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Swami Vivekananda was a person who lighted many lives through his teachings and experience and everybody knows that he was a great scholar and noble man.

One day a person who was very sad came to meet Swami Vivekananda and when he met him he touched Swami Vivekananda’s feet and started crying then, he told his story to him that he was disheartened because he was well educated and worked very hard still he was not successful in his life so he asked why he was so unlucky and could not achieve success even after working so hard?

Swami Vivekananda understood his problem but did not say anything regarding his problem instead he asked to take his dog for a walk and promised him to answer his query after he completes this simple task.

This person was astonished by this behavior of Swamiji and took dog outside for a walk without saying anything. After sometime when he came back with dog his face was smiling but the dog looked bit tired.

Swamiji asked from him as to why the dog was so tired and he looked fresh as both of them covered the same distance while walking. The man told Swamiji that when he was going straight on his way but the dog was running here and there after other street dogs and covered ore distance as compared to him and due to this the dog got tired because he used wasted his energy after other dogs.

After listening to him Swamiji told him that this is the answer for all your queries because your goal is near to you and not far away but you start running after other people instead focusing on your goal and slowly you get away from your goal without even realizing it.

Same thing applies to us because most of the people focus on mistakes of other people and jealous of their success but do not try to enhance own knowledge. So we should always focus on our path and makes ourselves a better person so that we can make our lives much better and enjoy the success.