state assembly but will also result in the diversion of the maximum hill developmental budget to the areas of the plains.

In the absense of the adequate decentralized socio, economic, industrial, agricultural, educational and health related development and job avenues in the interiors of the hill state there have been tremendous uncontrollable migration to the cities, towns and the metropolises and if Saharanpir also comes under the official jurisdiction of Uttarakhand one can imagine what will happen to the already squeezed development of the interior villages thus outrightly defeating the actual purpose and concept for which Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh after so much of sacrifices.

While the government of the day is still silent of the real and heart touching issues like Gairsain capital which would truly symbolise the decentralised over all development of the state, the new issue of possible annexation of Saharanpur to UK would undoubtedly further add to the already existing woes and miseries of the hill people. Some political analysts say that the issue of Shaharanpur is a calculated ploy of the current BJP government to sideline the hot issue of Gairsain capital thus diverting the peoples’ attention to the not so relevant issue of Saharanpur.

When the BJP government assumed power in the state with a resounding and historic majority it was felt that it will go by the overwhelmning mandate of the hill people who’d reposed complete faith on them but instead majority of the peoples’ demand like Gairsain and Pancheshwar Dam are being put in cold storage pre strategically and in order to divert their attention from the core issues such as above and jobs including improving of the health sector the party in power seems to be more interested in controvertial irrelevant issues like Saharanpur’s annexation to UK and raising funding for their party etc.

Today, the people of Uttarakhand are curiously looking forward towards employment generation in the state and improvement in the ovetall socio economic conditions of its youths, students, women, agricultural, health and educational sectors but the state reeling under the financial deficit of more than forty thousand crotes seems to be little interested in these core pro people issue than raising the controvertial anti people Saharanpur issue.

Sounds shocking and outrageous. There is lot of talks and assurances of improving of Yatra Marg to Kedarnath n other religious shrines and likely construction of all weather roads at the cost of the whopping central budget of 12500 crores but will this development not make our already fragile mountains more hollow and prone to ecological and natural disasters with 40 thousand full grown trees to be felled. Nobody is against development but people require eco friendly development not eco damaging development.

The tunnel being built till Kedarnath to ease the movement of pilgrims at the whopping cost of Rs. 1342 crores will not only make the hill hollow from inside but also make them prone to earthquakes and other disasters in the offing, says a senior journalist and analyst Umakant Lakhera in one of his FB post apart from incurring such a huge cost from the tax payers money. It would be in the interest of the whole state if the chief minister reaches to the people of the state to develop consensus and unanimity on the pivotal issue of bringing Saharanpur into Uttarakhand’s fold than to make unilateral statements inviting widespred criticisms.

If the people of the state go with his decision, its fine otherwise we should in all earnestness give up this irrelevant issue as Uttarakhand is already running under huge debt crisis and its people in jeopardy. The CM Trivendra Singh Rawat is a venerable personality and as such he should first take the inhabitants of UK into confidence before arriving at some definite conclusion on this significant issue. What’s your transparent take on this article. I leave it on your wisdom.

The deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia today went to the Khichripur house of the 14 year old late Nishita Negi and presented the cheque of Rs. Five lakhs to the bereaved and distressed family of the deceased budding footballer who shockingly got drowned in a river in Australia last month losing her precious life. Nitisha’s house comes under the legislative jurisdiction of Manish Sisodia frm where he was elected as the lawmaker.

Late Nishita had gone to Australia to participate in the international games at the school level on behalf of the Schools Federation of India, Delhi state alongwith several other budding sportspersons. Nitisha who alongwith four of her colleagues went to the riverside beach was drowned and shockingly could not be saved due to the negligence of the authorities concerned.

Her dead body was brought to Delhi after three days, was kept in Garhwal Bhawan for ANTIM DARSHAN and later on cremated at Nigam Bodh Ghat. Hundreds of people from and outside Uttarakhand bid tearful farewell to this adoloscent girl and an outstanding budding footballer. Four other girl students who were drowned in the river due to the high rise pressure tides, however were rescued but not Nitisha who died of axphyxiation. There was lot of annoyance, anger and outrage within the Uttarakhand community then.

The deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia had also ordered a secretary level probe to nail those responsible for the negligence but of no avail. The Delhi deputy chief minister has however been extremely helpful to the family and has explored the possibility of 5 lakh Rupees assistence to the distressed family of outstanding budding sportsperson late Nishita Negi.

While appreciating the deputy CM’s ambivalent gesture we hope the inquiry launched into Nishita’s sad demise would definitely bring fruitful results and those responsible for negligence would be duly punished.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


In Dehradun today hundreds of thousands of people marched to the state secretariat with torchlights in their hands demanding Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand.

Volunteers from all the 13 districts of Uttarakhand and several parts of the country especially Delhi also participated in this torch light procession. The uniqueness of the Gairsain related movement is that its spontaneous and self created, initially launched by a handfull of journalists and activists in Rudraprayag, this time, finally taking the shape of a wild fire with eminent anti corruption crusader Anna Hazaare too backing the demand forcefully and outrightly.

The women power, students, youths, intellectuals, scribes, social activists of all ideological shades are openly participating in this movement barring the BJP though its rank and file is also emotionally attached and associated with Gairsain demand as others.

The way this movement is picking up potentially with a renewed vigour and vitality it looks that the day is not far when the BJP’s central and state leadership will finally have to relent and declare Gairsain as Uttarakhand’s permanent capital despite all challenges and odds.

The way Uttarakhand separate state movement created credible momentum during the nineties, movement for Gaursain capital too is adopting the same character and dimensions with cross sections of the people in and outside Uttrakhand across party and ideological lines prepared to do or die.

Believe me, Gairsain movement today has assumed proportion of an extention of the Uttarakhand movement under which not only are the people expressing their anger and furiousness against the incumbent state government for their all the ills and exploitation of Uttarakhand and its people but also demanding Gairsain as its permanent capital as they think that Gairsain is the ultimate remedy to cure and purify all these ills and sins of our past rulers.

They are of the strong opinion that Gairsain is not only symbolic of decentralised socio economic and all round village level development of the 18 year old battered and exploiyed state running in 40000 crores fiscal deficit but will also ensure the outright emergence of a new economically self reliant Uttarakhand the actual concept for which this himalayan state was actually created after the pivotal sacrifices of 43 valuable and precious lives.


The nationally acclaimed crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare catagorically said that war between Indian and Pakistan is not the solution of the ongoing tussle between the two nations as both the country are reeling under deep economic crisis. If the war takes place both the countries will further go twenty years back, economically.

When questioned about the increasing numbers of Armymen being martyred on the border and Kashmir Anna replied : Its really shocking to find that more soldiers are being killed in the strife torn Kashmir than the numbers of those killed in a war between two countries, his obvious reference being the war between India and Pakistan. The crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare was today responding to the mediamen’s queries at Srinagar, Garhwal where he’s on a few days tour.

When asked that Pakistan is not relenting despite every effort for peace and the Indian Armymen are being slained Anna said, now enough is enough and the Indian government should finally attack Pakistan to teach the enemy a stringent lesson. He said: “Ab hindustan ko aar paar ki ladai ladni hi hogi aur dushman ko sabak sikhaana hoga.”

On the issue of Gairsain Anna appealed to the people of Uttarakhand to be united and without unity they can’t achieve Gairsain as their capital. He added: unless people unite and compel the government Gairsain could not be achieved. Therefore unite and fight said Anna.

He castigated the prime minister of not giving weitage to debate and discussions in a democracy. When Modiji became the PM and entered parliament for the first time he touched his head against the entrance floor of parliament terming it a the temple of democracy and justice but after that, he forgot everything and the voice of the people and democracy is being stifled.

