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The one and only, unbeatable, the 67 year old singing legend, literateur, lyricist, writer and an outstanding musician of Uttarakhand, Narendra Singh Negi, popularly known as Garh Ratn has finally proved that he is truly unbeateable in meldious singing in and outside the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand globally, even after turning a Septuagenerian as one of his songs’ sung by him in the Uttarayini Kauthig held in Delhi in Dwaraka Stadium on 13th January, 2018 in the presence of thousands of admirers and fans titled MERA DAANDI KATHIYON KA MULUK JAILA, BASANTU RITU MA JAILA -2, was viewed and enjoyed by over 70 thousand viewers with thousands of appreciative comments and over 800 shares in just less than 24 hours of the video posted in FB.

This is definitely a record in itself. It may be recalled that this living legend of Uttarakhand having outstanding perfection in superfluous singing and writing Garhwali songs in particular is also a renowned poet, literateur, thinker and the patron of the local languages and dialects of Uttarakhand. His lyrics and songs on nostalgia, love stories, armymen fighting on borders, environment, against deforestation, conservation of local languages and culture, songs sung in marriages and against the political establishment on corruption and nepotism had been outstandingly popular and fetched applauds nationally and internationally with his song CDs’ sales crossing several millions.

Even the magazines’ of international prestige like India today gave him prominent coverage when Narendra Singh Negi’s most popular song CD broke all records in sale titled NAUCHAMI NARENA, sung by him against the alleged arbitrary practice of the then Narayan Dutt Tiwari Government in Uttarakhand to distribute hundreds of Red Beacon state ministerial posts to the incompetant politicians, some of them even in twenties and of no socio political relevance. Narendra Singh Negi has till now written and sung thousands of songs majority of them being super duper hits and has alwas been forthcoming in conserving the language and dialects of Uttarakhand through his songs, writings and poetries.

A remarkably outstanding living personality, Negi have always been the heart throb of billions of Uttarakhandies around the globe who had by now performed infinite shows in Uttarakhand, in various cities, towns and metropolises and abroad as well. The people of Uttarakhand and his die hard fans have always been demanding to accord him Padma Vibhushan a coveted award, but all in vain.

The successive governments of Uttarakhand whether of Congress or BJP have never given any heed to this request or appeal of his millions of die hard fans. It may be recalled that Narendra Singh Negi has just returned from the JAWS OF DEATH when he suffered a MAJOR CARDIAC ARREST few months ago but the prayers of his crores of fans have ultimately saved his precious life and is back on state singing for them uncaring of the major surgery done on him.

The google search done by his billions of fans was more than PM Modi in numbers as per a report appeared in papers and electronic channels during those days while the Uttarakhand Ratna was in hospital. This was something outstandingly AWESOME and incredible said news analysts then, about his increasing popularity.

The pious land of Uttarakhand has given several eminent singers of Garhwali and Kumaoni like late Gopal Babu Goswami, Keshav Anuragi, late Chandra Singh Rahi, and the new generational singers like Kishan Mahipal, Gajendra Chouhan and Jaagar Samraat Pritam Bhartwaan etc. But since the king of melodious voice Gopal Babu died at the early age late Chandra Singh Rahi did made a special mark in preserving the Uttarakhand’s folk culture as an eminent and popular singe. However, the way Negi revolutionised singing according to the local needs, situations, adjectives, environment, culture, love stories, exposing corruption in politics and highlighting the urge for the state’s development in his lyrics and impressive mesmerising songs, he broke all records and literally captured the CD market of his melodious creations. Today Narendra Singh Negi is not a name but an institution, a philosophy and an ideology.


There is a shocking and extremely anguishing news for Delhites. From 1st January to 7th January the capital of the country witnessed 42 deaths DUE to cold and chilly weather with Delhi experiencing the coldest night in several years on last Thursday, the 4th of January i.e. 3.7 degrees celcius.

This is infact a very distressing and disturbing news as its primarily the sole responsibility of the governments of the state and the centre and its concerned social welfare, health and police departments to conduct night checks and find poor and hapless people shivering in excessive cold undr critical circumstances to ensure that they are adequately housed or provided shelter in Rain Baseras and other facilities with proper and timely medical aid.

