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It’s is a usual saying that an enemy’s enemy is the best friend and in the case of China’s unstinted friendship with Pakistan the very saying fits in accurately. The whole world knows that neighbouring Pakistan had been the worst enemy of India and a traditional ally of United States for the last several decades, particularly when India was the united USSR’s permanent Ally before and till it was governed by late prime minister Indira Gandhi for 17 long years but after the USSR disintegrated and the Indian foreign policy shift towards US started to take shape during the eighties and nineties the Pakistan too started drawing closer to China and so became China interested to entice the internally disturbed Pakistan by throwing offers of huge and massive financial support in order to reassure the muslim nation that the dragon stands with it everytime, and particularly when it is militarily threatened by India.

Now after the arrival of Narendra Modi led NDA government there is a total shift of foreign policy towards US and India is considered as a very trusted permanent ally and friend of mighty US. As this happens the China Pak relations too come extremely closer with renewed vigour and vitality particularly after the massive investment in the development of more than 40 million dollars worth of China Pakistan Economic corridor, CPEC. China is creating permanent problems and bottlenecks for India in border areas since long and its recent incursions in Doklam and a kilometre inside Arunachal Pradesh to built roads etc including breach of Indian airspace and LOAC from the Garhwal, Uttarakhand side in a year’s time unambiguously speak of the fact how desperate is expansionist and hegemonist China to surround India from all sides including through POK by strengthening the CPEC and establishing its military base there as well.

The Karakoram Highway and Highway road to Gwadar port from China passing through POK and Indian territories are also clear examples of open violations and breach of Indo China peace agreements and covert and overt preparation of China to counter India on various fronts. While India US relationship strengthens beyond imagination the Chinese Pakistan friendship too goes deeply ahead with China going to any extent to help Pakistan in order to see India becoming weak, destabilised and disintegrated. And the unholy strategic efforts of China to encourage terrorism in J&K by openly as well as clandestinely supporting Pakistan, its military and ISI, economically as well as by way of supplying arms and ammunition including the nuclear arsenals in no more a concealed secret.

Today, the whole world knows that Pakistan is the biggest proponent, supporter and protagonist of the internationally UN and US designated terrorists and having hundreds of terror sanctuaries all over the country with majority of them being on Pakistan occupied Kashmir but for China it’s a country that is countering terrorism honestly for years and contributing in establishing peace in South Asia and the western world. What a white lie ?

Sounds anguishing and ironical equally, when just a few days ago the US president Donald Trump through his tweet termed Pak as the biggest terror supporting nation in the world which has till date received 30 billion dollars from US in the last 15 years to counter terrorism but had literally done nothing expect deciet and making fool of US, shockingly the expansionist Chinese leadership singularly came in praise, aid and moral support of this liar nation saying : Pakistan has made enormous efforts and sacrifice for the fight against terrorism and has made very outstanding contribution to the global cause of counter terrorism. Accotding to the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang: China is glad to see Pakistan engaging in internatiinal cooperation, including counter terrorism on the basis of mutual respect so as to contribute to mutual respect, peace and stability.

This is the actual face of China who have friends and permanent allies such as North Korea and Pakistan whose only and primary aim is to destroy and disintegrate the global peace and civilisation by carrying out nuclear explosions and terrorism world over killing hundreds of thousands of innocents. Who does not know that hard core terrorists Sallaluddin, Mohammed ajhar, Jafeez Sayeed and Dawood ibrahim are staying in Pakistan and openly manufacture terrorism. Werent’t these dreaded terrorists involved in the 1992 Mumbai blasts killing hundreds, the Taj Mumbai killings, the American killings, the killings in Afghanistan and J& K etc. Wasn’t the Alkaida Chief killed in Pakistan despite the government denying about him living there. Shame on these nations who are blot in the name of peace, democracy and amity.


In Uttarakhand the terror of leopards, tigers and horrifying cats in on the uncontrollable increase and there have been several incidents of these horrible animals targetting children and the villagers with the forest department doing extremely little or literally nothing to control the situation.

It is usually said that several tigers and leopards are freely roaming in the Uttarakhand forests and in dearth of the prey and the increasing construction activities as well as the noise pollution they usually come closer to the human settlements and make the human beings they easy prey, particularly the hapless children.

I have been watching an incident on TV today where in it was revealed that a tiger ( Bagh as we call in hindi) has entered a house in Dehradun posing grave danger to those living in and the residents of the nearby locality. The highly threatened and terrorised residents informed the police who further called the experts of the forest division well versed in catching these horrible cats.

To the utter dismay, shock and surprise of everybody, while the police reached the spot in time but the forest division officials of Dehradun took four hours to reach the house where the tiger was resting amid restiveness and tumultuous sounds all around. See the efficiency and the alertness of the forest division officials, who reached the spot in four hours after repeated calls and forgot to bring the tranquiliser with which the animal had to be tranquilised and caught.

The reason given was that, the person concerned having the tranquilizer is in Haridwar and not being traced for the time being . However, after an hour or so when the concerned person reached the spot, the cat has by then made its way to some other destination in a huff further posing danger to people of other localities where it might be now.

This is the complacent and negligent attitude of the forest officials of Uttarakhand who reached the house with this horryfying predator in four hours and that too without tranquiliser thus not able to catch him. What a petty and ironical situation.

This is how, unfortunately, things are moving in the 17 year old state of Uttarakhand. As per the latest report about 175 children and 500 people have fallen prey to tiger attacks in Uttarakhand during the last eight years. What do you say friends?


