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After a long interval, the first ever full screen Garhwali movie encompassing creative and quality script, cinematography, mesmerising serene beauty of Uttarakhand hills, outstanding music, melodious songs of legend Narendra Singh Negi and Anuradha Nirala including super star casting, the lead actress and producer of SUBHERU GHAM is all set to start a new movie titled Subheru Gham 2, BATHAAU meaning storm.

Disclosing this secret at a press conference in Dehradun alongwith former India Goalkeeper, now into acting Mir Ranjan Negi on whose inspiration Bollywood super star Sharukh Khan created block bustre CHAKDE INDIA and eminent industrialist Mohan Kala, the Snowy Mountain productions CEO and producer, actor Urmi Negi said that after having acknowledged tremendous affection and overwhelmning support and blessings of hill people in and outside Uttarakhand, including at Metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi and after her earlier movie Subhero Gham being a super duper hit she has been enthused and encouraged to make its second part known as Shubheru Gham 2, Bathau.

The film in the offing, the work on which is going on : Urmi said that the second part too would carry a social message thus contributing immensely to the Uttarakhand society as was her first movie, complete and perfect in every sense and social as well, compounded with successful tecnological precision as far as the quality of a full fledged big screen bollywood film looks like.

Urmi expressed her heartiest desire that her new movie in Garhwali dialect too would definitely achieve international recognition as was Subhero Gham adjudged in Canada Film Festival last year as one of the best and outstanding regional feature films, the gracious felicitation which no other Uttarakhandi film has ever acknowledged.

The movie will be shot in various serene locations of Uttarakhand, Mumbai and foreign countries and special care will be taken to ensure that the cultural heritage, customs, traditions and the true lifestyle including the costumes and attires are not compromised at any level. Congrats Urmi.



The government of Uttarakhand has released a new advertising sticker that is doing the rounds of social networking sites like face book and whats app apart from advertisements in the media released by Uttarakhand’s directorate of information and publicty under the title ” Saal Vishwas ka, Sankalp Vikas ka” and Uttarakhand simply heaven.

The advertisement with the colourful picture of Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and historic Kedarnath Temple mailing highlights four major points enticing tourists frim various parts of India and abroad assuring them of the various high budgeted tourism develooment in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand.

The first point of the advertisement highlights about the governments initiative to encourage Home stay planning / scheme so as to enable development and inducements/ incentives to new torism destination in Uttarakhand. It also tries to impress upon the people of the sate and tourists about the up side down hi tech reconstruction and innovation of the entire Kedarnath vicinity with latest facilities, conveniences and modern outlook.

The cost involved in this whole exercise has been mention as Rs. 100 crores. The work seems to be in full swing and the prime minisyer of India Narendra Modi has few months ago assured the nation about the developmental KAYA KALP of the Kedarnath shrine vicinity called Kedar puri when he visited there to have Lord Shiva’s Darshan on the closing of the temple doors. The advertisement also mentions about the spending expenditire of Rs 40 crores in the entire facekift of Badrinath Dham for the convenience of the tourists and the pilgrims.

The fourth point mentions about the already started work on the ropeway at the famous religious Temples, Surkanda Devi and Poorna Giri while also assures about the proposed work to be started in the near future to connect the entire religious destinations with the hi tech ropeway facilities.

However, it still remains to be seen whether these advertised schemes would really be implemented on the ground level transparently to the satisfaction of the tourists and the state’s populace who had been waiting for years for these schemes to be completed. Let’s hope for the best.


The outstandingly brilliant junior national champion in shooting Devanshi Rana primarily hailing from Garhwal, Uttarakhand and daughter of the internationally popular shooter and four times Asian gold medalist Jaspal Rana, has left for Australia on 16th March to participate in the World Junior Shooting Championships starting from 21st March till 29th.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Devanshi received adequate training in shooting from his globally famed shooter father having brought laurels for the nation by bagging four international gold medals Jaspal Rana who is also her mentor, guide and coach. It may be recalled that Jaspal Rana is the chief coach of the international shooting team while his brother, also a perfect shooter Subhash Rana being the technical ( Range) officer .

