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Well , this is an old tag for girls, but the truth is it suits best to them. Girls love gossips and in a girls college you will find girls gossiping in the canteen, college ground, college plaza and classrooms… the best thing about this is girls never get bored of it. They can instantly get gossip topics whether it is on teachers, “Canteen vale bhaiya” or reaction to an alien member.

Selfie is not just a word it’s an emotion for girls. Girls are ever ready to take out a picture in a class, canteen, washroom and even they like clicking pictures of their teachers too. You can find a girl in each corner of college clicking selfies and making pouts.

Well every class has a bookworm who is never ready to bunk lectures. When half of the girls are busy sipping coffee and gossiping these girls are busy attending the lectures. They can never afford to miss any class and for them ATTENDANCE is their lifeline. They are teacher’s favourite and always first benchers.

Well these girls are just like me the canteen lovers, who totally depend on canteen food. They party in the canteen, they play there, listen to music and make their “SPECIAL VALA ADDA”. They fight for ordering food because some die for Rajma Chawal and some for chowemin!!

There are so many girls who are looks conscious. They are arrogant too and some can never get over themselves. We can hear” awwww” repeatedly from them. Their moto is to be “Beauty with Brains” but they are actually “Beauty without Brains”!! Mostly these girls are busy discussing their clothes and shoes or combing and checking their hair after every lecture in the washroom.