Delhi despite being the capital of the largest democracy of the world should be fully equipped with facilities like housing projects, foodstuffs, forthright medical care, warm clothings and financial help etc to ensure that the wandering poor, hapless and vegabounds are adequately taken care of, as providing the physical safety and well being during acute winters and summers is primarily the state’s responsibility.

After all the state’s and centre’s social welfare and health departments are provided with enough budget to ensure that the health related safety and security of these street people, the poor women, hapless children and the senior citizens is materialised at all costs.

The above statistics has been released by an NGO based on the figures of MHA as and are therefore fully reliable and authentic. This is indeed a sorry state of affairs on the part of the departments concerned and those at the helm of the political dispensation of the state.

In Delhi one can conveniently see such poor people in tatters under the Metro sheds, at the international bus terminus vicinity, near Nigam Bodh Ghats, outside every temple of Delhi, near Railway stations, platforms, under bridges, construction projects and even near Yamuna river banks. Just imagine when people living inside houses are facing the extremely chilly cold weather what would be the fate of those myriad numbers of poor and hapless children, women and old aged who have no clothes to wear and blankets to cover themselves during these hazardous winter nights in the open.

These 42 deaths due to the cold in Delhi is an unambiguous indication as to how faulty, negiligent, careless and complacent is our system towards these most vulnerable lot. These most unfortunate deaths therefore warrant an impartial enquiry into the whole episode to fix responsibility on the authorities and officers’ concerned who are directly or indirectly responsible for these horrific deaths due to cold weather during the last six days from 1st to 6th January. These deaths also put a huge question mark on the integrity of those NGOs who seek government funds but do little or neglible in such situations and matters. What do you say friends?


Renowned film star of the South Indian films carrying the myriad TRP and billions of fan following in India and world particlarly amongst the south Indian movie goers Rajnikant is all set to join actice politics and is likely to clear his mind on 31st December, 2017 the last day of the advent of the new year 2018. Super star Rajnikant said he knows lot about politics and is sure to make his mark if he really joins active politics but would clear his mind on 31st December.

He however said that despite tremendous pressure on him to join active politics and his being well versed in it is still too reluctant to may his foray in politics. The sixty seven year old super star of the having acted in myriad number of southern films including several super duper hits like Andha Kanoon and Robot etc with outstanding beautiful and gorgious heroines like Hema Malini and Aishwarya Rai Rajnikant said that he is not new for politics but have to see when would the actual war of elections take place.

When we’ll participate in the election war we’ll have to ensure that victory becomes mandatory with no ifs and buts. And for the confirmed triumph or victory no only is relentless struggle and courage is essential but a planed stratwgy is inevitable too. He said the media of the south and the country is more curious and interested about my joining active politics than my billions of fans. He was welcomed by tumultuous raising of pro Rajnikant slogans in Chennai while addressibg a large gathering of his ardent fans. He also cautioned his fans for not to be misled by the rumours in the social networking sites. Rajnikant’s speculation about entering the politics in the South has perturbed several politcal parties, particularly the DMK and AIDMK.

The national party BJP is trying to woo him at its best by sending him feelers and the regiinal political outfits badly perturbed of losing their political say once this Super star makes a credible entry into active politiics. He was even invited by PM Narendra Modi personally at his official residence.


Today is the ninety third birth anniversary of the renowned peace loving icon, cultural activist and symbol of relentless struggle, The Gandhi of Uttarakhand late Indra Mani Baduni, the main inspiring force behind the separate Uttarakhand movement that finally led to this 17 and a half year old state coming into existence. 24th December is commemorated as the” lok sanskritik diwas” in Uttarakhand and elsewhere, the day this iconic personality was born in the land of abode of Gods,the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.(then the Tehri Riyasat ruled by the Garhwal kingdom)

While the entire Uttarakhand and people of Uttarakhandi origin living elsewhere , globally are paying their rich tributes to Baduniji today they are equally sad and disappointed that the concurrent state governments of the state have not done anything fruitful to keep his inspirations alive. Indra Mani Baduni is not a name but an inspiration as an institution who dedicated his entire life as a freedom fighter, social and separate state movement activist, a trekker and inventor of mysterious Khatling glacier, a cultural activist and a social reformer of eminence.