According to the father of Jaspal Rana and Devanshi’s grandfather Narayan Singh Rana who’d left no stone unturned to train the entire family in shooting and even left his job as a Commando to train Jaspal and instil in him tremendous amount of confidence and sporting spirit to bring Gold medals in Asian games, Devanshi had been given place in the international junior shooting team for two international competitions to be held in Australia between 21st to 29th March.

Highly intrumental in setting the Jaspal Rana Shooting Academy in Uttarakhand giving adequate training to good number of budding shooters of the state as well as from various parts of the country Narayan Singh Rana had also been the minister in Uttarakhand government in the past.

According to Rana, Devanshi would be participating in the 10 meter air pistol and 25 meters sports pistol competition in Australia. He added that Devanshi had in the past won Gold medals in the national junior shooting championships and as such the Rifle Association of India had tried her outstanding shooting expertise on trial basis. The outstanding junior shooters were thereafter chosen on the basis of their first second and third ranks.

Grand daughter of the former UK minister and president of Uttarakhand Rifle Association Narayan Singh Rana and daughter of Internationally acclaimed shooter Jaspal Rana Devanshi is all set to win and bring laurels for the country and the state she belongs to. We wish her all the very best in her shooting endeavours.


One of the best football teams of the country and Uttarakhand having the history of decades Garhwal Heroes Football Club, Delhi has scored victory over Uttarakhand police footballers and won the prestigious late Puran Chand Uniyal first national football Tournament title in the final match held at Srinagar, Garhwal Uttarakhand on 14th March. The Garhwal Heroes defeated Uttarakhand police with 2-1 goals in the interesting finals in the presence of hundreds of football fans and lovers.

The education minister of government of Uttarakhand Dhan Singh Rawat presented the winner team of Garhwal Heroes Football Club, the prestigious trophy and a cheque of rupees one lakh while the runners up Uttarakhand police received the cheque of rupees 75 thousand.

The final match organised by the Aditi Nyas was held between the Garhwal Heroes football team and the Uttarakhand police the GI& TI grounds Srinagar, Garhwal where both the team played quite potentially generating tremendous interest and curiosity amongst the spectators and football lovers.

It was just 13 minutes after the start of the match that Shashank Mamgain alias Tikari of Garhwal Heroes scored the first goal in GI&TI grounds. Thereafter the Uttarakhand Police got good number of opportunities to score goals but the stiff resistence of Garhwal Heroes near the goal post D area, successfully countered the Uttarakhand Police’s every attempt.

However, the Uttarakhand Police team was too lucky to get a penalty chance at the 83rd minute of the game when a fault was committed by the Garhwal Heroes through Head hitting. This penalty shoot by Sher Singh of Uttarakhand police was succesful and the score of both the teams equalised at 1-1.

However despite tremendous competition the match ended in a draw after 90 minutes. Therefore an additional time of 15 minutes were granted to both the teams.

On the 97th minute of the game the Delhi’s Garhwal Heroes were lucky enough to get the free kick and Anup Thapa of the Heroes succesfully hit the goal to the cheers of hundreds of footbal fans.

No teams could score in the remaining 8 minutes and the Garhwal Heroes Football Club was declared the champion in the finals of Tournament.

Shashan Mamgain of Garhwal Heroes was adjudged as the best footballer of the tournament for individually scoring maximum goals( three) and was felicitated with a trophy and gold medal.

Neeraj Bhandari of Garhwal Eleven was declared the best player whereas Virendra Pandey of Uttarakhand Police was given the status of best goalkeeper. The LNIP team of Gwalior was accorded the title of Fair Play Team.


The surprising and shocking results of the Gorakhpur and Phulpur parliament byelections have shaken the ruling BJP in the state as well as at the centre right from inside. It’s indeed a huge setback for the ruling BJP. This victory for the Bahujan Samajwadi Party backed SP candidates in both these seats considered to be the traditional strongholds of the saffron party earlier held for almost three decades by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath and the former state president and the present Deputy CM Maurya is an unambiguous indication that the saffron party’s popularity and the charisma of PM Modi and UP CM Yogi is on the downward slide with majority of the electorates, particularly those hailing from the minority sections, backward and down trodden classes, especially dalits are no more under the influence of saffronisation nor believing in their rhetorics of so called development and ache din repeatedly and forcefully being fed into their ears.

