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The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine


Four places around the World where treasure is there but no one has been able to find because these treasures are cursed. Many people have also lost their lives while searching them. Some people have found part of them but were unable to return back alive. So let us check out these five treasures around the World.

The Amber room

The Amber room was built in 1701 in Prussia and was fully made of Gold in the 18th century. It is a world famous chamber which was beautifully decorated with amber panels, gold leaf and lots of mirrors. During the World war Iii In 1943 it was kept in a museum but later it disappeared and till now no one has any information about it. It was considered as the eighth wonder of the world and recreated in 2013.

Oak Island

There is a story about this island that 2 million pounds value in treasure had been buried and many people have also died while searching for this treasure. Few boys found about this island in 1795 when they discovered a layer of flagstones two feet below. As they dug down they found layers of logs and a stone on which it was stated that at 40 feet there is treasure of two million pounds but so far no one has found the treasure.

The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

There was gold mine situated in southwestern America. Each year many people search for this gold mine and some have even died on the search but they could not find this place. According to an estimate each year nearly 8,000 people search for this place to find gold. In 1845 Don Miguel Peralta found some gold but local tribal people killed him and took away all gold he got.

Cahuenga Pass

In 1864 Mexican President’s soldiers with San Francisco were carrying large amount of gold coins and jewellery but they died on the way and the remaining soldiers buried the treasure near Cahuenga pass and when they were digging one person called Diago saw them and later he dig out that treasure and buried at other location. After some days he also died and then his friend tried to search the treasure and he also died. In 1885 a part of this treasure was found by Bask Shepherd who also died after some time.