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Good news for Reliance Jio user as the Company has extended the limit of its free usage from 30th December to 31st March which means you can now use the free 4G Internet and Voice calling on Jio Sim for 3 more months.

This offer is for both existing and new customers so do not worry if you still have not bought the new JIO SIM and the old customers do not need to buy new SIM cards as they would be getting all the services till 31st March old SIM.

The only problem is that the Reliance Company has restricted the daily usage limit to prevent congestion.

This announcement was made on Thursday by Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani made a number of announcements about Reliance Jio and he clearly told that the company has decided to extend the free services of JIO for three months.

This offer will start from 4th December 2016 and the new customers will get the data, voice and other Jio apps free till 31st March. Ambani said that this is the Jio Happy New Offer. The company also claimed that they now 52 million users who will continue to enjoy the welcome offer till 31st December and automatically be signed up for the New Year Offer.

Ambani further told that 80% of its current customer base consumes about 1 GB data per day while the remaining ones use disproportionately higher amounts which causes congestion in the network and slower Internet speeds so there will be a new daily FUP limit of 1GB and after that the speed will be slower.

Ambani also confirmed that the company is taking lot of feedback from the customers and trying to make changes according to them.

The Reliance Jio welcome offer was launched in September and after that many customers have complained about the slower Internet speed and standing in a queue for SIM card but Ambani said that this happened because it was a free welcome offer and 52 million people wanted to take full advantage of this service it causes slowdowns but only on 8 % of towers and remaining 92% are enjoying the high speed internet.