What seems to be the major worrisome factor for the BJP high Command after these two defeats is the fact that both these parliamentary constituencies were Saffron’s strongholds for several years and Yogi Adiyanath as well as Maurya are the incumbent CM and deputy CM of the largest state, which won 73 parliamentary seats and 325 assemblies in UP respectively during the previous national and state elections.

At the time when prime minister Narendra Modi’s charisma is at the peak compounded with Amit Shah’s outstanding organisational election winning skills, having incessantly won 21 states since 2014 putting Congress, BSP and SP including the left to immense quandry and of no where, these shameful defeats have made one thing absolutely crystal clear that all is not well for the ruling BJP lead NDA and in particular prime minister Modi.

While on the one hand the extremely popular saffron clad seer turned chief minister Yogi Adityanath is becoming more and more popular and people friendly by his, “eradicate criminalism and criminals,” from the crime infested state of UP, including making the government extremely people friendly by announcing several developmental projects and eradicating corruption, on the other hand his party’s two candidates’ loose badly against their immediate political rivals hailing from a party which was just a year ago uprooted from power in the state at the hustings.

Such downsliding trends definitely send a very wrong signal across the country for a party which is ruling at the centre as well as in 21 states of the country. In Bihar as well, out of the two results one of Jehanabad and Babua seat and the party(BJP) could make only in one seat whereas the RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav retained its Jehanabad seat with a good margin THUS GIVING A STRAIGHT JOLT TO BJP- JDU ALLAINCE.

What makes the situation even more worse is the fact that the percentage of voting in both the parliamentary constituencies was below 40 to 45% and still the BJP lost whereas in usual cases lower percentage polling in considered to be favourable to the ruling party. This ambiguously speaks of the fact that majority of the Hindu voters have not come out for polls, clearly indicating that they were unhappy and disillusioned with the performance of the ruling party at the centre as well as the state.

However, the results also speak of the dooms day ahead for the Congress party, whose both the candidates in the Gorakhpur and Phulpur constituency even lost their security deposits similar to their zero performance in the recently concluded Tripura and Nagaland elections.

Conclusively, we can say that the results of these two byelections have made one thing absolutely unambiguous and transparent that unity of the non BJP opposition with SP and BSP as main and essential partners can put a strong and sizeable dent to the image, popularity and charisma of Narendra Modi at the national level as the minorities, dalits, backwards and the people of the backward strata of the society seem to have been totally disillusioned with them due to increasing unemployment, deteriorating agrarian sector, appaling condition of farmers and agricultural sector, sky rocketting prise rise of essential commodities, widening of gab between the haves and have nots and degenerating living standards of the rural and suburban populace of the country.

In short its the real time for full soul searching for both the BJP led NDA as well as the entire non BJP opposition of the country. What do you say friends?



While the project of Rs. 1,383 crores for constructing a hi tech tunnel to ease the movement of the pilgrims to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri shortening the distance of 20 kilometres have been cleared by the cabinet committee on political affairs chaired by prime minister Narendra Modi and the work on the all weather roads is on full swing, the recent statement of the chief minister of Uttrakhand T S Rawat favouring annexation of Saharanpur with Uttarakhand in future has created tremendous amount of furore and anger amongst the people of the Himalayan state, majority of whom not only fully disagree with his statement but also see it as a deliberate pre strategic ploy to put the pivotal issue of Gairsain capital on the back burner.

Political analysts say that such a statement could not be issued just casually but must definitely be bearing some important reason and keeping in view the growing demand for Gairsain as the new permanent capital of UK , it may be the ploy to side line the core issue bound to have several ramifications. In Uttarakhand and even amongst the community living in Delhi and elsewhere majority of the people have felt hurt by possibility of Saharanpur’s annexation with UK and even if it is not a certainty, the statement of the CM saying that he always favoured bringing Saharanpur into UK’s fold has also annoyed them to a great extent.