He accused the Modi government as the government of dictates than a government believing in democracy. He said: Modi sarkaar loktantra ki nahi balki hukumtantra ki sarkaar ban gayi hai jahaan aam janta ki awaaj ke koi maayne nahi hain. Modi government should instead of giving dictates or dictatorial orders give handsome results by doing pro people works.

Favouring that the capital of Uttarakhand should be inside the hilly areas Anna appealed the people to unite and compel the government to bow before their demand. He added without struggle you can’t achieve the demand of capital Gairsain.



Thousands of people in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, several other parts of the state and the country, today bid their tearful farewell to Rakesh Chandra Raturi, martyr of the Commando operation in Jammu who breathed his last on 12th of February, 2018 hailing from the Mahar Regiment. Cammando Raturi had succumbed to the grievous bullet injuries of the terrorists while fighting them valiantly for hours together in Jammu’s Army residential compound on 12th february. He was cremated with full state honours and gun salutes in Haridwar today, afternoon in the presence of hundreds of people amidst raising of slogans,” Rakesh Raturi Amar Rahe”.

Prior to his cremation the body of the martyr Raturi was brought to his parental house at Dehradun wrapped in a try colour where the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat, the former CM and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank, several ministers of the state cabinet and the lawmakers paid their rich tributes to the departed soul. He was finally consigned to flames at Haridwar in the afternoon with full state honours.

It’s indeed a most tragic, shocking and anguishing news. A brave and valiant fighter Rakesh Chandra Raturi was martyred on 12th February while fighting the terrorists in Army residential camp at Jammu. The family of the martyred soldier lives in Badon Kala, Krishna Vihar, Shimla Bypass, Dehradun. Rakesh Raturi succumbed to the grievous injuries inflicted on him while valiantly fighting the terrorists for two and a half hours incessantly on the midnight of Friday n Saturday.

His elder brother Revati Nandan Raturi was officially informed about his sad demise by the Army officers at 8.00 PM on Monday. 43 year old Rakesh Chandra Raturi was serving in the 6 Mahar Regiment. He was these days deputed in the Commando operations in Jammu being specialised in fighting terrorists.

He originally belonged to village Seekar Sain under the jurisdiction of Patti Balkandaarsiun, district Pauri Garhwal. He sadly left behind his wife Nanda Devi, daughter, aged 19 , Kiran Kumari and 16 year old son Nitin. His father passed last year after suffering from a protracted illness.

Late Rakesh Raturi was to come to his hometown in Dehradun on 20th February on leave to attend the marriage of his niece and nephew on 22nd February and 5th March but destiny had this tragic end stored for him, shockingly. The Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat has expressed his condolenses to the bereaved family and assured them of all possible help financially and otherwise. He announced a government job for the next of the kin of the martyr Raturi.

May the Almighty give peace to the departed pious soul and tremendous strength to the bereaved family to bear this most irreperable loss.

Shaheed Rakesh Chandra Raturi was cremated with full honours at Hardwar, Uttarakhand today afternoon.

It may be recalled that 5/6 patriotic Army Jawans have also sacrificed their precious lives while relentlessly fighting the dreaded LET terrorists in the above operation that continued for hours together.

Our sincere and heartfelt tributes to all of them and condolenses to the bereaved families.


The veteran journalist and proprietor of one of the prominent news channels of the country NDTV, Prannoy Roy has shot a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi complaining about Dr Subramanian Swamy and his loyalists for damaging and degrading India’s image internationally and causing immense harm and loss to the reputation of NDTV through unethical and dubious methods aimed at muzzling and silencing the free and impartial press and the organisation like NDTV. The relations between the government and the NDTV have been at loggerheads since the Modi government assumed power at the centre in 2014.

