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Several parts of of Uttarakhand have witnessed a communal tension like situation in the past two months never ever experienced earlier in this peaceful and tranquil state famous for being the land of abode of Gods always believing in communal amity and mutual trust.

The reason behind the sudden surge in arousing of communal tension have been the rise in obnoxious crime in Kotdwar, Raiwala near Rishikesh, Dehradun, Satpuli n other areas of Garhwal Uttarakhand in which a man of the majority community was murdered and shamful rape of a girl child revealed by the involvement of the accused belonging to the minority community.

Uttarakhand, where criminal activities like murders and rapes are comparitively less has no previous history of communal tensions or riots with muslim and hindu communities living in peace and tranquility.

But after the change in government some six months ago not only has this otherwise peaceful state witnessed spurt in crimes of the worst n despicable nature but the communal fabric also got disturbed with abrupt rise in minority majority crisis.

This is definitely a most disheartening trend amounting to loss of mutual trust, bonding, amity and communal harmony between the majority and the minority communities. Criminals have no caste, creed, community or religeon but if they commit any crime of grusome and diabolical nature it’s obvious that the spontaneous reaction is witnessed from the community to which the victim belongs and this is what has happened in all these cases of communal eruptions in some towns of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

In Raiwala railway tracts a dead body of a Hindu man allegedly murdered by the father Islam and his son was found in mutilated condition resulting in eruption of tension in a part of Rishikesh where some properties were burnt by the furiously angered mob of the majority community.

The father son duo have now been arrested by the police on the charge of alleged murder. Police sources say that the deceased, father of three children had an illicit love affair with the women of the minority community which seems to be the reason behind the lynching. Similarly, last Sunday in Kotdwar/Pauri township a 27 year old muslim youth from Bihar clandestinely took the four year girl to his room and raped her.

The child girl was threatened with dire consequences after the rape, but her parents noticed the crime after their daughter’s condition deteriorated badly. On hearing this the highly enraged public took out demonstration raising slogans against the police and the criminal Khairuddin leading to his arrest finally.

The entire trading community of Pauri town ship pulled down their shutters and demanded death for the criminal Khairuddin, primarily hailing from Bihar and an illegal migrant in Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

The furious and angered protestors demanded the forthwith forcible ouster of all the illegal migrants and their proper and in depth legal verifications. In another small town ship of SATPULI a riot type situation occured last month when few shops and properties of the minority community were vandalised and burnt in view of the posting of hate comments against the majority community.

There is no doubt that Uttarakhand has these days become an extremely safe haven for outside criminals and all the successive governments have been responsible for this mess  as vote
bank politics is their only forte.

India and Pakistan  are continuously engaged in exchanging heavy mortar firing  and the situation along the Line of Control has been volatile ever since India conducted surgical strikes on terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir  and it has escalated with the second incident of beheading and mutilating the body of an Indian soldier by Pakistani terrorists.
Three soldiers from 57 Rashtriya Rifles were in the lead of a counter-infiltration patrol when it was ambushed by terrorists and the body of 25-year old Rifleman Prabhu Singh  from Rajasthan was found mutilated in the Machil sector of Kupwara district in north Kashmir.

Beheading has since been and continuous to be the handiwork of Islamic State jihadists but Pakistan Border Action teams have also carried out such attacks in the past.

Beheading has since been and continuous to be the handiwork of Islamic State jihadists.There has also  been a liaison between outfits of Pakistani terrorists and Islamic State jihadists and there is every possibility of infiltration by the ISIS fighters into the web of Pakistani terror outfits. ISIS have shown their considerable presence in Afghanistan through attacks, in Pakistan and there were many incidents where ISIS flags were waved in Kashmir. 

Pakistan is not in favour of initiating a war with India and its Army is therefore not officially responding to the surgical strikes but it continues to provide cover fire to the terrorists for infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir to harass Indian forces and as a face saving measure .

Indian government should carefully observe and analyse  if such happenings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Jammu and Kashmir are isolated or appear to be linked or in the alternative an active axis has been formed by the ISIS in these countries which can be very harmful for this region. 

Chief of Army Staff happens to be in China for discussing terrorist activities emanating from Pakistan in various forms. 

Manohar taking to tweet on the beheading of Army Jawan has not gone down well with media as the sentiments are that these things need to be addressed officially and not through social networking sites which are actually meant for marketing purposes. 

While trying to appreciate Defence Minister, Modi termed Parrikar to the likes of Ratan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar.  However need to realize that the basic responsibility of defence minister and the Army chief is to ensure minimum casualty of the armed forces where they have been found miserably lacking. 

This escalation and the surge in ceasefire violations that crossed 450 along the LOC and IB after the surgical strikes has diminished chances of reviving talks with Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz who is set to land in Amritsar for Heart of Asia Conference on Afghanistan.

Article Courtesy : Arti Bali, Senior Journalist & Analyst.