While on the one hand the Indian government is seriously and with a traditional feeling of helping its neighbour, Myanmar’s suffering Rakhine inhabited Rohingya muslims providing its maximum moral, economic, social and political support as it has done in Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and even Pakistan while these nation suffered natural calamities, on the other hand unfortunately and angushingly Pakistan terror outfits like Lashkare Taiyebba, Harkat Ul Ansar and Hijbul Mujaheeddin etc are taking advantage of the deteriorating Rohingya situation, adding fuel to fire by enhancing its terrorist disruptive activities.

These terror outfits armed with latest lethal equipments are active in Bangladesh’s Cox bazaar and Tefnak at the Bangladesh Myanmar Border. While the Myanmarese government and its State councillor Noble Laureate Aung Sang Kyi always considered to be the champion of the human rights seems to have failed in controlling and resolving the Rohingya impasse and the United states and UN have deplored them for this worst ethnic cleansing ever.

While India is also watching the situation from close quarters having itself been entangled in this issue in terms of the deportation of 40000 Rohingya refugees who’ d infilterated in India, Pakistan terror outfits and the internationally defamed terrorists Azhar Masood and Hafiz Sayeed alongwith other Islamic fundamentalists such as Afgan Taliban, Al Qaida’sYemen branch LET and JEM etc have called for attacks on the Myanmar authorities in support of the Rohingyas. As per the HT senior journalist Shishir Gupta  there is an urgent need for de- escalation in levels of violence in Rakhine state as there is a strong possibility of other displaced Rohingya being radicalised by Sunni fundamentalist groups including the Bangladesh chapter of the Islamic state to take to arms.

There is now clear evidence that little known AMM has emerged from Harkat-Ul- Jihad Islami Arakan (HUJI-A) a Pakistani based extremist outfit involved in espousing the Rohingya Muslim cause in Myanmar. Several Myanmarese Rohingya leaders have sought terror training in Pakistan under the patronage and supervision of Hafiz Sayeed. The recruits are absorbed from Myanmar’ s Rakhine state and Bangladesh’s Cox bazaar. These AMM cadres were trained since 2013 at the Bangladesh Myanmar border as well with adequate training for explosive making, indigenously.

It is now believed that the terrorist outfits active in Pakistan and Bangladesh in league with Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army n other local radical organisations clandestinely active in Myanmar have infilterated amongst the Rohingya’ s and are trying to rope in more and more cadres by misguiding the distracted and desperate youth. It is really shocking that in this conflict of ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar government as accused by US and UN authorities, who( Myanmar) entirely blame the Rohingyas for attacking the state police and killing police guards, the situation is going out of hand with the sufferings of innocent poor Rohingyas’ enhancing beyond control.

While the physical torture, attacks and killings of innocent Rohingya refugees can’ t be excused or condoled at any cost, the disruptive terrorist activities of the Pak and Bangladesh terrorists should also be checked and countered with a heavy hand. Now is the time that countries against such terror outfits should intervene also resolve the crisis once for all by eliminating them from the roots.

What makes the peace loving global community disturbed is the fact that the more various powerful countries of the globe are pledging unitedly to fight terrorism on this planet with a heavy hand, the more are these disgruntled elements raising their heads to this world a worst place to live in. Today terrorism is the higest curse being confronted by humanity world over and therefore the need of the hour is to give up narrow political considerations and stand unitedly to fight this curse strongly and cohesively in the widest interest of human beings and humanity.

Sunil Negi


The 12th century mosque, the Grand al-Nuri in Mosul, from where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself the ‘Caliph’ of the world’s Muslims was destroyed by IS as they retreated from the Iraqi troops. Shortly after that, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formally announced the liberation of Mosul.

The Iraqi army with help from Iran-trained militias, the Kurdish Peshmerga and the U.S. Air Force liberated small cities first, such as Ramadi and Fallujah, before moving towards Mosul in October 2016.

Recently IS has faced many setbacks like:

  • Losing more than half of the territories it once held.
  • Finding it harder to recruit new jihadists under strain of battlefield losses.
  • Its leader Baghdadi being either dead or on the run.

But these setbacks do not mean that the IS has been defeated, because of many reasons:

  • It still controls various strategic territories in Iraq. Hawijah, Tal Afar, Salahuddin province and pockets in Anbar and Diyala. In Syria, it still controls Raqqa, and Deir Ezzor.
  • There’s no guarantee that the IS won’t come back to the cities it lost.

In Syria, the battle against the IS, is more complicated than that in Iraq. In Iraq at least there is a consensus of America, the Kurds and Iran and Shia militias about what the legitimate force is against the IS i.e. the Iraqi government. But in Syria, Raqqa is being attacked by SDF and the government troops both. Russia is backing the regime, while the U.S. is supporting the SDF. Turkey, another country that’s involved by its proxies in the war, is wary of the SDF. So even if Raqqa is liberated someday, it will be difficult to reach on a peaceful decision on who will eventually run the city.

IS which started as an insurgency, has transformed itself into a proto-state. Now the proto-state is under attack, but it can retreat to insurgency (uprising/revolt) for its continued survival.

It has changed its strategy very recently. Instead of expanding its territories now, it has become defensive and released a wave of terror attacks in various parts of the world.

IS has established franchises in other countries. Boko Haram, Africa’s most dreaded terror outfit, has declared loyalty to the IS. In eastern Afghanistan, the Islamic State of Khorasa is a branch of the IS, which is controlling the group’s operations in South Asia. In Philippines, armed jihadist groups have declared their loyalty to the IS and are fighting the government forces also.