Prannoy Roy and NDTV is considered to be the voice of the progressives’ and the pro BJP/ saffron forces and rightists blame it as the news channel propagating the progressive ideology and that of the Congress. Just a year ago raids were conducted on all its office locations nationally and the Income Tax department has also fixed a penalty of several hundred crores on the TV channel for allegedly cladestinely saving the taxes and thus misleading and fudging the authorities concerned. As a result more than 200 employees had to be retrenched from job recently leading to chaos amongst the staff and the media fraternity. According to the contents of the letter: Prannoy Roy accused Swamy of using various unethical and dubious means to inflict baseless, biased and outrageous accusations of money laundering and indulging in sham transactions with NDTV against the finest US Corporations viz GE and NBC through the IT and ED.

The letter adds that the charges made by the Indian authorities are such that they may in the future invite harsh prison sentences for Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GEC and the CEO of NBC Jeff Zucker who is currently the president of prestigious news channel CNN and an outstanding media executive in America. This has resulted in creating a shocking and dismaying environment amongst the global business leaders thus discouraging them to invest in India who are expressing apprehensions of possible harrasments and lodging of false cases against them. Prannoy asked the PM : at a time when you are inviting more and more foreign direct investment in India, this sort of wild and baseless charges are damaging India’s reputation globally.

A leading US businessman recently said to us: Why should we come to invest in India- false cases might be filed against us. While the two page letter is quite in detail it concludes by saying: In nutshel: Mr. Swamy and a small group ( includes Gurumurthy as well) are damaging the reputation of our country in a motivated an egregious attack on the free media in India- we at the NDTV are proud of India’s tradition of media and press freedom and we will fight these falsehoods and not be suppressed or muzzled.


Hundreds of people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi viz journalists, social activists, retired government servants, women, youth and students protested in front of Press Club of India on the last day of the parliament session and presented a memorandum to the prime minister in his South block office on 9th February, 2018.

The demonstration held under the banner of GAIRSAIN RAJDHANI NIRMAN SAMITEE consisted of several socio political organisation like the UKD, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha, Uttarakhand Ekta Manch, E Gairsain group, organisation working for child rights, etc. The furious demonstrators who were addressed by senior journalists and activists M/s Avtar Negi, Charu Tiwari, convenor Dev Singh Rawat, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Sunil Negi, literateur Pooran Kandpal, Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Anil Pant, Devendra Bisht, etc raised anti BJP government slogans and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand with immediate affect.

The processionists marched towards parliament raising slogans but were stopped by the heavy cardon of Delhi police. Four representatives were allowed to go the PM’s office to deliver the memorandum. According to the memorandum since the Gairsain capital is a technically feasible demand as per the Kaushik Committee of the government being equidistant from both the Kumaon and Garhwal divisions and a legislative Assembly building has already been build with vast infrustructure investing several hundred crores including the previous assembly sessions and the likely budget session in March, it should now be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand forthwith.

The memorandum adds that the declaration of Gairsain capital will not only pave the way for the all round decentralisation of the interior villages and the local populace who are rampantly migrating towards cites and towns but will also help in reverse migration and shifting of the state secretariats and officers to the inner parts of the hills this compelling them implement hill oriented decentralized development than the city oriented progress that has resulted in discrimination of the rural populaton.

While the creation of Gairsain as the hill state’s capital will create lots of job opportunities and open developmental avenues in health, education and industrial sectors, it will be a befitting heartfelt tributes to the revolutionery hero of historical PESHAVAR KANND Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who also had pledged in Dudhatoli to create a separate Uttarakhand state and Gairsain as its capital.


Lot and lot is being written about the plight of the inhabitants of Uttarakhand villages thronging the cities and towns including the metropolises of the country,numbering massively, about 32 lakh people of the 17 year old Himalayan state defeating the very concept of economic self reliant and giving its people due justice in terms of decentralised all round development.

The state witnessing the fiscal deficit of staggering 40 thousand crores depending on merely 7 thousand crores of productive income from its own sources, with a begging bowl, seeking international aid and paying myriad amount of interest during the last more than one and a half decade after achieving statehood was never ever expected .