While the demand for separate Uttarakhand movement was first raised in 1952 by the then communist leader PC Joshi it actually gained tremendous momentum in 1994 when this popular Gandhi of Uttarakhand organised a huge rally in Pauri and undertook thirty days incessant hunger strike, finally addmitted in Meerut and then AIIMs compelling the union government to acede to the peoples’ long aspirations of a separate entity known as Uttarakhand state.

A frail looking determined Gandhi as are the Himalayas, Indra Mani Badooni was a simple man with extreme popularity and highest TRP of acceptability within Uttarakhand. He was arrested again while going to Mussourie to pay tributes to the martyred andolankaries and was in jail for a pretty long time. He was grievously injured in the Lal Quila Maidan Rally in 1994 where he was likely to address a massive rally protesting against the shameful incidents of Ram Pur Tiraha, Mujaffar Nagar where several movement activists were killed and women coming to participate in the Delhi rally sexually assaulted and brutally raped.

Indra Mani Badooni was a true selfless mass leader whose entire life was dedicated for the cause of Uttarakhand and who’d always been in the forefont to safeguard, promote and conserve the culture and dialects of Uttarakhand. His tremendous contribution in promoting the folk lore of great icon Madho Singh Bhandari who sacrificed his son’s life for peoples’ cause, bringing water in Maletha, finding the Khatling glaciar and bringing it to the knowledge of the world and conserving its civilisation including infinite contribution in Uttarakhand movement as its only inspiration as a fatherly figure, its undisputed leader and a sacrificial figure, The Gandhi of Uttarakhand will always be remembered in the annals of the history of India and Uttarakhand. Our tributes to this great soul.


The hilarious pre accepted victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Gujarat for the fifth time in succession is undoubtedly a huge victory of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat pride and subsequently a massive jolt to the opposition parties particularly the undisputed 24 year old leader of the Patidar community Hardik , Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani including the most vociferous and highly spirited new Congress president Rahul Gandhi who’d made it their prestige issue to ensure the BJP’s defeat in the state, come what may, ruled by the saffron party for the last twenty two years thinking that perhaps the anti incumbency factor may work. While this victory of BJP and the prime minister can be definitely termed as historic though having secured 99 seats too less than the previous terms tally but being the fifth consecutive triumph nobody can also deny the fact that the Congress Party under the Nehru Gandhi family scion has also proved his impressive mettle by improving the party’s vote share from 44% to 48 and enhancing the seats tally from previous 61 to the present impressive 80 despite all odds and the 132 year old party’s losing spree after the BJP led NDA assumed historic majority at the centre under the prime ministership of Modi.

Congress which is constantly losing at the hands of the BJP and Narendrs Modi in Gujarat for the last 19 years had 61 MLAs last time with 6 of them having defected to BJP including former CM Shanker Singh Vaghela ditching Congress and forming his own political outfit. The prime minister Narendra Modi and the national BJP chief Amit Shah after experiencing the Congress chief, then the Vice president Rahul Gandhi’s extensive campaigning after having roped in Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani on his side had left no stone unturned to ensure that This anti BJP alliance in the state of Gujarat is defeated hands down. About more than 40 cabinet ministers, entire office bearers of the centre and states and volunteers from all over the country were roped in to campaign and use massive funds to ensure the party’s victory as the entire media of the country and even the world was analysing and viewing this election of Gujarat and Modi pride from close quarters and had connected it with the Modi victory in the 2019 general elections. While the hard hitting Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has held and addressed more than 36 meetings in the state literally giving up the Himalayan state Himachal Pradesh to BJP, the prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah also addressed umpteen numbers of largely attended meetings and announced schemes worth of thousands of crores just before the implementation of the code of conduct by the Election Commission.