People say that while the real issue associated with the sentiments of majority of the Uttarakhandies like Gairsain is not being attended to, despite the BJP being at the political helm of affairs at the centre and the state as well, but the irrelevent issues such as Saharanpur are gaining upper hand thus hurting the peoples’ emotions. Political analysts say that while there have been not a single statement from the state govt, the CM or any minister on Gairsain despite so much of hullaballoo and spate of agitations but on the issue of Saharanpur’s alleged annexation with Uttarakhand, there have been an extraordinary hurry with lead front page headlines appearing in all the regional and national dailies of the state given it a new political dimension and relevance.

Since then, the social networking sites and even the media is full of anti Saharanpur statements as the one below putting a cross on the CM’s story in a newspaper and saying ” TSR HOSH MEIN AAO, PAHAAD KI ROTI NAHI BATEGI, BAHISHKAAR KARENGE. ( TSR be in senses, will not let the Uttarakhand divide, will openly boycott). The way Gairsain capital movement is gaining ground and momentum these days the ruling party at the state and the centre should in all earnestness honour the peoples’ mandate and declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of UK than inviting the peoples’ wrath on irrelevent issues such as that of Saharanpur’s possible annexation with UK.

Even a laymen in Uttarakhand knows that due to the delimitation of the Assembly seats on population parameter, the hills of Uttarakhand had already lost good number of seats with the MLA seats of Uttarakhand plains increasing manifold. Just imagine if Saharanpur comes with Uttarakhand officially, what would be the fate of the already misrepresented rural Uttarakhand which has alrady lost its share of 32 lakh people through large scale migration during the last 17 years. What’s your take friends?


In Dehradun today hundreds of thousands of people marched to the state secretariat with torchlights in their hands demanding Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand.

Volunteers from all the 13 districts of Uttarakhand and several parts of the country especially Delhi also participated in this torch light procession. The uniqueness of the Gairsain related movement is that its spontaneous and self created, initially launched by a handfull of journalists and activists in Rudraprayag, this time, finally taking the shape of a wild fire with eminent anti corruption crusader Anna Hazaare too backing the demand forcefully and outrightly.

The women power, students, youths, intellectuals, scribes, social activists of all ideological shades are openly participating in this movement barring the BJP though its rank and file is also emotionally attached and associated with Gairsain demand as others.

The way this movement is picking up potentially with a renewed vigour and vitality it looks that the day is not far when the BJP’s central and state leadership will finally have to relent and declare Gairsain as Uttarakhand’s permanent capital despite all challenges and odds.

The way Uttarakhand separate state movement created credible momentum during the nineties, movement for Gaursain capital too is adopting the same character and dimensions with cross sections of the people in and outside Uttrakhand across party and ideological lines prepared to do or die.

Believe me, Gairsain movement today has assumed proportion of an extention of the Uttarakhand movement under which not only are the people expressing their anger and furiousness against the incumbent state government for their all the ills and exploitation of Uttarakhand and its people but also demanding Gairsain as its permanent capital as they think that Gairsain is the ultimate remedy to cure and purify all these ills and sins of our past rulers.

They are of the strong opinion that Gairsain is not only symbolic of decentralised socio economic and all round village level development of the 18 year old battered and exploiyed state running in 40000 crores fiscal deficit but will also ensure the outright emergence of a new economically self reliant Uttarakhand the actual concept for which this himalayan state was actually created after the pivotal sacrifices of 43 valuable and precious lives.

The health condition of the women hunger strikers in Gairsain who’d been without food and water for the last 7 days demanding declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of the 18 year old state Uttarakhand has badly deteriorated with the blood pressure levels severely going up and shortage of blood in the body resulting in increasing anger, annoyance and outrage among the people of the area particularly the agitators.

These two women hunger strikers are the local president of the Gairsain Mahila Sangharsh Samittee Mrs. Krishna Negi and her colleague Kamala Panwar, a senior woman volunteer of the movement for Gairsain Capital. After undertaking hunger strike for the last seven days having literally eaten nothing, quite obviously and consuming not even a drop of water while Krishna Negi has developed Jaundice due to the shortage of blood in the body, Kamala Panwar is running high blood pressure.

