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Lawn tennis is a glamorous sport with its magnificent history. All the tennis players enjoy the stardom due to this sophisticated sport. Well! All those players who hone their talent at every hour of their life have a desire to play and win on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Wimbledon is unique from its name to its character, and hence, this tournament has gained popularity all over the world.
Herein, we present some reasons making this tournament unique and special not only to the tennis stars but also to the viewers:-
1. Wimbledon is regarded as the oldest tennis tournament on the planet earth which is constantly played since 1877. Due to the elegance and an old foundation, it is regarded to be the symbol of prestige like all the other three Grand Slams but it is always given a higher rank.
2. Wimbledon tournament, has safely protected its authenticity and originality because it is now also played on grass thereby, protecting the name of the sport Lawn tennis unlike, the Australian Open, US Open and French Court which have now switched over to hard court, hard court and clay court respectively.
3. According to the strict rules and regulations of the tournament, the players are required to wear all cloth accessories even, hats, socks and shoes in white color. In the case the rule is not followed, the player stands disqualified. Even Roger Federer was once disqualified for wearing shoes highlighting orange soles.
4. Both the audience and players relish over the strawberries and cream, which serves as the typical stand food during the tournament. According to the librarian at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum that this tradition remains the same, right from the beginning since 1877 and strawberries and tennis are regarded as the signal informing that summers have arrived.
5. In this tournament, the players are referred to Mr, Miss and Mrs according to the marital status for the women. Though, the flexibility during the match is reported when the chair umpires address the male players with their names. However, the usage of Miss is still prevalent.
6. During the tournament of Wimbledon, the ball boys and girls who are called as BBGs have a significant role in the conduction of this elegant tournament. Ironically, the BBGs are ought to hide and not appear publically. They are supposed to fulfill their duties silently. From 2005, the BBGs are six in number at each court wherein, two of them serve at the net, and four are at the corners. These BBGs’ teams undergo rotation with one hour at the court followed by a rest for another hour.
7. The Wimbledon Centre Court tragically suffered destruction during the World War II. Accommodation section which catered to 1200 audience was destructed and the tournament was also suspended for some years. The roof of the new court is good enough to prevent hindrance in matches due to rains.
8. Wimbledon is symbol of prestige and idol of elegance. After all, it is the only Grand Slam having a distinction to get patronage from the Royal Family of Britain. The Royal Family has reserved accommodation in the Royal Box. It was a tradition previously that the players had to pay courtesy to all the royal family-members however, in 2003, this practice was halted by the Duke of Kent, the President of the All England Club and now players ought to pay courtesy to only Prince of Wales and monarch.
9. This tournament which lasts for a fortnight consumes several tennis balls which are ought to be rendered as a waste afterwards. However, the Wimbledon authorities never dispose them directly rather they are sent to serve as a ready-made home for harvest mouse, a threatened species of mice. The slit is cut in the outer surface of the balls and they are ready to serve as a shelter for the little creatures.
10. Wimbledon tournament has maintained its elegance and uniqueness throughout. It represents royalty and prestige. It is the only tournament wherein the sponsors do not advertise their products thus, originality of the tournament is not violated by the commercial strategies.
So, due to these known and unknown facts, Wimbledon tournament is special and unique telling its known story never influenced by any kind of circumstance.