Today, while hundreds of Uttarakhand villages have become ghost villages after its inhabitants had to, under compelling circumstances migrate to plains devoid of basic job, educational and health facilities, what make things and situation even more shocking and worrisome is the fact that even prisoners freed from the clutches of tortuous jail sentence after several years of confinement behind four walls of the prisons prefer to feel safe and comfortable by being behind bars again, than to stay in their village to enjoy the freedom, the reason being that their villages have also become ghost villages due to the above reasons and natural calamities with the successive governments literally doing nothing to ensure the well being and welfare of the local inhabitants ruined due to these ecological disasters and holocausts resulting in their familes to go to unknown destinations for want of sustenance and enable their survival.

This story is about a prisoner Uma Dutt Bhatt of Bastadi village of Pithoragarh in Kumaon division of Uttarakhand where natural calamity due to cloud burst incidents resulted in several deaths and near total devastation of the village finally making it a ghost village due to the negligent and insensitive attitude of the state government and local administration for not reconstructing the village and rehabilitating its inhabitants in disarray due to the calamity of great magnitude.

A story published in the TOI explains such a sorry state of affairs of a prisoner who was imprisoned for life for the murder of his wife and child but when he reaches his village after the completion of his sentence, he shockingly finds it to be completely devastated and empty with nobody living there with completely ruined houses.

Feeling dejected and finding himself in utterly hapless position with his abondoned family, he had no option but to approach the prison authorities again to allow him to stay in the jail he passed the protracted sentence under the most difficult and unforeseen circumstances. Here is the sorry tale of one such prisoner published in TOI:

The Sitarganj jail in Uddham Singh Nagar received an unusual request when Pushkar Dutt Bhatt, who was released from the jail after serving 20 years, wrote that he wanted to go back to the jail.

Bhatt, who hails from Bastadi, a village in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district, completed a life sentence in jail for the murder of his wife and daughter 20 years ago in a fit of rage.

According to a report in The Times of India, on his return in August last year to his native village, Bhatt was taken aback to see broken houses and an empty village. While he was in prison, the Uttarakhand flash floods in July 2016 that claimed the lives of 21 people, had driven out every resident of the village. There was no one left behind.

Bhatt, 52, reportedly said, “It was a ghost village. I was the only human being living there.” In an unusual request to the district administration, he has now requested that he should be sent back to the jail in Sitarganj, where he had spent 20 years of his life. “At least there are people there. Here there are only ghosts, sad memories,” he added.
Bhatt sent out the petition after having lived in Bastadi all alone for six months following his release from jail, reports TOI. Bhatt said he couldn’t take the “despair and loneliness” any longer. “I tried living all by myself alone among the ruins. But I can’t go on,” he added. The report also added that Bhatt told the district administration if the government has no plans to rehabilitate the village, he should be allowed to go back to prison where his life was better.

“There is neither water nor electricity in the village. Dozens of houses including mine are in ruins. Wild animals from the nearby jungle roam around freely. Almost two years have passed since the devastation happened but nobody has paid heed to the village. I have stayed there for the past year but I cannot bear to do so anymore. That is why I told district authorities to send me to jail again which is better for me,” Bhatt told TOI.
“I submitted a complaint in September last year but no action was taken. Then I went to the janta darbar held in the district on October 16 and gave my application again. Finally, I told the district magistrate that if the government was doing nothing about the village, then I have nowhere else but the jail to go to,” he added.

On 26th January I visited the ,”Sarthak Prayas,” headquarter in Ghaziabad on the ocassion of our 69th Republic Day anniversary and felt overwhelmed to see slum children celebrating the republic day by reciting poems of national reconstruction and DESH BHAKTI.

It was indeed very pleasureful and privileged moments to be in the midst of the children belonging to the have not sections of the society being financially, educationally and socially assisted and equiped by this selfless organisaton under the selfless and dedicated leadership of Umesh Pant who and his family has made it their sole mission of life.