The three hungerstrikers Krishna Devi, Kamala Panwar and Krishan Singh Bisht have also lost around 4 to 6 kg of weight. All the three activists have locked them inside the room apprehending forceful withdrawal of the hunger strike by the administration under the government’s pressure.

The movement activists of Gairsain and the convenor and co convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front journalist and activist Sunil Negi and Pandit Madan Mohan Dhaundiyal has warned the Uttarakhand government of serious consequences if the administration doesn’t look after them, properly and adequately and monitor the deteriorating health conditiion of these women hunger strike volunteers.

Both the leaders have asked the government authorities to immediate dispatch the doctors to asses their health condition and ensure that nothing adverse or untoward happens with their health.

The convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front Sunil Negi said if the law and order situation of the state or Gairsain deteriorates due to the increasing outrage and anger amongst the common masses due to the deteriorating health condition, it will solely be the state’s responsibility and not of the movement activists as the state government under chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat is not listening to the peoples’ long pending demand for Gairsain to be declared as Uttarakhand’s capital thus compelling the women power, ( Matra Shakti ) to undertake indefinite hunger strike and play with their health condition.

Mr. Negi said if anything untoward or adverse happens to Kamala and Krishna, the hunger strikers , the movement for Gairsain capital will further gain more credible momentum in the entire state thus compelling the deaf and dumb government to finally surrender to the peoples’ demand.

Both Negi and Dhaundiyal of Uttarakhand Third Front extended their full and outright support to the Gairsain movement and appealed to the women, youth, students and the senior citizens not to rest in peace till this long pending demand is finally met.

It may be recalled that except the ruling BJP all the political parties including the national crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare is fully backing the demand for Gairsain capital and had visited Garhwal, Uttarakhand just yesterday and held several largely attended public meetings
demanding Gairsain as the state’s permanent capital.

It’s really deporable that even after being in power at the centre as well as the state, the Gairsain demand is not being heard, attended and fulflled despite the fact that the people of Uttarakhand had accorded it a historic majority of 57 lawmakers out of 70, a record first time landslide victory during the last 18 years.


It’s really shocking to note that during the last few years the country has been witnessing scams after scams and it seems as if more are in the offing. To name a few right from the days of late Rajiv Gandhi from Bofors to 2G to Coalgate to Madu Khoda’s massive mining scam to Subroto Roy’s Sahara chit fund to Lalit Modi’s to Vijay Mallaya’s to the recent one Nirav Modi scam worth thousand and thousands of crores it’s been experienced that not only do the scamsters go finally scot free and by the time flies things become diluted but these multi crore embezzelements of public exchequer’s money also give enough political fodder to parties in power and opposition to blame each other on television channels to derive poltical mileage than actually nailing the real culprit and bringing back the stolen booty into the financial coffers of the government.

In cases like Bofors and 2G scams which were the main propaganda issues in the national elections for the opposition political parties to dislodge the then ruling parties (like the BJP that defeated Congress) the alleged culprits have been unamiguously exonerated despite the fact that governments had changed on these nationally and internationally hyped scams which were almost everyday’s headlines of the national dalies and main stories of the new channels of the country which earn handsome revenue through advertisements as their TRP increased manifold.

Even big financial defauters or crooked businessmen like the Sahara Chief Subroto Roy who’s behind bar and had amassed wealth and properties worth thousands of crores is not showing the due interest in returning peoples’ money despite tremendous pressure from the Apex Courts. Similarly these called prestigious builders of the country like the GAURS etc have siphoned off hundreds of crores of the peoples’ money and are under the scanner of various financial regulators and agencies for duping hundreds of flat aspirants who’d deposited their hard earned money and life savings to them expecting residential accomodations.

The cases of Lalit Modi, the Kingfisher MD Vijay Malaya both of whom duped the Indian government of around 15000 or more crores are also scot free enjoying their comfortable and luxurious stays in foreign land like Britain, depositing and investing major part of the siphoned money there, thus exhibiting a thumb to Indian authorities.