During the last phase of the campaigning when some of the channels started giving some credible mileage to Rahul and Congress the central and state BJP machinery geared itself to the maximum and countered the Rahul jaggernaut with full force finally standing triumphant for the fifth succesive term thus exposing the patidar leader Hardik, Alpesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani as well. One should not forget that during his three and a half month’s tenure Modi held two summits with the Chinese president Xi Jingping and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat Ahmedabad and gave the Gujaraties a bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai woth a whopping aid of 1.8 lakh crores inclusing direct flights from London and USA to Ahmadabad compounded with several high profile international projects.

All these achievements impressed fellow Gujaraties tremendously who voted for him enmasse expecting many more such projects to arrive in the near future. It may be recalled that having been the three term CM of the state of Gujarat and now PM of the largest democracy of the world Narendra Modi’ s charisma still exists in Gujarat and this result has amply made it clear. Modi has during his three years and eight months tenure captured 20/ 21 states of the country leaving the negligible 4 with the Congress. This constant winning spree has made it absolutely clear that his political and social charisma is fully intact and is all set for re election in 2019’s general elections. The Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi will have to re galvanise and revitalise the party organisation at the centre and in states right up to the block level and should appear as a sole nucleus of the anti BJP opposition at the national level as individually countering the Modi effect seems to be entirely impossible in the present political scenerio. What do you say, friends?


The life of child labours working in hotels, restaurants and in rag picking at open dust bins and dhalaos in Delhi and other parts of the country is really a worrisome sitiation and extremely little is being done by the NGOs’, law enforcing agencies and government departments dealing with child welfare responsibilities.

Children of adoloscent age in a group of four or five seggregating degradable and bio degradable waste from dust bins and dumps of rubbish and picking plastic bottles on the roadside as well are the common instances visible everyday by all of us. Looking towards them make us feel pity on their extremely pitiable socio economic status.

Lean and thin these mal nourished children has no future of any sort, may it be relating to their academic career or job avenues. Majority of themare suffering from several skin and lung related ailments completely careless about treatment as meeting two ends meal and creating sustenance is their parents is their primay concern.

While some of themwork willingly as rag pickers constrained to spoil their entire lifedue to non existence or availability of any outside goverental support, many work on the pressure and instrction of their poor, dejected and hapless parents. What sounds shocking about this whole affair shocking is the fact that these poor children finally get into the trap of thieves, professional criminals and drig eddicts and kingpins and enter the narrow and dark lanes of dampened life of a druggist finally meeting a sad end.

Not talking of such rag picker children of India but in Delhi itself one can find them in thousands with no future and healthy life rather growing up as liability on the society as druggists, criminals, thieves and anti social elements. But who’s responsible for their such a petty and pitiable conditon. It’s we, the governmental departments responsible for their welfare drawing large financoal budgets, the NGOs who claim ofdoing so much for the children of the lowest ebb of the society against heavy funding from India and abroad, the big corporate houses who earn thousands of crores as profit but hardly allocate a minutest portion of it for looking afterthe welfare and well being of these most suffered lot, the rag pickers whose whole life is nothing but a symbol of hell.

Noble proizes are being presented in the name of discouraging child traffic and child labour but what about these millons of malnourished and uneducated rag pickers children of our society. Don’t we or our government agencies owe any responsibility to improvise their future who are literally leading a life in hell? When will we wake up? We want an answer? What’s your take friends?


There is chaos amongst the people of the country. The prices of vegetables particularly the onions and tamatoes have gone up tremendously having crossed the Rs 60 per kilo mark in the Mandies giving enough freedom to vegetable venders selling them at Rs 80 and even more thus putting extra burden to the pockets of consumers.

Since the BJP led NDA government assumed power at the centre despite having made tall claims of bringing the inflation under control the prices of petrol, vegetables and other essental commodities including pulses have been skyrocketting compounded with multiple rise in the metro fares of the capital beyond the reach of lower middle class and those living at the lowest ebb of the society.

You go in the market to purchase anything, any commodity you’ll find everthing with a high price tag. The agencies dealing with price assesment play with the sentiments of the people by always supplying wrong figures in order to befool them as 90% of the citizens really don’t understand the manipulations of such price index parametres.