Leaving a job in MNC in the days of skyrocketting prices and devoting oneself to the cause of uplifting the slum children and children affected by disasters like several happening in Uttarakhand is something beyond imagination and Umesh Pant has made it possible. WOW what a compassionate and ambivalent gesture of generosity for the children of the lowest ebb of the society.

At present about more than 150 children of NCR slums and Kedar Ghati disaster victims are being taken care of by them. Sarthak has arranged a big library and the children collect there every day to equip themself with knwledge by going through the books.

Yesterday all the students of slums were delivered sweets, and warm clothes like jersies. Our sr. journalist friend Vyomesh Jugran and social activist Chandan Singh Gusain too donated few thousand rupees for the welfare of these economically deprived children.

I presented my english translated book on Kedarnath disaster,” Havoc in Heaven,” for the library. Kudos to Sr journalist and a renowned social activist Charu Tiwari, Umesh Pant, Hansa Amola and their entire team for doing this noble service for uplifting the lives and career of the poor and hapless students through education and taking care of their entire well being like providing them books, fees, food, clothes and above all making them the outstanding citizen of tomorrow. Keep it up Umesh Bhai.

Time is not far when everybody will follow you and there won’t be any dearth of funds and resources. The Almighty is with you and your noble endeavour. I fondly remember in one of the cultural shows held in Delhi’s Rajendra Bhawan auditorium by SARTHAK PRAYAS, how children of slums not belonging to Uttarakhand have so confidently performed on several Uttarakhandi songs dressed decently in the traditional attires amid applause and standing ovation from the audience. Hats off.

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The Gandhi family scion and the youngest president of the 131 year old party Rahul Gandhi was today morning seen gosipping smilingly with the party leader and former union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad sitting in the designated sixth row as a commoner, hardly being noticed except for the fact that the television cameras’ of several channels’ were kind enough to focus their cameras on him at few intervals thus making sure that how a young leader of the party that ruled India for more than six decades have been made the back bencher despite the fact that her mother Sonia Gandhi and even the then leader of the opposition Lal Krishna Advani had usually been given the front row seats in earlier republic day functions including the party chief Amit Shah since 2014.

The Congress Party has taken a serious view of this alleged deliberate lapse and termed it an intentional attempt by the ruling party to belittle his image and reputation as the leader of biggest opposition party in parliament and the president of the Congress party as well.

There have been lot of hue and cry on this issue but the Congress party chief despite issuing any negative statement on this arbitrary seating arrangement preferrred to go their early in the morning and sit calmly alongwith his party colleague Ghulam Nabi Azad watching the entire parade of the 69th Republic Day celebration at Rajpath. However, the Congress Party has officially not made it an issue but those speaking behind the camera and on the condition of being anonymous say that this practice amounts to cheap tactics to belittle or degrade the image of the leader of a party that ruled the nation for so many decades and is a main opposition party of the country.

As per the news reports pouring in the ministry of defence responsible for making seating arrangements also denied objections of the Congress party saying that every norm and protocol has been obeyed in this regard and no indecent or arbitrary attitude has been taken in allocating the seat to Rahul Gandhi.

Every arrangement has been made as per norms, rules and regulations. Even the leader of the opposition (LoP) is placed behind several dignitaries and at present there is no LoP in the Lok Sabha due to a lack of numbers added the defence ministry sources.

The Congress leader emphatically say that if the president of the ruling party BJP Amit Shah can sit in the front row in Republic Day functions since the party came to power in 2014 giving seat in the fourth row to the leader and president of the main opposition party is a clear move to belittle his image and amounts to cheap politics. What makes the issue more serious is the fact that first Rahul Gandhi was allotted the seat in the fourth row and was later on changed to sixth row on the pretext that it was the SPG looking after the Congress president’s safety which has asked to do so. But the Congress leader and spokesman has serious reservation on this. In a tweet Randeep Singh Surjewal said: MODI SARKAAR KI OCHI RAAJNEETI JAGJAAHIR

lekin hamaare liye gantantr ka parv hi sarvopari hai