As if these cases of duping the Indian Banking and financial authorities were not enough, another scam of more than 11000 crores of diamond jewellery Neerav Modi has come to light with the ruling party leaders and the opposition trading charges on each other of promoting the scam under their respective political patronages and appearing on television debates trying to derive maximum political mileage.

The moot point is why don’t these political parties and their mandarins instead of involving themselves in these process of trading charges on each other, allow the investigating agencies to do their job impartially and with utmost devotion, to nail the actual culprits and bring back the siphoned off money so that the tax payers money stolen by these sharks can be recovered for the development of the country and improving the lot of the people than doing futile NETAGIRI on these issues.

Everybody know that no corporate house, big businessman or high profile company except few, can achieve progress without the political patronage or governmental support but in the cases of huge scams such as these, the investigative agencies such as , CBI, ED, police, Income Tax, excise etc and the judiciary should be given full freedom and autonomy to investigate cases and punish the guilty with stringent imprisonment followed by the recovery of the siphoned off money so that the nation and its tax payers do not suffer for the massive fraud of these fraudsters.

Politics and political patronage should be kept at quite a distance on such matters of financial insecurity and economic loss to the nation . Today, unfortunately the losses in the economy on wide scale are due to lakhs of crores of the unpaid loans of certain big corporate houses who are not ready to pay their debts and the ultimate sufferers are the government and its people. There are myriad number of companies, financial private institutions, builders, chit fund manipulators and investment companies assuring poor and illetrate, even middle class investors of doubling their money in short span having duped them of their hundred of crores and further transfering them abroad and closing their offices to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of million of investors. I am myself like thousands of others, the victim of one such MUMBAI based company called CITY LOUIMISOUNE who duped thousands of crores and left its investors in huge financial lurch. The moot point is how long will this go in our country.


The veteran journalist and proprietor of one of the prominent news channels of the country NDTV, Prannoy Roy has shot a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi complaining about Dr Subramanian Swamy and his loyalists for damaging and degrading India’s image internationally and causing immense harm and loss to the reputation of NDTV through unethical and dubious methods aimed at muzzling and silencing the free and impartial press and the organisation like NDTV. The relations between the government and the NDTV have been at loggerheads since the Modi government assumed power at the centre in 2014.

Prannoy Roy and NDTV is considered to be the voice of the progressives’ and the pro BJP/ saffron forces and rightists blame it as the news channel propagating the progressive ideology and that of the Congress. Just a year ago raids were conducted on all its office locations nationally and the Income Tax department has also fixed a penalty of several hundred crores on the TV channel for allegedly cladestinely saving the taxes and thus misleading and fudging the authorities concerned. As a result more than 200 employees had to be retrenched from job recently leading to chaos amongst the staff and the media fraternity. According to the contents of the letter: Prannoy Roy accused Swamy of using various unethical and dubious means to inflict baseless, biased and outrageous accusations of money laundering and indulging in sham transactions with NDTV against the finest US Corporations viz GE and NBC through the IT and ED.

The letter adds that the charges made by the Indian authorities are such that they may in the future invite harsh prison sentences for Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GEC and the CEO of NBC Jeff Zucker who is currently the president of prestigious news channel CNN and an outstanding media executive in America. This has resulted in creating a shocking and dismaying environment amongst the global business leaders thus discouraging them to invest in India who are expressing apprehensions of possible harrasments and lodging of false cases against them. Prannoy asked the PM : at a time when you are inviting more and more foreign direct investment in India, this sort of wild and baseless charges are damaging India’s reputation globally.

A leading US businessman recently said to us: Why should we come to invest in India- false cases might be filed against us. While the two page letter is quite in detail it concludes by saying: In nutshel: Mr. Swamy and a small group ( includes Gurumurthy as well) are damaging the reputation of our country in a motivated an egregious attack on the free media in India- we at the NDTV are proud of India’s tradition of media and press freedom and we will fight these falsehoods and not be suppressed or muzzled.