While on the one hand there have been tall claims of the economy having been tremendously strengthened but had it been able to result in downfall of the prices of essential commodities compounded with employment generation on the ground is a moot question being asked by everyone, everywhere. They are primarily the 70% of the rural people, those hailing from JJ clusters, employees of the private sector and people living at the grass roots who suffer while the rich, affluent, those above middle class hardly suffer as their purchasing power is hardly affected.

Even the government servants of the country have now to an extent joined the elite class club of the country as their salary structure has also gone up considerably and after every point rise in the inflation or price index their salary structure also gets enhanced with enhanced dearness allowance from retrospective affect.

Today majority of the newspapers of the country are carrying the front page news highlighting this heavy price hike of onions and tomatoes making the life of the people literally hell. As per the reports the retail price of onions, one of the main items’ of the household women and her kitchen has touched Rs. 63 for every kilogram in Delhi till Tuesday due to tight supplies and lower arrivals in the wholesale market.

Sounds shocking as the prices of onion in the month of August, September were as low as Rs 26/27 per kg in the retail market and Azadpur Sabzi Mandi. Not only in Delhi but in other parts of the country as well the retail prices of onion have crossed Rs 56 per Kilogram thus amounting to the three folds’ rise.

If such is the critical situation in the domestic market what’s the point of exporting onions to outside countries. While there is already a shortage of onions in the Indian markets leading to the increasing price rise, the government had exported 80,00,000 tons of onion to countries abroad in the month of August September.

Those at the helm of affairs in the government should instead of making false claims of decreasing prices rise and befooling the people with rhetorics on various fronts to extract political capital in elections, should rather concentrate on this front to bring skyrocketting price rise under control by concentrating their efforts on controlling the black marketeers on wide scale compounded with improvising the production of vegetables and other crops on massive scale.

The food and vegetable sector of the country is in doldrums with people leaving farming on mass scale. The government should also make cold storage facilities available in myriad quantity so that the onions, tomatoes etc can be stored in sufficient quantity on wider scale particularly when they are produced in massive quantity due to good weather and monsoon situations.

If cold storage facility in abundance is made available, a large quantity of vegetable and other produce like food grain usually going waste when grown in excess can be stored and sold at cheaper prices at the time of shortages to avoid inflationary pressure on the common men. Onion is considered to be a very significant ingredient of the kitchen and onion price rise had also lead to Congress losing power to BJP being the main election issue in the national election earlier. Similarly if the inflated prices of onions and tomates are not controlled forthwith would definitely put an adverse impact on the chances of BJP in Gujarat elections.



Salutes to the judge of the city court wh’ve sentence the rapist of an eight year old girl to fourteen years of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rupees twenty thousand saying that sexual assaults and rapes are offences which are the result of perverted and evil minds of people (criminals) who not just lacked sensitivity and emotions but are the carriers of animal streak in them who ravish anyone who come to their sight, irrespective of the victims age.

The case is of 2014 registered by the mother of an 8 year old girl in Adarsh Nagar Police Station who was confined by the 40 year old rapist to a secluded place and raped repeatedly. The victim was also given a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs. Such stringent punishments are necessary to deal sternly with such animal beasts prevalent in our society in the shape of termites thus demolishing women’s dignity and their right to exist with dignity.

There is no dearth of strict laws favouring women but the criminals seem to have no terror of police, the law enforcing agencies or the laws of the land. It’s therefore necessary and inevitable that rapists are awarded stern, stringent and rigorous punishment in order to send across a strong signal to forthwith desist persons or criminals with perverted minds from commiting such obnoxious horrifying acts in the near future. Rape cases in Delhi, and also in other parts of the country are on the steady rise, with rapes of children and adoloscents being the subject of immense concern.

Sounds shocking that till 2014 more than 36 thousand cases of rapes have been reported nationally and the number could have been much higher but for the fact that majority of the cases go unreported as the victims family avoid going to police stations to register FIRs because of social stigma, fear of police, their complacense to cooperate or due to fear of reprisals from the rapists and the criminals.

Even though the Delhi police claimed that registration of crimes against women dipped marginally in 2016, Delhi reported six rapes on an average every day , indicating that much more is needed to be done to bring the numbers further down. However, it sounds surprising that in 2017 the rape cases in Delhi have shown a decreasing trend in the month of last january, with the Delhi police showing the rape cases registration figure as merely140 as compared to the previous year’s same month’s statistics of 140 cases.

However if we believe in the figures of 2015 and 2016, the figures showed an extreme uprising i.e. , 2155 and 2199 cases, respectively. However if  the Delhi police authorities claim of rape cases having come down is really true then we can definitely pat their backs  for their increasing contribution in tackling this most obnoxious and dreaded crime. But these figures are the one displayed by the police in their annual review of crime against women in the capital in the advent of the year 2017. The Delhi Police officers claim that the dip in crime rates is the result of proactive policing measures. “We conducted street plays, self-defence programmes and awareness campaigns over the course of the year,“ said a senior officer.

In the annual review of the cases of crime against women, police said that of all rape and molestation cases registered, 85.09% of rape and 70.60% of molestation were solved within 48 hours. The chargesheets in these cases were also filed within 20 days. The police attributes majority of these rapes to have been committed by the neighbour, near or dear ones or the close accquaintances and gives their figure as 90 to 94%. In 2016 total cases of molestations were 4,155 as against the 5,367 registered in 2015 whereas 3,033 cases of molestation were solved in 2016.

Till few months back in 2017 over 238 cases of molestation have been registered while by now many more must have come in the record. What sounds anguishing is the fact that despite the tall claims of governments and law enforcing agencies the cases of rapes and women molestations need to be tackled on a war footing and a wide campaign of awareness through the co ordinated efforts of the police, NGOs’, schools, institutions, women organisations, media and National as well as the Delhi Commission for Women, corporates under social corporate responsibilty and the ministries of women and child of central and state levels need to be executed on a war footing because the malady is more or less connected with perverted and psycopathic minds and people who are required to tackled accordingly including the most vulnerable women community to apprise them of their rights as well as physically train them  to defend themselves in such critical situations etc.

The law enforcing agencies on their part too should keep themselves attentive and vigilant to counter such ill concieved designs and notions as stern actions and penalisation of the culprits is also necessary  to sends a strong across a strong message that the people with criminal bent of mind and antecedents would not be spared at any cost, come what may. What do you say friends?


The private hi profile hospitals, if not all, but majority of them have been charging exorbitantly from the patients who by compulsion go to these hospitals for treatment of critical illnesses or dreaded deseases like dengue thinking that at least after treatment they wiil be charged, though more from the government hospitals but in a limit that would be within their reach.
There had been hundred of instances of alleged exploitation of patients of the middle class and even those at the lowest ebb who had been allegedly duped of all their savings and had to even sell their properties to make payments of the highly inflated treatment bills beyond expectation. In some of the cases even after the treatment the patients allegedly die and the body (corpse) of the deceased is not handed to the relatives, parents or near and dear ones’ untill he or she does’nt make the full payment which comes into several lakhs
The newspapers and the news channels of the country have been crying hoarse on such incidents, highlighting such shocking episodes but of no awail. The recent anguishing incident of a girl named Adya suffering from acute dengue living in Gurgaon who died after several days of treatment, few days ago whose father was compelled to make the upfront payment of Rs 18 lakhs and another incident earlier to that of a 31 year old patient whose family was arbitrarily charged a whopping amount of 31 lakhs even after this unfortunate patient could not be saved are two such incidents which makes it abudantly and absolutely clear as to how badly these private sector hospitals are exploiting the people without any governmental regulation whereas the fact of the matter is that as per the Clinical Establishment Act these hospitals are bound to charge the rates settled and fixed by the government which are usually within the reach of the patients.
But in view of no or negligible regulations by the governmental authorities the hospital of private sectors loaded with overhead expenses, charge the patients exorbitantly on illogical basis given an impression of being the clear cut exploiting agencies than hospitals to treat and save the lives of innocent patients within the prescribed charging limits of the government’s Clinical Establishment Act which is mandatory to be followed. There are primarily two reasons for the rush of patients to hi profile private hospitals despite the fact that they charge arbitrarily and excessively.
One, the hospitals of the government sector are not fully equipped with adequate medical facilities, docters, surgeons, medicines, hi tech equipments and the know how and are not in good numbers in commensurate with private hospitals or clinics in the country and secondly being in little numbers devoid of adequate facilities, not able to cope with the patients and secondly the increasing rush of the poor and lower middle class patients with critical illnesses or the cases like Dengue which deteriorate and are compelled to go to private hospitals in the hope of better and hi tech treatments thus being constrained to pay heavily despite not within their reach to pay.
Moreover, the rules regarding giving free treatment and life saving surgeries to 25% of the patients as directed by the Apex court for the poor and economically deprived patients are also not adhered to and are instead either shown the door or charged heftly. There have hundreds of such instances when the poor patients have to be compelled to go for expensive treatments and even if they are given the free or concessional treatment option in some selective cases, the formalities are so complex and tedious that the poor and hapless patients finally loose all hopes of being alive. Sounds shocking that even in the health sector which is primarily the government’s responsibility to make cheap and convenient treatmet available to the citizens of the country the governmental agencies are literally doing nothing to come to the rescue of the poor, under privileged, hapless lower middle and middle class patients of the country who are being constantly falling prey to the exploitative shackles of the sharks active in the private health sectors under the guise of medical tourism, with the one point motive to derive handsome profits. The rich, affluent and the politicians in power or opposition get total privileges and advantages of the treatments and surgeries of these hi profile hospitals under cashless provisions but where will others go is a moot question. Will the government honestly regulate these private hospitals symbolising themselves as SHARKS and come to the rescue of the AAM AADMI is a genuine question that needs an immediate answer. WHAT DO YOU SAY FRIENDS?







The election of the prestigious Press Club of India is on 25th November and the countdown has begun. The voting will start at 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. There are thousands of members of PCI and the voting percentage goes beyond 70% as journalists take lot of interest in this poll getting an opportunity of meeting their old friends under a roof after long time.

You can see journalists of print and electronics media in large numbers interacting with each other while the contestents and their supporters busy in canvassing support for themselves as well as their respective panels.  You can also witness some heated disscussions amongst the rival groups.

But by and large the elections are held in a cordial and peaceful atmosphere. The election is also an opportunity for the PCI management to get the old pending bills of the members cleared as without getting their balance cleared they are not supposed to vote.

These PCI elections are no less than any other political elections’ as you may find banners, colourful hoardings and thousands of handbills and posters affixed in the PCI precincts and the surroundings with appeals to vote. A good amount of finance in involved in the campaigning and arrangements of the election. On the day of polling the PCI management looking after the sale of drinks, foodstuffs etc earn handsomely as the sale on this day increases considerably and beyond proportions.

This time the principle fight is between the two panels, one those are already at the helm of affairs since 2010 i.e. Gautam Lahiri, Manoranjan Bharti, Vinay Kumar and Mahuva Panel while the other represented by the president candidate Sen, Gandhi, Faridi, Jain Panel trying to give a strong fight using the anti incumbency factor to its advantage. But the current sitting panel has number of advantages to its credit like giving the club a magnifcient face lift with massive infrastructural development compounded with improvement in the quality of food stuff and bringing transparency in the club activities.

They have also been organising protest demonstrations, seminars, talks and launching struggles against the ahocking incidents of repression and lynching of journalists from time to time and fighting for the rights of the journalistic fraternity. Apart from this the present management has covered the entire fiscal deficit of the previous years the pre 2010 era and brought the club in satisfying financial position.

The rival panel is heavily banking on the anti incumbency factor and leaving no opportunity to request voters to effect the change this time as they say that in democracy change is an inevitable factor for the good of the society.

The Lahiri Mahua panel accuses their rival of allegedly filing a case in the court for cancellation of membership above 6700 membership and say that if they are elected a good number of journalists would loose their membership. The charges and counter charges are going on but who ultimately wins would be known after a day as the counting is slated for Sunday, the 26th November . However the voting is on 25th November which will by and large indicate the trend by the evening, when voting ends.